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  1. Boss


    I think more of natural selection which I find beautiful as this process created life as we know it including myself. As far as my potential death, I just think its the price to pay to live in this life. Its well worth it which helps in the understanding of it. However, obviously if living forever was an option, sign me up.
  2. "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how" - Friedrich Nietzsche I don't think the question should be how he does it, rather, why he does it. As once you know why, the reasoning is complete, the who, what, where, when, and how is over. The only path left, is freedom & justice through courage Be great
  3. the answer to your question is in your question "would it be any different under NAP?" yea it will be NAP Amazon received over a billion dollars in government money which continues https://subsidytracker.goodjobsfirst.org/parent/amazoncom And because Mr. Bezos is a genius, he took the no profit route as taxes apply to profits. Also because interest rates were so low and inflation is getting higher its basically free money anyways. if you didn't get the message this whole thing is socialism. Normally businesses pay the "tax" due to risk/competition in the free market. but when you are dealing with the incompetent & immoral socialist, the taxed pay the business btw don't hate the player, hate the game. This is what is needed to compete at the highest levels of business under coercion. A high price to pay imo. But when the market hits its regression to the means and the blood money dries up, The free market will return stronger than ever, and because of how efficient the free market is especially in the digital age, I doubt the free market will ever leave again #BitcoinCash
  4. Boss


    Are you doing it through paypal? if so you can just cancel it on there, you could also call them if you want to be sure its canceled Also, sorry to hear about your financial issues, hope you get it resolved soon.
  5. Yea I doubt fraud can get worse than where it currently is. Tech-savvy philosophical people are also at the forefront which should help minimize fraud by the time it gets to the masses. Tho due to crypto having no reverses/chargebacks and being anon(both are great and vital), fraudsters/hackers love to target it. Crypto has already been a great wealth transfer, at least to the people who got in early. I was doing well before but yea I am pretty much retired now largely due to crypto, tho I still work on things I enjoy. Whats great about this is crypto is largely libertarian. So the people who the state tries to prevent actually grew economically
  6. "In the future, everything will be tokenized and recorded on the blockchain, and I mean everything." I have heard this before. I am not sure I can agree like I doubt every thought we have will be tokenized/recorded on the blockchain. Blockchains are finite(due to requiring resources to run) and "everything" would lean more towards infinite. However, from my projections, I do think Cryptocurrencies will eventually be the #1 currency used. If true, then I can also see the blockchain playing a massive row in almost everything but even the internet itself hasn't changed everything. Also, Smart Contracts can still have fraud when it comes to recording user action/input. And if anonymous, then not much will be recorded anyways. However, this was a great post, It really got me thinking. I am also bad at judging hyperbole so my statements earlier may be irrelevant Overall, I am ecstatic about cryptocurrencies and smart contract. It can't come soon enough really. The current tyrannical system we got going on atm is not what life is supposed to be about.
  7. Boss

    Need an advice about self-help books

    Well, I do remember Stefan recommending 7 habits of highly effective people and The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. Also, are you referring to dream journaling? I don't remember if Stefan detailed his way of doing it. I would be curious about it. However, I personally just write down what I remember about the dream and my feelings with thoughts on what it could mean
  8. I feel like this is the typical liberal black interaction with a liberal white person. Where the liberal black claims racism and the liberal white does anything to satisfy the black so they don't think they are racist. Yes, the liberal white will even throw away the culture that ended the most racist event in history, slavery. I personally feel there are other podcasts a bit more shocking, like the one where someone married their rapist. However, This show was brilliant. Sticking around bad people is enabling them and the better thing to do for them and yourself is to leave. And to have kids with such bad people would be deplorable. I liked the dr phill quote, "The only thing worse than being in a bad relationship for a year, is being in a bad relationship for a year and one day."
  9. AI is not something to worry about. Its kinda like when the left worries about guns and say guns kill people lol. Humans kill people and if they use a gun or AI it doesn't matter, the crime and worry is with the human never the gun or AI Obviously AI = "Artificial" which means human-made. As far as going "out of control" it doesn't matter, Other things humans use do the same, just some time ago there was a missile threat alert alarm that went off in Hawaii because someone accidentally clicked a button. How out of control is the current state weapons which are far more harmful and real than some imaginative speculated AI hypothesis. Also, I normally see this AI fearmongering from people like Sam Harris who I believe wants a world government, talk about a red herring smh and he also believes in determinism, yep better go out and try to stop this AI even tho the outcome is already determined right? Be careful of these sophists
  10. Boss

    My life is taking a Wide Turn

    What do you mean when you say you "have a child which I don't see and legally isn't mine. I did that so I wouldn't have to pay child support" As to me, it doesn't sound like you have a child, it sounds more like you abandoned a child. So more clarification would be helpful. And I ask because you say "I want to be a peaceful parent and find a loving wife who shares similar values towards truth and rationality." So it is probably relevant As far as having a background of 12 years of Retail, Restaurant and Sales experience and wanting to work a Correctional Officer job "for the money". I am not so sure how that job would yield someone with that experience the most amount of money. Also, I think its one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in America, with an injury rate that is 36 times the typical American worker. https://www.cbsnews.com/media/americas-10-most-dangerous-jobs/3/ So I hope you factored in the risk too when assessing this path. Your background with 12 years of sales sounds more yielding with your real estate ambitions. As the average salary is around $45k but someone starting with 12 years of sales experience should yield higher than average, however, you will obviously have a better idea than me with your sales experience and how it may help with real estate. I am sorry to hear about your rough life and wish you the best moving forward. Be great
  11. Boss

    Instinct as evidence

    Yes we may have instincts like fear of snakes or more objective instincts like thirst, hunger, and sex. However, it is our choices on how we decide to deal with them that makes us good or bad. Like if you want to steal from someone else to quench your thirst or hunger and rape for "sex" that is obviously bad. As for what is good or bad, it can be known through something like UPB. Instincts at best can influence however, it is the free will of the person that makes the choice. Instincts(which is a fixed pattern) without free will would 100% be determinable thus if you want to prove such, determine it with 100% or fall to the current reason and evidence that say such claim is unproven, and if they are claiming it true without reason and evidence, they are a LIAR
  12. Boss

    Several Dreams That Give me the Creeps

    Do you have a dream journal? I think that may help as important dreams can be recurring until resolved. I have had life-changing realizations through dream analysis and I highly recommend it. I personally think dreams are there to get important subconscious thoughts(that are now conflicting) conscious again so you can reexamine them with new reasoning to change for the better. I am not an expert or anything. And curious on your age? but I can give you my thoughts on "Dream 1 - School" I will start off with the first sentence of the dream "I was in a building which had the same layout as the department where I work" and first sentence of your notes "I'm pretty bored of my job." Even tho you titled this dream "School" and you say "I found myself in a school lobby. Part of the walls in this lobby were brick like a few schools I went to, but the rest was different in layout and decor" its important to recognize the connection and pattern between school and work. With the School experience being terrible as you mentioned "In middle school I had a period of extreme depression and had no friends to speak of. I would sometimes imagine stopping a school shooting in school for some sort of attention or feeling of importance." & the dream through the shooting showed how even more terrible it was. With "the gunshots or looks of fear on the kids". Btw, I am sorry to hear about the extreme depression and no friends you faced in middle school. School, for the most part, has become an indoctrination camp and you and everyone deserve better. Anyways, to continue with the dream, after the violent immoral school shooting took place the unknown shooter ran away and you followed him. "I crawled in and passed a few separate tunnels on my right, going all the way through. I heard his voice again. I think he laughed. I went back into the tunnel taking a different path and the dream ended. I suspect I was about to find him in that tunnel." It's interesting you followed the path this criminal took and he laughed. I think he laughed because you are following him. The connection/pattern I see is you are following the path of what you experienced in school but now with your job. "I'm pretty bored of my job. One of my coworkers was picking on another and I felt disgust for his actions. I didn't really do anything." With the power of reason, you can not see your job as boring or if it really is you can look if there are better paths(jobs available on the market). Where co-workers picking on another are not tolerated. And with reason, you can also not tolerate it from now on. Be great
  13. Boss

    Help Me Figure This Out

    Have you seen the truth about sex by Stefan? There are rational reasons to be cautious about sex but there are rational solutions as well. Not just feelings. As the Bible says, know the truth, and the truth will set you free What do you see in your son's father? that is normally what your sons will see too. Is there anything to worry about? Maybe call in the show, it sounds interesting. I have my thoughts on this situation, but its hard to know without more info. I will just end with this, What you see in men sexuality, can be loved and accepted by women by virtue of them freely opening up to it and accepting it. It can also be rejected by virtue of them freely refusing it. It is this free market process that creates life
  14. The grandmother of a man killed during an operation in March 2018 told UN investigators that 50 officers had broken into their home, all of them dressed in black with a skull symbol on their jackets. "They woke my 23-year-old grandson up, handcuffed him with plastic ties and took him out," she said. After a few minutes, the family heard gunshots. When they went downstairs to see what had happened, they were ordered back inside. "Later, the forensic doctor told me that he had died of two gunshots to the chest and that he had been severely hit on the head. "The police report mentioned that my grandson was carrying a gun and that he had opened fire against security forces, which is a lie. I want justice, he was a human being, not a dog." These officers may have killed more than 500 people since July 2015 as a way to showcase crime-reduction results, it says. They are alleged to have faked evidence to make it look as though the victims died in exchanges of fire. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-44575599 Brutal stories of the tyrannical socialist government. Never underestimate them. Aim for the best, Prepare for the worse.
  15. Boss


    yea you are not understanding how to use logical fallacies to rebut (prove something false). My arguments can only be seen as circular if you only know of 1 way to rebut them. Which is not the case thus not circular. As I kindly pointed out in your bible example, there are multiple ways to rebut the argument at hand. You just have zero rebuttals.

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