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  1. Post the interview with Rollo Tomassi (of therationalmale.com). Rollo says the interview happened. Why is it not being posted?
  2. There is no need to invoke comparisons with non-human animals. The ancient ratio of successful female to male reproducers was 17:1. https://psmag.com/environment/17-to-1-reproductive-success Once upon a time, beta males were needed to do hard labor, like farming, or dangerous tasks, like defending a border. Then, the beta males invented machines to eliminate scarcity and risk from society. The women, liberated from their dependence upon a beta male provider and protector, decided they no longer had any use for a beta male provider and protector. This is where we are today.
  3. Maybe the bulls native to that herd have weak Game. Maybe they were trying beta provider Game with the giving of all the best grass to the cows when what they should have been doing was alpha peacocking Game by grooming their fur, polishing their horns, and telling entertaining stories. The native bulls probably gave their cows the vote, and they voted to import bulls from a different herd.
  4. Same question regarding @smarterthanone with -31. Scores are based on up/down votes by fellow members, right? Unless a mod (MMD) zaps you.
  5. Is it because the cows focused on their careers during their peak fertility years?
  6. ticketyboo

    The Pinnacle of Ugandan Intelligence

    I referenced this earlier, but I particularly enjoy the contrast with Western culture. Who would you rather have come to your school and talk to your kids about LGBT issues? Poo Poo Man (see above) Demonic Tranny Man On the one hand, we have a man delivering common sense talk about the relationship between homosexual men and poo poo. On the other hand, we have a God-knows-what delivering God-knows-what. I've setup a false dichotomy for humorous purposes of course [don't want barn to get his knickers in a knot], but I have to go with Poo Poo Man. Low IQ imbeciles can actually sound more intelligent than high IQ Westerners by simply having enough courage and integrity to speak plainly and truthfully.
  7. ticketyboo

    The Pinnacle of Ugandan Intelligence

    My guess as to the point, in no particular order: Laugh at a bunch of low IQ imbeciles using a "poo poo" example to set a national health (and culture?) policy Laugh at the contrast between Western political correctness and common sense talk about "poo poo" Laugh at commentators who do a bunch of moral posturing by pretending to not get the point of posting it
  8. ticketyboo

    The Pinnacle of Ugandan Intelligence

    "African aircraft test flight" has finally met its match.
  9. ticketyboo

    Tommy Robinson jailed in the UK.

    Whoa! Disappeared! There was a 20 minute video, but they got to youtube. They unpersoned Tommy Robinson. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BRJjrPNMvZJw
  10. ticketyboo

    Tommy Robinson jailed in the UK.

    Rebel Media has the best coverage, including some context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6w7MJZX5YU
  11. "The Truth About Show Dogs [director's cut]" https://eastmesa.macaronikid.com/articles/5b017dc3700a6450421ef1c2 This is in a children's animated film.
  12. Immigration. Civil war. Great talk. Looking forward to part two.
  13. Is there a social media platform or discussion group with real substantive discussions using the sort of red pill knowledge FDR imparts? I looked at the youtube comments under Stef's videos. It was the wasteland you'd expect to find in youtube comments sections. I came to the FDR message boards hoping for something more elevated. I haven't found what I've been looking for. There is some serious, profound information being put out by FDR. It has a huge viewership. Are people not understanding what they're seeing here? I get the very strong impression that very few of Stef's viewers really understand what they're seeing here or how to apply it.
  14. This is true of all immigrants. Consider the options available to immigrants to a host country: Submit Conquer Assimilate (a form of submission) Did I miss any? There are biological differences among races. These differences surface as differences in IQ, personality, and preferences. As an immigrant, you can Submit to the preferences of the host nation, sacrificing your own. As an immigrant you can Conquer the host nation, forcing them to sacrifice their preferences for the sake of your own. As an immigrant, you can Assimilate to the host nation. This is very difficult. If some important preferences have biological origins, then how does one assimilate? You either fake it(Submit) or interbreed to the point that your migrant DNA is diluted into inconsequentiality. A host nation can only assimilate a small number relative to the native population. For example, the US could take in some Germans and Irish and not be too bad off. Somalis are a bridge too far. When the migrant population wishes to Conquer, but lacks the numbers and power to do so, it can Subvert. A sort of backdoor, behind the scenes variant of Conquer.
  15. I initially had a very positive impression of Peterson, based on his interviews with Stef, and Peterson's take-down of Cathy Newman and cultural Marxism. Like most Peterson fans, I haven't read much of Peterson's work. VD read 12 Rules for Life and Maps of Meaning. His reviews are on his blog. See also his periscopes and videos. You have to get into the details of Peterson's writing and philosophy to understand VD's arguments. Or trust VD to do that for you. His latest blog post and video: http://voxday.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-dog-whistler.html Read and watch the whole thing. Absolutely savage.

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