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  1. ---SPOILER ALERT--- So why did both Ford and Arnold need to have their brains blown out? Does it have something to do with them being the "God" in the Host's brains? Was it the Hosts could not free their consciousness until they had killed their creators? Damn, I wish I had the time to watch that series again. Supplemental: I think Arnold's plan was prevent the park from opening by having one of the Host's blow his brains out. Customers would be scared to visit the park if they new they could be killed by a host.
  2. TAOG

    Carlos Castaneda

    I read all his books. I now believe he was going for an L. Ron Hubbard type end game: cult. Studing and practicing is mystisim helped me come to accept atheism because I never witnessed anything other than reality. His mystism promised Jedi like powers and immortality. The day to day dogma was a mix of Buddhism, stoicism, and scientology. I would recommend you do not waste your time with is books. Instead study the fundamentals of Buddhism(living in the moment) and stoicism(calming of emotions). Also try shrooms.
  3. TAOG

    The philosophy of Hopsin

    An interesting music video by hip-hop artist Hopsin. He seems trapped by the ontological argument. He realizes all religions are bullshit and is pissed off God does not speak to him. His thought train leads him to what I think is nihilism.

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