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  1. Could you do a brief segment about your dietary habits? Detailing what foods you eat (focus here preferably - especially desserts), foods you avoid, and the reasoning behind your decisions. I very recently cut out gluten and my brain functioning has improved. Easier to focus (among other things). And I’m not sure if this is the case but I believe that you’ve alluded to eliminating bread from your diet. I only really know that you’re a vegetarian, might avoid bread and obviously junk food. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Edit: Thanks for elaborating on the foods you avoid in your, "Finland's Universal Basic Income Experiment has failed".
  2. ShindouHikaru


    Also you Uhh, if you make the claim that vaccines kill and damage children, do you not then, "touch" upon the efficacy of vaccines? Is this quote putting words in your mouth? If you claim that vaccines are responsible for the common illnesses of our current era, then aren't you touching upon the efficacy of vaccinations in this thread??? N A N I ! Will check out house of numbers and the teeth thread. Thanks for the info.
  3. ShindouHikaru


    Ohh but I do take action. I intend to defoo in the future (when I'm no longer dependent), have confronted my parents about their past abuses, will peacefully parent my future children, cut off ties with my former non-philosophical friends, talk about controversial topics with peeps, etc. I was in a state of delirium when I made this post.
  4. ShindouHikaru


    How in heavens name are you a listener to FDR? Jesus Christ. I don't dispute the creepy claim, I'm explicitly disputing your assertion that Stefan advocates for waiting for the fall of the state before finding a mate. This is explicit in what you just quoted, Jesus.... How are you a listener??? Is this show simply masturbation to you? Do you absorb anything? Have you read, "art of the argument"? Please read it, because you're clearly not learning through osmosis. I am literally disputing your claim that Stefan advocates waiting for the state to fall before finding a mate. Or your claim that Stefan has suggested dating down. Are you trolling atm? Are you willfully misinterpreting my statement? Are you low IQ? I can't tell. In conclusion, Stefan Molyneux has never once suggested to wait for the fall of the state before finding a mate. Stefan Molyneux has never once suggested dating down. Hence your inability so cite anything relating to the sort. How are you in this forum? Holy crap... Ffs, here's a link to the art of the argument. For the love of Christ read this freakin book! https://www.amazon.ca/Art-Argument-Western-Civilizations-Stand-ebook/dp/B0756QYZ26 Mods, how is he even in here??? I'm 21, are you suggesting that I should have seen a vagina at the age of 10 or younger?? Pedophilia? Are you into child rape? My fucking GOD! How are you in this forum?? She had some quality features, but overall was too crippled by her past to enter the realm of RTR. Her childhood was a hell on earth, yet she wasn't on any drugs, didn't sleep with tons of men (virgin), doesn't drink alcohol or smoke. As in, her coping mechanisms weren't that destructive. She has an interest in reading, history, and things of this nature. She's never heard of FDR, and yet she decided to Defoo from her family of her own volition. She went to therapy for 2 years. She had quality features, but unfortunately, she internalized her abusive parents and didn't know how to resolve disputes. She thought there had to be a winner and a loser, and was determined to have me be the loser. She was of moderate quality relative to the zeitgeist. If she ever does deal with her internalized parents, then she'll become a remarkable individual. Also, none of this is an argument. For the love of Christ, here's another link. Please read it! Maybe if you donated you would take philosophy more seriously. https://www.amazon.ca/Art-Argument-Western-Civilizations-Stand-ebook/dp/B0756QYZ26
  5. ShindouHikaru


    Do you believe that Nazis killed Jews? Or is your point of contention specifically about gassing? What do you mean by, "heal themselves"? Do you mean to suggest that toothpaste is superfluous? The human life expectancy has grown exponentially within the past few centuries. Are you suggesting that Vaccinations have nothing to do with this increase? If it's not a result of vaccines, then why are we living longer? Can you elaborate on this? My knowledge on these 2 things are very shallow. What in particular is a human immunodeficiency virus and Aids?
  6. ShindouHikaru


    Can you list them?
  7. ShindouHikaru


    I have never once disputed that Stefan called a 24 yr age gap between a 16 year old and a 40 year old, "creepy" (Paul Walker and his GF). This is not the point of contention. What I am disputing is your claim that Stefan has advocated to wait for the fall of the state in our lifetimes in order to find a mate. Or to date down in order to find one. I'm waiting for you verify these claims. I'd like to refer you to this quote. I've never heard him suggest either of these 2 things, hence, since you claim that he's done so "multiple times", I'd like a single reference. One is all I need. Are you suggesting that traditional women don't have an interest in hypergamy? Well, men are generally also looking for the hottest woman they can attract so..... Quality dodge whore. Hmm, now you're likening women to plates. Interesting. When did I suggest that this wasn't the case? Doesn't change the dictionary definition of the term, "whore" though. Might want to google terms before using them ^.^ Not sure if you're new to grammar or not, but I didn't break up what you said, you did with your use of a comma. Are you familiar with the term, "comma"? I mean, you must be. Considering that you used it 4 times in that sentence. I'd like to refer you to this Wikipedia definition of the term. Comma: "The comma is used in many contexts and languages, mainly for separating parts of a sentence such as clauses, and items in lists, particularly when there are three or more items listed. The word comma comes from the Greek κόμμα (kómma), which originally meant a cut-off piece; specifically, in grammar, a short clause.[1][2 As you can see, the goal of the comma is to, "break up" texts. Meaning, by you using it , you broke up parts of your sentences, creating different items in your list of red flags. Do you understand? Was this too complex of an explanation? Hopefully this made sense ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Of course an individual who doesn't take commitments seriously is a red flag. Yes please ^.^ I also view it as a red flag, simply want it expanded upon and verbalized by such an adept Cassanova. You definitely have. Well, the species is a mess. Not strictly women. Lol, those are your options my guy, not "the options". I'm 21, you're in your 30's ^.^ Wonder if this post meets FDR guidelines. I did call him a whore, which might violate the tos. Even though he technically is one.... oh wells. At the very least he learnt about commas.
  8. ShindouHikaru


    Although I'm not well versed in Christian History, I can't imagine that its archaic origins had anything to do with self-defense or the liberation of neighbors. Unless by liberation, you mean eliminating apostates and converting other religious populations towards the one true way of Yahweh (a common religious strategy). Considering the savage imagery displayed in the old testament, it's unlikely that such an ideology led to a NAP minded populous. And of course you could say that Christianity has nothing to do with the old testament. To which I would say that Jesus approved of the Old Testament actions, laws and prophets. And considering the Christian religious wars, I think that it's unlikely that such events were offshoots of a "self defense and liberation" focused foundation. And I'm sure that you're aware of the, "no true Scotman's" fallacy. How exactly do you define, "a quality man/woman?" My definition is a virtuous individual. Aren't you associating a quality with career focused? Uhh, how exactly did this train wreck of a human manage to have 12 children with 3 separate women? I can't square this circle. And I'm glad that you survived this nightmare of a childhood. What is Charlemagne's style? Isn't this contrary to Stef's, "revolution through peaceful parenting" approach? I'm confused, are you not an AnCap? What is your political affiliation? This sounds like what the communists did. Currently reading Demons - Dostoyevsky, and this is an apt description of the actions of the communist revolutionaries described in the book. Rabble-Rousing: "an instance or the practice of stirring up the passions or prejudices of the public". What prejudices or passions do you believe should be stirred up? What would the ideology of the political party be? What would your ideal revolution look like? Why is Putin a great man? How old are you currently?
  9. ShindouHikaru


    You might want to follow this and come back when you've found him suggesting to wait for the collapse of the state. I've probably seen more of his shows than you have. I've watched hundreds of videos and podcasts dude. I've never heard him suggest to wait for the fall of the state. As in, if you genuinely believe that he suggested this, then it's possible that you were hearing what you wanted to hear in order to justify sleeping with low rent women. I've did hear the, "creepy" though so I'm not asking you to verify this. They're most likely being rejected. Had it happen a few times as well. Not here though. Yeah, this chick is really annoying. "Hurr durr, I want a responsible man this time durr". Random observer: "but aren't you an irresponsible person yourself"? Bree: Pssh, I'm not irresponsible! I just found Mr Wrong and now I'm looking for Mr. Right, DuRrRr Well, I don't think that his argument was that, "they're super young (16), therefore gross". I think it was more of a (paraphrasing), "girls who are this young do not have the ability to reason coherently since their biological drivers are going off the charts". Paul Walker: famous, sexy, rich. As in, it's highly unlikely that a 16 year old would be able to refuse such an offer. Similar to a 16 year old boy being offered to date and have sex with a supermodel. Would he say no? Unlikely. I don't that his argument is valid. Considering that there are also adults who don't have the the ability to make proper decisions. Although, his line of reasoning is faulty in this situation, I don't think he would recommend dating a cratered SMV 30 year old either . In his show, he has suggested the possibility of having children to older bachelors. Men in their 40's and onwards. Meaning, a likely 15+ year gap. I'm not sure of what he would suggest. He likely doesn't view this ambivalence as a pressing concern, which is understandable. Read a synopsis, sounds promising. I'm mostly evaluating statistics in relation to child rearing. Since Stefan beats his dick to the statistics a lot, a marriage (not necessarily state enforced - although common law will most likely take effect anyway), is the best environment for a child. I'm just following the data. The institution in this era is laughable. More or less Western men playing Russian Roulette with a 50/50 chance of getting their brains blown out. Uhh, you might be generalizing and caricaturing women a bit much. I don't know how many women are as you've described, but I don't think that they're the glaring majority. Or rather, I don't think most Asian or White women are like this. "Preliminary data indicate that 40.7 percent of all 2012 births were out-of-wedlock, which is appalling, and there are vast differences among racial and ethnic groups. Among non-Hispanic blacks, the figure is highest, at 72.2 percent; for American Indians/Alaska Natives, it’s 66.9 percent; 53.5 percent for Hispanics; 29.4 percent for non-Hispanic whites; and a mere 17.1 percent for Asians/Pacific Islanders".Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/360990 Except this isn't what Stef was suggesting. He said that the primary reason why women don't look for virtue anymore is because their children can be raised by the state and if welfare were to be eliminated, then the free market would handle male & female relationships again. He's never suggested that you should wait. He did suggest that you should become a shining beacon of virtue, attracting rare quality women through your conspicuous display. Oh snap lol, although you did tell me of what a top form SMV looked like, I didn't notice that you didn't list "virtuous" as a requirement. Just, "thin, young, traditional". I just realized that we're after different things xD I'm a tad autistic. But isn't this a contradiction though? You're looking for a traditional, top form SMV, and yet, you'll only pursue women who sleep with you in the first 3 encounters. A woman who would do this doesn't sound like a traditional person. Isn't your strategy in direct opposition to what a traditional top form SMV woman would want? I can understand the strategy if you simply wanted a thin and young woman, but the traditional element sounds paradoxical. Whore: "Disparaging and Offensive. a person who is sexually promiscuous". http://www.dictionary.com/browse/whore Uhh..... aren't you a whore as well? How is a woman who initiates contact a red flag? Never heard of this one. Why's this a red flag? Could you expand on this idea? Why would remaining friends with an ex be a red flag? Not saying that I disagree, simply want your thoughts. Is it possible that you're just exposed to really shitty women?
  10. ShindouHikaru


    Holy shit I totally missed this post. My bad dude (๑´╹‸╹`๑) The Christians weren't against the idea of using violence to advance their aims so.... Where do you find these individuals then? And I only used Tinder for 2 hours. Nani! Wait, how did you become a communist? Why were you drawn to the ideology? Why did you then transition into fascism? What did you believe when you were a fascist? Why do you think that you had this desire? What was your childhood like? This is a convincing case for optimism. How exactly can great men save the world from itself? Galt? The general populous of 1776 were well read, literate, politically active and moderately high IQ at the time. Their neighborhoods hadn't been corroded by multiculturalism and there was a strong sense of a colonial identity. There isn't much of an identity in the current west. Are you suggesting that 10% if any given populous know how to critically think, are virtuous and reason from first principles?
  11. ShindouHikaru


    Can you source this? Because I've only heard him suggest that the the state won't fall in our lifetimes and that it's an intergenerational change. I've never heard him suggest that we should wait. I've heard him suggest that we should double or triple our efforts in search of the unicorn, but never to wait. Is it possible that you're misinterpreting Stef's assertions? Ahh, gotcha. I avoided apps like Tinder because I heard that it was a hook up app. I recently got it, swiped left a bunch of times, swiped right on a pic of a dog and a blank screen.... It's a fucking cesspool. Deleted after 2 hours. Never heard of bumble, but if its the same as tinder, I'm going to have to defer. I am not active sexually with women at all, virgin. I'd prefer to avoid casual encounters altogether. Will do I've heard him say it was creepy as well. Timestamps are unnecessary. I don't think he said, "dating younger", but rather, "dating significantly young". Like the age disparity between Paul Walker and his 16 yr old gf. A 24 yr difference. I questioned her decision making as well when I learnt of the relationship. It didn't work out. I don't think that she was putting on an act... or maybe she was... It was later revealed that she wasn't very smart. Apparently I give off the impression of a, "know it all", and "should talk normally because using big words isn't smart and some people might feel dumb if they don't know what the words you're saying means (paraphrasing)". Her harbored resentment was revealed when I introduced the element of a disagreement into our interactions. She escalated and got increasingly abusive. She treated me like I was her abusive adoptive parents. She required that I change all of her perceived faults, while taking no responsibility of any of her actions. In other words, the fault entirely lies with you so change. Apparently one of my faults was using google to define terms. "I'm done talking about this because I obviously can't get through to you and you're making me really angry, Acting like a know it all makes me angry, and annoys me, you use google for basic disagreements"..... "Google knows next to nothing about my field", "you're acting like you know more about my field than I do, you are treading very dangerously"... and after this I suggested that this wasn't the type of relationship I wanted and said goodbye. She just escalated further and lost her shit at this suggestion. Bringing up things I told her in confidence to jab away at me. I then attempted RTR, but fucked up prematurely by reaching a conclusion before waiting for a response by stating that she was acting in an abusive manner (which she undoubtedly was). She viewed my disagreement as the primary problem, when what I was terrified at was her reaction to the disagreement. Red flags for le gents (or 1/10 FDR grills). She was heavily abused in the past. Now, I thought that she had processed a lot of it because she went through 2 years of therapy. I was wrong. 2 years of therapy isn't enough to deal with a highly abusive past. Stefan required 20 years and he's a genius. She didn't want to talk about her prior 11month abusive relationship at all. This is a sign of not processing why she chose him and stayed. And her characterization of the entire interaction was that he was abusive and he was the only one at fault. No personal responsibility in her actions. Hated talking about her childhood. Meaning, she rarely thinks of it. Therefore, unprocessed trauma. Of course, denigrating google sama. Viewed a disagreement as the end of the world. She believed that a relationship with a disagreement was an impossibility. Hated the idea of and attacked me for viewing 66% of her facebook timeline. Even though I had gotten her explicit approval beforehand. Calling it, "stalking". And I then of course posted the legal definition of stalking and asked if this is what I was doing (this most likely annoyed her - but wasn't expressed at the time). Total time invested, 2-3 weeks. Integrity is efficient. Feels relatable man. Do you mean to suggest that they friend zoned you? What were the red flags? Excellent definition. It's my desire to throw all my eggs in one basket and get married. Of course, in the right basket.
  12. ShindouHikaru


    Stefan has never suggested this once. Dafook, Stef has repeatedly stated that its an intergenerational change. As in, the state shan't fall in our lifetimes. Why do you think that this is a solution Stef suggested? Decent strategy. I'm somewhat confused though. Isn't this the strategy that has led to your romantic interactions with the opposite sex being short term flings, fwb, fuck buddies,etc? Hold on, when you were using these sites, what metrics would you use when evaluating photos and profiles? Like, what in particular would you look for? Also, I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, when I looked I just saw a long line of idiots. The male profiles were far more diversified and intriguing. Did you interact with people like this? Or rather, are you or have you ever been romantically involved with people like this? What would a top form SMV woman look like? Are you referring to the girl who ditched her long time boyfriend to fuck a drug addict, and then came back to him and got married? Or is this a different show? I'm not sure either. I've recently come into contact with an individual who's both honest and empathetic. She was severely abused in the past and has gotten 2 years of therapy. She's definitely open to new ideas, has defoo'd from her adopted family, reads, a fan of shakespeare, interested in history, law. I’m not sure what her capacity for critical thought is though. And she's not aware of the difference between then and than. Which makes me question her intelligence.... then again she has a speech impediment problem so this might be the cause.. She's highly selective when choosing a mate at the moment. She was in a highly abusive 11 month relationship. However, she didn't sleep with him. Despite his frequent attempts. She was on Pof shortly and deleted her account after 2-3 weeks, meaning she disliked the dozens of men who courted her. Meaning, she dislikes the zeitgeist. She's definitely a woman of quality, but the question is, "to what extent". I'm currently 21, she's 20 and it took me about a year and 7 months of online perusing to find someone like her. Aka, hard af to find. Did you sleep with her when you were 27? Or did your interaction only go as far as getting her number?
  13. ShindouHikaru


    True, my primary qualm was that you claimed that attributing malice first in most situations was your best bet. Would the third option be to invite her to live with you?
  14. ShindouHikaru


    How old are you currently? What are your strategies towards finding a quality woman?
  15. ShindouHikaru


    What's the difference? Both achieve the same result. How would you define, "an average person"? Are you sure about that? Let's say your average Joe who's been working at X factory for a decade is suddenly out of a job. And this is a result of the Statist implementation of NAFTA? Since Joe was ignorant of the political climate, he didn't acquire other work skills during his employment. Is this not a deleterious effect of the ignorance? If Bill Clinton decides to fuck with banks, compelling them to issue lots of subprime loans to minorities, leading to an economic crash. A crash in which 8.7 million jobs are lost, well then isn't this another deleterious effect of being ignorant of the political climate? Are average Joe's negatively impacted by economic recessions in which millions of jobs are lost? Well, this idea of everything working out in the end is a relatively new concept.... Most of human history has been, "Oh, look, a minor cut. Guess I'll die". Are you going to verify this claim based on your anecdotal data? Sure, it's a bit on the morbid side, but is it accurate? I only care as to its accuracy. Well, maybe people should have listened to Joseph McCarthy (crazy guy on the street corner) and expelled the communists from the US Government. Maybe if people had the capacity to critically think and not simply probe for societal acceptability, then they would have supported McCarthy, forced out the communists and prevented Mao Zedong from taking control of China. Would you say that the deaths of 60 million Chinese people is a deleterious effect of the ignorance of the masses? Or is this effect benign? Why are they mocked? What is the reason? Hmm, you're making the assumption that I talk about an impending doom in a public setting. Why take such a risk with an Orgy Porgy crowd? I noticed nothing of the sort. It made perfect sense.

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