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  1. Willpower comes from...

    Willpower requires conscientiousness because you will understand why you should do something or if you should restrain impulses. In order to possess willpower, it's greatly beneficial to be virtuous, free, truthful and courageous
  2. Career choices

    "The question I guess is is it ok to just do it for the money?" Well, I wouldn't say you are doing it just for the money, Money is more like a tool, its used to get something done. What you want to be done is more important than the money. Like If the goal is to build a house, I may need some tools but im not getting the tools just for the tools, I'm getting the tools to build a house. So I wouldn't say you are just doing it just for the money, but rather doing it for as you said "I'd like to be in the position where I'm able to support a wife and kids, earning enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle, being able to afford top medical care for myself and my family etc" As far as career choices, sure you can change. But if its just for more money I don't think that is needed. Have you tried expanding your music teaching with online music courses to reach more people? I don't know much about music teaching but I did a quick search and found this person who sold this course teaching piano which has over 85k people enrolled. He made well over a million dollars for sure. https://www.udemy.com/pianoforall-incredible-new-way-to-learn-piano-keyboard/ If you have any free time you can try that out. I am a retired entrepreneur and have coached many people so I have a pretty bias way of thinking. But I believe you can become a millionaire selling almost anything. There is a famous story of a guy becoming a millionaire selling pet rocks lol that is an extreme case, but, if you are a good music teacher, you can at the very least make a comfortable income selling your music teachings.
  3. When will next wave of migrant crisis begin?

    Well, I think if the migrants are Muslims, they have the highest fertility rate, an average of 3.1 children per woman. So that may be one migrant crisis wave incoming for Europe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslim_population_growth
  4. Polyamorous marriages...

    From what I understand according to the research, the best situation for the children is for them to have both biological parents raising them. I haven't seen much research on polyamory, but I believe it includes other partners which are not the biological parent so that may be an issue.
  5. Scott Adams is doing a book tour on his new book Win bigly On twitter he said he would ask Stefan if he would be interested in having him on again. https://www.pscp.tv/ScottAdamsSays/1ypKdNzndYQJW?t=15m30s I hope Stefan is interested in having Scott Adams back on as they had wonderful conversations in the past. I would like to see a new conversation on how to "Win Bigly"
  6. He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. - Friedrich Nietzsche Maybe instead of "Just do it" you can ask "Why do it?" getting motivated/inspired from the internal has always been better than anything external in my experience.
  7. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    Are you in the FDR discords group? Im in there Or You can add me Bossk#4420
  8. I don't consider crypto or precious metals an investment, I consider it insurance for when fiat fails(every fiat currency in history has failed). You can now read about case studies on how bitcoin is used in such scenario https://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2017/02/03/why-venezuelas-currency-crisis-is-a-case-study-for-bitcoin/#674b15ce19b2 https://sg.news.yahoo.com/venezuelans-bitcoin-mining-escape-inflation-020507908.html https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-exchange-localbitcoins-posts-fourfold-trading-volume-increase-in-venezuela And because I consider it insurance, I have never sold any or cared about price. Most hedge fund managers recommend 5-10% of your portfolio on gold if you want to hedge against inflation, I did 5% on bitcoin and 2.5% each for silver and gold(however even tho bitcoin has now grown to a larger amount of my portfolio I still haven't sold any). I have a few business friends that have different strategies of how they buy 1. Has bought years ago like I did, but cashed out his original investment so all that is left is pure "profit" 2. Has been spending 5-10% of his monthly paycheck to buy crypto every month 3. Has been buying more every time crypto has "crashed" according to the mainstream They all have different reasoning for their strategy. I think it comes down to your financial situation and how you see crypto and how you see risk.
  9. Top billionaire investors like Ray Dalio and Geroge Soros are buying gold. The .1% rich are hoarding right now because they know things will crash and possibly collapse soon. They will probably buy/spend when things crash as things will be cheaper. At least that is my interpretation of the situation
  10. This is not a claim, this is biology. The individual is divided on the basis of their reproductive functions because biological humans can procreate(have sex) and for that to happen the sex of the human matters. What doesnt matter, is your claim of examples "Differences in vision, social preferences, fat distribution, skin thickness, bone structure, brain structure, emotional response, musculature, on and on." These are all inconsistent, while the actual biology of sex is not. Why don't your examples matter? because on a biological level humans can have sex based on their sex to continue their biology. And none of your examples are needed on a biological level to do so. Unlike my consistent examples of XY Chromosome, uterus, ovaries, vagina, etc it seems you dont understand biological consistency. Sex needs consistency on a biological level for it to happen. Judging from your response to the study and the examples you provided you dont understand that at all. Which might explain as you stated, the "level of disconnect" in this conversation. Anyways no point in continuing to reply in this format if our conversation is disconnected. If you want to try instant chat on discords we can. nonetheless, I wish you well on your journey to truth
  11. the open society

    Well, from what I understand, he supports mainly democratic causes. https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/about/expenditures I think the thing that got the most headlines was the millions he gave to Hillary Clinton and refugees/migrants causes
  12. None of the studies you linked had any biological conclusions. They both are looking at relations to "gender identity" which has nothing to do with biology. As I stated in my first post, There is no such thing as Transgenderism. Everyone has biological characteristics of both sexes as I explained with both having arms, legs, eyes etc. When it comes to which sex an individual is we must understand what sex is, sex is the division of humans on the basis of their reproductive functions. Biology shows these distinct characteristics in the form of XY Chromosome, uterus, ovaries, vagina, etc. So the biology of their reproductive functions will ultimately decide on the sex of an individual.
  13. consistent would mean unchanging in nature. Like XY Chromosome, uterus, ovaries, vagina etc It seems those studies you linked focus more on feeling rather than biology. As stated "Transsexuals have the strong feeling" "Transsexuals experience themselves as being of the opposite sex, despite having the biological characteristics of one sex" Anyways if you agree with these studies its clear to me where you fall, You have more biological characteristic(s) of one sex, and the "feeling" of another. Biology/truth/science is consistent. Feelings are not. So there is no point in claiming to be something as the biology is set.
  14. yea I dont watch many of the newer movies as most are done by Democrats promoting leftism. Maybe we can make a list of good movies? I can start with the obvious atlas shrugged
  15. Could you link me evidence about the brain and "physical, observable female biology inside" most brain work I have seen is inconsistent which would mean invalid for truth. Also, there is neuroplasticity which means changes can naturally occur. As far as which traits I chose, whichever is consistent and true. I would be surprised If I didn't miss a lot of other true consistent biological traits. if so please share the biological traits as it will help with my main point. My main point is to point out truthful distinctions. Then one can say from looking at their biological makeup that they fall more into either male/female biology. As male and female both share some of the same biologies(like they both have arms, legs, etc) what separates us are the truthful biological distinctions.

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