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  1. Disclaimer: While I present this information in good faith, I wish to disclaim all legal liability. Consult with a tax lawyer and accountant before. You can check the sources and make decisions yourself. Donation Tax credits beyond the first 200$ donated always equal or exceed the taxation rate at every income level you can be. This is at the federal level. This means you can divert every single income tax dollar from the state to a charity of your (limited) choice, and this completely legally. This is at the cost of donating most if not all of the income you would have kept had you just paid taxes. However, you can keep a decent amount of income from any other deductions, including the basic amount. Caveate: You are limited to registered charities, approved by the CRA. Examples with just employment income (It's even much better with dividends and capital gains instead of it) Example: Earning 46,605 it leaves you with $28,517.06 with $18,087.93 in donations. Instead of: 41359.50$ with 5245.50 in taxes. Example: at the federal level only. Provincial is likely similar (but wide deviation is possible, check your province). Earning 144,489 With just the basic federal amount. it leaves you with $47481.50 with $97007.5 in donations. Instead of : $116,356.825 with 28132.175 in taxes Add say 10000 in deductions to taxable income, and 3000 in other tax credits and it leaves you with : $66,791.85 with $77,697 in donations (the tax credit rate difference for the first 200$ was left out) instead of 121,956.825 with 22,532.175 in taxes. I'm tired so I might of made a mistake. More example: you can make your own, see with capital gains and eligible dividends instead of employment income, it can be much better. https://www.taxtips.ca/taxrates/canada.htm https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/charities-giving/giving-charity-information-donors/claiming-charitable-tax-credits/amended-legislation-charitable-donation-tax-credit.html Some tools (see if marginal tax rate exceeds the combined rate of the province and federal donation tax credits) : http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/dnrs/svngs/clmng1b2-eng.html https://simpletax.ca/calculator Here are the tax credit rates at the provincial level: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/charities-giving/giving-charity-information-donors/claiming-charitable-tax-credits/charitable-donation-tax-credit-rates.html#calcex http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/dnrs/svngs/clmng1b2-eng.html My understanding is that you get tax credits to apply at both levels. Quebec for example https://www.taxtips.ca/taxrates/qc.htm The above is also true for Quebec all the way to 200,000 in net (meaning after deductions) taxable income. Above 200,000, it's only 1.5% below the tax rate.
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  3. You could also resolve disputes by making sub categories. Material Capital, Living Capital, Gnostic Capital, Virtue Capital Subdivisions: Material capital: Natural, Artificial, Owned, Unowned Living Capital: Surplus Virtue spiritual Capital; Genetic Capital; Memetic Capital (individual and social) You could also resolve disputes by making sub categories. Material Capital, Living Capital, Gnostic Capital, Virtue Capital Subdivisions: 1. Material capital: a. Natural, Artificial, b. Owned, Unowned c. By function i. Information technology ii. Material productivity iii. Material Protectivity 2. Living Capital: a. Surplus Virtue spiritual Capital (surplus willpower to expand self or courage) ; b. Genetic Capital; (ownership of productive genes) c. Evolutionary Capital ( Ability to generate productive memes) d. Memetic Capital (knowledge of productive memes) i. individual ii. social/collective e. Intellectual Capital (capacity to generate productive memes) 3. Gnostic Capital a. Forgotten/undecipherable b. Decipherable but not understood c. Deciphered and understood d. Can be arranged by distribution of population that knows it and degree that it is understood at e. Categories of knowledge i. Economic/Moral ii. Scientific iii. Philosophical 4.
  4. [][/Red] Natural Capital: Capital that sustains life. This can include land/ecosystems, food, water, animals, and even the body (time too?). The implication here is that self-ownership is not only a foundation of responsibility for one's actions, but also a generator of other capital (what we make with our time and energy for example). Possible currencies valuations include calories, joules (?), weight, numerical count (head of cattle for example), ppm/pH (water purity), and carbon/nitrogen/etc. (?). [][/Red] Genetic Capital: The nature and technology that runs the agents themselves. This includes all the most permanent features of life forms, patterns of energy and matter with some characteristics (such as reproduction). [][/Orange] Unowned Capital: Potential Capital that is unused. This can include other planets solar systems or resources out of our current productive reach or sphere of activity. [][/Orange] Financial Capital: Capital that facilitates trade. This can include physical and/or digital forms of money, credit, insurances, securities, stocks/bonds, and any other form of fiduciary contract. The implication here is that this capital acts as a middleman capital to ease economic exchange between other capitals with physical limitations (or otherwise), and account for wealth in an abstract manner. Possible currencies valuations include price, probability percentages, shares, and... (maybe an economist can elaborate further?) [][/Yellow] Material Capital: Capital that fuels/supplies industry. This can include all matter of resources, tools, and infrastructure. The implication here is that this capital maintains the means of production. Possible currencies valuations include weight/load capacity, grade (quality), production rate, tensile strength, and efficiency (energy, material, or otherwise). [][/Green] Social Capital: Capital that denotes diplomatic capacity. This can include your social network, recommendations/reputation/trustworthiness/influence, and legitimacy. The implication here is that who you know and who knows you can become a valuable asset (strength of connections within a network). This includes the productivity of moral standards that organize property, knowledge and contracts. This includes the ability to make complex economic arrangements, enabling stock markets and financial derivatives. Possible currencies valuations include the number of connections, friends, and followers you have (both in your local and digital/distant neighborhood), your credit score, public opinion poll percentages, etc. [][/blue] Cultural Aesthetic Capital: Capital that projects perception. (meh...) This can include art (manifested appeals to the senses), rituals, prestige, luxury, etc. The implication here is that people and things (ephemeral or enduring) have intrinsic value beyond the material, medium, or action. Possible currencies valuations include... I dunno... provenance? (moving on...) [][/blue] Intellectual Capital. Information processing ability. May also include the information storage and memory access that would enable some information processing. [][/indigo] Human Intellectual Gnostic Capital: Capital that documents and imparts information. This can include diplomas, reference materials, an individual's collection of experience (knowledge/wisdom etc.), personality, and language/discussion/debate. The implication here is that (applied) knowledge is power (whether esoteric or exoteric) and can inform our decisions throughout various capital transactions. Possible currencies valuations include literacy, age (?), bytes/RAM/processing power, and informational accuracy/intelligence (error probability). [][/Violet] Spiritual (φ) Capital: Capital that encourages self-actualization. This can include empathy, morale/self-esteem, honor, mastery, and internal resonance (as opposed to cognitive dissonance). The implication here is that our emotions are valuable in ways like sensing a connection to others as well as an internal guidance system (for future thoughts and behaviors). Possible currencies valuations include the emotional scale, etc. (another hard one...) -- Discussion/Revisions -- [i look forward to hearing your thoughts.] StylesGrant: Humanity in Capital vs. Rationality AustinJames: Subjective vs. Objective capital, & Social/Cultural Capital overlap GRosado: Redefine Capital, Inter- Intra- Confusion, Currency/Measurement Confusion, & Hayekian Triangle Inclusion Josh F: Human Capital distinctions possibly unnecessary, & possible Coercive Capital/Political Capital inclusion. Magnetic Synthetizer: Natural capital redundant to material capital. Distinction of man made vs non-man made useless. However, distinction of what is currently used and what may be useful later is more important imo. Genetic, social and Spiritual capital. In other words, Genetic, Memetic and the last one is simply the energy and willpower available for expansion, after overcoming personal issues. If a population has a lot of problems most energy is spent finding food etc, whereas if it has littl eproblems, energy and willpwoer is freed to occupy itself with grander-scale projects.
  5. Nice. I like the structure of your work. But, where will you go from here? It can be used to remind people of some capital they have overlooked. As they read through the list, aaah, I forgot about this one! However, I have a criticism. Financial Capital is a part of Social capital and should be absorbed by social capital. Everything you described in financial capital is either material or diplomatic cooperation. I suppose you won't have a ''legal capital'' category for notes denoting ownership and contracts, so why have an category denoting economic arrangements? I would put natural capital into material capital. Both material and natural capital can sustain life. The distinction of man made vs non-man made is useless here. Rather, you could add ''un-owned potential capital'' for ressources useless now, but possibly useful later that are outside our sphere of activity
  6. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Why IQ?

    https://pseudoerasmus.com/2015/10/04/ce/ Search intelligence on the page. Enjoy
  7. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Achieving Anarchy

    Very interesting. A civil war that turned for the better? please tell me more about it.
  8. Wonder what some of you would think of this. https://lifeuniverseblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/15/my-ethics-system-a-framework-for-making-a-moral-system/ See at bottom for how this system can be used to describe theories of morality based on purely consequence, action or intention. My ethics system asserts the following: There is reality. Some states of reality are preferable to others. If you do not find all states of reality equally preferable, (if not then you have no use for this tool) My ethics system prescribes the following: 1.Find overarching values that predict preferences between states of reality. 2. (optional step) Find global arrangements of reality where-in those states of reality are maximized. 3. (optional step) Find behavior based on perfect knowledge that favors a, in total, more preferable ensemble of states of reality. ex: If you were omniscient, what system for deriving a decision of action from information (morality) would always prescribe the action most aligned with your values in all possible realities (situations)? 4. Find behavior based on imperfect knowledge that if you had in each instance would favor a, in total, more preferable ensemble of states of reality. ex: If you were who you are now (or the set of agents your moral theory address), what system for deriving a decision of action from the information available to you in any situation would most maximize the alignment of reality with your values? 5. Find best attainable behavior based on imperfect knowledge and imperfect capacity for information processing and decision making that if you followed in each instance would favor a, in total, more preferable ensemble of states of reality as compared to alternative behaviors within your reach. ex: Given the decision making process of my brain, I am simply not sufficiently well equipped in both speed and quality of cognition to ideally process information into decisions based on step 4. I should be like someone who behaves like X, however I can’t achieve that person and associated behavior. The second best behavior Y can be achieved by me, so I should go for this one instead. trivia: You might run the risk of not achieving the best behavior you can reasonably expect to achieve, and the rest of the probability, the part in which you don’t achieve it, makes the choice to pursue the best achievable behavior inferior due to the risk premium included. Thus you may prefer to strive in another path that even though you won’t achieve the best that path to offer, you can fall back on some improvements still. Conclusion: if you completed the above steps, you now have a immediately practical set of instructions to get more of what you like. If you don’t implement it, it’s because you forgot to value laziness or other distracting values or, in an alternative conceptual perspective, have failed to recognize your limitations and have set an unrealistic course of action. If however you achieved a realistic course of action, well now you know so of you go! Optional steps are helpful intermediates in arriving to the moral system however they are not as well as useful and sometimes irrelevant (such as when simple behaviors are the values themselves) There’s a lot of rule utilitarianism, how is this compatible with non-consequential theories? It’s compatible if you correctly identify the values that describe those non-consequentialist or only partially consequentialist moralities. If you think otherwise, I welcome the challenge: just message me and I’ll be glad to test it! I think this system captures the complexity and unfilled gaps of what can be done in ethics. If I remember correctly, I already posted my values and some of my steps.
  9. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Achieving Liberty

    http://www.unitedliberty.org/articles/18740-our-continued-fight-for-liberty-requires-human-action Action-organizing social networks (the catholic church being a great example) are the best way to achieve liberty imo and to fund all other technology. We need an institution to compete for power to the state. and it can be a liberal one as I think it should be. A good read.
  10. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Achieving Anarchy

    I agree. Hopefully there's a way for realistic oriented K selected people.
  11. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Achieving Anarchy

    tell me more about this
  12. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Achieving Anarchy

    What I want is not to be left alone. It's to have a sovereign free market empire exist.
  13. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Achieving Anarchy

    All but one, good posts, thanks!
  14. Magnetic Synthesizer

    Achieving Anarchy

    and when they knock at the door, do what? Well if you have good military grounds, I'd give it a shot.

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