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  1. This actually just happened with a token called iota. Basically shot up to a 5 billion market cap overnight. Bitcoin is not anonymous because every transaction is recorded in the public ledger, but the only way to shut it down would be to shut down every single computer in the world that is running a node. As for the boomers, they'll all be dead soon and good riddance. But there are untraceable cryptocurrencies like monero and others that get around this. This is a completely incomprehensible string of words. I honestly hope they don't. We need less retrograde barbarians in the world. Ideally, this would be a distinction without a difference.
  2. Thanks for the replies, guys. Sorry for not responding sooner, I have a hundred different projects pulling me in a hundred different directions right now. But to give some closure to this thread, I've decided to go all in on crypto. Lambo or bust.
  3. What are your guys thoughts on bitcoin? If it were any other asset I'd say it's in a massive bubble and to sell, but this on I'm not sure. I had a chance to buy in 2009, and didn't because I thought it was a meme. Bought again at 200 but sold at 1000 because it quadrupled in price in a year. Bought ether for under a dollar, sold it before it hit ten, same with litecoin. If I had held I could be retired 5 times over now. I was basically betting that Hillary would win and we'd have a massive financial collapse, so I bet heavily on precious metals. I don't want to be having this conversation with myself in another year or two, "should have bought in at 6k, now it's 50k." but at the same time I don't want to be a schmuck and buy in at an all time high. Thoughts?
  4. Then what is a better way of arguing the point? I like the to conceptualize it as a contract, because I think it's the easiest way to do it, but I'm open to new ways of looking at it.
  5. I agree that their will not be a nuclear ww3, but the above quote I disagree with. Wars are fought to be won. Winning is what the history books call honor.
  6. 100% agree Eh... Maybe it's just a matter of perspective or how I phrased it, but consenting to sex means you accept its possible consequences, be it stds or a pregnancy. If that's not a contract I don't know what is. I think it's a much more simple way to solve the problem rather than having to make an argument for if it is a rational animal, and at what point. I avoid making the argument on moral grounds because leftists believe in moral relativism. Then I can argue the 'muh body muh choice' line because it that point it isn't their body so they can't make the choice.
  7. I think pregnancy is more like an implied contract. If we assume you're not mentally retarded you know what sex does, therefore you are consenting to have a child since there is always the risk of pregnancy to some degree.
  8. Why would it be anything other than at conception?
  9. Not sure if I fully agree, but since abortions for rape victims are a tiny minority I'm willing to accept that as necessary evil or something like that. But I think that the answer to this is that to those that set death as their highest ideal, long life is the slowest and most painful of suicides.
  10. I was half joking but I meant the 19th.
  11. I'd usually never accept the second as valid because it's a slippery slope to doing whatever you feel like and justifying it ex post facto, but it looks like I have come to a wall here since clearly that's what I'm advocating. I'd rather that no one had the right to vote, but repealing the 20th amendment would be a good start. Islam is cancer. I'd never thought I'd be relieved to live in the multicultural paradise known as New Jersey, but then there's Germany...
  12. If you consent to have sex you're accepting that a consequence of that is pregnancy. A zygote is a genetically distinct person. If you remove it from the womb unnecessarily and it dies then you have killed it. Killing is a violation of the NAP. Maybe not full culpability, but if you know that a crime is about to be committed and you take no action to prevent it, you own a bit of the blame. But neither of those are the point I'm trying to make. My point is that promoting abortion as immoral will lead to people who generally vote left to breed even more, and since we live in a society where every person gets a vote, that will lead to a massive increase in state power over time. So I'm trying to square this circle, that if promoting a moral will lead to the destruction of that moral is it valid not to follow it?
  13. After watching Stefans debate with crowder I'm left with a puzzling contradiction. Let's start with the assumption that abortion is axiomatically a violation of the NAP. The groups who are having abortions the most in society are blacks, Hispanics, and leftists--groups that if they get enough voting power will increase the size and scope of the state. Every time that happens it results in death camps, starvation, etc. So why should I prevent people from voluntarily submitting to genocide, especially if doing so will cause it to happen to me?
  14. challenging a parking fine in court

    My advice is to just pay the ticket.

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