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  1. Bushrat

    Working 12 hrs a day... need help

    Update: I had the cataracts surgery done on my left eye last week. My father covered the balance that I was short of. Several friends and strangers helped with the expense and I am grateful for all who contributed. I am waiting to heal so I can get the other eye done soon. Still raising funds.
  2. Bushrat

    Working 12 hrs a day... need help

    ok... I don't know how i helped you, but thanks.. whats your project?
  3. Bushrat

    Working 12 hrs a day... need help

    I asked the doctor why I was getting the retinal detachments... he said it was simply bad genetics. My former career had nothing to do with it. I just wanted to explain how I've been struggling trying to start a new career.
  4. Hello all, I hate to do this, but I have no pride left. My career is in mineral exploration, and I am good at what I do. Since about 4 years ago my industry has collapsed and I've had to renew myself in another career. I opened an Army Surplus store in Kelowna BC Canada. Its a tough slog, but its getting better all the time. My store in not profitable yet, and so I work 4hrs per day as a security guard starting at 6am then I go open my store at 10am to 6pm. I do this 5 days a week and then i work the store Saturday 10-6 and work 11pm Saturday to 7am Sunday doing more security work. I am closed on Sunday, so that's my day off. I had a several partially detached retinas last year and they were repaired with laser surgery, but one complication resulted in me getting cataracts in one eye. so... I need surgery.... BC medical (socialized medicine) covers one eye and has a 6 month plus wait time. I will also have to have my other eye repaired with PRK laser at the same time to get normal vision again which is not covered by the government. Even with all my jobs and working I am not able to afford this surgery. It will cost $2850 CDN. I am attaching a link to my gofundme page so if anyone wants to help they can.. If you don't want to or can't its all good. Best wishes to all and thanks for reading this. https://www.gofundme.com/eye-surgery-to-fix-cataracts Best Regards, Brian
  5. Bushrat

    War with North Korea?

    The Brits used to be very good at orchestrating a regime change, the CIA not so much. Iraq should have been handed that way too if they really wanted Saddam gone. They are the lapdog of the Chinese, make no mistake about that, it will be China who brings them to heel under US pressure. If they don't do it, and US does it, it will be a aggressive act towards the Chinese, does that matter to Trump, I'm not sure. I do think one way or another the Trump will bring NK under control as they are too big a risk for the region... and the Japanese and SK will pay for the whole thing, whatever happens.
  6. Bushrat

    So, as it turns out... I'm a racist

    Thanks for sharing the article. I find this kind of realization quite compelling. I think my wife has realized this already, but she lives in a country where whites are an extreme minority and hasn't has the exposure to the US racial experience as African-Americans have.
  7. Bushrat

    So, as it turns out... I'm a racist

    What was amazing to me was that they had ALL bought into this ridiculous lie. This collective cult of the sjw is amazing in its reach and ability to induce otherwise normal people into its fold. Even more amazing was that not one reasonable person thought I was NOT a racist. But rather than believe in direct evidence and my own statements, they rushed to judgement based on an extremely narrow point... Trump. I agree... we must start treating these people like they are in cult.
  8. Bushrat

    So, as it turns out... I'm a racist

    Ofc I know I'm not a racist. I said I was a Trump supporter because I am. Basically, I agree with everything Stefan has said about Trump.
  9. Earlier today I saw a re-tweet by Mike Cernovich for a poll posted by @freeyourmindkid asking if a person was a racist if they voted for Trump for any reason. At the time I saw the poll it was 75% racist yes, and 25% racist no. I voted no ofc and posted a picture of me and my wife, and then I stated I was Trump supporter and asked if I was a racist and if my wife was one too. Unanimously the tweets came back stating that I was indeed a racist, and a fascist. That I was like Jefferson and Strom Thurman. I was respectful to them and said how I loved my wife and their logic was flawed because how could I love somebody as my wife and racist to her and our children. Again, I was told I was racist, and indeed the worst kind of insidious racist. Later checking back on the thread I saw that the no vote was quickly gaining on the yes votes and was near parity. I suspect that Mike Cernovich's attention brought unwanted attention to the post by reasonable people who began to swing the vote. Not one single person on the tread told me I was not a racist. NOT ONE. This is where the left has taken many people in the black community and guilt ridden progressives. I thought maybe a couple of people may have had some reason in their heads, but they not only thought I was racist, but most seemed to hate me, and hate me even more for marrying a black woman. This massive and collective disconnect with reason and understanding is symptomatic of the utter brain-washing the left has induced into the progressive/democrat side. I have no idea how we are ever going to correct this insane ideology. I suppose all I can do is live my life and teach my children not to fall into the trap these poor people have. I was shocked and surprised by the crazy racism that was confronting me. They were collectively propelling this madness forward. inevitably it will come to a terrible end somehow or just fade away as this ideology is proven false over time. Later checking back I was blocked by @freeyourmindkid I suspect the poll he posted did not go the way he wanted and he deleted it. Anyway, i thought I'd share this crazy experience with everyone.
  10. These are great points, and I agree with them whole-heartedly . I agree about the insight pointed out about preistcraft. I do think that not everyone who went into the ministry then or now is decidedly and intentionally deceiving people for their own gain. Its not the case nor, and its probably not the case then. People who are trying to do good may not have all the truth or may have some part of the truth and try to do the best as they can. However, as Stef has pointed out there are some who use religion as means to oppress and exploit others. I guess I am not convinced that all or even most of those practicing religion as preists in the past were behaving with sinister motives.
  11. I have to say I was not a fan of this video..... here's why: 1. I think its a bit of a straw man argument, you constructed 'linguisite' is accurate on some ways but not entirely accurate. I think there was a place in society for people who were not able to hunt per se. There would have been many other activities scrawny men could engage in to contribute... even in a hunter/gatherer society. gathering, becoming a healer, crafting useful items etc. There definitely were items that could heal people, it was not all deception. many herbs and natural remedies are quite effective. 2.Nature is neither good nor bad. it is not abusing us as you say. The sun shines on the just and unjust. Ancient man lived in nature much easier than any of us could now. I worked in mining exploration for over 25 years... most of it in remote camps far from civilization. I loved it. One can make themselves quite comfortable in nature, even in the winter time. Some of the most incredible camps I was in were winter camps. Nature does not have any kind of personality or aim to destroy or hurt anyone. It just is. Perhaps some people tried to make sense of the arbitrary effects of nature.... similar effects took place in the beginning of modern warfare because death could occur randomly from artillery or random rifle shot even though you were a strong powerful man. Soldiers began to carry good luck charms, believe heavily in luck and destiny because death came not from any weakness but randomly. Indeed nature has a similar randomness, people without understanding in science at time created 'gods' to describe what they observed, but we have records that even anciently some people did not believe in the so called 'gods'. Violence has always been more prevalent from other humans to a larger degree than from nature. I believe this was what people were probably trying to understand... not nature. The priest class was probably trying to minimize violence and oppression between humans, not nature. 3. Indeed there was a strong priest class at many times in history up until now. However not all of these people were trying to 'fool' the people. Many were earnestly trying to help and to find peace in a world full of violence and hatred. History is full of honest loving people in the priest class who honestly tried to help people. There is goodness in helping and serving people, trying to heal the sick, comfort the sad and downtrodden. These are good activities and were the majority of the activities for the Christian priestly class in any time. They did not always have a perfect understanding of nature or God, but many did their best with what they knew. 4. Your mention of 'magical Mormon underwear' shows that you have a misconception of how us Mormons feel about our 'underwear'. We don't believe in magic, but believe that Heavenly Father will bless us in this world or the next by keeping his commandments. The 'underwear' will not stop bullets, or prevent illness, or be some kind of magical armour. It is an inward sign to ourselves and God of the covenants we have made to God to keep his commandments. We wear them to remind ourselves of these covenants. They are worn under our clothes so as to be humble and contrite in our commitments not ostentatious or showy of how we feel. 5.Science and religion are not mutually exclusive. Ancient culture had many advancements at times... many of their engineering feats reveal to us of their intelligence. You would be good to remember that many of the early scholars making some excellent discoveries were priests or Christians whose discoveries only revealed more about God than disproved him. I have no problems with science, with evolution, with many of the scientific discoveries and theories that are prevalent today. Most of them only make me have more faith in God and understand him better. Indeed it did take time for mankind to discover better agricultural methods. Its not an indication that we abandoned religion to make those discoveries. 6. There are some people in society who want to have influence or power over others, there always have been, there always will be. Some indeed were attracted to the priest class, some to other areas such as military service or politics. But just because some were priests does not mean all the priestly class have been or are now interested in controlling others. I don't mean this only in an anecdotal fashion but overall. Many have been and still do strive to sincerely help others and bless those around them. We cannot nor should not throw the baby out with the bath water. Just because some of the Christians have tried to oppress others. There were many good people in history who were priests. 7. Many of the terrible practices of Christians were not the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ taught that he did not bring peace into the world as the world knows it but peace of the soul. Proper disciples of Christ do not try to fool people to have power over them, they to bring peace to the persons life through inner peace and through spiritual peace. A knowledge of God should bring peace into ones life. We sometimes have a saying 'act as if everything depends upon you, and pray as if everything depends upon God'. This belief is not admonishing people to do nothing and abandon reason, but to do all that is in ones own power to help oneself. True Christianity is not abandoning reason, but using it as much as possible, as it always has been.
  12. Bushrat

    Sraven Dogs Bite

    'Sraven Dogs Bite' I heard this saying when I lived in Guyana, South America. It basically means that you can try to take in a stray dog and care for it, feed it etc.... but it will likely bite you in spite of your kindness. * How the Guyanese use this in their common vernacular is to illustrate how you should be careful whom you help and take into your circle of trust. I think this sums up whats happening with most of the Islamic immigrants and refugees being forced upon the western countries at the moment. We can be kind to them, take care of them and try to treat them well.... but they will eventually bite us... and they have already. People in the developing world where the political correctness has not reached yet clearly know all of this because they are not taking any refugees or immigrants, nor do the people who are trying to get out of the middle east want to go other developing countries because they want the free money from the western rich countries. They are not running from war, because most of them are fleeing relatively stable countries. They are seeking free hand outs. People in Guyana used to scratch their heads in disbelief at how naive us westerners were about what people in the world are really like. I learned first hand by working in Africa, Haiti, and Guyana just how cruel and deceitful people can be. Some of these people coming over are not good people and never will be. People need to understand that no matter how nice we treat the immigrants and refugees, they will likely bite us. Cheers, Bushrat
  13. Bushrat

    More Donald Trump stupidity from the left

    its so transparent that the media hates Trump.... and the establishment hates trump.... anyone ask why this is? Stefan admirably connects the two and shows the bold hypocrisy and blatant favoritism of the media. so transparent, so pathetic.... I hope FDR does a video about Romney.... who has now shown himself as part of the establishment. Trump is the only anti establishment candidate we have chance with.
  14. Bushrat

    More Donald Trump stupidity from the left

    I stopped watching John Oliver some time ago. He is funny, but I couldn't stand his politics, just way to lefty for me. And usually very wrong about his criticisms of people who don't share is his commie beliefs. The people on the left will continue to argue about non-issues as they keep falling into the traps that Trump himself sets..... the best thing for him is to be underestimated by the Democrats as he continually is.
  15. Bushrat

    Together without conflict?

    As a Mormon (LDS) my attitude is that if you want to come have fun that's fine with me. I say the more the merrier. Sports activities is a time for us to have fun, if we talk about religion its only because we are from the same church not because we are trying to recruit anyone. We like to have fun activities just for fun with people (as long as they respect our values and don't swear or be crude.... nobody gets offended). Just go and have fun.

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