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  1. How Pretty Is S/He?

    Hi @bodhi I'm not going to say anything that'd rock your world by stating Jamie Lee Curtis has aged, after surgery... etc. She's perhaps prettier than many in her age but her SMV (Sexual Market Value) has undoubtedly decreased, considerably. I'd say the person in question could be anywhere from 9.1 - 9.9 Not necessarily. What sample group are you comparing yourself to (where in the world, size of group, only physical attractiveness) ? Are you just a bit or a lot less attractive? Did you know that although beauty isn't subjective (good looking/pretty, features), you can find traits that act as compensatory/diminishing factors? Barnsley
  2. How Pretty Is S/He?

    Hi @S1988 Are you referring to this (op's) question or beauty in general? Don't know if you've heard, the later isn't subjective. Why do you think it's a superficial query?
  3. μ-Ziq for U

    270. Wagon Christ - Perkission 271. Darshan Ambient - W. 52nd
  4. Thanks for including it, any and every eyeballs COUNT DANKULA!!!
  5. r/K selection

    (bungee-ing in quick, brainy stuff ) There's an overabundance of papers trying to convince you the nonexistence of 'g' heritability/deciding factor, nevertheless I found (so far) quite a few, arguing for the higher chance that it's tied to the mother's armament. And no, environmental influence, affluence for that matter... nope, not really. If you are more (seriously) interested, have a look here. post script : If I was (efficient) mother nature...
  6. Supplementary for this thread, worth a read-through, following up. (Genetics of Brain Structure and Intelligence by Paul Thompson and his team) take you (pdf) there
  7. μ-Ziq for U

    268. Quartetto Minimo - Khayyam 269. Emily Curtis - What's It For / 'I wake up to see the sun shining down on me.' /
  8. It's not the finger but what's it pointing at... Yes, a tree fell. Not as loud or striking as some would expect. But I say this to you, humbly. Questioning... Can you hear the innumerable saplings growing, even more seedlings extending deep roots? I can't.
  9. Apparently, there's a demo going on in London now, to free Count Dankula. https://heartoflondonbid.london/events/demonstration-free-dankula-march/
  10. Rick and Morty!

    Until the new season (4) is out (if it ever will), we're treated with a darker, self-critical take on what went on in the mind's of the creators. (Although I wasn't so keen on their choice of new direction, regarding ethnicity, a certain despicable part (for me) ...etc. Still, it's a satire, not meant to be taken seriously, can be (should be) criticised though) Enjoy! NOT PG13, IT'S QUITE VULGAR TOO! DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS! Bushworld Adventures | Adult Swim
  11. People offended in the Netherlands

    (chuckles) Compared to what? see, here with this plus this I was saying that those (imo) who do not consider going into debates with an open mind should be (generally) not engaged, in fact this means you can learn and have productive debates with people who aren't as advanced (yet) in said topic, nevertheless. (i.e. - healthy debate with the opportunity to make your argumentation more effective to people 'starting out', practising. The ever present possibility with such open minded people that they, in their thinking in other aspects might offer you something new, learning from or even formulating a new alliance with them... etc. Goodies.) I don't think you've answered my question. You don’t have to, you are free to decide I just wanted to let you know I noticed.
  12. Shitzengiggles

    I generally don't like football/soccer, this could be very well an exception however. Excerpt: "Commentator: [...]... Nietzsche has been booked for arguing with the referee. He accused Confucius for having no free will and Confucius, he say: - 'Name go in bok' And this is Nietzsche's third booking... [...] " Enjoy!
  13. μ-Ziq for U

    266. Béla Bartók - Allegro Barbaro 49 267. Cujo - The Light
  14. People offended in the Netherlands

    Indeed, I think too that aiming for objective truth is preferable, except when it's about esthetics. (same 'r' (radius) but different positions in the circle is esthetics, greater/smaller 'r' with the will to update thinking is the only group of people who worth engaging/might benefit positively from the interaction) I disagree, having debates with people who are both inferior in their argumentation and not trying to get better is a waste of time in general. Except when defending one's own self or when choosing to exposing the fallacies for the benefit of others. How do you see your earlier example of a debate you'd have ... What group of people are represented here? Furthermore, what is your gain from engaging in debates with them? (I wouldn't but maybe you can help me understand why you would.) Alternatively, Isn't there a risk of you becoming even more rooted in your own beliefs as a result of having entered / allowed them to interact with you, knowing they aren't interested in objective truths, they won't demonstrate intellectual honesty? as in (adapted, changed a bit) : p.s. (Paraphrasing) The truth is a sword that shouldn't be drawn at any cost.
  15. How to find a good therapist?

    Hi @justokre Have you used the search function of the board? (It's the magnifying glass looking icon) Alternatively, check out podcast 1927. Barnsley

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