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  1. You can have a verbal contract with a person, doesn't have to be written. Contracts are because you trust someone and have contracted them to do something. The emphasis of a written contract is on the formality and communal aspect. There was something in the past called "Fleet Marriages" marriages taking place at a prison, why? It's not like London doesn't have its fair share of chapels and churches. Marriages of men to minors. Hence the Marriage Act 1753, requiring witnesses and a license from a church.
  2. Dark Horse, haven't seen it, but from the synopsis looks like a story based around the Oedipal Complex. A horse is often a symbol of the unconscious("Man and his Symbols" Carl Jung) whether it be biblical in revelations or the idea of a Trojan horse.
  3. Up to you, see it as a honeypot if you wish. But they have a monopoly on accreditation. You live in Australia right? why not start a salon(Not the cosmetic kind) somewhere near a university or do event organisation, provide supplementary education a nice relaxed environment (perhaps opportunities to bang hot girls). Learn psychology through people and not as much through books. "Who dare Wins" kind of motto. If you are going to lecture on being an entrepreneur and liberty why not live it?
  4. Going to University. 1) Papers please. 2)Access to High tech equipment. Entrepreneurship. Say's Law, Supply Creates Demand, where does supply come from, the creativity of the unconscious. Businessman. Consciously using existing and established methods for profit. Freedom. Willingness to embrace suffering and sublimate the Ego to ethics or eliminate it entirely. Slavery. The state of most people consciously or unconsciously.
  5. No, go kiss my hairy arse. Also from RationalWiki( The Site you used for the Concern Troll Definition) Steve Stefan Molyneux (born 1966) is a British Irish-Canadian political activist, amateur philosopher and Internet pundit. Since 2005, Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio,[2] a podcast where he discusses his philosophy, politics, religion, science, and relationships. He also writes regularly for anarcho-capitalist websites and has self-published several books. Molyneux has a group of very ardent fans, even though he is only questionably an ancap at this point, and is hated by a large portion of them: he defends cops, is a "racial realist", says weird red pill things about women, and is a hawk on Mid East relations. He presents a crank magnetism chimera of men's rights crybaby, white rights crybaby and some sort of fedora-lover's Glenn Beck[3] (or a thinking man's RooshV) who is known for mistreating his guests. Have various clans, select or ban members, based on a weighted Democratic system, like any local football team. Way of filtering for discussions for better or worse, but more competitive/orientation and level based, silly having a Grandmasters vs Novices for example. Just doing a search of the forum for various philosophical jargon can see that people with a decent level of intelligence like computer scientists often quit or have lower rep for being misunderstood. Out of self-interest I'd like to drain the knowledge of the best. A clan system could be a way of doing this, maybe there is a system already in existence, there is for gaming. Easier said then done, though as I said, perhaps there are systems in existence.
  6. Trolling provides no benefit whatsoever, zero trolls would be the ideal, there can be uncertainty ascertaining who is a troll and who is not and whether they are even aware that they are doing it. Occasionally it may lead to greater awareness as an indirect consequence or it may reinforce existing beliefs. The only way to deal with trolls is to stab em or knock them off the bridge.... Teachers imo are rare(Providing practical benefits in the Real World) and require a degree of acceptance, the best that can be hoped for are students of great teachers, i.e they are studying and reporting on and of their work. What great artist would spend their time on a forum? There are lots of examples of Clan and League setups, just think of the massive online gaming community, isn't it estimated to be worth billions of dollars. A weighted-democratic system. Is there a cultural taboo not covered by FDR? "Generals without armies are naked indeed."
  7. Ah cool, you play Total War, Mishi? I liked the original Medieval and Shogun(The AI is Better). I added flamer(just seeing your post) was just thinking of a kind of league system was originally just going to put concern troll thinking of (D.D. just now). Concern trolling is a right pain, best to ignore or snipe imho (had that a lot on the forum originally when I joined).
  8. I wonder if some forums have a football/soccer like a league/clan system. Looking for concentrated knowledge the easiest way possible. Could be a way of mitigating concern trolling(and other forms ie Flaming) and more importantly match people to depth of knowledge, skill and awareness.
  9. It doesn't.
  10. What is your reason for being? Is like saying what is your - Being for Being - Reason for Reason - Being for Reason. It is self referential and circular. You don't, that's what makes a prospect tantalising. "Why?" Why, to give you a taste of your future. A preview of things to come. Con permiso, Capitan. The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged. It's now time to see if you can dance. - STTNG Q WHO? Futurus - To grow or become. I haven't, though speculating to form an answer. 1) Let it be....(Tabula Rasa); whether through meditation, cutting out addiction, therapy, acceptance, contentment or through innate desire, Aristotelian Character Virtue (75% of population, Sense/Empirically based, Conscious Thinking, Reward Circuits feedback loop (Reinforcement)?, Rain man) 2) Cut deep(Apriori); into the very fibre of my being, how best to and with what outcomes I have yet and may not be able to fully fathom. Fight Club style, potentially go crazy. Trying to find information on such a path is not the easiest, many people seem insane and crazy. Not like following a checklist. Deep Meditation/Trance, Inception, "Peace Pipe".(25% of Population, Intuitive Based, Reward circuits puzzle based?(Incomplete Patterns), Unconscious Thinking, Mercury Rising)
  11. Man can not live on bread alone though right?(pretty much me, meat popsicle) In Spain you're not classified as a man unless you're married, chico instead (like in GTA3). Property goes to the wife and is divided among the children. Yeah, have heard stories of people offering to buy the daughters and spouses of people on holiday in the Middle East(in broad daylight) don't know if it still goes on. Though could always trade in cows instead, 1 for 1 or something. Could always do what Eddie Murphy suggested, go out to Africa and find some bush bitch butt naked on a Zebra. Or could trade western girls with princess complexes for hardier eastern European ones.
  12. Looks a bit like Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle(but with psychobabble), people and civilisations are usually more productive when such ideals are embraced(at least according to Ayn Rand). An attempt to answer character ethics in the positive(like Nietzsche), as opposed to refraining from action, such as in the Categorical Imperative.
  13. In Saudi Arabia you could buy a wife with camels.
  14. Wild guess, but are Eva's parents Jewish and John is a Christian.