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  1. Elforbo1987

    Singles Group or Board?

    Is it just me or do we need a singles board here? WE should be the people procreating and spreading our K-selected genes and raising kids peacefully and teaching them non-aggression and philosophy. It's kinda hard meeting girls that understand anarchism and the arguments against the government and welfare state. This could save some people a lot of trouble. Feedback is appreciated! TIA!
  2. Elforbo1987


    Houston here!
  3. Elforbo1987

    Hello from Houston, Texas!

    Hello, my name is Ashton. I live in Houston Texas. I am 29. I have been listening to Stefan for maybe 2 years now. I grew up very conservative and even considered myself a neocon... I also grew up in church as was pretty involved with the church. My political beliefs began to change about 4 to 5 years ago thanks to Ron Paul and my brother. I became more and more libertarian and eventually took the plunge into anarchy. I am an anarcho capitalist. I was for open borders until i started listening to Stefan and now consider myself an anarcho-capitalist nationalist, a term i coined as far as i can tell; Basically common sense anarchy. I am single, going to school for drafting and making it pay check to pay check. I have started a side "business" pressure washing to help save money and pay off my truck. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully network with people online and perhaps locally.

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