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  1. Spartacus521

    Boston FDR

    Yes! Metrowest area, email me at etrblues@gmail.com if you want to chat
  2. Spartacus521

    NEED YOUR HELP - Body image podcast

    Thanks for the response, her counselor was bringing up unrelated nonsense like Obamacare and was trying to blame me for things (she has never met me). My wife wants someone who can "call her on her bullshit" as she says it. Has Stef ever had a caller who has called in with eating disorders or body image issues?
  3. My wife has some serious body image issues and her previous counselor was too wimpy/feminine to handle. We are currently looking for a more authoritative, direct and assertive counselor. In the meantime, I really need your help: Are there any podcasts where Stef deals with a caller that has body image issues or issues with weight loss/gain? I don't see any that jump out by searching podcasts but I'm sure I'm overlooking some. I really need your help. If you can link to something below or a specific podcast, it would really help. THANK YOU!!!
  4. Spartacus521

    Boston Meetup

    Haven't heard anything so I am going to assume there is no interest. If someone IS interested, please DM me. I would be happy to help set something up.
  5. Spartacus521

    Boston Meetup

    Anyone interested in a Boston meetup sometime this Summer? Maybe around Memorial Day? It would be good to meet some fellow freethinkers.
  6. Spartacus521

    Critical Feedback

    You must have missed my arguments, let me help you: Trump is a total authoritarian who would leave the Executive Branch with way too much power if he ever got elected. He is in no way a limited government candidate. - Please explain why anyone should support someone who is an authoritarian candidate. With Stef's implicit support and constant rationalizations of his policies, Stef is backtracking on his own ideals. His economic plans make absolutely no sense. - Trump doesn't even have a Economic section on his website. Just a section about China and tax. There's not a single mention about how the US is living well beyond its means and the need to shut down parts of the government. No talk about shrinking government. Oh yeah, he wants to increase military spending and has no plans to cut into our deficits. I'm curious why Stef skips past all of this... Does anyone really believe someone on their third marriage with multiple affairs is believable? - Is Stef going to conveniently ignore his total lack of honesty and ethics? That is the single most important characteristic someone should have. I'm surprised Stef hasn't mentioned this since he gleefully points out shortcomings in other candidates. I love the show but Stef is contradicting himself by constantly defending Trump instead of analyzing him critically and truthfully. The shows lately fly in the face of the earlier ones where Stef goes into detail about how voting is futile. There's nothing wrong with admitting his faults instead of being myopic. You don't "get your balls back" by voting for an authoritarian.
  7. Spartacus521

    Guests for the show

    The best shows are when Stef will actually debate or interact with someone who doesn't share his philosophy. My 3 choices for next guest would be: Porter Stansberry Chris Martenson A talented Leftist
  8. Spartacus521

    Critical Feedback

    I feel the show is really going overboard with the Trump coverage. It seems delusional to think Trump is some nobleman who can save the country from itself. He won't. It is sad to see Stef white-knighting for Trump. Trump is a total authoritarian who would leave the Executive Branch with way too much power if he ever got elected. He is in no way a limited government candidate. His economic plans make absolutely no sense. He'll say people will get "taken care of" with his health plan then his economic plan is "dynamic". The guy gives no answers. It is so disappointing to see the constant defense of him from very legitimate criticisms. Tearing down every candidate except Trump goes counter to what this show is all about: Truth Does anyone really believe someone on their third marriage, with multiple affairs, no real ideas about how to pay for things, who engages in name-calling and pettiness is going to "Make America Great Again"?
  9. There have been a lack of podcasts recently which highlight the corrosive effects of big government favored by the Right. I feel like it the show is neglecting to cover topics which portray the Right in a bad light. I haven't heard any recent podcasts focusing on: Corporate welfare Military spending Government surveillance state - All Republicans hate Snowden Military-Industrial Complex/Nation building (Bill Whittle championed the 2003 Iraq invasion and yet he receives multiple interviews!) Prison-industrial complex I also feel there has been way too much Trump love on the podcast. He is an authoritarian and offers nothing of substance. His entire message boils down to "trust me". Why not podcasts on His absurd healthcare plan (to cover everyone?!) His absurd ideas on how we treat whistleblowers - executing them! He thinks the problems can be solved by government "negotiation" No clue how to shrink government What do you guys think?

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