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  1. The Universe is the creator

    In relation to languages? A language is inseperable from the manner in which the native speakers think, feel and act. You don't have to do all that yourself, but you have to understand how and why they are the way they are. When you stumble upon a foreign concept that you know to be non-translatable into your own culture, that's when you know you are learning.
  2. The Universe is the creator

    1. I like to do that too. 2. You should be suspicious if you are so comfortable in your beliefs. 3. I am a sucker for simplicity as well. Complex reality clearly has to be optimised for our cerebral video card. Video cards are not created equal though. 4. In school, I used to do a lot of calculations in my head, for which my teachers deducted points reasoning "I am not scoring your answers, I am checking your process. And I cannot do that if you don't write it down. In science, everything needs to be written down." 5. e=mcc seems simple enough. Doesn't mean we get it. 6. What's wrong with infighting? 7. Yeah? So what did they say? 8. So what did they say? 9. Here I know you haven't been outside the Judeo-Christian bubble. No. The ten commandments were never common sense, but in fact revolutionary when they were first introduced, and are still uncommon in the world outside Christendom. When a buddhist tells you not to kill, he means something entirely different that is lost in translation as he tries to convey it to you, unless you know ancient sanskrit of course. Priests study ancient Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin because they need to know what exactly the writers meant to have said, and they cannot do that only knowing modern English. What seems to be completely common sense to you is not directly translatable to other cultures. Your wisdom may still retain some of its original meaning if I put it in French or Dutch, but will sound hilarious no matter how I would try to say it in any of the easten languages for example. Here is an exercise to prove my point. Ask your friends to define the act of "STEALING". You may notice that even amongst people with the same native language as yours, you cannot come to an agreement. Then learn Japanese and ask people in Japan. (I do mean LEARN it; not the way americans "learn" Spanish.)
  3. 1. I don't think anyone can escape from the Chinese government within China. The CCP is a totalitarian government, but I don't need to tell you that. Belize is also a terrible example for reasons obvious. My own example would have been worth responding to, even though you decided to ignore it. 2. You just made a very compelling argument against AnCap. Are you saying whether countries are big or small, it doesn't matter because they will be controlled by government anyway? I say the MORE governments the better. Then at least some of us may be doing it right instead of all of us stumbling down the same path to hell or heaven with 50-50 odds. Multiple governments spread the risk. The smallest government being the head of the family unit of course. 3. Clearly I will remain uninformed since you missed the opportunity to enlighten me. 4. You missed my entire point, but whatever... let's focus on that. Trump is the executive of the country, and he has every power invested in him to secure the border. I don't doubt he wants to secure the border, so all I can do is attribute his failiure to inability. There is also proof of the Americans' willingness, since there already is a sort-of border barrier there, it's just completely ineffective due to incompetence. I can only look at the evidence, and I don't see lack of intent (Trump's election is also proof of intent), but if you can magically read the heart of America, then I suppose you are right. Before you insult my intelligence and smarts again, I will have you know that by age 20, I had sat at a table with 7 seasoned Jesuits, discussing geopolitics and philosophy in French and German simultaneously. Please treat me with the same respect that I do you. I come here to learn, not to be told without basis that I am wrong.
  4. Dating today

    I have to support your anecdotal evidence by my anecdotal evidence. At some point a stack of anecdoatal evidences have to become statistics, right? if I hadn't met my mother, I wouldn't believe there were women who didn't care about money. My mother had begun supporting herself when she was 18, so she is clearly not fiscally illiterate. She then devoted years of her life studying, spreading the Truth basically for free, because her target audience was dirt poor. The she married a man who was essentially a beggar in the beginning, but had a backbone of steel... Which evidently was what attracted my mother. I think Jsbrads is complaining about modern western women, which is completely fair, as in my estimation, western women are indeed mostly trash. There are however quality women, and I think you are willfullly ignorant if you don't know where to look for them: Church (or Mosque in fact). I don't know your values, maybe you claim to be an intellect-worshipping humanist, or a secular liberal; then I would say you have no reason to complain about your options, since these women are your product. In a society without an absolutist moral code, there will be no moral absolutists. Without abstract values, people opt to tangible values, which are material, and all which are measured by money.
  5. 1. Though all true, it would be impossible/pointless to normalise for indoctrination as of now because it roughly coincides with real education. The education system with the most leftist indoctrination would be one of the nordic countries, all of which also happen to be objectively decent at education. Physics, biology, geology are all dominated by danes and swedes. There are indeed a few countries who have gone off the edge with their leftism and took education with them, but even such countries, like China and Cuba, are masters in some fields. 2. Yes, people have been complaining about misleading stats, and I am well aware of all of it. Unfortunately, I cannot do better than this. And the very least I may have done is start a conversation based on SOME data, instead of just utopistic dreaming, something that many ancaps like to do. 3. If I had wanted to be truly free, I would have gone to the pcountry with the least population density, and which is also relatively safe from invasion. Nearly a third of Mongolia's population is living the ancap dream: essentially off the grid, in the middle of nowhere, riding cars with no speed limit, doing whatever the hell they please. Even if the police tried to look for you, you would be nearly impossible to find, because you keep moving every season from one place in the middle of nowehere to the next place in the middle of nowhere. It's a tough life, but it is the freest life I know exists. Despite this, I did not place Mongolia on the list, because this is not data, but anecdotes. 4. There were 30 countries in the entire world back in 1914. 30! Some thought it will only get less from there. Now there are over 200 and counting. Even though we are all in the cultural shadow of America, China, Russia and the EU, in essence there are more options now than there were a century ago. The way I see it is that global power is on a decentralising trend, and the globalists are in full panic mode. The EU was basically all of their chips, and I think they bet wrong, as demonstrated by the V4. Even America cannot project power effectively anymore, which is a shock to all of us because they are on paper by far the biggest force the world has ever seen. They can't even defend their own borders. Open to arguments as always.
  6. This is a good one. I'll expand the question a bit. What is the method of determining whether someone is self-responsible legally, morally, biologically, mentally and in other ways? As far as my knowledge goes, it seems uncomfortably arbitrary the way we do it in our species.
  7. Thanks for sharing. There are currently towns in Western Europe where the fences around people's homes are literally 10cm tall, and people often just don't bother locking their doors. In such places have the EU politicians planted migrant camps since 2015, and the air is changing drastically. I currently work in such an area, and since a few weeks ago, I have been instructed by my superiors to not let my female colleagues go out alone, for there was a rape/murder committed recently. Despite such drastic changes, people have yet to wake up. Especially the women, they have been so spoiled by the welfare state, by wonder woman propaganda and by western men, that their sense of danger and survival has been completely dulled. They go out partying at night, wearing red mini-skirts, blonde-dyed hair, high-heeled boots and such a pretentious attitude towards life that one would rightfully assume they were time-travelling street girls from the 80s. Make no mistake however, as Eastern Europe are going down the same path. Were it not for the veterans of socialism, the millenials would have already committed cultural suicide as well. Let's hope generation-Z turns out alright.
  8. 1. I have already made a scientific comparison of the freest countries. Feel free to check it out. A) You are going to have to give me more than just anecdotes and sentimentalism. I think you just believe that because you are an anglophone. The best works that I have read on freedom were all originally in latin or italian. The first GLOBAL abolishion of slavery was in 1537: Pope Paul III forbids slavery of the indigenous peoples of the Americas as well as of any other new population that would be discovered, indicating their right to freedom and property (Sublimis Deus) Americans were pretty late to the party. B) I get that you love your freedom. It is just sad that you took it away from everyone else. (I acknowledge only 2 success stories of freedom crusade) C) My concern exactly. D) Well... If I wanted to speak my mind, america is not the place I would pick. E) Here is where you are uninformed. The ÖVP have won a massive victory, and are leading the country towards V4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austrian_legislative_election,_2017 That's not even mentioning the back-and-forth state of Ireland, the silent nationalism of Switzerland, and Luxembourg the hypocrite. Or are these not Western European? Please don't be Ignoramus Americanus. 2. Whatever he did was in the end a failiure anyway, so I don't know why we are even arguing over it. Almost all of the freedoms won by the american revolution had been lost within the proceeding 50 years. Just as it was with the French Revolution, your revolution ultimately failed. I don't think you can deny this. Australia, who stayed under the crown, are by now far more free than the US. To go further, some provinces of Canada are freer than most US states. 3. Awfully familiar words... Did uncle Lenin say something like this back in 1921?
  9. Very well. Everyhing that looks even REMOTELY NICE in the world was built under not only monarchy, but absolute monarchy. As we know, architecture is the expression of the soul of a country.
  10. I suggest putting the replacement of religious holidays to the UPB test. If everyone in a society suddenly gave up religious holidays, what would happen? Hedonistic festivals of Netherlands and Sweden? Morbid gluttonistic gatherings of Japan and China? Petty and sour family dinner conversations of France and Czechia? Materialistic Christmas markets with a pinch of truck attacks of Germany and England? ...Or maybe you could go to midnight mass, light a candle, enjoy listening to the hopefully angelic latin songs, sitting on the freezing benches beside your fellow peasant stumbling through life, spending a couple hours empathising with a dead guy on a torture device, and being glad that you are not in an atheist shithole.... Just a thought.
  11. Are you really willing to do this with me? Would you risk the possibility of finding out that you just made a stupid claim without know anything about monarchy? https://board.freedomainradio.com/topic/49464-debating-monarchy/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-453810
  12. Nation states are only abstract entities. Monarchy is the only potentially legitimate form of government, because it is based on private property.
  13. 1. I don't think the math is clear on which country is freer than the other, which is why it is worthy of discussion. According to my estimation, it's either Switzerland or New Zealand that is the freest. I would say the Vatican is the freest, but I understand why one would object. The obsession with liberty is definitely an american thing, I grant you that. The German value system does not emphasise liberty that much. It is also true that the obsession with free will is uniquely a christian thing, and therefore it's quite clear why the japanese don't even have a word for liberty. But it is unfair to say that the discussion has not flourished in other languages. As I said, the French have a thing for liberty, though they may mean something different by it, and the Swiss too, who fought a civil war over liberty just like you did (I already directed you to the swiss constitution). I only speak French and German, so I cannot comment on other cultures. It is also worth noting that even anglophones do not agree on what liberty really is. You can ask any two people from two anglophone countries to define liberty, and they will give you radically different answers. There is an argument to be made that the current popular interpretation of liberty by the americans is not quite healthy, leaning more towards freedom worship than the respect for free will. I am open to having this argument. Alles in Österreich ist verboten = Everything is Austria is vorbidden (hyperbole, but true) 2. Your example still makes my point, not yours, I think. 3. This is what I was talking about a while ago. Libertarianism is very appealing to me, but unfortunately it hasn't been implemented yet, not even on a small scale. If we were to implement it in a large superpower like the USA, it can very well end ugly, just like Russia did with their experiment, and it will not only be the americans who will suffer, but literally everyone else too. There is reason to believe that libertarianism is even more incompatible with human nature than communism is. 4. I am hard at work currently studying the policies of Luxembourg, Switzerland and Ireland on how they keep stealing all the best minds from the world. No matter what you say about the USA, it is no longer near the top freest countries in the world, and the evidence is there. 5. Thanks. I love learning on FDR, but the occasional hostility of members is a repellant to many, including me by now.
  14. 1. I can live disagreeing with you on this. 2. I think you are a smart guy, and I don't mean to insult you, but that is a very weak argument. What does it mean that the language of liberty was written in english? The word "liberty" itself is Latin imported from French. And maybe you should check out the old Swiss Constitution; it already includes all of the values that the americans claim to have discovered 500 years afterwards. It was written in Latin by the way. 3. Thomas Paine was English, not American, and he went to America as an adult. If he held the attitude that you propagate, he would have begun his quest in England. Instead, he took my advice, and started his project where there was the most possibility of success. 4. We are all free-marketers here. If America is not worthy of the greatest minds anymore, like it used to be, then it deserves to lose them. America does not agree with you - Every invention worth mentioning that came from America was created by escapists; either by Germans, by Jews, or by German Jews. Who is the passive-aggressive asshole downvoting my posts? It's not an argument.
  15. I didn't miss your point. Wouldn't you agree that you can only create it where there is already a lot of liberty? That is why he went to America first, is it not? Are the first american pioneers just escapists? Are north korean refugees just escapists? Are zionists just escapists?

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