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  1. Are you sure? (I know you are wrong but it doesn't matter unless you take your accusations to the test of reason & evidence... me thinks. Or not. That's been always an available option for you. Even now.) I mean, you could have spent those votes for the last month or so on other stuff... or could have made at least one reasoned argument with some proof at least. You haven't made any here neither. Right? Would you like to speak of the things you think are proof for you? The fact that some of your posts have multiple downvotes means that multiple people are downvoting you. Look inward. What does your self-knowledge tell you?
  2. This is only because many people use the word "nice" to describe obsequiousness. Mostly women. "Nice guys" are not nice. They are passive-aggressive and obsequious. They are anything but nice.
  3. Most generous possible interpretation is that Stef wants her to change her overall behavior, and one of those changes would be to date nice guys. The least generous possible interpretation is that Stef is willing to throw an unlimited number of men under a bus in order to keep Western civilization going long enough that he doesn't have to see his daughter end up in the harem of an IQ-68 Somali Muslim.
  4. ticketyboo

    Greetings from the Rockies

    https://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/3992/married-gay-male-discovers-that-he-is-not-gay-call-in-show-february-4th-2018 Which caller are you? Question 1, 2, or 3?
  5. Downvoting your attempts to derail every alt-right thread and downvoting your passive-aggressiveness.
  6. https://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2018/09/08/medical-school/ Choose your doctor carefully.
  7. A mic cucking so epic Alex Jones would be proud. We got to learn about hypergamy without hearing any of Rollo's suggestions for degenerate r-selected behavior. Masterfully done.
  8. ticketyboo

    Finally dating someone awesome

    What do her parents say? Here's a wild guess: she's a daughter of a single mom or she has daddy issues. If true, neither one is an automatic deal-breaker. You just need to be aware of how that will affect her behavior and your relationship.
  9. I think the real challenge is that Western culture has so dominated the globe that everyone copies Westerners sufficiently well. They speak Western languages (English, mostly), wear Western clothes, use Western technology, and become part of Western institutions. This is from an American perspective, but everyone learning English has allowed foreigners to come in and get jobs (or welfare) and generally LARP as a Westerner. The elites love this, because it gives them access to more cheap labor, tax livestock, and cheap votes. The language barrier was the greatest barrier to just replacing the people. Immigration is becoming colonization. And so the alt-right rises. Here's another challenge: the "white" race and "white" culture don't exist. Anglo-Saxon culture exists. Italian culture exists. Irish culture exists. French culture exists. "White"? That's not even a thing. Do you think I want a bunch of corrupt Italians running my nice, high-trust, law-abiding Anglo-Saxon civilization? Hell, no. Or Russians? I shudder to think. But all are "white". "White" was a fiction created to support early immigration into the US. "White" does not exist in Europe. Americans are doubly screwed by their own propaganda. "What it means to be white"? The problem is that it doesn't mean anything.
  10. This is r vs. K strategy. You are suggesting the r strategy, which works in an r-selected environment, but fails in a K-selected environment. The West is heavily r-selected right now.
  11. Nice try at an insult. Big words coming from a guy who can't figure out if someone is actually replying to his posts. It wasn't a try at an insult. It was a statement of fact. I don't see why you needed to bullshit about your IQ. And if your main goal is to pass on your genes then sacrificing yourself is going to lower the chances of that happening, because the longer you stay alive and healthy the longer you can spread you precious seed. On top of that females tend to not mate with males who appear to value them. Tribe members carry copies of the same genes, and women possess the only means to pass those genes forward in time (see the 99 babies rule above). So, you should throw yourself under a bus so that copies of your genes that are inside the women of your tribe can be reproduced. And of course, your own children will have copies of your genes. This is why society is organized the way it is. This is why men throw themselves under that bus. This is what the original poster means by "doing your highest or first duty to humanity". I'm not saying I 100% agree with the sentiment expressed by the original poster, but I do understand it. I'm not even considering the moral aspect.
  12. ticketyboo

    Seeking advice for my blog

    http://a.co/d/2J5Aq6g The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, And Hitchens by Vox Day I've linked to works both for and against atheism and Christianity. You need to at least address pre-established work in your topic of interest. Or you're not a serious player.
  13. 99 men and 1 woman means 1 baby. 99 women and 1 man means 99 babies. [In a single 9 month period.] Men will throw themselves under a bus to protect their women and their tribe in order to pass on some of their genes and their tribe's genes. Hence the argument that men and women are not equal, because they do not have equal value when it comes to survival of the tribe or the human species.
  14. ticketyboo

    Seeking advice for my blog

    https://freedomainradio.com/free/#atg Against the Gods? A Concise Guide to Atheism and Agnosticism by Stefan Molyneux
  15. This doesn’t fit my anectodal life experience. At all. So from my subjective standpoint it has no validity. But for the sake of argument let’s assume that he is correct. Why would I care? What’s in it for me? You get to pass your genes onto the next generation.

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