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  1. barn

    μ-Ziq for U

    510. Boards Of Canada - Wildlife Ananlysis 511. Silicone Soul - Dogs Of Les ILhes (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
  2. barn

    μ-Ziq for U

    H. A. W. / 27. Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure 3D
  3. Hi @OKSchunk Welcome(?) to posting! I heard about it, looked at it... Sure, ppl can check it out... for me it's the format and no grip on who the founders/owners are, stand for. Others might like it.
  4. barn

    μ-Ziq for U

    507. 40 Winks - Sales Over Souls 508. Blockhead - Roll Out The Red Carpet 509. The Cinematic Orchestra - All Things, To All Men
  5. Thanks, for you showing in written form what it looks like (an example) to act cowardly. Keep going, it's an advantage to have a demonstration so soon after I had pointed it out. Plus, easier to quote since you laid it out. - - - /21-08-2018/ Hi Shadow voter, Few more cowardly down-votes... exactly what I mean. Your choice, thanks.
  6. Hi thinkers and alike, I think many of you would enjoy this movie. My favourite parts are the cinematography and the authenticity of the acting. Occasionally, a tough movie visually, not family friendly (for the minors).
  7. barn

    (Trigger warning) Femdom Porno

    Those are deep posts @Freedom4the What do you know and think about the "Simon, the boxer" analogy from Stefan Molyneux's book on RTR, (Real Time Relationships)?
  8. It appears, the president of the country where most social network companies are based at is 'cranking up' on pushing back against 'wrongthink'. "Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others……." — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 18, 2018
  9. Fantastic. You could update/correct/extend your earlier oversimplification then. (if you chose) If your logic is followed, everyone who is a good test taker equals as a good doctor. I know that to be false. (not to mention all the essentials medics learn while practising medicine, molding their skills at work) I can go as far as saying, a good test-taker has a higher chance than the rest in becoming a better professional with continued effort. That can be universalied, the opposite of it is true and also, it can be disproven on the basis of observable reality (ie. - a worse test-taker has a lower chance in becoming a good doctor, especially if lacking perseverance, the continuous effort invested) I strongly think the MCAT score however relevant, insufficient on its own to classify doctors as trustworthy/UN-trustworthy. I mean you can if you want to base your decision on it but I think you are erroneous, and that's a narrow-minded idea. There's field experience, individual circumstances, state of the hospital (when looking at job effectiveness, performance)... etc. If I have a medical issue, I'm more interested in the doctor's tangible experience in dealing with specific illnesses and the state of the hospital (how staffed, equiped, quality they provide). That's why I still think your earlier statement... : "No rational and informed person should ever trust a black doctor (unless you know his MCAT score) . " ... sounds very bad, it can't be universalised.
  10. Deviation equals effort & time lost. Or in other terms " He who has a w..". But yeah, I guess aiming low is planning to fall short. (if you get what I mean)
  11. barn

    μ-Ziq for U

    505. Boards Of Canada - Corsair 506. Biosphere - Silene
  12. Hi @ascfgdxz If you were a solid, good person, virtuous, I would say just about anywhere except where the majority are nothing like I've described above. As in: good, virtuous people feel best around people they admire, cherish, feel most compatible with.
  13. I honestly don't think anyone benefits. Not many people are affected by much that I do at all since I live far away from family and have few good friends Why do you live far away from your parents? (no need to detail it if you don't want to) What is your relationship like with them? In all situations there's someone who gains more than the other. It is for you to 'crack open' but I would start with exploring the way in which I thought allowing me to underperfom/perform poorly was a normality. I don't fully understand. Who is introducing the idea that friends are the best source of true feedback of telling me important things? I believe I lack them because I don't meet many new people/don't try to and don't have many opportunities to do so. Also, I am very closed off, I do not show my true personality etc.  I am introducing then the idea. A bit strange that you don't think they are or haven't come to the same conclusion... but that's all-right. My reasoning is as follows: True friends are interested in the person we really are. In virtuous relationships, they respect and appreciate us for our virtues (either share or admire them) , want to see us succeed and happy in general. They care for our wellbeing and will tell us things that they consider very important, even if it's a difficult one to verbalise. Not having friends due to not meeting people (not creating opportunity) , not being visible ( "very closed off" ) is a decision you made/are making. I'm not saying it's good/bad, here. I just wanted to make sure that you were conscious of it. I might be wrong, but I honestly don't think there is anyone in my life who would benefit from me not having emotional support/friends? How about enemies, (less than virtuous) competitors? I would treat them much, much better. However it does not mean that I would treat myself the same. I don't know why, that's just the way it is.  "Them"=him=your imagined self!? - right?! As in: If your best friend was worried/upset about something, you would/wouldn't say the same things that you normally hear yourself saying to yourself during inner chatter... "...that's just the way it is." - dunno about this one. Maybe it is comfortable and good for you how things are/were and I had completely misunderstood: I have actually, thank you for your reply! Great! Are you going to take them? You're welcome, thanks for the opportunity!
  14. This conclusion sounds very bad. ie. - Presumptuous, and its logic's erroneous. At least from 'no Chinese basketball player...' - perspective, it appears as an oversimplification. Maybe it wasn't/was intended to generalise to all people within a specific group? As in: I think it takes more than just one metric to evaluate a professional's ability.

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