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  1. What do you spend most of your day doing/thinking about outside of work and sleep? What kind of books do you read for pleasure? Something that helped me figure things out was to make a list of things I think I could be good at/enjoy doing/make some decent coin. Then start planning backwards. For example "I am 40 and just had my last child out of 4, how did I get here?" Working backwards 2 years between each child puts me at 32, another 2 years for courtship with future wife puts me at 30. In the time between 20 and 30 is for training to do something on that list and building traction in your chosen profession. You can start eliminating options based on criteria like how much you want to be involved with raising the children, how important is doing meaningful metaphysical work, the nap, helping others, self-aggrandizement. Those are just some categories I found helpful, ymmv. I would also highly, highly recommend getting a professional iq test and taking a big 5 personality test. The professional iq tests break down into several different categories and you may find your are strong in some and weak in others. Play to your strengths. I found out I was very high in verbal fluency but very low in motor function. Yet before that I was learning to become a programmer, job that requires little verbal skills and higher motor skills... Ideally you want to find something where you can be in the 90 percentile of the occupation so that you are better than almost everyone but still have something to strive for. Haven't done it but I've heard Dr Peterson talk about it. He mentioned that one part is imaging an optimal life 5, 10, 20 years in the future if you got your act together and did everything you needed to do. And another part was imagining where you would be 5, 10, 20 years from now if nothing changes and you give in to all your potential vices. This is not very good advice. College is not expensive if you go to community College first, maximize aid, grants, and scholarships, go to a school in state, and live at home/cheaply off campus. Debt is hardly the worst thing in the world, but it does suck, so make sure it's worth it.
  2. The premium forums are beyond dead. Kind of a shame but can't really force people to post. But what do you mean by "streamline"? I've heard that said in positive and negative contexts.
  3. I've heard Stefan say repeatedly that 30% of immigrants in the 19th century who came to America left. I was looking for a source but couldn't find any. Does anyone know where it is from?
  4. You should probably read my second sentence since I already addressed your point. Unfortunately I don't live in a world of randian supermen. If the only thing you know about someone is that they're an atheist it probably means they're a socialist too. Socialism is immoral and I don't want to be associated with it. Therefore I don't want to be associated with atheism either. That is why it is relevant. I am not an atheist because it's more or less a political stance at this point, I just don't believe I a deity.
  5. And that's not any random website, it's the American psychological association for Christ's sake.
  6. Thought I'd share this gem I found on the apa website. tl;dr: All problems in the black community are caused by evil white racism. Blacks have no control over their actions and only act in response to whites. Africa was literally an peaceful parenting utopia before whites came and ruined it.
  7. Why do how people think about me and what is true have to be mutually exclusive? Atheists tend to be rabid socialists with all the associated nastiness. I don't want to be painted with the same brush as them. I identify more with my ethics than my lack of a belief in a deity.
  8. If you're going to be this much of an edge Lord you'd better learn to use the echoes correctly. They're supposed to imply jews like (((reporters))). Just putting the word jew with the echoes is improper form since you're not implying anything as you already named them. In your world whites have no agency. No, whites want to watch porn so they seek it out. They want to be told comfortable lies so they seek out msm. If whites didn't want to partake in whatever degeracy makes you want to clutch your pearls then they wouldn't do it. For instance, there is no amount of (((influence))) that could make you think rubbing the head of your penis with sand paper is beneficial. Hence, the merchant is only selling because the goy is buying. 3edgy 5me. Of course there's a lot of jews in education, media, banks, etc. Those all require high iqs to succeed and the average Jewish iq is 15 points above the average. But again, the merchant is only selling what the goy is willing to buy.
  9. Muh Jewish problem is silly. The merchant might be selling but the goy is still buying. Also, jews aren't monolithic.
  10. Okay, here's a few syllogisms. 1. The state is predicated on the initiation of force. 2. The initiation of force is evil. 3. Therefore the state is an evil institution. 1. The state is an evil institution. 2. Bankers profit based on people's response to government incentives. 3. Therefore bankers profit from an evil institution. 1. The state is an evil institution. 2. Lawyers give justifications to the legitimacy of state power. 3. Therefore lawyers justify an evil institution. 1. My children will have to live in the world that I'm affecting. 2. Choosing to be a banker/lawyer will affect the world negatively in the long term. 3. Therefore choosing to be a banker/lawyer is a violation of the nap of my future children. There are many other ways to make money and I'd also rather raise quality children than save up a lot of money to prepare for the fallout of a collapse that I'd be helping to orchestrate. Stock brokers aren't known for raising quality children, because of the demands of the job they end up being neglected, also a violation of the nap. Yes people are. They are being incentivized with tax programs like iras, 401ks, and inflation. And with this escape hatch talk, there's not going to be aglobal shtf scenario. Things will get bad in some places for a certain amount of time before normalizing. And those most effected will be those who dont have some kind of contingency in place. Just because communism is worse than cronyism doesn't mean that cronyism is good. That was my point. So is it better to get stabbed than to be shot? Is cronyism better than communism? How about neither. This is fantasy on your part. This will either never happen or the warning signs will be so obvious that you can easily leave where you are. Mad max is just a movie, not a prophecy. Sure, but again, its one thing to live in a society where slavery is permitted and another thing to profit from it. You can't help the society you are born into but that doesn't make participating in immorality any less immoral. There's no other prison I'd rather be in, but my preferred choice is to not be in any prison. Just because there are worse prisons doesn't make ours good. It's the same continuum. No it doesn't. That's just blaming the victim. Someone who is a murder for 12 seconds is characterized for the rest of his life as a murderer because any good that he might do is almost certainly outweighed by his evil. My point is that we characterize people by the evil that they do and that it takes a lot of good to outweigh a single evil act if it's possible at all. Can a murderer do enough good in the world to counter balance their ills? Maybe, but probably not, so it's better to not murder in the first place. Can a banker do enough good in the world to counter balance their ills? Maybe, but probably not, so it's better to not be a banker in the first place.
  11. Wow that brings me back. Spooner was one of the first things I read that started me on my current path. I thought I'd try to be a really edgy contrarian and write an essay for history class just to mess with the teacher. This was one of the sources I found. Turned out to be a rabbit hole with no bottom yet in sight.
  12. Does the first amendment allow for pornography? Meh, probably, the constitution is designed to restrain the power of government, not be an exhaustive list of rights granted to the public, but who cares. I never signed that social contract so I don't respect it as legitimate. That said, virtue only exists in the face of abstaining from vice--there'd be no such thing as sobriety if alcohol wasn't cheaply available at every corner store. So I'd say it's probably a net benefit. Virtue has to be difficult to obtain. It's not a virtue to abstain from rubbing the head of your penis with sand paper, but now it can be legitimately claimed that chastity is a virtue with the ease of access to virtually unlimited hd porn and the prevalence/normalization of hookup culture.
  13. Henderyjem doth protest too much, methinks. Personally, I don't think men and women can be friends in a meaningful way. One or the other tends to be friend zoned and that's a really shitty position to be in.
  14. No, the farmers are presumably under some kind of compulsion to continue farming. A better example would be a concentration camp guard. Sure maybe you could be a "good" guard at the end of the day you are serving an evil system. I don't recognize the moral authority of the law so why should I spend all my time entangled in it? Seeing that the vast majority of people in prisons are there for victimless drug crimes I'd say that there is no such thing as a good prison guard in the same way there's no such thing as a good concentration camp guard. Yes but what matters is the circumstances themselves. Current circumstances in regards to banking and lawyering is that the government creates a market for their services at the end of a gun. Very few would need at lawyer if the laws weren't 3 billion pages of self referential jargon. Very few would put their money in the stock market or a bank if inflation wasn't eating away their savings. No one is forcing people to buy your writing, and that's the difference. And compared to getting shot, getting stabbed is great. What's wrong with it is that it will be my children and grandchildren who have to pay the tab with interest if I decide to make a quick buck now. Just because the government is robbing people doesn't mean I should tacitly condone it. Who cares if it's the best we have, that doesn't mean I should be a party to it. This is not a good thing. I don't care about the good things bankers do. They are more than outweighed by the bad. If someone spends 12 seconds of their life murdering and 80 years not murdering, which part are they better characterized by?
  15. Shock of all shocks, lefties are emotional retards!