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  1. GatoVillano

    Whity did Nuffing Wrong

    I just had a conversation with a Muslim and I am so pissed that I'm going to share it with you guys =P. We all know that whites colonized most of what we consider the civilized world today. We brought education, modern medicine, electricity, water and waste management, trade, freedom, science, philosophy, truth and reason, we abolished slavery.... Whity is really cool. We should be proud of our ancestors. We didnt even conquer most of the lands we occupied. We obtained most of it through fair trade. But, as we know, the left is using academia to write an other history. A story of the evil greedy white men that enslaved everyone and starved everyone with capitalism and plotted some evil master plans with wipe out other races. You would be surprised, but the majority of people actually believe that crap. Even people with a college degree or a university diploma believe this shit. This Muslim I'm talking about is a pharmacist that comes from Algeria. She believes that the Armenian genocide is fake, that the whites in south Africa were horrible and that I am rewriting history every time i speak. Why am I talking to this idiot??? Good question. I dont think I should bother talking to someone who pretends everything I say is bullshit. But the shocking part is that she believes that the whites in south Africa should die. that the white genocide is a good thing. And she is not the only person I have hear saying this kind of disgusting thing this year. Most of the time, it is people from Africa or south america who believes the south African whites deserve this. This is unforgivable. What would happen if I were to say that the 500k children in Iraq that died because of the lack of electricity and drinkable water deserved to die because of the Muslim slave trade???? I think people would lose their shit. But someone can say, in front of a room full of people, that 5 millions Whites deserve to have their family raped to death in front of them before being gutted alive, and believe that they are completely virtuous. This Algerian girl wants to visit south Africa. I believe that once she is there, she will realize that the blacks dont give a shit if she is Muslim. That for the blacks, she is only an other white girl. And, someone who do not research what is really happening in the world and who celebrates the suffering of others, I dont believe this person deserves any empathy if shit hits the fan. Wow, I'm even more upset now then when I started writing this text. I'll just say this: We have nothing to be ashamed of our history, we do not owe anyone anything, we do not deserve the hatred of other races, we have a right to exist, to be free and the right to be happy. The leftist establishment is causing so much harm around the world. And if shit hits the fan, we have the right to defend ourselves.
  2. GatoVillano

    Social engineering of men in the western world

    Thank you for your response. I'm sorry for what you had to go through and I hear this all the time. People start an antidepressant treatment because of a difficult moment in there lives and then they are stuck on this medication. The doctor did not explain to them that it will take at lease a year to quite this drug and if they stop too quickly, they will have permanent damage to their brain. So patients tell me that, when ever they lower the doze, even slightly, they start to sweat and tremble. Some are unable to function without it. As for the baby formula, I do see a trend. But you are right, there are some good doctors. I dont know if it is one generation of doctor that is more drawn to push for the formula. We would need to do a study to see the effect of the formula, containing soy, on boys. but I dont think I would get any funding to do that research. Unless I would get public funding through a go fund me. Because, right now I see information going both ways. This resembles the studies on methylphenidate, also called ritalin. Some say it has no long term effect, some say it lowers the brain size by 10%. I believe that everyone is hiding the results because the pharmaceuticals companies would lose too much money.
  3. I was watching a video this morning. It was the live stream between millennium woes and Faith Goldy. They were talking about identity politic and preserving the western world. They also talked about preserving the white race. This reminded me of this issue that I have been thinking about for a while. I was thinking of how to preserve the west, where will my children grow and under what system, I was thinking of freedom and migration. So if you want, sit down and listen to what I have to say for a while =). Let me start with my political history. When I was young, I was indoctrinated by the communist party. This indoctrination would, in the long run, changed me into a certified sociopath. By looking at what we were proposing and the real world, I realized that this political system was complete crap and I left it (no pun intended). Then for many years, I believed that politic was complete bullshit; that it did not work; that no government had any possibility of working and that it was a waste of time. Then came the migrant crisis and Brexit. I really believe in Nigel Farage. I started to advocate strongly on the net for his cause. I read all I could about conservatism and Churchill. I made hundreds if not thousands of debates online to promote Brexit. Then came Trump. GOD I LOVE THIS MAN =). I started advocating for him and felt a huge sentiment of accomplishment when he won the election. I then joined the Canadian conservative party. Met some pretty good people. But when I saw the results of the leadership race, I lost faith in them. I then came across books about libertarianism. I read some John Locke, Frederic Bastiat, David Boaz, Thomas Paine, learned more about Jefferson and so on. As a scientist, I have to try to drill has many holes in a hypothesis and then see if it still floats. If it does, I must accept it until some other hypothesis disproves it. And so far, I have not found a single situation that cannot be solved with the libertarian way of thinking. Now I look back at conservatism with a libertarian lens and I now realize that there is something terribly wrong with the conservative principals. If you want to preserve this society, you will have no other choice but to impose legislation, enforced by the power of the state, to prevent any change. You will try to prevent any change in culture, any change in demographic. You will create a huge coercive force and your civilization will die out because people wont want to invest themselves in such an oppressive regime. The right is the same thing as the left. They will both use the state to impose their will on the people. To find a solution, we have to go off the beaten path. Stefan is right when he says that the real enemy is the welfare state. But even if we build a wall and stop migrants from coming in, men are still oppressed inside our borders. Men are treated as disposable commodities that are made to be used, despised and discarded. Every minute, we men, spend under this oppression is unacceptable. But if we stop 3rd world migration, rebuild the economy and save our culture, the very next morning men will still be exploited. T he real solution is to bring the entire house of cards down. As quickly and dramatically as possible so that no government could adapt. Before we do that, we need to stock up on goods, gold, weapons, commodities. We need to build communities and so on. We need to preserve the seed with which to rebuild after the collapse. We could expect a decade or so of chaos, but afterward we can build a system based on merits, free market, non aggression and so on. And it is not hard to bring this house of card down. we only have to stop pushing against the storm and start pushing in the other direction. We could create 50 millions genders: fish gender, pokemon gender... Demand for the most absurd classes be thought in academia. Why arent they teaching Kpop dancing in University RACISM!!! why are they not teaching navajo literature RACISM!!!! call the SJW racist because they do not acknowledge your frog gender. Ask for the most absurd project. Like a bridge that leads from Greece to Egypt. And every time the government tried to back out of it: RACISM!!!!! The western government have removed every mechanisms to fight back against those accusations. So they will have no choice but to comply. And dont worry, once this socialist gynocentric world goes off in flames. We will feel relieved and free for the first time in our lives.
  4. I wasn't sure in which category to write this in. I'm a biochemist student and I work as a pharmacy technician to pay for my studies. I am seeing a growing and alarming pattern in the health system that I would qualify as social engineering. I will put my idea forward and then explain myself. I believe that health professionals, with the governments and the pharmaceutical companies, have been altering the behavior of the western people for at lease 3 generations. Before you dismiss this, saying I'm a conspiracy nut, let me state 3 arguments: - The baby boomers have been receiving' for most of their lives, constant prescriptions of benzodiazepines. So much so, that the majority of them are hooked on those drugs. Most of the research that has been done on the topic is not openly talked about. There is little funding to show its adverse effects and usually dismissed under the argument that they are old drugs that we try to avoid using these days and that the patients are already hooked on them so we are basically trying to make their lives more comfortable. In the case of self destructive patients and patients with anxiety, we measure the pros and cons. But people who work in pharmacies who see these patients every months, we see the side effects. These patients dont reason very quickly, they also have a weird reasoning. There is a nihilism to them. They dont worry about things that they really should worry about. And I want to make a parallel. These patients are pro big government. They are pro open borders. They are pro socialism. I think it is not too far fetch to think that a drug that is created to deal with anxiety would prevent people from feeling anxiety about the government's decisions. - My generation takes a lot of antidepressant medication. And most of these patients are girls. The boys receive a lot of Ritalin and Vyvanse. All of these drugs play on the mechanisms of dopamine and serotonin receptors. These chemicals regulate your mood, energy, your sex drive, everything. Look at my generation. They play computer all day. They drop out of school. They have no faith in the future. They avoid the opposite sex. They have low energy and are overweight. And they have absolutely no will to defend their way of life. - A growing trend I see is doctor informing the mothers that it is better to use powdered milk instead of breast milk to feed their babies. These formulas are soy base. This produces a large amount of estrogen in the baby's system. It is mostly harmful for boys. These hormones compete with testosterone. Paul Joseph Watson has made a very good video about #soyboy. I think everyone should watch it. I believe that doctors are deliberately trying to remove male dominant behavior, in our society, at a very young age. If you think I'm a conspiratard, that's fine. I am just stating what I have observed. And I believe we should explore this question, because doctors have been doing this shit for about 70 years now. And there is a correlation to be made with the slow downfall of our civilization. Thank you for listening
  5. GatoVillano

    What I Learned in School and the Battle for Western Civilization

    They thought you a lot of lies in school. I'm very sorry. There are 3 lies I find very striking that would like to address: When the Americans gave those blankets to the native Americans, it was prior to the discovery of bacteria. It was also prior to the work of Pasteur and Koch (2 Europeans), who discovered bacteria life and associated it with diseases. So how could American colonists possibly understand bacterial warfare. Secondly. We did not conquer the natives when we arrived in America. The French and the English made colonies. They traded with the natives (a peace and voluntary exchange of goods that is beneficial to both parties). The Brits and the French had a military conflict. The natives tribes had conflicts amongst themselves. The French allied with some tribes and the Brits allied with some tribes and we tried to obtain the territory. It was basically a mirror of the war in Europe. We could also talk about how the natives practiced genocide and slavery LONG before the Europeans came. Once the conflict was over and the Brits won, the natives could do whatever the fuck they wanted. Vision this: the whites occupied a tiny part of america during that time. At any given time, the natives could have went in the wilds and we would have never found them. They could do that even in 2017. Most of Canada is unexplored woodlands. No, lets be honest. The natives stayed next to the whites for our goods, our alcohol and the food we provided them. At this point up to today, they became lazy leeches. And even since they learn how to use white guilt they have been robbing us blind. You need to understand that what happened in america is similar to what happened in India. Those countries were not conquered militarily. For the most part, it was the British companies (who were extremely efficient and offered a better standard of living then the administration of the country) slowly took a bigger and bigger role until it finally ran the country. This is still happening in some parts of the world. Some american companies own huge amounts of land in south america where they farm soy. And the natives are more then happy to work for them. This company ends up building cities, charging rent, providing shops and entertainment. Soon they own the country. It sure beats living in huts made out of shit and dying from the yellow fever. =P Thirdly, I love the definition of capitalism. It is to keep your stuff and honor your contracts. Capitalism isnt the big guy robbing the little guy. It is about a voluntary exchange of goods and services that is beneficial for both parties. Lets say my belly hurts. I go see the doctor. He provides me with his medical service. I'm in better health. He has more money. We are both satisfied with the trade. The doctor did not screw me, he did not steal my money at gun point, he did not use the power of the state to take my money. You need to understand that there are 3 big systems in history: - The monarchy - Capitalism - Marxism In the monarchy system you were judged according to your birth. No matter what you did in your life, you could obtain loans, people owed you respect, and you had dominion over generations and generations of men until the end of days, because you were born from a certain family. The capitalist system was born out of the libertarian enlightenment. No matter who you are, what sex, color, religion or whatever, it did not matter. It was your actions that mattered. This is the beginning of the system of contracts. You are only as good as your word. If you do not honor your contracts or dont pay what you owe, people will not trust you anymore. The Marxist system is a system based on identity. If you were born of a certain class you were considered a perpetual victim and you could do whatever you want without being blamed. And if you were born a certain class, then you were a perpetual oppressor and every wrong against you would be justified. You see this growing in the west all the time. People are entitled to privileges because they are women or black or trans or whatever. And whites are blamed for every problems in the world because they are white.
  6. GatoVillano

    The fall of Canada

    Who said I would not move a finger. I have been debating, having discussion and trying to wake up people all around me. I have worked very hard to influence the Brexit vote and the election of Trump. I have joined the Canadian conservative party and became a volunteer. I have called people trying to bring information to them. I have challenged people and it has influenced my personal relationships. I have stuck my head out at university at great risk for my career. I believe that you have missed my argument. So I will simplify it: - The waste majority of Canadian are uninformed, they do not wish to be informed and they are please with the way the country is going down the drain. - The national dept has increased by 250 billions since Trudeau got in office. - We have lost significant liberties, especially regarding freedom of speech. - The average tax paying Canadian pays around 43% taxes. - Companies are leaving Canada and career opportunities are diminishing radically. This will increase. We will see the same pattern that happened in Venezuela. People will leave because they find more opportunities in other countries. This will make taxes increase much faster. - We might reach a point where taxes are 80% or more in a decade. - Canada will not be able to get loans anymore, this will lead to a complete collapse. - The Canadian government will prevent people from leaving the country in hopes of saving the socialist regime. You understand that, if I want to create a family, this is a bad bet. My offspring might live under an oppressive regime and they might even die. This would mean genetic death of my bloodline. What I am proposing is to save what we can in order to rebuild a free society. In order to do that we need to export the freedom loving people in a safe place. The socialists will die out. And then we can come back and reclaim Canada without any fighting. Its only logical
  7. I have been thinking of some things for a while. Civilisation started in Sumer, then Babylon, then Egypt, Then Greece, Then Rome, Then Europe, Then America. We can see a pattern here. Aside that whites were the founders of all these nations, each and every one of them fell and the next flourished. We know that traveling long distances was not easy in the past and we know that people migrated between those empires. We know that some Greeks and Egyptians moved to Rome. We know that Italians moved to different parts of Europe. We know that Europeans funded America. We can now assume that Sumerians moved to Babylon and that Babylonians moved to Egypt. Many of these empires existed during the same time period. Can we assume that the high IQ population were able to realize that their civilisation was going to shit and decided to move to a younger more promising civilisation before shit hit the fan. And, can we assume that the exile of the high IQ class prompted the downfall of the previous empire. I do not have a master in history like Stefan, but, we do see this phenomenon happening during our time. I see a lot of Europeans moving to Canada and at a faster rate. We have seen this happen in Venezuela when the working class was taxed to death, 2 million people fled the country. Let me explain why this question is so important to me. I’m a biochemistry student, and I plan to start a family pretty soon. But I’m seeing the west collapsing. If I am to plant my seed somewhere, I want to make sure that my descendants will be able to thrive. You do not plant your crops next to an active volcano even if the soil seems fertile at the moment. You know that in the near future, your crops will be burned. So here is my observation. I’ve talked to a lot of people in my city and all around the country. I have come to the conclusion that we could easily fix the problem and prevent the collapse of our civilisation, but that the people are too stupid, too indoctrinated, too lazy and too cowardly to prevent the fall. I give my present country about 10 years max. Then it will be Venezuela 2.0. Stefan would say at this moment that we have to reach out and change people’s minds. But I’m looking at it in a pragmatic way. It’s basic math. - We live in a democracy. - The majority wins the vote. - Very few of us are willing to make changes. - Our government is importing massive amount of third world migrants. We have to come to the conclusion that we are outnumbered. When such a scenario occurs the logical solution is to adopt a survivalist mode. We need to encourage the people who love freedom to move to a country where they will be able to wait out the storm. During that time, Canada will fall into chaos. It will be ugly. But the right people to rebuild will have survived and will return after the storm. They will return after the socialist government has collapse. Lets be honest. The only way you can remove a socialist government is to allow it to crash (which it does inevitably). Please, let me know your thoughts =)
  8. GatoVillano


    I'm sorry, when you replaced everything I said with white and men, you sounded like a intersectional feminist. But, yeah, everything I said doesnt only apply to white men. It applies to all men. So, I'm sorry, you dont have to leave the planet =P
  9. GatoVillano

    Living with a monster

    Thank you for sharing this with me and for being respectful when you read my story. I'm sorry about your father. And yes, I do believe that the past doesnt have to define us, we can choose our future. And our children is our future, so we have to give them a better environment then our parents gave to us. This is actually my second attempt at writing this. The first time I erased it. I was hard and a very emotional thing to write. To revisit your past, where you lived under the same roof then your oppressor. But you know what, I feel like a load of 10 tons was taken off my back after I wrote this. And then I listened to ''I can see clearly now''. It felt so right. Well, TY for your time and insight. Take care =)
  10. GatoVillano


    You are wrong again. The democrats have destroyed the black family as well by giving incentives for black women to become single mothers. This leads to black men paying through the nose for children they will not know. The state, you know, the same state that women vote in majority for and elects, as sent so many blacks to die in vietnam and other stupid wars. What you are doing is a stupid old intersectional feminist trick of projection. Saying that its all about white men. No, its all men. And you are the cause of everything that is wrong in the west. You, as a woman and as a feminist. You have destroyed families; you are the reason why kids grow up without a father that leads them to crime, unemployment and suicide; you are the reason why the courts are bias to women; you are the reason we have so much dept; you are the reason why american men went to die in europe during WW1 and 2; YOU EVEN ELECTED WOODROW WILSON THAT MADE AMERICA JOIN THE WAR (because he gave you the right to vote. the death of millions of men is nothing, voting is more important); you are the reason kids are indoctrinated in schools with leftist bullshit. You lady, you are what is wrong in the world. And the world would be a better place for EVERYONE of every genders and colors if you left the planet. Thanks for listening =)
  11. GatoVillano


    ''the state is runned by men'' you start your argument from a fallacy. 60% of voters are women. Women live longer, they vote in their self interest and they have a lot of female groups that have strong ingroup preference that lobby for them. Why is it that every politician that gets elected need to remove rights from men and offer more rights to women? Why are men raped in divorce courts? Why is it that when a woman accuses a man is automatically guilty without due process? Why is it that men cant get child custody? Why do men pay in the system and that it women that benefits from this system? Why is it that men are sent to die in stupid wars while women stay home? You know who holds the power when you know who cannot be criticized. And let me tell you, it aint men. So rethink your comment and try not to start from an obvious fallacy. ty
  12. GatoVillano


    It is a crime to steal from people and redistribute the wealth in the form of welfare. It is a sign that your democracy has gone wrong and that the poor (who are the majority) have voted themselves the acquisition of others through the coercive force of the state. And you are powerless to oppose this theft unless you want men dress in blue with guns to come to your house, kidnap you and put you in a cage. Why is it that everytime a woman comes up with a solution it always involves the state forcing people to do things?
  13. GatoVillano


    Well said =)

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