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  1. def a long term goal! like some have said, it could be a 200 year process. nobody is quite sure on the best course of action. We can't really see the results of what we do in real-time at this juncture. i'm of the opinion that building up our morality again is a good starting point. So I chip away where I can. Spreading good philosophy. Strategic political action. Agorism. If you've got ideas, i'm open!
  2. I would like a place to find rightist FRIENDS so my wife and I can sit and have a wine with someone who wouldn't put us in a gulag.
  3. I agree. Ive had good results calling them racist sexist etc. Its the ONLY thing they care about.
  4. "Many lines of evidence demonstrate that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, are primarily responsible for the observed climate changes over the last 15 decades. There are no alternative explanations. There are no apparent natural cycles in the observational record that can explain the recent changes in climate (e.g., PAGES 2K 2013; Marcott et al. 2013). In addition, natural cycles within the Earth’s climate system can only redistribute heat; they cannot be responsible for the observed increase in the overall heat content of the climate system (Church et al. 2011). Internal variability, alternative explanations, or even unknown forcing factors cannot explain the majority of the observed changes in climate (Anderson et al. 2012)."
  5. I was so fired up about it on the day I posted it, but now not so much either. Thanks for the responses, btw! I will say that maybe one takeaway could be that asking a person to define their morality for you can have interesting effects on the conversation. Kind of like stopping for definitions at the beginning of a debate. If a person is accusing you of supporting something that is "wrong," it might be worthwhile to stop and say "ok, before we continue, you'll have to explain for me your personal moral system, because your definition of wrong may differ from mine." Odds are they've not nailed down that area, or have a system incompatible with yours. Either way opens up many doors for conversation. Interesting. I would define leftism as irrational as it's fulfillment, collectivism, relies on people acting against their own self-interest. I think someone who is mostly rational but left leaning has not fully embraced the ideology. I define the right as an ideology whose fulfillment must be anarchy. So those on the right who aren't anarchists are irrational to that extent. I admit, that sounds pretty extreme.
  6. Question 2: Hoppe's A Short History of Man has a great account of how morality came about. Not sure anymore how evidence-based it is. It's worth a re-read for sure. I think the gist is that we were hunter-gatherers, and very animal-like, but we were so good at it, that we stripped the lands very easily. The solution was to stop hunting and start working the land. They found the best way to do this was to recognize property rights and have family units. And basic western moral code clearly stems from property rights.
  7. Sorry but that's not an argument. And seriously, calling a sincere post "stupid?" You're not living up to your avatar.
  8. I mean there are a ton of youtube clones out there. But you won't see the NEWTUBE so to speak until the prime content creators out there now get fed up and organically do their own exodus. Whatever site they gravitate to will be a function of the climate at the time. It feels like one of those situations where once you stop watching the still water for a while, you come back and it's been boiling. One day we will wake up and the youtubers will be pointing us to a new site or even a new concept altogether.
  9. which brings me to my next idea, ejaculation-based hosting. i think stef would do quite well.
  10. FREE MARKET BABY!! we just need a new business model. with the success of patrion filling the pay gap for demonitized youtubers, why not have a donation based video host? maybe something is free on a trial basis, and if users like the videos, they can donate directly in the app rather than going to patrion, and then eventually the tuber has to pay a hosting fee for their storage and traffic, but it's ok, because they are making donation money now. combine that with advertisers and voilà?!
  11. just gimme the damn youtube alternative already
  12. Thanks guys. Very helpful ideas. I definitely have some work to do in this area. I agree it is connected to childhood experiences, some I can remember and some not. And some I have confronted, and some not.
  13. damages = you put the person in an unconscious state against their will conceiving a child = bringing a human into the world against their will a person in a coma = not a moral agent while unconscious, but will be a moral agent when they wake up fetus = not a moral agent while too young, but will be when they come out and age enough
  14. While it is a natural phase: The child feels the need to throw the training wheels off. Or to express themselves. I think we find ourselves, as a society, putting A TON of blame on this "phase" for a whole range of dysfunctional behavior. I'm still learning about it, but it seems like there's this idea from the Frankfurt School types, that says parents are bad, and that kids should "reinvent the wheel." The real culprit is bad parenting. Divorce plays a huge role, but it can be any situation where the child loses trust in their parents' ability to help them build a good life. I can't imagine Stef's kid going out and vandalizing, or getting full sleeve tattoos, or even becoming an aggressive angsty music fan. That's not an argument per se, but I've seen the non-rebellious kids first hand as well. I grew up from in a broken home, and shielded from the healthy kids in a way. I thought it was normal for one to have zero regard for their parents' ideas and lessons. I remember being really surprised when I saw other kids that had very loving relationships with their mothers, but were also not weaklings. I think I could probably say a lot more. On a certain level, this topic is massively important to me.