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  1. It took me years to stop... YEARS! But I have quite a fine awareness of my energy levels because of a medical condition and I used to feel exhausted afterwards. Qi- gong was what I used when it got difficult. But I don't need it anymore. Porn has a long term effect, if you stop, those thoughts bother you less after years.
  2. Well, sex is not the same as 'that', because you get a return energy on sex. If you want to stop you have to have absolutely no porn. You probably have to stop drinking as well to be fair... thinking about it.
  3. Also, some people talk about increasing positive motivation if they don't wack off. I don't know if you do that though.
  4. It seems to me you are fighting yourself. If you had a tyrannical parent when you were younger and you get the urge to hurt animals perhaps you do need to be a bit tyrranical with yourself, the young minds environment obviously makes a deep impression! So you would need to have trust in your morality that you will not take it too far if you do take that route, and that you can control such urges as that of hurting an animal.
  5. J.L.W

    Day for Freedom

  6. J.L.W

    Day for Freedom

    Yeah I saw that, I bet you there are some military folks in the UK and US that would have her back... My understanding of this world is that behind the scenes there are always battles going on and some of these involve potential death on the side of deep state operatives. The whole thing looked pretty good! They had microphones, there were loads of people. We can only hope that this day begins a more concerted effort of the right in various places in England. Such as where I live in Antifa Central even! We do have an 'Art of the Argument' group.
  7. J.L.W

    Day for Freedom

    I would love to come but will have to be applying for jobs. I can't wait until Monday.
  8. J.L.W

    Day for Freedom

    To my recollection, Martin and Brittany were thrown out temporarily but after being arbitrarily confined and Lauren Southern was in fact, banned for life! I'm not sure whether I will be there or not. It may be that I can't sit still while such an event is on! Monday being free as well might mean I'm "All revved up and no place to go".
  9. J.L.W

    Stefan's atheism ?

    What about giving proof that Darwinism, the whole skeleton thing, is not correct? Which is something I actually believe. There are no skeletons that make the case. There is no Ape, 1/4 ape, 1/2 ape, 3/4 ape, human. It is nowhere. There should be hundreds of thousands of such skeletons if such a story were true! There are other scientific proofs such as the fact that if you breed animals in a laboratory they do not become different animals. A lizard bred a hundred times doesn't suddenly become an alligator or fish. Why haven't foxes evolved? As would be the more interesting call in to Stefan.
  10. J.L.W

    Stefan's atheism ?

    Technically I re- thought what I had been saying about Stefans beliefs in that him having someone that knows about certain areas in his close group does not mean he definitely does because we can end up interacting with each other and not talking about certain things. (That is the person whose privacy I don't want to violate not Stefans) But consider. David Wilcock, who you may have to look up, stated on his blog that he personally met Kylie Jenner and that she and celebrities in general know about him. David Wilcock has provided a scientific basis for free energy and various other science paradigms and talks about the day, coming soon, with groups allied against the deep state, that are intending to bring them down and usher in a new age of advanced technology and contact with ET races. This is why Kanye is able to say this, he has back up, the people surrounding him and surrounding many other public figures know about this area. It is not a big leap to think Stefan and other individuals in the know... as he kind of is, will also know about this area. THere are hints enough here and there, mentioning Bohemian Grove, books on incest etc. in his free books section, the only one not written by him.
  11. J.L.W

    Stefan's atheism ?

    I take issue with the first paragraph there. Stefan does not necessarily need to be 'cured' in order to find God. If that was what you took from what I wrote then you misinterpreted. The Judeo Christian version of God is insultingly simple. Anything that does exist of that magesty is not at all what is written in the bible. Also, the Buddhist conception of such things is that the 'all that is' is within the self. Perhaps Stefans preferred mythology. What I was referring to is that if you look at an "atheist" known as Dave Cullen, in one of his videos one of them he references is Jordan Sather. Which surprised me he even knew of such a person. Perhaps it is a bit thin but I knew someone very close to someone in Stefans circle who knew about these things a little beyond what Jordan publicly talks about and I can't imagine such things would not have been discussed. There is something else which makes me wonder if these people know about this area. If you pay attention to the knowledge and arguments in this new age sort of group, and the evidences therein. You would understand why I would say that knowledge of these things somewhat disqualifies atheism, at least of the Darwin paradigm.
  12. Sometimes I really get these moments when I take a step back and gaze with no expression or insight at a crazy situation. The one with Kanye is one of these. From my perspective of being basically right wing before I consciously knew I was by just kind of thinking things through. The thoughts he is offering are VERY very basic! It made me realise that if the left are so fanatically upset by these things he is saying they must lean more towards being a cult than being a political tract. While I find progressivism annoying and do lose respect for celebrities a bit if they come out with something stupid, like Johnny Depp did (or JK Rowling)... I don't REALLY care and do have a lot of respect for some left wing people. (left not a very accurate term as in Ralph Mc Tell and Robert Downey Junior are not professing the same beliefs really!) Plus the lefts support of certain types of immigration despite it's obviously bad results a lot of the time. I'm not saying this to put the left down... truly. I imagine slacktivist liberals are not much of a problem. I'm saying this... out of a kind of warped concern. That how safe is our society going to be if there are loads of crazy people about that have an emotional meltdown if Kanye says a few things like... "Think for yourself." They must have a fanatical, daily attention on these matters and experience anger when anyone opposes their ideals! I saw someone say recently on twitter that they had to visit a group of family members who all stay glued to CNN and genuinely believe the Trump Russia narrative!
  13. Thinking about the problems with democracy... Stefan mentions them occasionally. Such as if you incentivise governments to only consider 5 years into the future then they will not care more than five years into the future and will do things like take loans for other governments to pay off. The blunt force of government and the ease with which the system seems to be able to be corrupted. For instance, how the police can be made to arrest social media users rather than acid attackers/ rape gangs in the UK. I would like to read in depth Stefan's Everyday Anarchy which would be a solution to this but I may or may not have the time! Does anyone else think about this? I'm just frustrated by how obviously flawed and unworkable the system of democracy seems to be! And as far as democracy goes there are a lot of things to consider but one of them is that a person who was propagandised and has very little interest in politics has the same vote as someone who reads it day in and day out. That sometimes in a two party system each one is unworkable as the other. That any attempt to reform the two party system usually ends up with Proportional Representation and rainbow coalitions. That one biased politician represents a whole area. Some of which are constituents that care about things this person doesn't care about... I.e. a leftist politician and someone that cares about immigration. That some policians because of this system do horrendous things to gain power. Such as ignoring rape gangs.
  14. J.L.W

    Stefan's atheism ?

    Yeah, I mean, most hard atheists are seriously the most depressing people I have ever met. I liked them though they are also funny in that they... laugh at themselves a bit. They literally get medical symptoms that no one understands like chronic sleep wadjamacallit as well. I think he seriously does believe, perhaps/ very likely correctly, that out of all the mythologies you can believe out there atheism is the one that is most rational and I do think his work is grounded down to the real world that is an important part of his message. I have a little inside information that a lot of the celebrity world and people in Stefans circle (by about one measure of separation) are very knowledgeable about certain aspects of our society that would somewhat disqualify hard atheism which is a part of why I believe he is not an atheist as well.
  15. J.L.W

    Stefan's atheism ?

    Wow, you captured in words beautifully exactly what I was thinking. There is a kind of radiance you get from him that does not seem likely from someone that believes we are all super monkeys on a dead rock.

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