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  1. Hi. I've had this same exact idea for a while, but never got around to writing any code I'll PM you.
  2. twinklingwinter

    How to Deal with Narcissists

    Your mom is a full-on psychopath, one that I've never seen for myself. I can't imagine the hell you must've gone through. God... I knew you had it rough, but listening at all the examples is something entirely different. Good on you that you managed to find a way to get that demon out of your head, that's heroic. It's even more heroic to have the balls to call her out. Anyway, loved the video. It's very informative, and I recommend it for everyone here.
  3. twinklingwinter

    Dealing With His Mother: Overreacting Or..?

    Can he post here himself?
  4. twinklingwinter

    Online Therapy

    Why do you caution against people who self advertise? Why is it unethical?
  5. This is an oxymoron. Theft implies lack of consent, therefore you can't say "If we want someone to steal our stuff...". Being stolen while wanting to be stolen is a contradiction by definition. You don't even need an analogy for that. ..But the sign was not hidden. You're changing the analogy. I don't see your point
  6. twinklingwinter

    FDR guests who are smarter than Stefan

    Whoops, wrong book. Edited. Thanks! Edit: Yes, it's a fantastic book. I recommend it.
  7. twinklingwinter

    Answering an Atheist Chestnut

  8. twinklingwinter

    Is there even a point in having a career?

    I stopped reading after this. You're begging the question. By phrasing that question in that way, you assume the conclusion that there's no point in working on a career, to prove that there's no point in working on a career. Why? Because you said "sacrificing your life", which implies doing something for your whole life against your self interest. You haven't proved that working implies doing something against one's own self interest. Perhaps you should ask yourself why you see work in this way before making universal statements about work. Check your premises.
  9. twinklingwinter

    FDR guests who are smarter than Stefan

    A lot of what he talks about regarding psychology is derived directly from Nathaniel Branden. I confirmed this while reading Branden's books. Stefan did say he was influenced by him a lot. He also said "The most influential book that I read in terms of self knowledge was the first one: The Psychology of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden" right here: https://youtu.be/vQC4SusvjaE?t=38m50s
  10. twinklingwinter

    Why not do the obvious... in regards to marriage

    Is legal marriage the only way to ensure commitment for a man? Wouldn't a "good woman" understand how the family court system is extremely biased against men when you present the evidence to her? I'm gonna compare this to a fictional scenario I just made up. Let me know if this applies at all or not: You go to a job interview. The job seems great, and you want to work there. Right before hiring you the employer wants you to sign a certain contract. You read it and it says that the company can fire you at any time, and is entitled to 40% of your earnings for 20 years after they fire you, if it is in any way dissatisfied with your job performance. They also might have the State seize your guns or lock you up if someone in the company perceives you as "dangerous". If you don't comply, you go to jail. After you tell the employer that you refuse to sign it, he says "Well, that proves to me that you're not serious about the job".
  11. twinklingwinter

    Online Therapy

    Psst! Take a look at his signature...
  12. twinklingwinter

    Sweden, Skåne

    Welcome! Why don't you join our Discord Server. We have a Swede there.
  13. twinklingwinter

    High IQ but struggle to understand concepts and ideas

    As always, Dylan kills it with his pragmatic, brief and to-the-point solution. Love it.
  14. twinklingwinter

    So Subtle You'd Think It Real

    It's satire. I saw the same guy troll PewDiePie here

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