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  1. Stef the Hypocrite

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks @Typho0n for your rambling honesty, very telling. Barnsley
  2. religion concerning dating

    Isn't the right question to ask: would the lack of respect (or mutually) be an issue? Barnsley
  3. I can see why you would like to have heard it corrected... 'The beginning of true wisdom is calling things by their proper names.' However I am having trouble coming up with good enough reasons as to why he would miss such an important definition. Is he 'stream-lining', maybe? Is it perhaps because it is rather technical and doesn't matter a great deal when seeing the whole argument put forth in his presentations? Is it possible that he willfully chooses to not do it... perhaps because it would make things more complicated? Barnsley
  4. Thanks @Oceanwave @Oceanwave1 for the clarifiers/examples, I like when people are trying to be clear. Barnsley
  5. Hi all, I've read the book and it's companion (Cashflow) and that's how I got introduced to the concepts of 'borrowing your way out', 'delayed gratification', 'gaming the system', 'passive income'... many more. Those two books were and are a fascinating read with a lingering sense of a 'humble mentor' backing you intellectually while you get familiar with concepts rarely discussed in that particular form. Read them if you can. I however think his methodology (maybe that's why I'm not a millionaire with a huge debt also) is for the blunt, courageous, risk-taker who also tries to minimise the fallout to a degree. My aim here is to discuss caveats, useful reminders further aiding inoculation against zealous belief, cult-like attitude regarding his catchy but risky ideas put forward. Barnsley
  6. Hi @RealP I'm not trying to sound like a naysayer by saying a 'watered down simili' isn't needed currently... am I? Perhaps I am, nevertheless it can be useful to you in solidifying your concept you're considering... The reason (amongst others) for why visual mindmap-like concept wouldn't work / why videos-podcasts-presentations with a narrative are a greater success; lies in their more suitable format regarding the needs of the community, taste.... as I see it. You can't transmit non-verbal cues, indicators of word-stress&intonation and while it could serve as a great brain storming in formulating an argument = wouldn't it be lacking in reach for it's shortfalls? How many and to what degree similar apps have attracted a considerable amount of people? (there's already a free mindmap creator for presentations, isn't highly popular amongst 'the thinkers' but works like a charm in creating cloud-based = mobility visuals, - prezi. com-) Would your app stand out enough to not appear as somewhat a semi-novel variation of a crossover to a great degree? many more questions I could ask... Have you done your market research? Prototypes? All the best, more power to you! Barnsley
  7. Victor Davis Hanson

    Hi @Asazian I for one, isn't particularly interested in this specific topic (doesn't mean it couldn't be mind blowing or anything) but you could (have) post(ed) it under the already existing thread for such recommendations. Why do you think it's a fitting idea to share in current times, would bring more value than other topics currently being discussed? Barnsley
  8. Career choices

    By the by @Crusader1986 , have you watched the video of Stefan Molyneux which I posted to you in this thread? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Barnsley
  9. Career choices

    Full disclosure, I don't have contacts in the music industry, yet. However, I wanted to 'jump the rabbit out of the bush with a hypothetical'. I wouldn't be surprised if you got upset... not amongst the most gentle ways to find things out. My theory was that you are maximising obsessively without any true connection to a well defined deep drive, therefore constantly looking for new directions to open towards without ever really discarding anything. I hypothise that although you have made some progress in moving forward, essentially you are back to square one with the same set of doubts = different but the same hesitation state = no real progress, the way I see it. And I might be wrong, plus I'm prepared to apologise for my mistakes or withdraw my conclusions if you convince me with reason & evidence. I wish you to use your potential in the one thing that you really want, not in a myriad of different things that would be / could be / might work. My source of argument basically are twofold. 1. There's no multitasking in the sense of multiplying your energy, can only allocate a set amount. 2. Why do something sub-par if you can think of something better. Sincerely, Barnsley
  10. Marriage or MGTOW?

    Well, duh. I'm being condescending. Apology for that, only did it for the effect. Humans don't follow the unrelenting(and boring) path of determinism. Approximations are fine I guess, unless you kid yourself with a moral backing to intend social engineering. At wich point we part ways abruptly. In the milliseconds realm. Quicker than you can... blink, let's say. (clumsy awe effect) By the way, nice try fogging me in fogging yourself. I would still like an answer to my question if you would be so kind(to yourself). Am I correct you have assumed me stating withdrawing from society? (hypothetical) I am not. What I do in all my relationships is R.T.R. (works like magic), people with low integrity choose to give me a wide girth or viscously attack, therefore half bowing into their own swords while I have the opportunity to self-actualise without restricting my true self. It's actually a win-win scenario. Would be happy to clarify if needed. Barnsley
  11. Willpower comes from...

    Hi @RichardY In acknowledging the trials you put me through (I consciously subscribed), thanks. Awesome stuff! Would I over simplify and loose meaning by saying you are essentially describing, the identity intrinsically present in any individual? then you adding a/'the' reason to why that's beneficial(more to come if you put the necessary work in)? onto the next goodie.. I am sorry but logically it's impossible. The (1) I mean. I should have clarified that the goal DOES NOT justify the means. My bad, so you are technically right. (2),so true. A great multiplier, weeding out mechanism. Nope. How about it requiring fragility? I can name a dozen pop-culture references... quite sad, should brush up on my Greek-Roman mythology and 'real-thinkers'... wax-up & wax-down (karate kid) I'm totally murdering something here, I can sense it... Joking aside. Yes, no conviction can come from lack of the taste of suffering. Aaand... thaks for the reminder. (Hat raise!) In general I'd suggest against flaming hopes of 'type-fluidity'. Why? Because the way I understand states exist as individual results stemming from a specific equations, resulting from INDEPENDENT set of variables that only share crossovers when the bloody consciousness meddles in. (i.e. processing stuff) If I'm honest, I'm also struggling simplifying this discreet thought, so please be gentle rebutting it. You then so gracefully provided a well-intended breakdown of subtypes.. Cccan't go ttherre... must keep reality in one ppppiece...exhale :-) No. It's the bridge (for a lack of better terms) between us and A.I. Think of a vampire (morals, unlikely emotional involvement aside). Indefinitely alive. Why live? Willpower covers both the short and long term. (but like I professed to you before, I have my selfish reasons too) Was I supposed to be feeling gratefulness, being rewarded for a well earned gratification... say wisdom of humility? Thanks for that specifically... Batman out. The concierge spilled some stuff over my latest stalagmite collection, gotta run... Barnsley
  12. Career choices

    By the by, I am asking you this seriously. No maybes possible. Barnsley
  13. Career choices

    Sounds good. Would you stop doing it if I put you in contact with the headhunter of an established private school(dedicated students, generous bonuses, availability to even work some on the side... if you have a private project) ? I speculate you could make even more than if things went OK with your project? *details later Barnsley
  14. Marriage or MGTOW?

    I wish you to see the difference in people with and without those things. You can make up your mind afterwards. Curiosity and reason&evidence all it takes to get clarity. thumbs up, fella Barnsley
  15. Marriage or MGTOW?

    I feel you man, exactly know what you mean. (blatant exaggeration of course, pardon) Well, see the thing is I am not sure I can see women in so broad of a term. I would certainly agree that the majority are making a huge mistake and miss out on a happier life by every metric... but I have little sympathy or care for them as they are in charge of their own lives, so hopefully will like the 'product after purchase at the checkout gate'. Similarly, the sea of men who... bla-bla My focus and senses are tuned so that I notice the minority that is also looking for me. From a practical standpoint : I encourage and live by a conscious and active focus forth the beneficial, the more efficient, those who do things better than me. (while occasionally acting hypocritical but that's oookei since a process takes time and practice) btw. sorry for the sliced up manner, normally I try to keep it neat Barnsley

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