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  1. r/K selection

    If YOU, say so. Given that wolves cover a large area and rabbits stick to warrens. I can't see why rabbits being territorial, with other rabbits, should not have a high in group preference. Where as wolves or say horses that cover a large area should not have a low in group preference to avoid inbreeding. Makes me think of the video Tommy Robinson did with Stefan mentioning middle class households in Britain generally not giving a shit. The diversity of accents in Britain was/is pretty vast. Conservative people may like to think they have high in group preference, look at all we have done, our history etc, charity starts at home etc, but largely they are BS-ing themselves. Contrast that with the left "the teamplayers". Life goes on. A man becomes preeminent, he's expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms... Enthusiasms... What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? [grabs a baseball bat] Baseball! A man stands alone at the plate. This is the time for what? For individual achievement. There he stands alone. But in the field, what? Part of a team. Teamwork.... Looks, throws, catches, hustles - part of one big team. Bats himself the live-long day, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and so on. If his team don't field... what is he? You follow me? No one! Sunny day, the stands are full of fans. What does he have to say? "I'm goin' out there for myself. But... I get nowhere unless the team wins." [Beats his henchman to death with his bat] The Untouchables. Go Team...
  2. @Hubot Yeah looks pretty accurate to what the Mustache guy said, thought I'd listen to an audiobook version. Sounded so comedic in nature, could have thought it was the other German Mustache guy at one point. Do you agree with what Nietzsche said? Seemed to have a collective ego vibe going about the book. What use is morality if it is ultimately used to enforce social norms for the sake of the collective, even if the sum of those norms is destructive and life destroying. In opposition to a Schoppemhauer negation of the will.
  3. Consigning God to the Dustbin

    Would you say that there is a finite amount of matter though in existence? If so, why should there not be any particular order to it, i.e chaos? (in the beginning there was darkness) Why given another form of disorder/chaos (chance)(Let there be light) should there not be order formed from two types of chaos. Kind of like 2 negatives making a positive. Would you equate structure to order, if not what would you say is the distinction? Though does time increase like a balloon? or is it like some form of continium stretching out to eternity. Maybe entropy varies as matter interacts, perhaps varying forms of consciousness provides a way of counteracting entropy as uncertainty is partially resolved is consciousness. Given uncertainty i.e chance, winding back time is impossible, as micro affects would make it impossible to determine emergent phenomena, although consciousness & memory allows some "rough" winding back of time. "We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back our memories...And those that carry us forward, our dreams." - The Time Machine (2002) So instead of God, why not start a society called the Vulcans or something. What is the Logos how does one bring it into existence? Is it merely through truthful speech? What about truthful expression? Was listening to Geanology of Morals as another member had mentioned the book and I remember Nietzche referencing even the Greek God Zeus being subject to chance. My point being that with uncertainty, how does the Logos or Judeo-Christian God reign supreme and wouldn't this is turn destroy freewill? Unless God is outside of spacetime, different universe.
  4. Really, do tell? Yeah probably monitor most politically inclined forums. I wonder if there's any grandplan behind it all. 1)Cull the population. Reasonable. 2)Cause mayhem for the sake of it. Potentially fun for a while, though ultimately self destructive and finally lame. 3)Control people to make themselves feel better. Lame 4)Bribery and Corruption from Middle East and China. Leading ultimately to Western Genocide. Reasonable, but boring. 5)No grandplan. Just indulge base lusts through BS moral justification. 6)Something I missed?
  5. r/K selection

    I think Gremlins would be a better analogy for r rather than rabbits. Still only analogies though.........
  6. r/K selection

    Cashing in with word salad. Oh look at "me" these are the conservative pundits that have said things about r/K now buy my book. SAVE AMERICA!!!!
  7. r/K selection

    @Will 001 At least Darwin had the balls to publish his name, kind of hard to talk about someone when you don't know their name. There was actually a scientist before Darwin that developed an evolutionary theory, but was not acknowledged, heard it from listening to "A history of Western Philosophy". Conservative psychology in the populace – since the wolves are the only psychology which is capable of weathering the storm produced by the rabbit Must be some viscious rabbits, as the rabbits seem to be emasculating the wolves.
  8. r/K selection

    So, because you say so? Conservatives are losing so how does it make it "seminal"? The second defintion of seminal may be more appropriate. I mean I guess Japan could be considered K. But their history is kind of messed up with rapid technological development.
  9. r/K selection

    How do you know you're not confused? The conservatives are typically losing, so why are you taking some annoymous ones advice? What is a K-Selected country then, to give an example?
  10. r/K selection

    I disagree with in group preference due to genetic factors. Group selection only so far as bonds of trust can be formed between two people, not so much the drug induced connection between mother and child. I'd say they live below carrying capacity, in anticaption of changes in environmental conditions. Such as changes in temperature leading to poor crop yields. Or waiting to maturity of seed as with the Red Squirel vs the Grey Squirel eatting sooner, by deferral of the red squirel allowing an increase in future potential carrying capacity, rather then living at carrying capacity as you suggested. Where as r live at carrying capacity which are then checked by lack of resources or changes in the environment. Even though rabbits will not usally deplete vegatation due to predation, unless we are talking Australia(myxomatosis...) where there will not always be enough grass, or island rabbit colonies Is anti-competitive. Which is why in group preference is important. I mean that in the base biological sense and not through any social bonds of trust that may develop. I'm thinking of more southern european countries(Italy) or the middle east, where motherfu*ker is possibly not an insult.
  11. Incompatibilism

    Panpsychism (Leibnizian)- The Puppetmasters (1994) Universe. "You" are along for the ride and God is the Puppeteer. The "Best" of all worlds - Leibniz. Substance Dualism (Descarte)(Socrates)(Plato) - "Event Horizon", (1997) Universes. "Where we're going, we don't need eyes to see." Freewill is an Actuality. Moral Responsiblity is REAL!, everything you do here matters. "We are not of this World" - Vicktor Frankl. Neutral Monism - (Aristotle) (Nietzsche) - Oblivion. Freewill exists as a potentiality, the only earthly certainty is oblivion. Morality is BS, what matters is kinship (why Aristotle argues for Monarchy). Every action aims at the "Good" or else it is insanity. Pantheism - Solipsitic. The self is the only thing that exists "You are God!" and anything you do is fine. Tend towards Neutral Monism. I can't see how freewill is actual, unless in a Substance Dualistic Universes.
  12. Curious, what is the idea of God for people on the forum? After reading some of Aristotle I came to the conclusion that God is essentially chance. Without any empiricism, what essentially is the idea of God? Does anyone agree with me that God is Chance; or thinking of the movie Excalibur, "Fortuna". In an Atheistic denial of God. The term Atheist is problematic, I liken it to a kid being smoothered in strawberry juice, denying he has eaten any strawberries. So having despatched God, Goodfellas style. "Go get your f**king shinebox". The next step would be to dispose of "the evidence". How can one finally consign God to Oblivion, not to think of God as garbage, but less than that. There are people who supposedly have never had problems with conceiving of somekind of God or misplaced feeling, how fortunate I guess they are. Perhaps never having conceived of the possibility of some kind of God, they may hazard a guess, as to the madness of the many. "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?”
  13. People offended in the Netherlands

    Sounds like the "Circle of Trust" from the movie "Meet the Parents".
  14. People offended in the Netherlands

    “The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.” Proverbs 21:16 & A Pilgrims Progress. Heard it mentioned at the end of a PC Game Deus Ex Invisible War.

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