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  1. When will tickets go on sale for this prog rock extravaganza?! Interpretive dance, modern art, philosophical lyrics. Sign me up.
  2. Every time a platform tries to censor popular, non-conformist views while holding the banner of free speech high, it begins to fall. All it will take is another to set up, what did we use Youtube for originally? Music? There are plenty of other free services that do this now from songs to music videos. Tv shows? Again with the rise of Netflix, Hulu and more Youtube is losing ground to them. Content creators? They go were the crowd is, if they can transfer their fanbase to a private website and direct all profitable traffic to themselves, like FDR does with it's podcasts, youtube ceases to be needed.
  3. Iron Horse

    Most exciting War of Cultures

    You did not address my argument, the head of the commonwealth, HRH Queen Liz II, holds power over the largest Protestant flock in the world. It is because of this that whatever happens they will continue to be around in some form. I did not, nor do I, contest the size of their devoted. It has since it's inception shown itself to break with religious canon when they no longer become popular or applicable and will continue to do so to stay relevant throughout the foreseeable future. Your argument is a lazy strawman,
  4. Iron Horse

    Most exciting War of Cultures

    The head of the Commonwealth is the head of the biggest branch of the Protestant faith, it shows it has the most potential to survive by adapting to the changing world around it.
  5. Used to be wine, women and war. Now it is whine, womyn and want.
  6. Iron Horse

    Le Pen is mainly supported by the young

    Conservatism is becoming the new counter-culture.
  7. Iron Horse

    Wikileaks should destroy Google Facebook and CIA

    With luck, Facebook will sound it's own downfall with the Orwellian Minitrue feature the are implementing. Remember what is emblazoned on the side of the Ministry of Truth? "WAR IS PEACE," "FREEDOM IS SLAVERY," "IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH."
  8. Iron Horse

    Men of the West

    It is the qualities that make a good fighter that are lacking in masculinity. Aggression, confidence, risk-taking, strength physical & mental, the need to compete, the urge to be better than others and more. All of these are discouraged in males. Said it many times in chat, a draft would remedy this.
  9. Iron Horse

    FDR Discord chat group, all welcome!!

    Why leech from this site? There is a chatroom for discussion, one I've yet to see you in.
  10. Iron Horse

    How to read?

    Sounds stupid, but I've found reading out loud can help.
  11. Iron Horse

    Vaccine Safety

    A classically trained Doctor? I need to see one, I believe I am Choleric.
  12. Iron Horse

    Donald Trump & The War On Drugs

    He will midway through his first term, approve of but not make a priority, recreational weed. Which seems to be the only thing young libertarians/anarchists/snowflakes care about. You don't care that he is retracting the reach of the Fed, deregulating major industries, lowering the barrier to trade local, national and international or any other issues, it's just your weed.
  13. Iron Horse

    The moderate myth

  14. Robert A. Heinlein, guy was way ahead of his time. Also first few Dune books.

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