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  1. NEED YOUR HELP - Body image podcast

    http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/896/weight-and-philosophy http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/1230/overeating-willpower-addiction-family-convo http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/2375/freedomain-radio-call-in-show-5-may-2013 @ 50:50 I feel like there was a bronze or silver donator podcast that was on this subject but I can't find it at the moment. Good luck!
  2. Might you date this person?

    And based on all you've said, what do you think?
  3. Might you date this person?

    You haven't said anything about what she thinks of her past relationships in hindsight. Does she know what she did wrong to cause the problems in the relationship and the selection of the men? Any self-knowledge or therapy?
  4. Desperate for any advice on what to do next...

    How about we hear from OP?
  5. Desperate for any advice on what to do next...

    Agreed. Could probably still manage to get a job in construction (even day labor - just make sure you're not going to get shafted) if you're in decent shape. With some brains, you could move up quickly and potentially make decent money. The "buy low sell high" strategy could work if you have an inside scoop on the occasional real estate deal and access to cheap labor to improve shitty houses.
  6. May I suggest you read The Surrendered Single and First, Kill all the Marriage Coinselors by Laura Doyle. Sorry if I'm repeating myself. I didn't see where you replied to my first message so maybe it got overlooked.
  7. I'm not able to send you a private message! I think you need a certain number of posts before that feature is enabled. Quote or tag me here if and when you have qualified. Welcome!! and good luck. I second the suggestions Livefree has given.
  8. How do I know that Judeo-Christian archetypes are not universal? Have you seen what brown people are up to lately? Besides, wouldn't it be up to the universalizer to show it is universal, and not the reverse?
  9. Caution not to extrapolate Western Judaeo-Christian archetypes as universal values.
  10. I agree, and it seems like you are scared of rejecting your girlfriend and repeating your dad's patterns, but also afraid of accepting yourself the way you need to in order to accept her. Then there is further not knowing whether that is the right thing to do...It may only seem that way because you are either avoiding or replicating your dad's patterns. But you need a better heuristic than that to decide whether to commit to her. You have to move past the decision of whether to do what he does or the opposite of what he does. You have to think for yourself.
  11. nerves around women

    Yes, being nervous around a woman is a compliment, and women love being complimented. This is enough incentive to get you on the first date. From there, you will have to bring more to the table than nerves and compliments. But it is at least a Foot in the door.
  12. I Don't Know How These Things Go, Or Do I? (Nice Girl)

    I haven't read everything, but just to add my two cents as a single woman, actively dating. If she was flirting with you actively--which it sounds like she was--and then you went back to exercising separately without asking her out, she was probably disappointed and embarrassed that apparently you didn't like her as much as she thought you did. Because if you did, you would've asked her phone number or tried to arrange a date.
  13. Yes this is totally backwards! A lady putting up a profile online is just this century's version of dressing up and walking the boardwalk with your girlfriends. Guys should definitely still make the first move, if at all possible. Ladies can definitely make hints however. Like "I wish a guy like you would ask me out." But never ask him out on a date.
  14. You gentlemen have exercised enormous patience with someone who appears to be deliberately dense on a completely understandable point.

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