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  1. War mongering Theresa May

    Here are two articles on it, the alternative media is starting to wake up! Zerohedge: Is The UK Manufacturing Its Nerve Agent Case For 'Action' On Russia? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-15/uk-manufacturing-its-nerve-agent-case-action-russia Craig Murray: The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/03/the-novichok-story-is-indeed-another-iraqi-wmd-scam/ Second one is from a former UK ambassador!
  2. War mongering Theresa May

    The David Kelly thing was nuts. What man who has four daughters doesn't leave behind a suicide note? Trumps jumping in on it now... *Sigh*
  3. Yeah, I'm very fortunate in that I don't like sex jokes even a little bit. My stomach turns over at the mention of anything vulgar, sometimes sexual themes float into my lyrics but not very sexual things and music has a beautiful ambiguity to it. I do think the world is starting to get wise to this behaviour from women. This is clearly where we must press on!
  4. Yes, that reminds me of a hairdresser I was talking to recently. She had a great sense of humour but I asked her if there was any politics she was into and she was blatantly anti Trump saying that it was not good to have a mad man negotiating with Kim Jong Un! *sigh*. I did make a small point against this that Trump had written 'The Art of the Deal' but I doubt that went in. You know how belief systems can be! But when I mentioned my genuine fear of this war trajectory and how I remembered what things were like at the Iraq war, she completely took it in. Because these are real emotions, something she can connect with. Weak anti Putin conspiracy theories cannot stand against this especially since even if they are true, in the intelligence community life is cheap. That's a good thing, it's so we don't have wars happening when one person is killed in a very dangerous occupation. Man I'm fuming. Anyway, I think those emotions can cross the boundary of belief system. A kind of genuineness, and like you said another thing about this is it's the person themselves that others connect with!
  5. I have never thought about this much particularly. But recent events and what I want said is not being said. I saw Dylans videos (poster here)! I have not seen much from anyone else... Anyone think about this? I started a channel on some things but the area was very specialised and very far beyond most people in its area (a specific new age subject) I added some commentary that got some views but few videos got over 100 views. In order to actually gain a proper platform I'd have to potentially do music, which I am good at and people like me for, I could also put my face on youtube and just talk about social issues, I did not put my face on there before but that's what people like to see. I don't think I'd get very far with this though. What do you all think on this? Do you have or want your own platforms? Something to say?
  6. War mongering Theresa May

    I believe completely Brittany's arrest was timed for this event. Alternative youtube celeb media hasn't talked about anything else for days! Also Americans for whatever reason don't like criticising the Brits. Rather like how it is sometimes difficult to criticise familiy even if they're being difficult! Paul Joseph Watson, Nigel Farage, David Icke and Richie Allen are the first people I can think of who have platforms in the UK.
  7. War mongering Theresa May

    Zerohedge: UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Freezes Russian Assets, Suspends High-Level Contacts https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-14/britain-expel-russian-diplomats-after-midnight-deadline-expires-without-moscow
  8. I don't know how wise people are to these beliefs and I would argue... realities. But here I am mentioning it in relation to the philosophy of it rather than whether it is factually true or not (i.e. posted not in 'political events' but 'philosophy') So, the new age believes and has believed for a long time, that there is a group called the Illuminati that is always attempting to run things for a negative agenda and gets up to seriously bad things such as paedophilia, child sacrifice etc. They also believe, less of them but still a large amount, that there is a group that is running against these people that are just as well organised. This is an excerpt for one of the people that talks about these areas (Benjamin Fulford): There are those who defend some of these people that have been doing things like torturing children for sexual gratifications, saying that these people experienced a lot of advanced abuse and brainwashing themselves and never really had a choice. (David Wilcock). There are other such as David Seaman who believe they should have a 'fair trial' (although you get the feeling Seamans emotions don't agree with that!) and then execution! This is also complicated apparently by many of those being in 'the Alliance' having been ex Illuminati. There are other crimes on the same level as paedophilia or even worse also associated with this group. So the philosophical question is, 'If this is true, what should be done with these people?' Opportunity to change or death sentence. This is some Jordan Petersons ideas that might be interesting:
  9. The company actually flipped and started handling this better and told the relevant people to handle it informally first, possibly in response to my response to them. Probably should not bring this sort of thing up here before it gets serious. Suppose this was not a serious issue.
  10. Brittany Pettibone --- UK.

    Referencing my other thread here I do think May is trying to start an argument with Trump on this, trying to sabotage Brexit. He knows this I think and perhaps thinks the most strategic thing to do is to not allow her to do so.
  11. So, in her infinite wisdom. Theresa has (most probably) decided to blame Russia for the nerve gas doo dab and follow it by poking the... now very well armed... Russian bear https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-11/theresa-may-blame-russia-nerve-gas-attack-sanctions-could-follow The woman and her globalist chums are clearly cornered. Deadline for Brexit is a year now. Italy is pulling the EU's hand back from giving her an excuse to sell England to the lowest bidder, and Trump's ego did not get offended by her previous attempts at sabotaging the relationship (by whining at him about global warming at the UN). Also with the Deep State in America not being successful at demonising Russia I suppose the next deep state lacky has gotta do it now. Anyway, very big event not really covered or talked about anywhere I have seen at least, so far. You know, I'm pissed enough that recently, I don't feel it would be all that bad if England were wiped out but that's just, you know, cynicism.
  12. Brittany Pettibone --- UK.

    Must be someone else. I am a type 1 diabetic not medically fit to go into any emergency service or army. Alas it was a jest, although I do quite seriously think this post will be seen by them.
  13. Brittany Pettibone --- UK.

    I have nevertheless emailed my MP of course despite the fact that I probably will not get anything from that. I will continue to take any opportunities that arise.
  14. Before we begin I'd like to say hello to Her Majesty's Loyal Police Force and congradulate them on crushing their own souls in the service of globalism/ Satan. The Gateway Pundit: UPDATE: US Conservative Activist Brittany Pettibone Is Being Held in London’s Colnbrook Bypass Prison as Political Prisoner [Link] This is the place: https://detentionaction.org.uk/aboutus/about-colnbrook-detention-centre It is actually a prison not just a police station! How much longer is she going to be held? So, I live in the UK, a little over an hour outside london. I have extra time because of ridiculous workplace problems (fought off by an excellent Union I might add), so I am now part time and having worked the temporary full time gives me a small amount extra of disposable income. But as far as I can tell there is nothing I can do. I know not a single right- leaning free- market (and free thinking) person out of my acquaintances or friends (Antifa is rife in my town, intimidated a previous mainstream right MP in a way that made him uncomfortable, death threats etc.) I don't know any groups that are doing anything with this, protests or anything. I literally cannot think of a single person that can influence this situation in any way. My MP is incredibly globalist pro EU left wing "human being". So I come to the rational conclusion I am powerless here?
  15. I don't mind having done that. I liked her, I sent her a card and whatnot and... yep, "got burned". I'd rather have sent that than scheming.

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