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  1. barebones

    SM on IQ

    Kudos to Molyneux, a brave man! His YouTube long overdue presentations on the topics of IQ and IQ and assimilation are greatly appreciated by me. I'm sure much research is and has been done on the issues but seems to exist in relative secrecy. Especially interesting, would be mapping both individual and group behavior patterns to IQ. Epigenetics is another area that needs more exposure.
  2. barebones

    Shoot to kill, how many people can do it.

    This interesting. A few months ago, I was in an indoor range that also trains people to qualify for concealed carry permits. I couldn't help myself. I asked one of the instructors if they also include instruction on how to psychologically prepare a candidate on the ABC's of deliberately killing another human being. While the current level of personal safety that we enjoy in our society persists, the thought of killing another human is alien to most of the population. As things become dire, any hesitation will eventually disappear. To commit homicide or not is decided by the perceived level of threat. A soldier engaged in battle might hesitate to kill by depending on comrades to be doing the job. A soldier alone might relish the benefits of homicide.
  3. The Problem: ".....I now want to be extra careful that my replies and posts are unassailable, concise, and convincing." This is not casual conversation! Concise - easy.No explanation necessary. Unassailable - Harder. It's all in the Presentation and References. Proposition. Substantiation. Conclusion. Convincing - Really Hard! In this informational and psychological poisoned society in which we now live, it's becoming much more difficult to find people who are logically focused. The Presentation should be bound by definitions and facts that may be debated. Unfortunately, during discussions, the definitions and facts can mutate by associations and minimize or even defy any meaningful conclusion. Now, whenever reviewing a rebuttal, if it's objective, you may have a chance at conversion, else if it's subjective, delusion or dumb is likely involved so have fun and be polite. It's the PC thing to do!
  4. I was in the computer business for over 40 years, most as an independent contractor. I've done it all! I retired about 15 years ago. Here's my advice to save you heartache and money: Forget programmers for now. Find a marketer to determine feasibility. Build a business plan. Hire or partner with a person with system design skills so that future extensions are seamless. Then hire a programmer. I wish you much luck.
  5. barebones

    You're Too Smart for Therapy

    Okay, 'kay! Here's the thing........ Many, many years ago, I suffered a trauma that seemed to embody all the difficulties and frustrations that I had endured in my life to that point. I was in some state of shock. I tried getting some "professional" help. Unfortunately, this was the time when a psychology degree didn't get nor deserve much respect ... much like the sociology spin-offs today, thus I was compelled to go it alone. I took about a year-and-a-half to work my problems through. I had lots of issues to sort through. I'll spare you the details and jump to the conclusions: 1. The world is a most wonderful place full of things to do and discover. 2. Social inventions restrict choices by conditioning people to comply with established memes and preferred behaviors. Worse, society defines right and wrong, self image, goals, compliance, etc. Worsest, social conditioning dictates the emotion to evoke when something "improper" occurs. People comply because of sloth, ignorance, conditioning, and irresponsibility. A friend of mine defined this as "Lack of scope". 3. Self-destructive emotions hate, anger, embarrassment, fear, panic, offense, apathy, etc. These feelings must not persist but must extinguish quickly. 4. The ability to approach problems with a good sense of humor is necessary. 5. One must be free from the foibles of friends and family past and present. 6. One must look at the new day without prejudice, but rather as a bit of drudge and a new adventure. 7. Consider that the mind-mender from whom you might seek help is under the same social conditioning that's causing your problem, and most likely cure you with compliance! 8. Lastly, from an old NatLamp allegory: "Disgusting is in the mind of the beholder".
  6. So, the US "sandwich coin" was the funding for L. B. J.'s great society! Just caught on! In 1964, when I was driving cab in Boston, I experienced Greshem's law first hand with US "sandwich coins".. When I was a kid, I had a G. C. Merriam that 'most always opened to Greshem's Law - Recto bottom right. I paraphrase: When there are two coins of equal extrinsic value, the one with the greatest intrinsic value tends to be hoarded! Who'd 'a thought ........ Gresham's Law twice in a lifetime!
  7. I refer you to UPENN Phila and Ragini Verma et al. and an MRI study revealing thought pattern differences between males and females. Post-pubescent female thinking changes (due to hormonal expression?) by diminishing left hemisphere processing and increasing right hemisphere activity. This may account for female clustering around 100. It would seem then, that women are less represented in the higher IQs, but thank you, there are fewer female idiots! Consider Sweden and Germany and the reluctance of rape victims to file a report because the muslim offenders are so pathetic! Consider the US pre-19th, female enfranchisement (and eventually driver's licenses) and the increase in emotionally promoted legal considerations and entitlements. Don't read me incorrectly, Ladies are wonderful and are sometimes innovative problem solvers, but human dimorphism exists for a reason.
  8. barebones

    Can physical objects be "concepts?"

    A Concept is a description of something that may embody many instantiations and other concepts. An instantiation is a particular realization of a concept. Examples: Concept - Recording Tool. A device used to create a semi-permanent mnemonic for future reference. Instantiations - A piece of coal. A camera. Concept - Government. A device that may coerce behavior(s) on other device(s}. Instantiations - Engine speed regulator on a lawnmower. Mom. Contained Concept - Neofeudalism. To answer the question: "Just looking for some insight here. I was in a discussion, and said something to the effect of 'you have a concept of chocolate, or a concept of a car or some physical object'." Chocolate as well as referring to "some physical object" are instantiations and not concepts. Car, on the other hand, can take any number of forms and is a concept. Just my musings. Hope it helps.

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