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  1. barn

    μ-Ziq for U

    391. Egberto Gismonti - Salvador 392. Dj Shadow. - ... Meets His Maker
  2. barn

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Thanks, no thanks. This is the reason why I prefer not to engage with you :
  3. Ouhh, is it possible that your girlfriend is lonely and finds it hard to find sympathetic people, friends, interesting girlfriends?
  4. barn

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Is it possible that your focus needs adjustment from 'short term relieving anxiety' to - > 'enduring short term anxiety in order for long term and stable benefit' entirely for the child's sake? as in: prevention is always superior to quick fix Isn't independently sleeping an uninterrupted nights dreams a greater benefit? Besides, in which scenario can a parent (btw, the child rests better alone too, get a more consistent rest for the same reason) and therefore have more energy to be a more attentive caretaker during the day : a. sleeping with interruptions due to an additional person being there b. sleeping casually, knowing the child's comfortable in its environment sleeping Principle wise, I'd say that which allows for the most independence age appropriately, self-expression free of any dependence (age appropriately again). I'm not a researcher and will be keeping an eye on the things you find and post in the future. If you do.
  5. barn

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    I highly doubt that. Think of the pain that a tooth-ache represents as a simili, we rather suffer the short term unease for the long term benefits... not to mention, a baby with incomplete self-awareness has little chance (actually none most cases under 14 months old from what I've read) choosing for its own good. That's exactly why parents doing the method Stefan Molyneux has also employed, are thinking 100% about the 'what's the most benefit for the child, regardless my own discomfort' a superior approach.
  6. Will pm. Last time I checked, there were plenty more 'clicks' in that button, if you'd run out I'm sure people can always lend you some more, around here! And no, I wasn't / am not being sarcastic. You gave me no reason & I see no use for it, here. The reason I asked was to find out whether you had a clear idea of either the positive or negative direction & / next 'summit' you wanted to get to. In my strong opinion, nobody can achieve what they haven't been able to imagine in the first place... plus what our minds eye gets to see almost never manifests exactly in the same parameters. I know it's a cliché but thought it was fitting : 'No plan survives first implementation.' Additionally, (not saying healthy genes aren't important) beauty fades, therefore it's beneficial to have those 'virtue things' present more importantly. How often do you think about 'them things' within this topic? It's not possible (I think) to truly love a person who we don't admire. Isn't it logical to choose such a partner for life if we want to have a strong, lasting, deep relationship? Feeling at ease ("where I needed nothing"), perhaps is for recharging, preparing for the next project or wave in life. At least, that's my take on it as I had experienced much higher levels of happiness when I was active doing stuff, engaged in activities suitable for my aspirations... then say, when I was complacent about how things were in general. By the way, I think you're right when saying happiness 'isn't sustainable', but I see it just as keeping fit... don't pay attention to it, it deteriorates (atrophy). Speaking to the last paragraph, I hope you read this bit carefully and used it for your own good: See people for who they are, not how you'd like to see them. That means, allow them to be themselves, same as you don't curb/exaggerate yourself in hope that they'll like you better. (self-improvement is different)
  7. barn

    Hello... I'm lost

    Hi @toughfish Welcome to the board... No, it isn't. It's here. (funny how your title mirrors it) Why do you think this particular 'glitch' occurred? E:dit - To voter, yes I see your opinion.
  8. Those are interesting thoughts, ideas. Sorry, you don't always respond to my replies, or takes ages for you (not an argument) but I rather skip you for now. Thanks for the interest, those are really interesting ideas, Barnsley E:dit - Thanks for the honest vote
  9. barn

    Physics is 100% repeatable, by definition.

    Very intriguing thread, indeed. Hemocyanin,.. oh, yes completely. 'The nobility' in the animal kingdom, funny. (though the medieval belief, lack of physical... pale skin-appearance-o2/co2 ratio... stems from another set of observations...unrelated... anyhow)
  10. Some additional thoughts, don't think I would like to post them publicly as of now, may I send you a pm? ps (Duuude! Good language skills! e. g - organisation, emphasis)
  11. Hi @Omarcrysis Welcome to posting on the board btw... That's a big chunk of shared thoughts, appreciate it, you aiming to lay it out in a comprehensive manner for the readership ... (I read you ~2.25 times...) What would you say, how would an ideal scenario look like for you, REGARDLESS of what you've shared? (as a thought experiment) i. e. How do you imagine (1)seeing yourself happy and why(2) would that make you happy? Barnsley
  12. Don't want to 'speak vegetables here' but a certain 'onion' might be getting much more desirable as a result of this... which is counterintuitive if the State's goal is to better protect, prevent ... i. e - The most appropriate way to relocate an unwanted wild-bee colony recently having settled under the roof of a family home is, logically the steps are... one must first shake it really hard and then ...
  13. I highlighted the parts that you deliberately took out of context, (again) hoping it's easier for you to see why I don't think you picking randomly is making me see you less intellectually dishonest and you even admit to it.... Mustering up my remaining scraps of good-will (i.e - you could improve) for now, maybe transmitting something constructive as a parting gift... This looks like, it's been happening for you for a while... I estimate it's a pattern in your way of thinking, how you choose to approach arguments time and time again, jump to conclusions prematurely... hopefully the references help you, they sure aided me seeing clearer. or this (more recent, akin to my observations, similar patterns mentioned by someone else) Otherwise, take it easy (I'll)
  14. barn

    μ-Ziq for U

    389. Dj Krush - Deep In Ill-Usion (Dj Krush remix) 390. The Impressions - People Get Ready
  15. Computing Forever, Dave Cullen, a guest on the show... yep, he's recently received the 'Dear John...' letter after 4yrs of being in a contract... The MCN btw isn't not Canadian... although who knows why they chose to drop Dave, they haven't explained it to him other than 'we're doing this 'n stuff...' 'Interesting' times the Internet is looking forward to... or at least what's left of it...

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