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  1. A tool to find the perfect therapist

    "Is he Russian?";"Yes." "Is he Jewish?"; "Yes" *DingDingDing* "YES!!!" I think I got very lucky in getting a good therapist. I remember first telling my mother two years ago that I needed help and wanted to seek therapy and the one I got was the one she had before he changed clinics. A very great guy (who is half-Jewish and Russian by the way) who is pretty much Stefan Molyneux with a foot of extra height and fluency in 3 or more languages (English being his third, Russian and German being first and second). He's also a regular listener of FDR by the way. This might be off topic, but I was wondering how hard/easy long/quick it was for other people to find a good therapist? Maybe it helped my chances he was an immigrant fresh out of the horrors of the Soviet Union and the lawless 90's.
  2. Heaven = development = pleasure

    If I understand you correctly, you're saying r's go dormant and take orders under K rule, not convert to K, right? I suppose that's true but under K rule the Ks gradually outnumber the r's to the point where if it wasn't for the welfare-warfare state the r's might have become so tiny as to cease to exist. Everyone has tendencies towards both directions however, hence why I think transition is possible though rare. I don't understand the Christian/atheist ramblings--are you saying you're an r and you find the future not worth living for? All right, if that's the case, then eventually you'll be forced to suffer the consequences at some point. I don't really care since I don't plan on waiting for the world to burn when I can move to another one (like Russia) and I have no power to stop rabbits from being rabbits, nor would I really want to if I could since I'd rather rabbits make themselves extinct rather than drag down the kangaroos.
  3. Let's discuss transgenderism

    Except Stefpai didn't pinpoint only 1 or 2 causes but rather a whole mess of them coalescing at once to cause a slow breakdown over time. In every time in every place, the deeds of men remain the same. A motto for the anime Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and a very true one in many ways. The problems may change, but no age is truly and perfectly golden. A problem will always exist, most likely. I'd prefer to have to worry about X than Y, but I have Y to deal with at the moment and the Y that Stefpai focuses on is worse, I think, than the X that some other countries have to worry about. However they may both be trumped by the historical Z. Castration is a pretty good example. Do you mean what has a greater impact in determining what someone thinks they are? I guess the brain since it can be deluded to think just about anything. I don't care about perceived identity though; I care about what is true and what isn't. George Washington is horrible man. For more I suggest Stef's Truth About George Washington. I don't know about the others, beyond one being a scientist, one musician, and...I don't know who Vivaldi is. In the long term culture is made of people, and the people of tomorrow are made by the people of today. I don't know what this "breeding obsessed mindset" comment is supposed to mean since it sounds like you are mis-characterizing me. I know people tend to be best when raised well; and bad when raised bad. Since I am a libertarian of sorts, I only care about people's private affairs when their affect either me or my progeny. Most homosexuals that are true to themselves won't be raising children and therefore don't matter in the long run. They won't be alive to vote on whether my future grandson fights some pointless war in the Middle East, for example. They could influence the culture negatively, but that's not a result of their sexuality but of their...well, their preaching, their arguments, their actions. That I'd have a problem with if they're bad. Ideas transcend time. Because unless he was an influential intellectual, speaker, or whatever of sorts he won't have any influence in the long run. I don't factor the r selected in what society will look like when in an environment of scarcity/K-dom for example because they won't breed much and therefore have the power to significantly influence it. I said gay man because gay men can't have kids unless they force themselves too. Childless counts too I suppose. Maybe the context in which I said it was with a gay man involved as an example. However the point is mainly in terms of culture and political power; if you don't exist, you don't matter. People cease to exist after death unless they left behind a powerful idea or have descendants to carry their standards. I don't care much about LGBT because it'll cease to exist once everyone who is LGBT stops breeding and raising children. ...However I think this has more to do with politics than morality. Morality is morality. Being gay doesn't exclude someone from being protected/obligated to morality, it just means they'll cease to be a factor upon death whereas those that are remembered or have kids will have a strong influence on the coming generations. Especially in a voting society. I don't care enough. I read something to do with "wellness" but as Donna said--would a doctor recommend sawing off a leg or an arm if it improved the "wellness" of the patient? If so, then he's an immoral quack. My solution is recognizing what is true from what is flattery and appeasement. What can be practically done versus what can be indulged to simulate having one's impossible desires met. The fence is between whether you and other LGBTs are crazy beyond redemption (and therefore cannot be treated as moral agents and require carers like the retarded and the elderly) or whether LGBTs are like normal people but with special kinks (in which case LGBT pursuing identity politics is like me pursuing Albino Lovers Pride--special snowflake syndrome, unless of course there are legitimate threats like death or physical pain or threats thereoff in which case it makes sense to identify those that actually are threatening people for being abnormal and mentally sick rather than tolerant or considerate of them). National Socialism ? Fascism, which is an outgrowth of Socialism? Considering how similar they are to the Communists, they are best characterized as Leftists just like them. The Far Right are AnCaps and Libertarians--the pro-individual and pro-free will against the anti-individual and deterministic. What is harmful about recognizing you are ill and seeking help? Maybe to your preconceptions but not to yourself. How do you measure being "better off"? You're completely sterile and marriageable. It's like me saying I'm better off for having my arms and legs lopped off! Are you comparing your penis to cancer? Or a tumor? I doubt I'll be able to convince you how far gone you've gotten but I hope the conversations between you-me and you-Donna illuminate people on how some LGBTs think of their disorder.
  4. Why Bad Boy?

    Maybe Opera's a meanie or I'm not using it right... :-( My best guess: smart sociopaths make the best breadwinners historically, and being a great breadwinner is like having wide hips, a nice ass, pale skin and milky breasts to a man: irresistible without wisdom of what such illusions can lead to. Therefore practice what I preach is what I intend to do. This is not perfection that I preach, but the realization that we are imperfect and therefore must be humble to our weaknesses, proud of our strengths, and wise to know who is stronger and weaker than us in a given subject. Maybe your mother? It reminds me of something an alpha woman might do to filter out the betas. Thank you. Although I think backgrounds can given necessary context and credence to a man's words. I'll take your word for it. I am having similar things going on personally. Maybe. But free will trumps almost everything. Most people tend to conform to patters, but the leaders of society tend to actively break them. You mentioned your female relatives verbally abused your father. I think you're becoming like a younger version of your father in that you want women's praise to avoid their scorn. Basically you want to be praised unlike your scorned father. I think once you start being yourself and not a faker you will actually appreciate the praise and be humbled by it. I think they both result from the fear of becoming like your father; scorned by his family (especially his wife and daughters from what you told me or I remember) and perhaps wasted decades in which he could have chosen and done differently. I think once you get some genuine praise and truly learn to respect the wise and the good, you'll lose your desire for dominance/control/safety and instead pursue personal and societal reform. After all the difference between Liu Bei and other would-be revivers of the Han Empire and the ethical system that was prevalent in its hey-day was that Liu Bei was a strict adherer to his beliefs and continued resisting the temptation to surrender or seize power in the moment until his chance finally came with the help of the Sleeping Dragon Zhuge Liang and he had his chance to establish a rump state in Ba Shu. Perhaps if you live morally and be true, your compliments will become real and therefore lovable for longer than the second you hear them (which is when they're bittersweet). After a while of being true, you might want to take advantage of your desire to be an active reformer and become a hero instead of a villain. I am content to be the hermit that inspires the hero, since I am not made of the stuff personally. With wisdom there is the realization that no one is perfect. A wise woman, like a wise man, smells something when it appears too good to be true. If I saw a woman who fit every kink I wanted from being a tall albino goddess to having the voice of an angel, I'd brace myself for the truly dark heart hidden beneath the sweetness as chances are she isn't perfect but seeking prey. Likewise a young woman, like a young man, must be made fearful of those that seem perfect since chances are they're merely camouflaging their true nature. The albino goddess might be real, but it's far more likely she's flying the skies for prey. Likewise the Aryan Champion of Big White WASPY Philosophical Beefiness might be real, but it's far more likely he's baiting. Stefpai is close to the perfect man, as all his flaws are physical with all his character flaws either mitigated or re-purposed to be defensive tools. Like your lust for dominance and control (which is safety) could be re-purposed into a lust for breaking the dominance and control of the unworthy and supporting the worthy (to be abstract). ADDED: I think the best advice to young men and women might be to be wary of those that try to hide themselves and falsify themselves. Those that wear their flaws on their sleeves might be more worth giving a chance since they could be smart and trying to repel certain types while attracting others via their honesty. It is dishonest to hide one's flaws and brave to be open about one's flaws/weaknesses. Therefore I think the safest thing for autistic men and women to do (I mean this in the sense they aren't the best judges of character or sniffers of BS) is to actively search for some counterbalancing weaknesses since they are most likely there even if they're disguised or re-purposed. No one is flawless after all.
  5. Willpower comes from...

    Willpower requires courage; because courage is required to face the real and imagined obstacles that require willpower in the first place. Willpower is required to successfully achieve ambitions grander than "work at McDonalds; Bang this thirty-something year old single mom". As was said above, willpower can be gained by successful practice of it. I'd suggest starting small like keeping a healthy daily routine of waking up early, doing exercises, sleeping before midnight, etc. and doing stuff that you can take pride in; like a job that is a stepping stone to a career, regular work towards a project (especially if your career is oriented around regular work by your own direction instead of by someone else's order), praying/meditating to learn about one's own past mistakes and what to learn from them, etc. As also said above, I think having a strong will for something is also important. Wanting something can be a great incentive for doing the necessary steps for achieving it. It may make it easier to exercise willpower since you can have faith that by doing X it'll lead to Y.
  6. Understanding Germans

    Something new, I believe. Theoretically speaking, I doubt the old dynasties come off as credible leaders to anyone seeking freedom and peace. After all, they screwed up badly enough at the end to be forcibly removed from power. I think if any monarchies come about, it'll be as a result of either a military coup or a revolution. Perhaps a Prime Minister manages to get a bunch of generals to agree with him and support him, thereby providing him the fist to strike down the existing system and prop one up of his own design. Of course it's much more likely he'll set up a dictatorship that's oppressive and socialistic, but there is a small chance he'll pull a Pinochet and actually be a good-willed guy seeking positive change. if he is, he might be set up a stable government based on some form of aristocracy and set his own family, or the family of a good friend, to be the dynast. I think it's very unlikely to happen this way--much more likely bad guys will take over and do as they please--but afterwards there's likely to be counter-revolutions from various different parties and I think the ones that will prove most stable in the end are either moderate republics or benevolent monarchies. The Republic might Rome-style transition into a practical monarchy, and the benevolent monarchies (i.e. they'll be reasonable and have a morally lawful and consistent system) will probably maintain themselves simply because they are better than what came before them (or the people are too exhausted to be roused up for another revolt). My guess: within to 100 years from now all of Europe will be faced with revolts and the result will be repeated civil and national wars that will end with the establishment of stable monarchies and a few republics. I assume Christendom will be the basis for the stable countries and that they'll probably follow a post-Dark Ages pattern from thereon; most likely starting off good and slowly going bad until the next cycle. I think Germany in particular will suffer due to the immense social, ethical, and ethnic problems they have. The militant socialists will probably seize power followed by fascistic revolts; one side will rule for a generation until the system inevitably collapses and either a pseudo-republican (i.e. a guy planning on using the banner of restoring democracy as cover for a dictatorship) or outright dictatorial strongman will stand up to seize power. I'm sure before or by the time they win, foreign intervention will splinter Germany and all Europe to the point where I'm sure hundreds of smaller countries are formed and they'll probably do whatever the local warlord (most likely either a charismatic orator with a militia or general) wants them to do (probably start off with a fake democracy followed by a real monarchy) and slowly over time these oppressive systems will be moderated by the anchors (i.e. the financial/material investors, descendants of generals and war heroes,) who'll become the new nobility, and eventually Germany will be like a mix of Arabia (foreign intervention messing things up like crazy) and the Holy Roman Empire (a bunch of smaller states converging to throw out the interventionists). I'm sure it won't happen exactly like I predicted, but I am sure over time Europe as a whole will move forwards by looking backwards and eventually moderate the same way Europe moderated after the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages; via stable monarchies and elitist republics. Whether they'll be better off or not is to be debated ( think they will). However I'm pretty sure everyone in Europe will be affected by it (in fact I wouldn't be surprised if after a hundred years Russia becomes a bastion of old-school democracy, in the same vein America was before the Federal Reserve. However I think it's equally likely the Russians will get comfortable having a familiar face in charge and let monarchism return without much resistance). In conclusion I think Europe (and America) will just get exhausted and monarchies will seize power simply because no one will be left to fight them. Personally this is why I plan on immigrating to Russia if America still looks hot for civil war within the next 10 years. I think Russia will be far more stable as a republic than any other country.
  7. Heaven = development = pleasure

    Yes. I think this makes sense. Someone who enjoys being good is all-around a great guy--not only does him doing good enrich the world, it enriches himself. Someone who's evil can be made to act good (or at least decent) with the fear of damnation while someone who's predisposed towards neither good nor evil can be convinced to be good for the sake of feeling gratified for doing good. A practical and personal example: I want to build a family, and in the long run, a dynasty. Therefore anything I do that makes myself a wealthier man as well as a man more desirable to good women (which is needed to make a good family, which is needed to inspire a good dynasty/extended family) makes me happier because I feel progress towards achieving that goal. I think the problem is that only the K selected can be made to feel this pleasure. The r selected might be convertible--I don't know--but I do know there are people who start off one way and become the other. I suppose if I wanted to convince an r to be K, I'd look for any K leanings as well as ways being K can satisfy r desires, and hope the guy can make the decision himself to transition into being a K. However genes might get in the way of free will. I don't know for sure. I think that's an important variable.
  8. I don't know if it's a moral argument, but I can say for a certainty that people who do things that obviously will cause severe mental or physical problems--especially if it's guaranteed--to their potential children ought to be severely punished. The death penalty wouldn't be harsh enough. However if there is no risk of pregnancy then incest (so long as it isn't parent-child because that's rape no matter how you look at it) is simply a repulsive thing best left for hentai to explore. In real life it's brutal, disgusting, and evil.
  9. Let's discuss transgenderism

    Please specify. I'll be sure to at least watch a little. I didn't before making this response; I apologize, I was tired when i first read this and forgot. EDIT: I've listened to the first 3 minutes: he's already mis-characterizing Stefpai and mis-characterizing his arguments. I'll keep listening and re-listen to the Fall of Rome, but keep in mind I'm already skeptical of his criticism of the Big Stefpai-sama. EDIT 2: 10 minutes in. Finally some critiquing although mis-characterizations and character assassinations (can a brother get a "taken out of context"???) make me highly suspicious. I suspect he intends, as he stated he does not intend, to mislead the audience. "Who am I kidding..." he said afterwards. I'll keep listening but to say I'm suspicious of his intent and character is an understatement. EDIT 3: This was a rather long hit piece that was pedantic--focused on either mis-characterizing Stefpai or focusing on small bits where he may have mixed a word with another in a sentence, to downright bashing him as a "woman hater"... among other things. I won't bother trying to critique a bad critique. Anyone who wants to listen can click the link above. Post Watching: what's the point of the video? It hasn't discredited Stefpai's argument that moral decay was a huge problem for Rome. While I have used him to cite the rise of women (in a bad sense) on occassion, I think it should be obvious that women have always ruled civilized society because... who raises the warriors, the talkers, the thinkers, the laborers, and the creators? Good women generally make good men and more good women; bad women the reverse. Well, we are free to act. If I felt or thought myself a woman, I am free to choose what I do from that point on. Manhood: Penis-wielder. Womanhood: vagina-wielder. Masculine: brave, integral, forthright. Feminine: caring, empathetic, composed. Some overlap as well as some subjectivity, but I don't think it matters to my argument since I don't care to define man or woman because the genitals between our legs suffice. I do not deny the possibility of a man with a womanly brain or mindset; just that a man could become a woman. Especially a biologically functional (i.e. reproductive) woman. If he could, then a sex change could actually be treated as a true changing of the gender. Otherwise it's merely bodily mutilation. I dunno. Maybe some LGBTers were "that way" and were abused for being "that way" while others became "that way" as a result of abuse. The order of causality is not unimportant, just beyond my knowledge. On one hand I know abuse tends to repeat, on the other someone must trigger the inclination to abuse in the first place. Of course free will is what establishes and breaks the cycle. Well if a man isn't having kids he's practically a waste of space. I mean, there's not much pointing to living beyond mere bodily pleasures without the intention of making babies to both enjoy the good aspects of life as well as inherit the accumulated wealth of knowledge and materials of myself and my future wife. I don't care if a man does XYZ so long as he doesn't harm others, in particular future or existing children. Therefore if a gay man wishes to never have children, I simply do not factor him in any political or moral decision because he'll cease to be a factor upon death. My solution is to either: (for someone before the Rubicon) seek therapy and attempt to become a good father/mother in spite of being born or made crippled (or perhaps work with the altering--like if a man has a truly feminine brain, then perhaps he should act as the mother and a masculine woman should be the father--I don't know but I think someone involved ought to learn this for himself), or if past the Rubicon, seek to warn others from crossing and spend your life either in the clergy helping people, or doing as you please so long as you don't harm anyone. Well genetically you are crippled. I obviously want people to be born healthy. I don't care about homosexuality or other forms of mild disability (well mild is subjective--blindness, nearsightedness, or frailty is much easier I imagine to work with than being totally unattracted to the opposite sex but either way you're still a fully functional human being) but I do recognize it as a disadvantage, therefore the less the better. However I am not in support of you self-mutilating and self-harming. It's not evil since you aren't harming anyone (else), however it is hardly kind to support someone stabbing himself. Therefore if LGBTs decide to embrace their LGBTs and cut themselves off from the future, then they are a non-factor doomed to self-extinction. On the other hand if they seek help and try to actually invest in the future beyond themselves their genes will live on but they'll be productive members of society. I have said I am fence-sitter. Largely because I think from the outside it's a self-correcting problem. From the inside it's obviously much more difficult. Because I'd be thrown in with you for not being radically against you. I'm a fence-sitter, not a left-wing extremist. I appreciate being called kind-hearted and good-intended, however I'd rather you actually take my warnings and solutions seriously instead of simply as antagonistic or oppositional. However, I repeat, I am ambivalent. I care only so far as it affects me and my children's' future.
  10. Why Bad Boy?

    Reading over some of the older posts here (and feeling a bit embarrassed since I got a bit pissy with one. Though in my defense, I tend to respond either early in the morning or late at night...), i notice this contradiction. If girls your age aren't into good guys then how are you pretending to be a good guy to get them? Sure it conforms to my theory that you simply haven't met the good girls yet, but it conflicts with yours that good girls can be fooled. I don't know how important this contradiction is, but I think it might be worth pointing out.
  11. Why Bad Boy?

    Before I say anything: I pressed the wrong buttons and lost my progress again. *Censored*!!!!!!!!! So, er, the quality of my response might be mixed. Irrational but in recognizable patterns that make sense given the right (which would be objectively wrong) mindset. I'd be interested in what a woman has to say given as a man I have to guess what the other side thinks. But I might be overestimating the credibility of gender. I mean, a white man can talk about the black experience factually even if he doesn't sound as good saying it. But then again, a black man probably knows more about what it means to be a black man than even a very well-studied white man. Won't happen. If I can't reason with my wife, I won't marry her. We will know each others' values before we marry because that's first and second date material. In general we will defer to whoever is wiser (like when I'm greater at something or the provider of something, I get the authority, while if she's better then the authority is her's, while if we're both poor then we ought to seek an outside source like a doctor of three for medical stuff assuming medical stuff is the thing we're bad at). It is, technically. It's cute because I find such alpha characteristics to be attractive from women (and I suppose men but obviously for different reasons), cool because it's also a sign of self-confidence, and mildly autistic because you probably don't realize you are doing it. However if you do then it's also smart because you're probably trying to repel certain types of people and attract other types. Definitely a level of social acuity I find attractive. In fact, I wish I knew you personally since I think we'd make good friends. Of course I don't know how much of myself I have revealed to be certain of that. Just a hunch. I'm sorry to hear that (note: I want to be more expressive in giving sympathy since Stef does this and I want to be like Stefpai. I do meant it though), that shouldn't have happened and I hope you're right about your father taking responsibility, repenting, and trying to make restitution with you. I don't want to talk about the genetic stuff since I'm all about free will. I think the key is acting in accordance to morality, being proud of your strengths, humble to your weaknesses, and...something I wrote below, be yourself so that your praise is earned. Brother, this I think is where the conversation needs to go. I think because you were abused as kid you desire praise as a man. You put on a false self to get that praise because being yourself probably meant a beat down as a little kid. Therefore you probably fear being fully yourself because you might not be liked by people you want to like you (or at least praise you) and probably realize that and therefore want control to both feel safe as well as get revenge against your father and mother for mocking you for being yourself as a kid. That might not be a bullseye but I think we're getting somewhere. I think the key for you is to be yourself so that when people compliment you, they're complimenting you and not just a projection. Then your self-confidence will be earned and, on top of living according to morality, you'll get better over time. To sum up I think the practical key is to: take pride in your strengths, be humble to your weaknesses, and be unapologetically yourself. I think I hit gold this time; what do you think?
  12. Why Bad Boy?

    I keep forgetting he compliments himself a lot. I guess I've gotten quite used to him, eh? Even from a man I sort of find that level of autism cute. There's just something, regardless of who's saying it, attractive about unintended or instinctive self-flattery or self-compliments. Really off topic but Mishi reminds me of a really hot woman more than anything. I could easily imagine a woman with his personality and mentality.... ....and then I start wishing Mishi was an attractive woman. He'd be a lot like my mother when she was his age. I know he has self-confidence issues even though he knows he's hot. I think it has something to do with projecting a false self and people liking the fake him rather than the real him. A month and we've come this far, I wonder how far we'll continue to get...
  13. Why Bad Boy?

    Indeed. I think I was a bit too arrogant in saying they were obvious since, to know them in real time, a man would have to be really attentive to their words and knowledgeable of their actions. Without that, how can Hitler not seem like Charles Martel and Mao like Liu Bei? Thank you. I think the "Life of Saints" makes a better title but that's semantics. I dunno. A vice to be a vice has to be self-destructive. I have my hobbies, but they aren't self-destructive unless I live exclusively for them and ignore my work and my livelihood. I am sure man can be without vice without having to have the strong constitution of a saint. Maybe I can keep poking. I'm still interested in the topic since Violet brought in an interesting view. His Supremacy, the King of Kings, Fidelis Rex! I think you misunderstand alpha/beta versus r/k. An alpha is a man of integrity and assertiveness; a beta is a boy of cowardice and either arrogance or excessive humility. An Alpha K is like Stefan Molyneux or Charles Martel. An Alpha r is more like Genghis Khan or Hitler. Basically Good vs. Evil. Beta ks might include the wimps that is the modern White male, but I'm hesitant since the definition of K requires alpha integrity and assertiveness, though under duress I can understand keeping one's head low, I wouldn't call that cowardice. I suppose a Beta K might be the guy that is somewhat wise and inclined towards wisdom but lacks the courage or the integrity (or the morals) to do what is right. Beta rs are the drug addicts, horny boys and girls, and basically the waste of skin that isn't worth taking seriously as anything other than movable pawns on the demonic chess board. The West's Ks have either died from too many wars, been out-bred by the r's, and/or are being out-voted out-muscled by the mobs of r's. Betas have always made for common conscripts, alphas are the volunteers (especially back when conscription was practically impossible for countries not named China), nobles, and knights. The Alpha K's are either going Galt (albeit not self-destructively like the Beta K's), standing up (like Stef), or jumping ship (like me considering heading off to Russia once I'm able since I consider Russia a beacon of light to be defended compared to the inequity of the West). Beta K's are either keeping silent or taking advantage to further themselves. Alpha r's lead the extremist groups while the beta r's are everyone's foot soldiers. Our problem is that the Alpha K's have been dethroned with the chaining of their determination by the left and their alienation from the foot soldiers that used to call them noble. What do you mean by "beta men"? I've never gotten along with betas. They disgust me with their cowardice and ineptitude. I have only ever gotten along with alphas, but I am basing this statement on the definitions I've provided. I suppose some could be mistaken for betas (like beta ks) since most of them weren't horny boys or players. Which I'd define as a beta r. Well, I am one for the belief that man must submit when he is in the wrong, and stand when in the right. I think politically it is foolish to assume just because women have the vote that women are naturally bad at politics; women have been involved in politics since the dawn of time. They raise the kings, advise their noble husbands, and encourage their knights. The problem with the West is republicanism since the common woman, like the common man, is bad at politics. Perhaps I am a strange creature, but I am most attracted to women who are assertive when right, humble when wrong, and capable of knowing the difference and maintaining their integrity.
  14. Eugenic

    Agreed. More or less. I don't want to absolve idiots the responsibility of being good and moral political actors, however. However no republicanism or no statism in general would make the potentiality for masses of stupid to cause political trouble nearly nonexistent. I don't even know what can be defined as a "state of nature". I'd argue we are always in a state of nature, because...well, people are people making choices based on what they know and what they're allowed by other people or the environment. I could argue it's "natural" to rape, pillage, steal, murder, and basically go full Genghis Khan. However I wouldn't call that moral, therefore I don't refer to nature as a moral measure. And also fundamentally I don't think we disagree if we can both agree with the premise that to screw it must be consensual for it to not be immoral. Although it could be immoral if it is cheating or rape of a minor, etc. etc... I'm going to keep it simple because it is easy to move the goal post with this one. Of course I think trails ought to be taken seriously and punishments considered carefully. If a guy isn't proven to be a rapist, then the punishment for rape should not be enforced. If he's only maybe a rapist, then time needs to be spent checking every possible angle until the prosecutor can be without a doubt sure the crime was committed. I am not speaking of any perverting of definitions but rather in ideal forms. Of course terms like rape can be perverted to mean all kinds of things, generally against men for some sexist reasons, however for the sake of argument I have, and am, considering the definition of rape to be out-and-out force with obvious declarations of no and struggles of resistance by the purported victim. Of course it gets much tricker when intoxicants are involved, because if both parties were drunk then they could be argued to have "raped each other" since neither could consent, however would taht cancel each other out or would they both be punished? Obviously there's a lot to be talked about when formulating and executing laws. However given a black-and-white proven scenario, I think execution is deserved for any violent crime that threatens the life of others' or as the punishment for repeated acts of terrorism or harassment (like stoning houses and death threats). Of course, I can't say I have the final answers.
  15. Poetry and Quotations Thread

    History is made in wisdom; repeated in ignorance.

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