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  1. Consigning God to the Dustbin

    As a Roman Catholic; God is the creator of all our common ancestors and the architect of the universe as well as the ultimate judge of whether I'm a half way decent human being or a sinful degenerate. I don't know if God is real but really I do not care. What I care about is the moral lessons of Christendom as well as the weight God has on the souls of those who believe in Him (and by extension how that weight is often enough to tame the behaviors of those who naturally lack consciences). Personally I have always had at least a superstitious belief in a god and therefore had no trouble at all accepting the idea of God. Even though I don't really believe in God I still feel something within me that does and demands that I behave rather than be evil or something between evil and okay as well as something that tempts me to be good. There was a time where I was a proper atheist: that is to say someone who considered it moral to destroy God and any memory of God as well as impose the "rationality of atheism" upon the world. Not coincidentally it was while I was in my Communist phase. As I outgrew Communism I returned to God and began to really appreciate Christianity and how that created the conscience of the West and became the foundation for even the moral codes of those who claim to be without God. And well... ...I self-identify as a Roman Catholic more for the code than the ultimate justification of the code (i.e. that the code is moral because it is to the greater glory of God) as well as more for the values than where the values are said to come from. I am definitely willing to keep company with strong religious believers so long as they can reason their faith and are willing to ultimately answer an "I don't know" when they truly don't know. While religious folks come in many varieties the ones I've been exposed to have been generally humble and wanting to do good even if they don't/didn't believe much in God Himself. This is a massively stronger culture than the decadent and irresponsible atheist who has no values and beliefs and is therefore not even an individual let alone a realized human being. To respond to Nietzsche: man clearly cannot become like God, therefore we must revive God and return Him to command lest man continue to wander himself off a cliff like a coop of headless chickens.
  2. Advice For Hyper Intellectuals

    The bubble one is highly inaccurate. My recent ancestral family lines are mostly criminals and union workers yet I scored as if I was in the upper-middle class for several generations.
  3. You should watch it. It was a good episode and really I walked away with pretty much the opposite impression of the OP so you might find it interesting. Key words: young, virginal, rational, religious, and loyal. Now sure we have no idea if she really is all that but if she is then I'm very interested in her success because women like that are keepers.
  4. You kidding me right? The Christian's girl's boyfriend was a degenerate scumbag likely to drive himself off a cliff! I'm glad Stefpai told her how it was because if she wasted herself on a guy who "likes chaos" and wants her to put out then that'd be a tragedy! However I did admittedly lose interest when she confessed to not being attractive in some way. I am hardly a saint given that alone put me down a significant notch but I do think girls like her in general are far more marriageable than the majority. Heck depending on how she is, I would be tempted to marry her. She didn't sound boring, dumb, or crazy. She's reasonable. She's religious. And she's probably plain at worst. AND SHE'S A VIRGIN!!! Literally would marry if I knew her.
  5. Where should I live?

    Answering the question with the assumption you actually want to live a life a K selected person would consider worth living: the American Midwest. Throw a dart on the map and chances are you won't find better in the world. It's got the best demographics (White, conservative, Christian, high IQ--rivaling Japan and China, low crime, etc. etc.) and great geography that makes it pretty much impenetrable in the event of war. However my answer only applies to Kangaroos. Rabbits... Well, I'm not going to bother because I eat rabbits.
  6. Working moms happier than stay-at-home moms?

    I think I understand better. Man to man? I just turned 20 and I've never had a girlfriend and am of course a virgin. But I have had attempts at getting girls but I was very awkward and well... I suppose it was a good thing I was because I was really just thinking with my wick and I would have surely gotten it burned if I had the balls to actually go through with my teenage desires. It's important to break the ice for ourselves since we have to get comfortable speaking directly with and about important (personal especially) topics with women. However you ought to know you aren't dating a woman; you're dating a girl. That means you are most likely quite a bit mentally older and wiser than her and there's hardly a guarantee she'll ever catch up with you or even be moderately acceptable. She's at a point in her life where she pretty much has to become who she will most likely be for the remaining 60+ years of her life. Now depending on what kind of guy you are that could be good or bad. I lean towards the latter but I can make a case for the former. The good: you can educate her and potentially "raise her" into a marriageable woman for yourself. This is really only possible if either she is uniquely intelligent and individualistic (i.e. she's humble to reason and evidence and is not a dogmatist; though you may have to put up with a lot of crap early on it may be possible to help her become a decent woman) OR she has/had a good father and mother to raise her in the right direction (thus you don't really have to do anything. She'll just become decent on her own). I would not bet on either of these things though; I'll get to that later. The bad: you'll most likely always be wiser than her and if you're anything like me (I think I'm exceptional in this way but...) then you'll probably grow to resent her because she cannot ever be of help to you when you need her yet you'll have to be there for her nearly always. The relationship becomes both possessive and parasitical (and therefore unhealthy) when there is a significant knowledge/intelligence gap and that weak-spot is further widened when you both have different methods of getting your beliefs. If your's is reason and her's is peer pressure (or vice versa) then you two will surely crumble even if you agree in the moment (and I know you do not). Therefore I suspect that unless she's truly intelligent and reasonable (or at least was raised to be amendable to be that way) she'll just be nothing but trouble for you and God knows many a young man loses his youth to bad women. I can't say whether she's peer-pressure or reason based because while she disagrees with you in terms of lifestyle (and probably by extension values) she does appear willing to use evidence to back it up (thus the article above). That's a promising sign, I think. I don't know her so I might be totally wrong but if she's willing to argue (that is with reason not with insults and threats or whatever) then she's capable of growth. If that's the case then you might have a keeper on your hands. If not... then I suggest you mentally take pictures of her behavior because it'll be a valuable learning point so you can spot unreasonable girls in the future. But again: she seems reasonable because she's willing to argue with data rather than insults or avoidance (but I don't know that: maybe she does that crap in your life but you didn't want to type it here or maybe not. Remember: I'm just some guy and I don't have the full picture) and if I'm right about her being reasonable then she could be the most outrageous Far Left maniac and still become a good woman because she's capable of being de-programmed and thinking for herself--and therefore she's capable of being of as much help and service to you as you are to her (presumably--I am assuming you're a decent guy who is trying to help her rather than use her or whatever). A final note: in general it is best to assume that if a woman is arguing with you it is not about what she's literally saying but something else that she isn't saying. I would argue such women are dangerous and too much trouble but... most guys would not agree with me. I am not saying your girl is like that but if that's the case you might want to take that as a red flag (meaning I'm saying you ought to think of what she might really be angry about or protecting--assuming she's doing either of these things rather than calmly sending you links and urls) for later dating. In all though: I pray you found a good and reasonable woman but do not let optimism or "your-first-real-girlfriend-buzz" blind you from seeing a bad one.
  7. My Church is Racist!!!!

    The pastor that dared to say they "participate in false religions"... was he a Protestant by any chance? Most Hispanics are Roman Catholics. Most Asian converts re also Catholics. Either way I strongly suggest you push back in public during the sermons because that's what the Church is for: debating and arguing. "Speak the truth; shame the Devil" should be inscribed on your belt the next time you go to that sinning church.
  8. r/K selection

    First is Alpha R, the second is Alpha K. Basically the difference between Genghis Khan and Charles Martel.
  9. Is WWIII Upon Us? What Do We Do Now?

    Just a half hour ago I read some devastating news. The President approved of the bombing of Damascus and other places in Syria. The Russian Government is necessarily taking this a declaration of war. The Syrian Government is surely not going to roll-over, though unlike the Russians they cannot strike America proper. I am truly fearful of our country's future with this. The wrath of the unjustly tormented is a wrath without restraint. I feel a sort of guilt for this war and almost want to offer myself up to the next Syrian that comes my way as an apology for my nation's actions. I don't have the words. What do we do? What can we do? Should we just focus on escaping to the better parts of our countries and prepare from there for the worst of the years or do we take some sort of political action (assuming that's even viable for anything anymore)? The Left has sunk its hooks deep into the American Government to the point where I don't think they can ever be pulled out through the political system. So it seems logical what we have to do is wait it out, fortify our communities, strengthen our bonds, and pray to God that we will be spared His divine wrath. I freely admit I am greatly saddened and weakened mentally by the news. I suppose I already have my answers ("do nothing. We cannot do anything. All we can do is head out for where it's safe and likely to remain safe and prepare for the worst.") but... I want to hear what others have to say.
  10. Working moms happier than stay-at-home moms?

    Well, if she knows what she wants, then why are you trying to stop her? Especially be referring to the borg? If I were you I'd sit down with her and talk about--practically speaking, day to day and week to week, what being a working mom actually means and how that affects the children. I'd prepare some data since some of it will probably require proving rather than just imagination and empathy for one's future self and children. If she truly believes she will be happiest as a breadwinner (because she can't be the active mother and the breadwinner at the same time--make sure she can do basic math to figure that out at least) then either, if you plan to actually marry her, you have to become the "househusband" (or stay at home dad) or you have to simply move on since she presumably knows what she's getting into and if you want a housewife as a working man while she wants a househusband as a working woman... You are not both going to get what you want.
  11. Is God competent or incompetent?

    I am no theologian so I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean why do Christians refer to it as "Original Sin"? Well "sin" means to "miss the mark" or make a moral crime; it is "missing the mark" to use free will in a way that is against God's wishes and the circumstances involved were what theoretically led to mankind having such as a thing as temptation (for more beyond necessity) and that temptation can be a cause for evil. Practically speaking; I think the purpose of the concept of Original Sin and the failings of Adam and Eve are meant to be a sort of "memento mori: remember you are mortal" and thus be an eternal warning that all people are capable of being corrupted (relative to being pure, upright, moral, sensible, and compassionate). The reminder that there are no one that is 100% perfect beyond any flaws, weaknesses, and temptations is a good one because without idolatry becomes a real threat (and from a secular standpoint the problem of idolatry is to worship individuals as if they were beyond condemnation and thus have those individuals be used as propaganda or, similarly, for those individuals to use themselves as propaganda for why they are right. I think the differences between Occidental Despotism and Oriental Despotism demonstrate this concept we Whities have of "memento mori (remember you are mortal)" versus what the Asians have of a divine superman beyond reproach (like the Mandate of Heaven in China for example, or the Divinity of the Japanese Emperor as another). While Western sensibilities regarding man as mortal rather than divine precede the rise in Christianity, I think Christianity has done much for the West in emphasizing the fallibility and mortality of mankind. And I think the practical result in the very long run is scientific method, respect for the law, and (at least the desire) to keep governments within reproach.
  12. They're both obviously in the wrong. I don't know if your mother is more wrong because she compensated by raising you (I assume poorly but I'd love to hear the story of a changed woman actually be real) however since women normally have weaker libidos they normally have more control. However I'd argue knifing you in the belly is far worse than raising you as a single mom. I am glad to be alive, as another spawn of a single mom to another. I can't say she's more in the wrong than your father but I can't say she's significantly less either. Presumably they were both horny and stupid as well as reckless and evil but your mother actually did raise you whereas your father didn't. I don't know how well she raised you (like it could be really, really, really evil like an Arabian prison or it could be half-way decent if she did her role right enough to not abuse you and keep you healthy and alive) but that factor naturally tilts the scale considerably. I'd say she's worse than him if she abused you but if she was half way decent then she made up for it somewhat.
  13. Legally equal? Obviously not. Biologically equal? Sort of. Men don't have to be pregnant but women can kill their babies just by feeling depressed or angry enough and can hold them hostage if they are evil enough. However assuming a not-evil woman; women are obviously at the mercy of those around them while pregnant. They can't really do much for themselves and at the very least need an income provider since they cannot work (and when they can they're nearly useless) for money--especially at the level of a non-pregnant woman or a man. However it is the men that usually pay for the woman. The equality in biology is mainly like this: if the woman wishes she can kill the child. If the man wishes he can stop giving her resources (thus if they cannot get it any other way they will die slowly). Obviously half-way decent people don't threaten to knife their own babies or threaten to cast their pregnant women into the streets but there's always that potential should one side abuse their power. With new laws however the power of men to stop providing resources is revoked while women can kill their children far more easily than ever. They can also use their children as legal leverage to milk the man--something I have yet to find historical precedence for. The closet equivalent is a "shotgun marriage" but that's far easier to dodge and also far less cancerous in the long run (and may even be moral in the right circumstances--though it's always damage control for bad parenting i.e. immorality.) Therefore modern men have to learn to abstain or be monogamous with good women. We have essentially become what feminists claim women were; caged animals/animals on a short leash. We actually have to copy how women used to behave about sex; we have to be very careful about being accused of sexual assault (like say by leaving doors open and keeping friends/strangers in ear shot like how women used to be very careful about ensuring people knew she was a virgin. Well being accused of sexual assault easily equates to being not a virgin for a woman), impregnating (versus being impregnated as a woman), and being legally forced to pay for bad women (like an enslaved concubine). In good company these precautions aren't necessary; however most people do not know what good company looks like let alone have good company. Therefore I recommend to all young 18 to 20-something bucks to be abstinate until marriage (and be very careful about marrying a woman! If she's a thot or a trot than you better not put a ring on her!). I also recommend not being alone in the same room (especially a bedroom or a place that could be used as such) with a strange woman or female co-worker because you're pretty much in the same position as women of yore but instead of fearing accusations of virginity loss you risk accusations of sexual assault. Be good boys and be smart and you'll be fine.
  14. Working moms happier than stay-at-home moms?

    Where did you find that exactly? I couldn't find it under "Materials".
  15. Working moms happier than stay-at-home moms?

    Note that it focuses on the happiness of the mother over a course of 10 years. So the negative effects of negligent parenting didn't really happen (I presume) for most if not all the women studied. Also note it is happiness measured not whether or not it is actually good for the family (and you know how easily most women's perceptions of happiness can be altered with a few sweet poisonous words). I think (as a total amateur) this study is worth considering since it doesn't appear to have any fatal flaws in its own intended purpose. Perhaps most of the women studied came from the same general area and perhaps the full time mothers felt generally depressed because of how they're treated by other women OR they are in general crazier and more likely to pick bad men in that area. Lots of little factors that might not be accounted for. Also I would presume most lazy women would be happier to totally outsource child-rearing then actually have to mother during the initial years (especially if they have no idea what they are doing and beat their kids or yell at them) and I would assume good women would have the opposite effect (meaning a smart and moral woman would love being a mother because she's a Spock enthusiast--never read him but I heard he championed peaceful parenting and other things like that--who refers to a whole library of parenting books when in doubt). Strangely there's a lack of hard numbers (like how many worked part time versus full time mother versus full time wage slave) and also "part time" is defined as between 1-32 hours per week (which is a huge difference, especially if those hours are spread over 6 days rather than condensed into four 8-hour work days--assuming the high end for that example). The lines between a "full time working woman" and "part timer" are blurred a bit. Therefore while this may be true for certain types of women from a certain geographical area I do not think it is true for all women everywhere (obviously but I mean "in general"). I don't think the study is particularly useful because "not-all-women" and all that. Some women are genuinely good workers and suck at being a mother while others totally suck working and would be better off committing to motherhood and then there are women who just suck in general at everything. And then there are really great women who are good at both work and home (though obviously they will suck if they try to do both at once). Not to mention the level of individuality and wisdom of a given woman is likely to affect her ability to be happy and effective in general at anything. If I were you (@TC) I wouldn't bother debating with my girlfriend about a study but rather ask her why she even cares. I mean, isn't she a self-actualized woman or is she just a part of the borg? If she's a real woman then she ought to know what she wants (or at least admit honestly she doesn't know) and therefore studies of what women generally prefer ought not interest her. If she's a member of the borg... Well, I haven't watched that Star Trek episode so you'll have to watch it for yourself to see what happens when you try to assimilate into the borg.

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