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  1. I am ooking for a therapist in Austin, TX. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. @Magenta do you have a therapist you recommend in Austin? I've got a friend looking at the moment
  3. @Drew Davis wouldn't it be immoral though considering you're actively coercing somebody's reality, thus forcing them into false ideas/belief patterns?
  4. lol Drew Davis, are you a therapist?
  5. I'm looking to get therapy sessions online as I live in a small town and don't have any good options of local therapists. Are there any therapists you guys recommend that would have an affinity/understanding for FDR content and have an online-based therapy program?
  6. Hey KiwiLady! I'm here in New Zealand as well except down in Queenstown, so refreshing to know there's some FDR folks here too! Was beginning to let myself slip into the delusion that everybody's socialist here Have you got any friends/folks you know here in Queenstown that are into FDR??
  7. Have we got any FDR folks/members in New Zealand!? Looking for interesting folks to hangout/meetup with and also looking to date!
  8. Mike, Where can we find the sources for the studies on spanking/day-care and their effects on children?
  9. Does anybody know of any call-in shows and/or podcasts where Stef talks about being in his twenties at length and any recommendations he has for us twenty-somethings?
  10. blah
  11. Got any NZ anarchists out there in the world?