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  1. RamynKing

    Female leg hair

    Revisiting this thread after my thoughts have stewed a bit... A young, healthy woman in a full long dress still exudes all the qualities necessary to fulfill ALL of a man's evolutionary physical desires. If a man doesn't notice that this covered-up woman is still young and healthy, he isn't very competitive. Plenty of better men will be able to go behind him and scoop her up, knowing full well that the sex will be great once that dress is off, and she will be fertile, and bear strong offspring. If there's some bothersome hair, it can be dealt with in the course of the marriage. (Not talking about virtue here, to be clear. Virtue should ultimately be the larger slice of the qualities pie.) Therefore, if a woman has to present as more hairless, it points to R-selection. She's got to uncover her body and advertise sexual availability with exposed skin, and yea, that exposed skin will probably look more presentable if shaved. If she's using the body as a lure, she's breaking abstinence solidarity, destroying the institution of marriage and all the rest. Shifting society away from k-selection. None of this is new, I've just added leg hair into the mix. I think a big stumbling point on this topic is that a lot of people on the right also buy into the mainstream beauty paradigm, and get defensive when their own decisions are challenged. The mainstream is R-selection. We have to try and turn it around in every way we can, and this is part of it.
  2. What do you guys think of this stuff? Jewish Cain, Abel and Seth were stolen from Osiris, Set and Horus8 The conflict between Cain and Abel was stolen from Set and Osiris and as the story goes on, it is later based upon the Sumerian Dumuzi and Enkimdu 9 ¹ 101 Myths of the Bible by Gary Greenburg © 2000 pages 3-24 8 Ibid, page 9 9 Ibid, pages 68-69
  3. I think the hype is always used to sell people on dome idea or thing. You can tell its just hype if the implication is that a massive event is about to happen, and moreso if an easy fix is also presented. The reality is that society ends with a torturously slow grind to the grave. Good things are eroded away one grain at a time. The living won't viscerally feel the subtle changes (unless you have a socialist the dictator..), but we are marching down the continuum nonetheless. To attempt to change this could be like punching a wave in the ocean. You might stop some water, but a million gallons are still crashing past you unbothered. In order to stop the waves, you have to change the current that causes them, first calming the waters, and then sending the waves in the opposite direction altogether. So if society is in decline, maybe the solution lies not in dealing with all the symptoms, but in restoring similar conditions to when we were on the uptick. I'm still exploring this myself, but thats where i'm at.
  4. RamynKing

    Female leg hair

    I think its a little different than makeup. Makeup covers the obvious facial things that come with aging. If an older woman shaves her legs she might actually reveal veins, so thats odd. A young woman has little need for makeup, some may put on a little for fun. but they militantly insist on being hairless. Why? Young women are not in danger of being mistaken for infertile.
  5. one problem is that the left can have it all. They get abortions to enable their degeneracy, and the import migrants to keep their vote stacked. Eventually maybe the left will be all Hispanic and muslim, two groups who still have breeding spirit. Then you might see more perma blue states
  6. I don't understand disgust about hairy legs on women. Someone please fill me in? Didn't the trend of shaving come along with the modern paradigm of degeneracy? Serious question! My wife let's hers grow after I said i see nothing wrong with it. But she gets so much ridicule from leftists and rightists. Why?
  7. RamynKing

    the problem with tax as theft

  8. RamynKing

    A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    Actually I'm fully on board with the love-it-or-leave-it argument. Show me a place on this earth where I can homestead land and never be taxed against my will, and of course have the freedom to defend my land how I see fit. Show me the place free of Government thuggery, and I'll show you a legion of men ready to pack up and go, and my family wouldn't be far behind. People would travel at a great cost to get to such a place. The fact is, there is no place like that. Because as soon as it was allowed to happen would be the end of the whole government paradigm. The reason governments claim all lands is to maintain the illusion that government must always be at the root of society.
  9. RamynKing

    A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    Wow! Thanks for signing up to post in this thread! Would it be fair to say that you are a socialist? Could you expand a bit on that last point, about what you think is actually a problem, and what to do about it?
  10. RamynKing

    A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    If you receive more tax money than you paid out, its still theft. You've just become a looter yourself.
  11. RamynKing

    A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    is it bad etiquette to agree with you, but also advance a metaphor just for the hell of it? i wake up with my arm in bandages, and i find a note that reads: "sorry i cut your skin off, but you'll be happy to find i made you a very unique lampshade from it. happy birthday!" ~~also~~ how many times do i have to see the same flawed argument against the NAP??????????????? the one that goes "but sometimes we have to agress on property in order to save our own lives etc, therefore you can shoot me? the NAP is barbaric!" Holy hell, if you are coming in here expecting folks to constantly defend obvious stuff like "Taxation is theft," then you might just be an enemy of the west or something. one of those nitpickers that stef warns about from time to time. look it up!
  12. RamynKing

    The Art of the Argument

    Got my print copy! The cover is so compelling. The content is very detailed. I am hoping to learn how to take Leftist logical fallacies and turn those into points for winning debates. (I didn't do this, but...) It's activism. I sometimes do it with Youtube videos. If a high rating means good information gets out there to redpill more people, I don't really care if the book isn't an objective 5-stars. Hell, a 3-star read that saves the west, I wish I could give something like that a FRILLION stars.
  13. RamynKing

    The Art of the Argument

    hopefully mine arrives soon. so excited! the concept almost seems like a tautology: "the solution to people being unwilling to debate is teaching them how to debate properly."
  14. to the jazz musician: let's work together! message me

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