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  1. the equation to determine sound waves should not be changing. So 1 billion years ago and 1 billion years in the future the sound waves equation will still hold true in determining sound, thus, you could say the way to determine sound waves is timeless. However, I am not 100% certain on the current equation to determine sound waves. I understand there is a lot of factors like moisture in the air, surrounding etc, however, a true equation will remain true regardless of time. Math is not really changing. Humans understanding of math might be. However, 2+2=4 being true didn't change 1 billion years ago and won't change 1 billion years in the future. Thus, math is timeless.
  2. Math is one of the most fundamental types of logic possible. Thus one of the best ways to express the universe. I am sure you know famous equations like E=mc^2 and things like PI which is a mathematical constant. These things will remain true whether humans know them or not. Math is universal, meaning it will remain true to aliens, humans, cats. When an alien, cat or human jumps the Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation F = Gm1m2/r2 is true. Sure, if you show someone who never seen the color yellow before a banana and asks them what color it is, they wouldn't know. However, the wavelength of the color yellow will still exist. Like just because someone is color blind it doesn't mean yellow doesn't exist. The yellow wavelength is there and will continue to exist whether the human mind exists or not. This reminds me of the thought experiment, If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Well, yes because there will be sound waves. You could track them with a recording device or not, a human could have heard it or not. The sound waves exist. If all humans go deaf or color blind tomorrow, sound waves and wavelength will still exist
  3. The universe has timeless attributes that do not change, so your claim of "he Universe changes and mutable things cannot be timeless, by definition." could be seen as false The current scientific theory is the universe was created in the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago. The idea that the universe was created by a timeless "creator" is interesting. As the universe does seem to have timeless principles that serve as a foundation. Like math which is known to be the language of the universe. With that being said, Im guessing one could hypothesize that the universe foundation is timeless. Now obviously I am not a scientist so I have no idea where to even start to unravel the universe. It is a fascinating topic, one that I feel I should spend more time on.
  4. what is the argument for this claim that abortion is manslaughter and not necessarily murder?
  5. Alright, I understand genes can influence your personality but the claim "personality is genetic" is false as it would require direct evidence. Like if I say John is 6ft, I will need direct evidence like John standing next to a large ruler. If I say, John height's may be mostly influenced by genetics then I can use correlation research that shows that. May/might/influence is not the same as "is". Like saying height is genetic would also be wrong as it would not be consistent with the malnourished or taller than parents/grandparents(like me :P). So it's not logically consistent to say personality/IQ is genetic. Now I never heard Stefan ever say "IQ is genetic"(please correct me if he has), I have only heard something along the lines as "IQ may be mostly influenced by genetics" so it struck me when I heard Stefan say "personality is genetic" Now a few may be wondering why I brought this up, well #1 its false. #2 is this feeds the determinist narrative. I strongly oppose the determinist narrative, I believe Stefan does too. But this kind of stuff is not helping.
  6. Stefan has made a claim that "personality is genetic" I would love to know the resources that made him state such a claim. I have found some correlation research but I wouldn't think that would be enough for this claim as correlation doesn't equal causation. I know Stefan also relies on IQ correlation research which is more researched than personality but I dont recall Stefan saying "IQ is genetic"(please let me know if he has) rather, Stefan says it more on the lines as IQ might be mostly genetic
  7. I am unsure what the foundation of the universe is, or why its needed to be known, however, the foundation of any rational human discussion would be logic.
  8. Its a good question. I love being challenged on this question too For me, my reason for being is to seek the truth about being. I have a pretty good understanding of not being as I know a few people who are not being and they obviously cant do anything. I feel I only know a fraction about being so that is my reason why I prefer being. Its like working with a broken computer vs working one. The broken one cant do much but the working one has endless possibilities so the reason to use the broken computer are mathematically far less superior than working with the working computer due to the number of possibilities. Hopefully that analogy makes some sense What im trying to say is its mathematically Superior to be than to not to be. So being is lets say a 10 which is a greater number than 1 which would be not to be. It is more rational and more superior to be than not to be. Also as far as morally. I feel its morally superior to be than not to be as if you are alive then you can speak the truth and spread virtue but if you decide not to be then you cant continually seek the truth and speak it. As far as what I strive for, I strive for the basics like Truth, Virtue, freedom and the one that makes it all possible, Time. Its why I started a business at a young age and retired. My choice to eat food and drink water are done so to make sure I have more time so why not free up my time to have more time overall.
  9. Stefan made a statement claiming "Personality is genetic" at the 1h 4m 46s mark Could someone link me the research Stefan is referring too that got him to state that? I have reviewed some research about it but from what I seen that seems far from the case. However, I also dont believe correlation means causation and I know Stefan sometimes does.
  10. Well, as an Entrepreneur I choose to defer the gratification of going out and hanging out with friends to work on my businesses. It took a long 5 years and a lot of 80+ hour work weeks but now im pretty much retired(I still work on things I love). I also defer the gratification of watching TV and instead read a ton of books, and from that, I gathered knowledge that has helped me in not just business, but life in general.
  11. More partners = higher risk of STDs More partners generally means more time spent on the partners which could have been spent with children Bad social stigma for children And for the practical, I believe its illegal I am unaware of any long term studies on polygamous families. I would be curious to see the results.
  12. can you tell me the name of that video? or link?
  13. Well, The idea that scoring high on an IQ test = no struggle in understanding ideas/concepts is wrong. Correlation doesn't mean causation. I know Stefan talks greatly about IQ but I still hold firm on that premise. But if you do believe in the correlation research, there is also research that shows discipline is more important for success than IQ so maybe try to increase your discipline ability? Also, just because someone has a low IQ doesn't mean they can't figure out concepts/ideas. For example, Muhammed Ali had an IQ of 78 but still figured out the concepts/ideas in boxing to become world champion and to many, the greatest. There are many examples of this. Like in Chess, the highest IQ people dont do the best.
  14. Being tall, muscular and good looking are incredible resources to have. So is having high social status and of course having humor, confidence etc. I believe money is seen as the main one as with money you can buy time to work on the other things.
  15. Well I know there is a FDR discords group which you might be able to do it in. There are options to create different channels in the group. I also believe there are already 20+ members in the group who may be interested in this, not sure tho. okay so im going to try to do some simple math, 3000 podcasts which on average are 30mins each would be 1500 hours total. or if you 2x speed then 750 hours total. I personally always watch youtube vids at 2x speed. Saves so much time but if the mic quality is bad it will be harder to do. I also listen to Audible books at 3x because most audible narrators use professional studios and are very pronounced so it's still understandable at faster speeds. Anyways, if you 2x speed and listen 1 hour a day, you can get it done in about 2 years. 2 hours a day in about 1 year. 4 hours a day in about 6 months and if you make it your full-time job at 8 hours a day, then 3 months I did fail math in HS tho so I am probably off. Its a pretty big commitment which im not sure I can take atm. I still would love to join the group and maybe catch a few episodes that I may be interested in if that is fine? either way, I wish you guys well on this!