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  1. Hey, FDR. I've recently started writting, and I've just published an article I've been working on on Steemit. It would mean a great deal to me if you would support me by hitting the "vote" button there and share the article. https://steemit.com/life/@ricardocalisto/the-science-of-video-gaming-addiction-and-effects-of-gaming I'd love to hear whatever criticism you have of it.
  2. https://www.gofundme.com/matthew-shayla-braiden-smith You can read the story on that link. It's been all over the news / twitter.
  3. RCali


    There are 2 genders: male and female.
  4. RCali


    Presente! I'm from Lisbon. Born and raised.
  5. Trump - my policy, the entire set of them, is based on giving the power back to the people. It's about people creating jobs themselves, and bringing the money back into the country through productivity and trade. It doesn't matter that I have the support of this party of the other, as the only thing the government will be doing is basic admnistrative work. Justice and defense. It will be, once again, like in the great time of american prosperity, where the people will be given the chance to work hard and suceed as a result of it. It's not about making the republican party great again, it's about making America great again.
  6. You can say that over and over again, but won't change the fact that a Hillary Clinton victory would destroy civilization and a Trump victory will more likely than not bring us closer to freedom. In the very least pause the advancement of the state. Yes, in this situation voting can remain consistent with the NAP, as you wouldn't be promoting the state, but the diminishing of it. And if you decide not to fight against Hillary in any way possible you are letting her advance, thus allowing the further destruction of the NAP. We need to make do with whatever possibilities we have in this shitty situation. Trump seems to be the best choice.
  7. If there's a way to abolish the government within 1 month, do enlighten us. It has to be sustainable, though. I don't know what you're talking about in the last bit or about owning you.
  8. Dsayers, let me put this into perspective. I'll asume you want the best for humans in general and I assume you want the best for freedom and a voluntaristic society in the future. Let's say we have 3 options. First option is to participate in political voting. And that voting would be towards Hillary Clinton. The antithesis of freedom and anarchy and progression and evolution. The antithesis of good and morality. Second option is to participate in political voting. For Donald Trump. He's a statist and not in any way a voluntarist. Maybe not even a capitalist. He promotes free speech and a freer existance than what is true today. He promotes smaller government and he definitely doesn't want to go into WW3. Third option is to not participate in political voting. Keep doing what many of us have been doing and spread the message of freedom and philosophy. Considering how likely it is that one of the two mentioned will take over the presidency (almost entirely likely) ignoring this is irresponsible. If you ignore the first two possibilities considering the consequences they can have you are either choosing stubbornly to remain dogmatic to a principle or not understanding just how important these options and their outcomes are. What would happen if Hillary wins? What would happen if Trump wins? That's easy. Catastrophe for the first - this is a certainty. For the second... Probably the opposite, and progress towards something better. Even if not progress, a definite pause. One of these two will take power, and if you decide to NOT help the second get there, you ARE responsible if the first gets into power. You WILL be responsible if the worst happens and the USA collapses because of this. There are three options and only two of them are mutually exclusive. Do not think you are not being faithful to the NAP by voting Trump. I'd argue you would be BREAKING the NAP if you do NOT vote Trump, because of what I've previously stated. Hillary leads to certain doom while Trump leads to at minimum more time bought. There's the good old quote: "The only thing necessary of the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." It is not a pretty thing that we are reduced to voting and following a politian... But it is certainly better than the alternative. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
  9. RCali


  10. RCali

    Microaggressions kill people: Rutgers University

    I'm a proud white male with two middle fingers .!. .!. and I regularly use words like fuck you, stupid feminists. Long live the patriarchy.
  11. RCali

    We should not boast of our own morality

    Boasting has a function, just like judging has. You boast and judge morality to keep evil at bay. It's the way we have to stay safe and identify danger. Without this and total tolerance of others, you'd live among criminals and generally shit people. And shit people are a bunch that many people here in the forums grown among. Tell them to get accostumed to it and go back to it, because judging is something you should not do. Responses are, most likely, not going to be too positive. What's the worst: judging someone's character too soon, with too little information, or to not judge at all and be tolerant, regardless of information?
  12. RCali


    Can Hilary dance like this? I think not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2Sz_fTfr1E
  13. RCali

    Hillary Clinton - Lie To Me

    I'm no expert at body language, to say the least, but having watched that video, it was the first thing that came to mind. She lies all throughout it, and even a moron at this such as me can see it clearly.
  14. RCali

    We are all racists?

    Racism is not prejudice towards a race but prejudice against an individual that's of a certain race...????

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