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  1. Why IQ?

    https://pseudoerasmus.com/2015/10/04/ce/ Search intelligence on the page. Enjoy
  2. Achieving Anarchy

    Very interesting. A civil war that turned for the better? please tell me more about it.
  3. Wonder what some of you would think of this. https://lifeuniverseblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/15/my-ethics-system-a-framework-for-making-a-moral-system/ See at bottom for how this system can be used to describe theories of morality based on purely consequence, action or intention. My ethics system asserts the following: There is reality. Some states of reality are preferable to others. If you do not find all states of reality equally preferable, (if not then you have no use for this tool) My ethics system prescribes the following: 1.Find overarching values that predict preferences between states of reality. 2. (optional step) Find global arrangements of reality where-in those states of reality are maximized. 3. (optional step) Find behavior based on perfect knowledge that favors a, in total, more preferable ensemble of states of reality. ex: If you were omniscient, what system for deriving a decision of action from information (morality) would always prescribe the action most aligned with your values in all possible realities (situations)? 4. Find behavior based on imperfect knowledge that if you had in each instance would favor a, in total, more preferable ensemble of states of reality. ex: If you were who you are now (or the set of agents your moral theory address), what system for deriving a decision of action from the information available to you in any situation would most maximize the alignment of reality with your values? 5. Find best attainable behavior based on imperfect knowledge and imperfect capacity for information processing and decision making that if you followed in each instance would favor a, in total, more preferable ensemble of states of reality as compared to alternative behaviors within your reach. ex: Given the decision making process of my brain, I am simply not sufficiently well equipped in both speed and quality of cognition to ideally process information into decisions based on step 4. I should be like someone who behaves like X, however I can’t achieve that person and associated behavior. The second best behavior Y can be achieved by me, so I should go for this one instead. trivia: You might run the risk of not achieving the best behavior you can reasonably expect to achieve, and the rest of the probability, the part in which you don’t achieve it, makes the choice to pursue the best achievable behavior inferior due to the risk premium included. Thus you may prefer to strive in another path that even though you won’t achieve the best that path to offer, you can fall back on some improvements still. Conclusion: if you completed the above steps, you now have a immediately practical set of instructions to get more of what you like. If you don’t implement it, it’s because you forgot to value laziness or other distracting values or, in an alternative conceptual perspective, have failed to recognize your limitations and have set an unrealistic course of action. If however you achieved a realistic course of action, well now you know so of you go! Optional steps are helpful intermediates in arriving to the moral system however they are not as well as useful and sometimes irrelevant (such as when simple behaviors are the values themselves) There’s a lot of rule utilitarianism, how is this compatible with non-consequential theories? It’s compatible if you correctly identify the values that describe those non-consequentialist or only partially consequentialist moralities. If you think otherwise, I welcome the challenge: just message me and I’ll be glad to test it! I think this system captures the complexity and unfilled gaps of what can be done in ethics. If I remember correctly, I already posted my values and some of my steps.
  4. Achieving Liberty

    http://www.unitedliberty.org/articles/18740-our-continued-fight-for-liberty-requires-human-action Action-organizing social networks (the catholic church being a great example) are the best way to achieve liberty imo and to fund all other technology. We need an institution to compete for power to the state. and it can be a liberal one as I think it should be. A good read.
  5. Achieving Anarchy

    I agree. Hopefully there's a way for realistic oriented K selected people.
  6. Achieving Anarchy

    tell me more about this
  7. Achieving Anarchy

    What I want is not to be left alone. It's to have a sovereign free market empire exist.
  8. Achieving Anarchy

    All but one, good posts, thanks!
  9. Achieving Anarchy

    and when they knock at the door, do what? Well if you have good military grounds, I'd give it a shot.
  10. Understanding communist/socialist labor economics

    I'll do it for 18$ worth of crypto
  11. They don't recognize all workers' work. The manager and the owner, even if they put 80 hour weeks, ''haven't worked at all''. Because reasons. Secondly, if someone works to build capital and then uses it to produce, the work involved in building that capital is not recognized. (like build an axe to better cut trees) Thirdly, as in secondly, if someone works to build capital and then sells it, the buyer, which by the intermediate of working for the thing he traded in for the capital (producing but not consuming it), worked for the capital, also does not have his contribution recognized. These heinous shits don't recognize some people's contribution: they are their own antithesis. And finally, we should recognize what they don't recognize and thus recognize the glory of helicopter action. but sir, couldn't you just teach them? Ah but if it were that easy! Oh and if you work 9999999999999999h to build a house, well uh... it belongs to everyone. Because... Well now you're on to the next level!
  12. Is it just me or is this forum pretty empty nowadays?

    The ones who make them control that. It's rookie stuff.
  13. Achieving Anarchy

    What's your vision of how we should go about establishing more territory for liberty and what's your personal chosen area of action? My vision is total power perspective. Maximize power like you're in a war. Argumentation is only a part of a wider set of tools. Bring on the McNukes bio weapons psy-ops and everything. A.I. and genetic engineering. Cryptography, assassination markets/networks. Meme wars. One thing that must be maintained at all times, is safe heavens for people to run to. You don't want the whole world to turn into venezuela at once, so that you can run away. Hopefully with pure reproductive success we are able to increase our numbers, this is my ultimate perspective: that we should win by pure Darwinism. Decide like this: If you are in a biological war does X help you? Meme wars are only temporary sedatives, the root is genetics. My personal choice is financial NGO financing other liberty helping NGOs. Tax avoidance networks Creating action oriented networking platforms to combat social isolation of our minority. Yes there's liberty.me minds, and others. But they are not action oriented. Ultimately I'm likely to build a dynasty, why trust strangers when you can have children? blood-ties seem like a good start for any high trust operations.
  14. What is Power?

    The possibility or inevitability of causing change. To be more precise, wherein the existence of the thing that has power leads to a world different than an identical one save for the existence of the thing that has power. Yes a rock under your home has power, it holds things above from falling with it's electromagnetic force and influences many objects with it's mass via gravity. The world would evolve differently where it not there, therefore it has power. Yes, a single difference in anything other than the thing of which we ask if it has power, no matter how small or insignificant to the rest of the world, would still fulfill the requirement.
  15. Perhaps people scuffing at a denial that power corrupts is really a reflection of what they'd do with power. Or it is just a different perspective. However, using ocam's razor, I find it a superior, more streamlined, structure in my perspective.

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