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  1. J.L.W

    End of the internet?

    I don't know... Does a monopoly form within a free market? There has been a lot of establishment policies to stop small companies. I don't know about the situation in America, but in the EU there are loads of 'EU Compliance laws' etc. Banks have been caught deliberately bankrupting small companies. Google has links to the CIA I think.
  2. J.L.W

    End of the internet?

    Looks like the s-it has hit the fan then! This came up while I was on twitter a few minutes ago. I am getting these sorts of things come up regularly and I haven't caught them but individual right wing groups etc. This is youtube, facebook, twitter etc. Here is a Breitbart article that has some relevance: Breitbart London: Bokhari: Why Tech Giants Aren’t the Same as Christian Bakeries https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/08/14/bokhari-why-tech-giants-arent-like-christian-bakeries/ Stefan escaped a youtube banning by the skin of his teeth but this problem still persists. What do we think shouild be done? Free Market the situation? Gov Intervention?
  3. Yes, during that conversation your points were very interesting and did change my original statements a little. Plus this is a fast developing story and news events have changed some of what was said.
  4. It is a very interesting area. The financial system has been undergoing a shift pushed mostly from China for a long time that now everyone is jumping on. Which is de dollarisation. China plans a gold backed Yuan. If the dollar became a less relevant currency and countries no longer had to hold their foreign reserves in dollars. US banks would not be able to print money and expect real wealth in return. Thus, they would not be able to finance multiple wars for every country they feel like invading... I love that American Eagle meme... Not selling your oil in dollars? I always knew you needed some "democracy". (Russia is also dropping trade in the dollar!) In the sense of what is actually going on with Turkey. 90% of the time these so called financial crises blow over. There is no contagion, there is no change. There is loads of media hyperventilating that everything is going to change. That there is a possiblity something could change. Good example -> Greece. The 10% chance this does change something... Well, it's going to be messy. The DOW and other markets are being held up by buybacks and reliance on FAANGs and a ton of inflation. PE ratios are not good. If it were to reset to true value it would go down to about a third. It's not the only big thing happening in politics. If the Deep State fends off this threat to their empire we have the Swedish vote, a likely challenge to Theresa May, more from Italy and whatever Trump randomly comes out with. He really is the antidote to a stale political life! This whole started with Trump apparently just randomly sanctioning Turkey BUT, he does not have complete control over his administration in relation to Russian sanctions so, it may be they were de dollarising or growing closer to Russia anyway so the Deep state was the one that tried to sanction Turkey.
  5. Nasty stuff, when this happened I thought there would be an unpleasant emotional backlash for Stefan and Lauren. But moreso Stefan, because Lauren has previously been aware of these types on slutwalks etc. I have stopped watching videos a bit, I know the free market stuff now, and financially struggled for a couple of months. So have donated less than I did a while back. But to talk generally on this subject, there was a period of my life where what I felt I had to give the world, my ability to make music and high intellectual ability, completely abandoned me, and in general the things I have to offer the world do tend to shy away from contributing anything to the political fight! But I could work and donate money to this, it IS something worth while, it is something I could have told myself in those darker times, as purpose. While I'm sure there are people that may try and take down that statement it stands as my opinion and there is so much corruption in a lot of charities. I know someone that donates to the Red Cross! Who has actually helped muslim rapists into Europe. If the Red Cross was not corrupt enough to have lost 90% of her money. Just general thoughts.
  6. Refugees have come to Brighton!: Breitbart London: Brighton: Police Hunt ‘Asian’ Man After Park Rape in UK ‘City of Sanctuary https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/08/02/police-asian-man-woman-raped/
  7. If it's a batshit crazy thought or behaviour a girl will usually do it.
  8. I wondered if people have ever noted that music of some description has a message that is positive and relates to these trends. Although when I think about it Stefan sort of reflects the truth so it is not 'this work' but the ideas loosely associated with it: Here's some of mine: Tracy Chapman: Fast Car [Link] I noticed how this woman in this song is saved by the free market. No skills, bad homelife but found a way to make more money by moving up a supermarket. A part of the free market I am starting to doubt, my circle of acquaintances are... well some are from very middle class families and it seems to be education was a thing there, but perhaps these thoughts are the effect of not actually living in a free market at the moment. If we were saying that the market we have is not free hence needs to be improved. We could also say that the education is not working properly hence needs to be improved and more emphasis on 'STEM' etc. Although perhaps it would if Universities were properly subject to free market concerns. I don't support taxation. (Although do wonder about it's use for health care!) The Fray: How to Save a life (lyrics) [Link] One of Stefans videos I've really enjoyed was the last one on 'My wife married her rapist'. Actually not a big deal in the main arc of the story provided, just like 'and then she married her rapist' in amongst a general story of dysfunction. But I think an important part of life and community is advising people... 'Look that girl is a nutjob' etc. or whatever it is. I recognise I am far too non interventionist in people's lives that are close to me. Very often I allow people to stumble but I am learning. This song is about intervening with someone that is going down a bad road in relation to drugs. It is perhaps one of the only songs with that perspective. It is based on a real thing it is not 3D emotions. Phil Ochs - Bracero [Link] A brilliant example of how the left has no awareness of its own hypocrisy. Phil Ochs, like many good musicians leftist. But the music coming through is often more truthful than the artist. How is it that the leftists treat the immigrants coming in, that they "love" so much? Green Day: Wake me up, when September Ends. [Link] An anti war song, possibly not as good as 'Universal Soldier' by Donovan. But the video also hit's a point and I think probably influenced people in a time when anti war songs are far rarer. The scene is acted well, it has impact, and it makes you think about the guy going off to war 'Mate, what are you doing?' Green Day is an unusually respected band despite appearances IMO. Any ideas?
  9. J.L.W

    Arguments against NAP.

    In this case the policeman probably did the right thing and I would probably have done the same in his place. This is assuming I understand the facts of the matter and it would perhaps be good for me to re- read it. I think if someone is intent on causing others harm then harsh measures are clearly needed. Of course missing from this example is why the justice system failed up until that point. Why was this drug dealer not in jail? By the same token if in the UK for instance, someone had a raped relative and decided to kill the person involved that the police were not handling, I don't have a problem with that. In Russia a group of about thirty people got together ahd killed a paedophile. Or more correctly, thirty ish people watched him being beaten up and two or three men went back the next day and killed him. Don't know what I think on this one. Another example was one my father told me where a guy was a really difficult kid when he was young and a policeman just beat him up and this guy said it did him a world of good and he straightened up after that. This one just seems a bit wrong to me. Probably because I don't take seriously that a kid is that dangerous. I had heard, this is from sources i trust but sources it is likely many of the people reading this wouldn't. That there was a group of FBI personnel looking into some serious level of paedophilia, seriously bad stuff. This was mostly political figures in councils and things like that. Examples of what these people were doing is not necessary. Some of them snapped and tortured and killed the paedophiles but they were taken off the case when they did that because it is not strictly legal to do that. So perhaps these levels do respect the law.
  10. J.L.W

    Arguments against NAP.

    My point was that it was against the rules so defined, and it worked. The guy cleaned up and stopped with the things he was doing.
  11. J.L.W

    Arguments against NAP.

    I think it is hard to THEORETICALLY argue against. But generally, if you can find examples of when a principle did not work, or was not ideal, then you can start to build back up to theory.
  12. J.L.W

    Arguments against NAP.

    I don't agree this was necessarily wielding of unfair state power. Since, we don't know the policeman did this in his capacity as policeman. Or that he would have to.
  13. J.L.W

    Arguments against NAP.

    I did think I would have to back up this example. This came from a public figure who worked for a long period in this area. Suicide hotlines and had experience with drug rehabilitation. Unfortunately, of course I can't get more detailed information on the story. I could try and find it and re- read it for clarity.
  14. J.L.W

    Arguments against NAP.

  15. J.L.W

    Arguments against NAP.

    As a rule I generally like to unquestioningly believe such statements when stated by anonymous internet sources, especially where contrary evidence exists in the form of the Podesta emails and other things. The amount of children that go missing anually in the United States is 800,000. That's 2,000 per day.

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