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  1. I'd message James P
  2. Your experience of existence is not "mapped" to a physical entity. You ARE the physical entity. Your consciousness is a result of whatever process is going on in the brain.
  3. Welcome to the board!! Glad to see a Japanese listener over here. You're the only one that I've seen so far. Your English seems perfect already
  4. Did you get my PM?
  5. I don't know if you're looking for a new therapist, but this guy seems like a great one.
  6. I'm loving this new series. It's great if you want to catch up on world news while doing something else. I hope you make more of these.
  7. I guess he actually was a National Socialist
  9. That would explain the staggering amount of non-arguments in the comments.
  10. There is no confirmation that the man is Podesta. Not even close. Why don't you change your clickbait title?
  11. Wait... So, supporting Trump is one of the worst things someone could do as a libertarian, but voting for Johnson—a clueless lunatic who is only libertarian on paper—is fine? Can you clear that up for me?
  12. Thank you for the correction. It turns out that he made the tweet on election night, not after the trailer of his show aired. Here is the actual tweet. I'll correct my post. I don't think the date in which he tweeted that challenges my point much, though. I did not answer the OP about the movie because I did not watch the movie. I actually posted to answer KeepOnGoing's post, as you can tell. There is something curious I found out yesterday that is worth mentioning: The guy who made that tweet is not listed anywhere in the IMDB page of the show, even though he proclaims himself as a writer of the show on his twitter bio. Here is an article about the reaction of the creator of the show to the backlash towards the trailer. Might be more relevant than the tweets of that Jack Moore guy. Sure, there is a possibility that the show will be something other than leftist anti-white propaganda, but I'm not holding my breath, personally.
  13. It is what it seems to be. It'll be way worse than the movie. This is the twitter account of the writer. Have a look by yourself: He tweeted this after getting criticism about the trailer He tweeted this on election night. EDIT: This is the target audience for the show... EDIT 2: Correction.
  14. The link doesn't work. Maybe they deleted the article?