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  1. Personality Test

    Not sure about the cartoon with the ruler looking angry lol
  2. They are not evicted by force, they are evicted by choice via their signature on the contract and the person who created the contract can create it so no one is allowed only people who signed the contract if they want. 1. As I said before when an individual decided to go public with Apple that allows multiple individuals to sign a contract and buy shares. These individuals own the billions and they all signed the contract that lets an individual spend the billions in a way that helps the stock go up so they can profit. And the contract states they can "leave" via selling their share. you can find individuals here https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/aapl/holders?ltr=1 2. They are holding shares of assets which exist. lol you really think people would sign a contract and pay billions because "organization" not quite. They did it due to massive factories for production and stores across the world. It seems you are having an issue with understanding that organizations and governments dont exist in reality. Maybe think of a squirrel, they can see an apple store, they can see the white house, they can see donald trump and mike pence. What they dont see is the concept "organization" or "government". As there is no such thing as such. Its just an imaginary concept, which may help with language as there may be a long list of individuals, so it might help to imagine a concept but only the individuals actually exist.
  3. I am not sure if you're familiar with IPO and contracts. If I own a business and decide to sell my business, I don't need to sell it just to a single individual. I can do an IPO and sell it to millions of individuals if I wanted to. I can set the contact so the profits don't go to a single individual as it did beforehand but now belong to the millions of individuals who FREELY decided to sign the contract and buy part of my company. What I cant do is get the kids of the individuals whose signed the contact and start pointing guns at them asking for more money. No one can morally indoctrinate the kids and point guns to them like the state does. Nothing compares to the horror of the state which has murdered over a quarter of a billion people. Also, it seems you still haven't recognized government/organizations do not exist in reality. I feel this is what is causing confusion and statements like "why can't a city own land or buildings?" There are only individuals. Of course the free market as I have defined it exists, It may not be the majority of the market these days but many people buy and sell things to friends/family/craigslist without worrying about taxation, regulation or coercion. You can even think of the black market which is $1.8 trillion globally. Now obviously I don't agree with some of the black market morally but it exists. Do you think taxation, regulation, and coercion existed throughout history? its only a small slither of time compared to the free market. The free market is clearly the majority in terms of history and the only time in history where I seen markets fail was due to coercion(non free markets) As far as your story of "no market is free of coercion" How is someone(C) who Freely decided not to plan, save, apply for jobs or create a job like A did being coerced? "a market with no monopoly of force" makes no sense, its either there is force or not. free market = a market with no force Regulation is coercion Taxation is theft
  4. Yea right now China is banning Bitcoin. The price dropped but quickly went back up. It just shows you bitcoin is unstoppable. Even if the US tries to ban it I suspect the same drop and return. Every fiat currency in history has collapsed and there is no valid argument that the failing US(http://www.usdebtclock.org/) will somehow last. There still needs to be better scalability but I suspect that to be solved as soon as demand increases https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Scalability
  5. Government No, the government is not an organization. An organization does not indoctrinate children who didn't sign up to said organization and point guns at them. The government is just a group of individuals pointing guns. Freedom An individual at Apple set up the contract that way, I am not sure if the government had anything to do with apple, however, in a free market an individual can set it up so the money made doesn't belong to an individual but instead has to be spent in order to profit to keep shareholders happy. Which is what I believe apple has done. Free Market The free market is simple, no taxation, no regulation, No coercion Tribalism not sure on the point here Empires Coercion is whats "totally bad" As far as speaking English and using computers. it's simple in the free market. Whoever has the best incentive will win, no guns needed. Like I am not going to learn some African clicking language because the incentive is low. I am not going to use a floppy disk computer because there are people with a better one that I can use. Nothing beats the free market. People will choose what they want to do best in a free market. Races & Summary not sure on the point on race Anyways, it seems you are fixated on this "empire" thing. Well it's time you know this, There is no such thing as an empire, just individuals with a gun.
  6. So Martin Shkreli, someone who I have seen post lots of satire before has been ordered to be jailed after posting Clinton satire. The satire was a post of wanting Hillary Clinton's hair and offering a $5k per hair bounty for it. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-crime-shkreli/shkreli-ordered-jailed-after-online-bounty-on-hillary-clintons-hair-idUSKCN1BO2T8 Meanwhile, making the satire of President Trump like cutting off his head is fine. Or hosting theater plays of Trump assassination is fine. There have been many politically motivated attacks like Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and others getting shot at a baseball game. Gruesome satire = no punishment, Satire of a bounty of $5k per Hillary's hair and you get ordered to jail What is this madness?
  7. Gay pride

    The majority of the LGBT are democrats but obviously they are a minority so the trick is to form massive fun parades/marches so all the non gays also join and get indoctrinated. Lots of people have gay friends so the goal is to make everyone who doesnt vote left seem like a homophobic, transphobic, etc. Which not only makes you look "bad" to gay supporters but also if you're a public worker or company and dont promote and embrace LGBT you will have bad press and sometimes sued. Thats what I see politically. Now as far as the violence. LGBT community seems to have a lot of it. So some may argue this "pride" thing is to brush the violence under the rug so the perpetrators can continue being violence. Remember these socialist dont care about gays, women or anybody. They are violent and want guns to be pointed at you. I would be careful when around these parades as I have seen them turn violent on the Alex Jones channel.
  8. Values

    Great topic. Truth/Wisdom - To know Freedom/freewill/Self Control - To be Ethics - To behave Justice - For Purpose Courage - For Action These are my top 5 values. I ordered them in a way that leads from knowing to action. The journey of knowing truth or having wisdom, to recognizing self control or the freedom to do what you will. To ethics to know how to behave with your freedom. To justice to understand how you and others have been treated. And courage to take action on injustices that have been done to you and others. I have also ordered them in a way where one cant be obtained without having the other first. Like truth is needed to know if you are free or not, freedom is needed to have ethics, ethics is needed to have justice. I am curious on you having a longer list with ethics at number 40. would love to see that list if you dont mind. Also, would you say one needs to know ethics to know if one was responsible?
  9. A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    I think its important to remind people that this system will 100% fail(http://www.usdebtclock.org/). Margaret Thatcher said, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." The underlying problem, however, is Taxation is theft. Taxation is theft! and it needs to be the battle cry when this system fails. Or else it will be repeated. However, I think I know why some people can't resonate. Here is a question that may help. If a large 1,000 member gang robs your house, and says im going to start taking 50% of your paycheck every week, what would you do?
  10. It doesnt take Jihad attacks, it takes reason, evidence and courage. Maybe faith judging from the history of the crusades.
  11. FDR3758 Comment on Q1

    " the implication seems to be that if I want to be a 'true rightist' then I have to give my atheism and become a Christian" could you tell me why you feel this implication? I believe Stefan is an anarcho capitalist athiest, so I can never see him implying that. What the facts says however, is atheist tend to be on the left. This is clear from seeing polls on athiest and of course you can look at the brutal history of communism. So the facts may be "implying" that. However, this is vanished from the realization that correlation doesnt equal causation. I also believe Stefan has his peaceful parenting series that he argues to be the solution.
  12. What REALLY exists???

    I think its about recognizing the difference between concepts and physical reality A specific set of atoms = individual A specific set of atoms = buildings A specific set of atoms = car These all exist in physical reality whereas concepts like the government are not created by atoms and do not exist in physical reality. Like I can see trump, mike pence and the white house. I dont see "government" because its just a concept. Maybe another way to look at it is A squirrel can see individual and the white house but they dont recognize the concept "government" since its not physical reality, its just a concept. Now, you can call these specific atoms whatever you want. Like all individuals have their own set of atoms(think fingerprints?) so we all have names like Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Stefan Molynuex You can tell what really exist through the senses, reason and evidence. Its clear things are different and exist. Its easier to use language to differentiate from them, Instead of saying the specific set of atoms or wave lengths.
  13. Civil war with Islam in Europe in 2-3 years

    I highly doubt there will ever be a civil war now that there is the internet available. The worse case is the Europeans boycott taxes making any parasite starve or move. It would be pretty idiotic if there was a civil war where one side pays taxes to protect the other people they are at war with lol Most of Europe does not even have the second amendment. It also seems Christianity is falling in Europe and it was Christianity in the past that gave the Europeans the sense of urgency and awareness of evil. The cry was "deus vult" latin for "God wills it". What is the current cry for Europeans? "white people did slavery, Nazism, etc and are evil. Socialism is good". Its just a guess tho and I could be wrong. I dont live in Europe so I really dont know much about whats going on there. I live in the US and my own worry is that Scott Adams prediction comes true, which was "The next Muslim country to have a nuclear arsenal will be France." If Scott Adams is right, war will then become a real possibility.
  14. Does bit-coun require bit-coins?

    Well there can only be a maximum of 21 million bitcoins. The units doesnt matter too much since you can trade as low as 0.00000001 BTC so there is a lot of room. As far as not needing mining, mining was done so everyone with a computer could mine and get bitcoin Its kinda like gold, there are people who mine gold and anyone can do it but most dont. Obviously now it would cost quite a bit to mine bitcoin, its unprofitable for most but possible for everyone which is what matters.
  15. Answering an Atheist Chestnut

    I am not sure what you mean when you say "answer why those attributes are precisely the way they are" If something is proven true then being true is the only explanation needed.

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