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  1. @EGreg I have been listening to Stefan for a while and I have never heard him say that he is Anarcho-capitalist. I have heard him say that Ludwig von Mises Austrian Economics is the most accurate explanation of economics. The later Rothbardian Anarcho-Capitalism became subtly(or not so subtly) political and undermined itself. Stefan Molyneux & Jordan Peterson "When you have an Ideology, you become small relative to that Ideology." Property: Private Property (Capitalism), Public Property (Socialism), Property (Ethics) or the Annihilation of Property as a concept all together (Enlightenment or "True" Communism). The problem with the later is it is often associated/correlated with mass bloodshed, it does not necessarily have to be so. NAP: Is not the whole truth. I do believe that UPB however is a reasonable methodology for fleshing out Ethics. I acknowledge your point that is possible to influence a persons mind without them being aware of it to deleterious effects, through the unconscious (imo), I know I have heard Stefan say that he believes in the John Locke (Tabula Rasa mind) similar to Ayn Rand. I believe this is incorrect and go with a priori knowledge and "unconscious mind" though Stefan has used the term unconscious so perhaps disagrees with a priori part. Not sure if Immanuel Kant said this because I heard it on a Youtube video that when it boils down to it, what counts is a person having "a Goodwill" or special faculty. I know Nietzsche ridiculed this and Stefan has criticised this as giving too much authority to people in positions of influence, contributing to WW1. Milton Friedman: There was/is a video of him on YouTube(before he died) saying basically he thought the Federal Reserve and Central banking was garbage(corrupt) and Rothbard was essentially right with gold backed currency. The State: Given demographics(Personalities "Gene sets" and I.Q) Stefan has argued more for the nightwatchmen state recently, "Plato's Noble Lie". During the Georgian period there was often a regency council in the background, given the relative craziness of the Monarchy, though that was eventually superseded by democracy and corporatism.
  2. @Gnostic Bishop Hello welcome to the forum. Yeah I don't tend to read religious writing literally either, although I think there are various passages from the Bible at least that have psychological value. Started a thread a while go for helpful passages from the Bible after seeing a lot of criticism, like to flip topics sometimes. That Jordan Peterson guy has been interesting on Youtube, but not quite the same amount of variety as Stefan, although talking about the Big 5 Personality Traits rather than a focus on IQ has been interesting. Don't really know much about Gnostic Christianity(novice opinion, looks like a perverted playing out of Daoism) just what's on Wikipedia, though can see that Demiurge is a Phallic Symbol, so masculine,"our Father". Islam has a symbol of the crescent moon so feminin. "Demiurge." (Meat and 2 Veg) Just seemed to me that Abel was perhaps being a dick, to have his brother kill him out of the blue in the Bible. Being made aware that on the Internet that there was a Kabalistic version/story/fleshing-out "The Penitence of Adam" which I glanced at. Kind of like superhero comics I guess. I mean Caine is generally seen as the bad guy, but would that have been so in just the old Testament? I mean equitable treatment does get blown out, with mass reprisals, then the flood. Should Caine have been like Jesus? Looks like a good way of being shafted, guess that's one way of killing your spirit or not. "If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them." Luke 6:29 "because you're mine I walk the line" - Johnny Cash. "Hassan Chop" - Hassan. Personally somewhere between Hassan and Johnny Cash, though I wonder about concepts such as "Enlightenment", or "The Monad". In the case of the Monad, whether it is "a thing in itself" which provides freewill,consciousness(God) or an expression of the unified reaction between the conscious and unconscious mind(Magic meat interaction) I have no way of knowing, so I agree with Carl Jung that psychological dualism is a mature way of considering things.
  3. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    @Philociraptor The Leopard doesn't change its spots argument? Good vs Evil - not a choice. I agree, sounds about right. Though there is a distinction to be made, between Bad and Evil. Instead I find Yin(Feminin, Dark, Taking, Negative) and Yang(Masculine, Light, Giving, Positive), more helpful than Good and Bad. I remember from reading UPB not being able to do things simultaneously, steal from each other at the same time or murder, but, what if you had something like two samurai duelling and they decapitate each other simultaneously down to the nano second. To be consciously Evil - to me would mean kill everything, deconstructing even your own existence, the problem with that being deconstructing consciousness itself perhaps. So you would be as your most base form perhaps, productive and parasitical, but not aware. What if someone is the penultimate Cuck/Jesus(God(?)). To the point that you can't steal, rape or murder them, is that even possible? I remember Stefan saying something like "People murder, because they were murdered". But if they're already dead, how can they murder? Makes me think of a scene from the movie Beowulf where, Beowulf says "You know why you can't kill me, my friend? 'Cause I died many, many years ago when I was young." Consciousness - Was thinking about doing a thread last night on consciousness and High IQ. I don't think that Artists, Authors, Politicians and Film Directors are necessarily fully conscious. The reason being keeping track of multiple factors occurring and the need to synthesize and create new content. Thinking of personality factors, creative types are low in conscientiousness, but in order for a person to be conscious, perhaps neuroticism provides/or contributes to the phenomena of consciousness. High conscientiousness being more rational and useful in areas such as soldiering(Is my weapon clean, how far to the target) or operating machinery(Pilot or Lorry Driver). Objective Evil: Time Bandits. Ending "Don't touch it, it's Evil." or a mosquito in general?
  4. @EGregAt its base Anarcho-Capitalism: No rulers of capital, people can still develop communes if they wish. Empire: The Emperor as the Moral Imperative,(Imperator). Ways of structuring morality in society, in the absence of Ethics. Africa: If IQ isn't relevant then why didn't they develop roads and use the wheel?(Egypt and Carthage Excluded) Ownership: You can still have shareholders in an organisation, thus individuals owning a percentage of the company, buyers owning their Iphone. In Islam companies are supposed to be dissolved on death of their owners and assets given to the wives under Sharia. Patents are in opposition to ownership, only so many ways to crack an egg. So are you arguing in favour of Empire? If so, who gets to be Emperor? Both the Roman Empire and British Empire had previous periods of economic expansion and growth under a more republican form of government before they were Empires. Under the Spanish Empire the Capital Madrid was constructed in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, which contributed to mass starvation at the time.
  5. @JsbradsInteresting seeing additional lore, and symbology that goes on. Can infer things intuitively sometimes, seemingly not much interest in the topic. Might be imagining things, but did you mention something about Abel claiming the air, guess not much changes in siblings trolling one another.
  6. They're coming outta the goddamn walls! Game over man, Game over! Makes me think of what happened in the UK, when the labour government went full open borders. First said was going to be 10,000 people from Eastern Europe, then 100,000 then 1,000,000. Not to count the Hundreds of thousands of people from India and Pakistan as well.
  7. Not sure I would agree. I have done a bit of backpacking in Alberta, although not a city council one of the towns I was in Grande Cache had it's share of corruption, zoning was done poorly(probably the ugliest town I have seen, in a pristine area) so the land with the best vistas had the industrial area built on it, the zoning was done by someone related to someone on the council. Town was also bankrupt(for example, $60,000 on a motivational speaker to do a talk) despite having a rich coal deposit that was exported to Japan for steel manufacture. Heard of similar things in other countries, even open corruption. When I was in Calgary I noticed a lot of property development, maybe might be a good idea to think about aligning interests somehow. It might help if you have a spouse that is charismatic, photo opportunities. Freedom and Accountability. Not sure, plenty of legal corruption that is possible on the accountability end. Stefan did a book The handbook for human or livestock management something like that. Maybe try to decentralise power, a lot of the smaller towns were decimated in population when logging quotas were brought in.
  8. A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    So eventually without homesteading and Freedom. A small group of people could eventually acquire all the land by purchase or force doesn't really matter, maybe like in Ireland. The whole Pareto distribution thing perhaps. For example say an oil billionaire buys up large chunks of land in Texas or southern Norway, gradually adding to familial land holdings(Coneheads), maybe like bracken or a particular sort of tree that poisons all competition by denial of terrain, bit like placing minefields or the family favourite boardgame Monopoly. I guess in reality in the past when that was tried large landowners like Dukes ended up being inbred and often promoting from the general population managers of their estates. Sexual selection perhaps being a big factor in freedom long term, thinking of inbred middle easterners and in contrast the book Rob Roy " For why?--because the good old rule Sufficeth them, the simple plan, That they should take, who have the power, And they should keep who can. What will you do without Freedom? Uhhh Beer and TV............. No beer and TV OMFG#@?!!!!
  9. Values

    @Boss I placed Individuality above Ethics as a value, because you can still have an ethos under slavery or not fully conscious tribal communities(Eye for an Eye level perhaps), even if it's not universally preferable(The distinction being identification with a community). Before Ethics are my more conscious values or ones that I would like to try and embody, after Ethics are my less conscious values. Sustainability - Endurance Reverence Outlandishness Informative Depth Accessibility Synergy Thoughtfulness Resolute Open Minded Stewardship Reliability Thrift Decency Transcendence Wisdom Utility Frugality Independence Comprehensive Trust Toughness Guidance Freedom Longevity Legacy Simplicity Entertainment Relationships Acceptance Environment Effectiveness Wealth Curiosity Communication (Mastery)- Developing a Skill Resourcefulness Gentility Awareness Significance Economy Self-Knowledge Facilitating Accuracy Cunning Direction Philosophy Attentiveness Opportunist Credibility No Bureaucracy Adroitness(skill) Noble Seriousness Recognition Responsibility Exploration Preeminence Perceptiveness Impact Fluency Inquisitive Warmth Preparedness Merit Holiness Virtue Wholesomeness Meaningful Work Presence Adaptability Victory Liberty Initiative Belonging Learning Progress Positioning Discretion Originality Adventure Individuality Discovery Consciousness Global Poise Genuineness Thoughtful Correctness Wonder Contentment Reflection Faith Coordination Ethics Self Awareness Finesse Preliminary, so not embodied, logical and possibly word salad to some extent. Green= Extrinsic Values mostly.... Cyan= Intrinsic Values....... Yellow= Social......... @Mishi2 Sustainability, Endurance - "I want to exist from my own force, like the sun, which gives light and does not suck light." C.G.Jung. Moral Values - I know I was persuaded by the von Mises argument for laissez faire economics and society rather than "Taxation is theft" or UPB. My concept of honour and morality is more at the personal level, not the political(though it does factor in). Negative Value - "No Bureaucracy" Yeah I don't think a person can have negative values( even remember saying something like that months a go), but I saw it in a list of values and it was something that stood out to me. Might just be my low conscientiousness, going along stereotypes, but an expression in English is sometimes to call a person Teutonic(esp referring to Germans) which is derogatory, but acknowledges a person is very thorough, High conscientiousness. Probably should think on that one a bit more. Fluency - Maybe, I'm actually looking at going to Germany or definitely somewhere in Europe by the end of the month or early October. In the past I have used a site called workaway to look for places to stay. My plan is to fly into southern Germany then work my way south into France or Switzerland then end up in Italy. I wouldn't mind volunteering somewhere or working for cash in hand if the opportunity is there. I know there is a site called couchsurfing, but found the concept pretty weird, strangely a lot of girls do it. Other than that, slum it Hobo or refugee style, maybe not the best idea, but I need a bit of adventure. I plan to do a lot of reading, self-knowledge and philosophy.
  10. Reminds me of a former British PM Gordon Brown(The moron who sold the Gold reserves when they were around$250 per ounce). Was caught calling an old woman a bigot for expressing concerns of immigration. Gordon is a moron!, Gordon is a moron!, it ain't fair yeah yeah.......................
  11. Values

    Sustainability or Endurance - To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities—I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished: I have no pity for them, because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not—that one endures. Nietzsche. But maybe just on a base survival level. Accessibility - Just to have stuff to hand and a place for everything, like preparedness. Stewardship - To have something I manage and grow myself. Wisdom - Some partially shielded experience of chaos. Trust - A degree of certainty to build on. Legacy - A mark on the world I guess. Environment - Just a generally pleasant environment. Mastery - The pinnacle of skill in at least one area of expertise. Economy - What do people value, how could I best serve. Direction - A form of plan and not just pure chaos, but also avoiding minefields. No Bureaucracy - Loath paperwork. Responsibility - One of those things where maximum responsibility is the mindset to have the most influence on becoming something. Fluency - In a European foreign language, mostly so I have options to travel more freely. Was wondering what values people have and how perhaps they go about ordering them? Here are 13 values of mine by priority, that I have or would like to embody. I omitted truth as a value as I take it as a default. I also have a longer list with Ethics at number 40. Another thought I had was in order to embody various values, perhaps the way to do that is not to aim at them directly which maybe a grind, but to do so indirectly. Sort of like if you want to look at the Medusa(Chaos), you use the reflection in your shield.
  12. Is Personal Happiness the Most Important Thing In Life?

    Let us resume our inquiry and state, in view of the fact that all knowledge and every pursuit aims at some good, what it is that we say political science aims at and what is the highest of all goods achievable by action. Verbally there is very general agreement; for both the general run of men and people of superior refinement say that it is happiness, and identify living well and doing well with being happy; but with regard to what happiness is they differ, and the many do not give the same account as the wise. For the former think it is some plain and obvious thing, like pleasure, wealth, or honour; they differ, however, from one another- and often even the same man identifies it with different things, with health when he is ill, with wealth when he is poor; but, conscious of their ignorance, they admire those who proclaim some great ideal that is above their comprehension. Now some thought that apart from these many goods there is another which is self-subsistent and causes the goodness of all these as well. To examine all the opinions that have been held were perhaps somewhat fruitless; enough to examine those that are most prevalent or that seem to be arguable. Let us not fail to notice, however, that there is a difference between arguments from and those to the first principles. For Plato, too, was right in raising this question and asking, as he used to do, 'are we on the way from or to the first principles?' There is a difference, as there is in a race-course between the course from the judges to the turning-point and the way back. For, while we must begin with what is known, things are objects of knowledge in two senses- some to us, some without qualification. Presumably, then, we must begin with things known to us. Hence any one who is to listen intelligently to lectures about what is noble and just, and generally, about the subjects of political science must have been brought up in good habits. For the fact is the starting-point, and if this is sufficiently plain to him, he will not at the start need the reason as well; and the man who has been well brought up has or can easily get startingpoints. And as for him who neither has nor can get them, let him hear the words of Hesiod: Far best is he who knows all things himself; Good, he that hearkens when men counsel right; But he who neither knows, nor lays to heart Another's wisdom, is a useless wight. Nicomachean Ethics Book 1 Aristotle.
  13. "The Man who would be King."
  14. Is Personal Happiness the Most Important Thing In Life?

    Arsonist: Yeah I wouldn't say an arsonist is happy in burning down properties, more like enjoying bloodlust or Rage. 'And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.' Diehard Happiness: I think ultimately you need some "purpose"(prosperity, constructive growth) to have the potential to be happy. Contentment: Perhaps more than being happy or joyful is just to be, and to not crave more for the sake of it, or something....
  15. Collective Guilt: Yeah in philosophy can't say it accounts for collective guilt,maybe it does somewhere? I agree with C.G Jung that there is a collective unconscious. It is strange passes like echoes, can see it when I was backpacking around Europe. A lot of it related to WW2 or perhaps further back. I mean I could see vending machines for cigarettes in Germany and Austria, which is strange in a way, because they tend to be high in conscientiousness and clean people. My theory is rather than deal with the immense pain of being firebombed and mass rape, many people chose to smoke. It maybe better to deal with the unfolding and repeating scenario currently and consciously, dismantle the state into smaller entities at least, empower the individual as Jung would say. Though who has the incentive and moral fibre to do so? Denial: So many seem to be in denial about how things are going, which is strange because I remember members of my family being more accepting of the problems of immigration, cultural change breakdown in law and Order when it was only a fraction of what it was, given over to hedonism, but not to say not hardworking. I think the problems have become so great, they've just gone unconscious, especially considering the costs of modern life in the West. I can not say that I am exempt either.

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