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  1. oaksdave

    War with North Korea?

    The attack on Syria happened as Xi was stepping out of his limo at Mar a Lago. Do the math.
  2. oaksdave

    Syria REDUX

    The ship of State is very large and heavy. To expect one man to sail it as if it were a skiff is naive.
  3. oaksdave

    Trump Attacks Syria

    I like Wuzzums take, but it needs to integrate Greater Kurdistan and flesh out the anti-Erdogan elements a bit more, please.
  4. oaksdave

    London Terror Attack

    Unchecked third-world immigration with no plan and no effort to integrate the new arrivals. Said immigration being a cynical effort by the left to remake the electorate in the West. What do you think the problem is? And, I fear, the US. Maybe the West started to wake up too late.
  5. oaksdave

    London Terror Attack

    No one can deny that there is a problem in the West. What is to be done?
  6. oaksdave

    War with North Korea?

    Or tough negotiations? Seems things are heating up, north of the 38th parallel. What's your take? Are they getting Trumped?
  7. Of course not, a woman's sexual purity has value to her future husband. Pretending that women can be promiscuous without consequences is a major fallacy. Holding them to the same standard is misunderstanding the reason for female chastity.
  8. Why is it a double-standard, exactly? 17 year-old men in the rest of the world are soldiers, sailors, fathers and providers. It only in the West that they are treated as children until their mid-twenties. I hardly think they were traumatized. Setting aside the moral issues, of course.
  9. oaksdave

    Wikileaks should destroy Google Facebook and CIA

    "1984" was a how-to by a Fabian socialist, not a "warning" as lefty lit profs pretend.
  10. oaksdave

    Wikileaks should destroy Google Facebook and CIA

    How about we have adults oversee the Intelligence community and stop them being used as political tools instead.
  11. oaksdave

    Why We Need a National Deficit & Why Austerity is Killing Greece

    This looks like a "get ready for default" piece dressed up as a human interest article: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/editorials/the-greek-debt-disaster-isn-t-just-a-financial-issue-it-is-a-humanitarian-one-a7600636.html
  12. Here's a similar situation. Remember when people were freaking out because Trump said NATO "needed to be looked at" and we shouldn't be paying so much of the cost? Looks like Germany got the message. http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/25/merkel-gives-in-to-us-pressure-on-nato-spending/
  13. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/321059-fox-anchor-baier-rips-white-house-for-barring-outlets-from-briefing Bret Baier joins Kent Brockman in welcoming our Ant Overlords and couldn't find an inside-the-beltway opinion that Brit Hume couldn't convince him to adopt.

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