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  1. Interesting discussion. I think that OFD's suggestion is one of the most likely. But there are so many factors that could change the direction: war and depression among them. The UK currently has an influx of about 1 million Muslims per decade. If you pan that out, that is 8.5 million by 2100, plus the likely 4 million here and a + replacement fertility rate it's quite feasible that we could see 15-20 million Muslims in the UK by 2100, At the current rate the general population will be about 90 million. So you could be looking at about a 20% Muslim population by 2100; and on the same trajectory that will probably be a Muslim majority by 2200. I suspect the trend in other North European countries is similar. This will be a drastically changed society in any walk of life, particularly if you happen to live in an area where Muslims have become the majority. It's a question of if our politicians will do anything to change that immigration course. At current this seems unlikely. In the UK the biggest issue (polled at around 40% of people) is reducing immigration and it has been like that for some time. Yet no political party will seize the lead by quietly suggesting the roll out of a Japanese or Australian-style immigration program and not even go into all the topics Stef would. This suggests to me that the politicians are either spineless or serving an agenda, probably both. All the fake Conservatives would have had to do to win the election by a good margin was say they are bringing in a points-based immigration system and say they'll provide more money for the NHS. That's all they'd have to do. Polls have also shown that the most solid support for Labour is immigrants and for the Conservatives it's the old, followed by the young. If your the Conservative, you thus grow your base by encouraging citizens to have children, giving care to the old and limiting immigration. But I have no faith that corpse of a political party could shift for the current course. So if we continue to slowly economically deteriorate over the next few decades I think we will find little changes in terms of immigration and the political approach to Islamisisation. And that we will need a depression, a war or some other catastrophe to shake us from this course. Luckily a depression seems inevitable and I think that the EU political order will break down in the face of unpopular mass immigration and depression. So as OFD says, I would go with the creation of US-style ghettos, which are varyingly populated by Muslims, other third worlders and poor whitea, while the rich whites and non-white move away from whereever the ghettos encroach into and remain virtue signaling in their residential safe spaces. Following this course, the affects of economically unviable and culturally backwards immigrants will become more apparent: more welfare, more criticism of white privilege etc., more terrorism... This will continue until a major societal breakdown. Given that we have more than 100 years on the current trajectory, the likelihood of societal instability is high. Personally I am done with the West. I'm leaving in less than 48 hours and have no plans to return. I can no longer bare the pain of clearly seeing the insane, anti-fact, incoherent downwards spiral of Europe. Over the last few years, I've lost 'friends' I've known for half my life for daring to present factual information compiled by Western governments, the UN, academics and polling agencies on to the negative effects of mass immigration. These have all been thrown back in my face with hysterical hissing and spitting. I've been othered. I'm less than human. I'm basically a member of the National Front. That I'm of a non-white immigrant background hasn't granted me anything. So I cut these white-middle-class, virtue signalling cunts out of my life before they had the chance to. I don't know how this will pan out, but there is also an internal decay of Islam and it's difficult to know how profound it is as Islam has it's own political correctness. Islamic political correctness is the exact inversion of Western political correctness bar one facet they have in common - THOU SHALT NOT INSULT ISLAM. If you are an apostate in Islam, it's likely that you're going to need to shut up or face your life being ruined, being abandoned by friends and family and possibly being killed. But you can see quite considerable, largely anonymous apostate communities online. From studying the act my observation is that apostates tend to be above average intelligence, even by Western standards. If they are in the West it tends to happen when they go to university, which is when they are likely to first have any real considerable contact with non-Mulsims. Obviously low IQ individuals aren't going to get into this position. And another big factor behind them leaving Islam is the amount of violence that is attached to it; in the texts, cultural practices and terror. Since most Muslim countries have low sub-80 IQs, there is little chance of these people slipping out. When you live in a fascist society that presents a very narrow realm to live in and enforces it with considerable violence, ignorance and blind faith, you're not going to be able to understand that if you have an 85 IQ. Goodbye cruel West. Enjoy your enrichment.
  2. Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert in England

    Don't worry, I have it from high authority that this is just another one of Sadiq's parcels being delivered. Just don't make any criticisms of who carried out the attack.
  3. This was a scandal: So was this: This scandal went on for days: While this hack wrote no fewer than three articles on why eating steak and ketchup (an arch-scandal) makes you ineligible:
  4. For hyperinflation to occur requires large amounts more currency to enter into general circulation as to devalue the currency against the available resources. The vast amounts of money that have been printed by central banks for the last 8-9 years has gone to banks to sure up their untenable positions. If I remember correctly the Wiemar inflation happened because citizens had hoarded money for a few years during which there was printing. When a period of economic hardship passed that money came out of hiding and snowballed into hyperinflation. Something like this isn't possible now as only a small fraction of the money supply is physical. Hyperinflation in the US would require the banks to gush out their stored digital money by buying assets or making loans. Like seemingly everyone above I think an severe economic collapse is likely and desirable as I feel it will at least have a chance of ending a lot of the unsustainable themes currently playing out. Plus the shock of this will give people the medicine they need rather than missing the message as the heat is slowly turned up. In the West a lot of the nominal economic growth in 90s and 00s was fueled by a large increase in corporate and household debt, i.e. rather than saving and thus borrowing from past frugality people increasingly borrowed from the future. The latter has a lower bar to access as it requires no work, just a line to credit. This ease of access causes many people to make less than optimal decisions. It is this combination of debt and poor decisions that has caused the economic crashes of the last 100 years or so: 1 - The Great Depression - people use credit to overbuy stocks well over their value 2 - 2008 sub-prime crisis - people use credit to buy houses they can't afford 3 - Dot com boom and bust - people use credit to buy stocks that are in some cases worth nothing An event like a backlog of people unable to service their debts causes a combination of sells offs, rediscovery of price and wipe outs. This destablises the economy, which requires stable prices to be able to make profitable decisions. It can causes debts to pancake on top of each other and the same with businesses. Panic takes hold and people loose confidence in spending. However, one big difference with any financial crash that will happen in the current era is greatly increased communications over 1929 and even 1997. In 1929 it would have been impossible to collect all the relevant data and disseminate it to all the right people in a short enough time to be able to patch over the mess with some sort of restructuring. I think if there is another financial collapse in the West that it will be papered over again due to good communications. It will be quite painful and will increase disintegration. I see Greece defaulting and Italy, Spain and Portugal slipping into the position Italy now finds itself in. The Northern European nations will slip towards 130% govt. debt to GDP, but they have the ability to take on more than that. It will likely see attempts to take Italy out of the Euro/EU and take Catalonia out of Spain. It would also be good for La Pen in France and Wilders in The Netherlands, but this would all take time to pan out. If we are going to see a financial crash that will take us into a Greatest Depression Rest I think it will come from China. Due to poor links between China and other economies, there will be less opportunity to restructure bad debts that will beging piling on top of one another around the globe. China has also made some of the worst financial decisions in history: fueled with exuberance over their success and with a never before seen velocity of private debt accumulation China has built dozens of ghost cities and invested in unviable businesses. The growth of the West in the 90s and 00s was fueled by private debt. This ended in 2008, along with growth. It's only government stimulus and restructuring that has been able to turn the depression into a managed decline. Right now China is in the same position, but on steroids. If they can't control their debt when it is inevitably shaken, I feel it's the most likely source of a huge worldwide depression. And it will happen at a time when many countries are already in a depression, such as: On top of those you have countries in considerable states of collapse: Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. And you have considerable amounts of political instability. Some countries in Africa are dependent on up to ~60% foreign aid for their government budget and many rely on food aid to avoid starvation. The Greatest Depression will be the messiest, most painful reset ever.
  5. I dont get it.

    The more I think about it, the more it appears that humans are largely/completely selfish. Even when people may appear to be generous, there may be selfish motives, e.g. if I give you a £500 gift, it is because I am caring only for you or is it because I want to use that as a way to manipulate your perceptions of me so I can get more access to value I perceive in you. If both people don't perceive value in a relationship it's unlikely to last minus feelings of guilt. Rich and attractive business magnates don't tend to marry toothless old beggars and the most popular, exciting girls don't tend to want anything to do with frumps... One thing I have observed is that people who are not viewed as having particularly high social value who may hang around with each other tend to not openly view each other as friends. In my school there were two sets of people the popular people and the unpopular (known as the wanker gang). The wanker gang hung around together, but if you walked in on them they would often start disparaging each other in an effort to elevate themselves from wankerdom. I remember on occasions hearing them say that they were not friends with other people in the wanker gang. Social interaction could be compared to the affects of drugs. When you are making social connections your physiology changes and you feel good. But when you are in a social situation when you and/or the other person are separating yourself with increasingly thick sheets of ice and your physiology is changing to make you feel worse. People who make better social connections will likely seek new connections and many people will enjoy those connections and want to spend time with them. While people who struggle to make good connections may avoid them because of the mental and physiological affects. So it's a vicious circle of you feeling bad about social interaction and avoiding them and you having a negative impact on others and them wanting to get away from you. The only way you can change anything like this by changing your perceptions. Right now you perceive social interaction as something negative to avoid and you don't think you have anything to offer the other person. If that's how you think, that's the reality that you will manifest. Some knowledge and perspectives are useful to do this. I would recommend looking into the info put out by pick-up artists and neo-masculinists like Roosh V, David Deida, RSD Tyler, Gavin McInnes...
  6. The Onion does the IMPOSSIBLE

    If this was sent to BuzzFeed, GuffPost or a similar outlet they probably would have published it and hailed it as an anti-Trump sea change. When you can't tell the difference between a troll post and your own bird-brain ideology: https://heatst.com/culture-wars/huffington-post-editor-resigns-in-shame-over-hoax-article-that-said-white-men-shouldnt-get-to-vote/ I also liked the fake news story about the OK hand sign being a white supremacist symbol. Next is to troll The Independent with this:
  7. Advice needed on current life situation

    I don't know what you should do, but I can offer a few line of thoughts that might be of use. Re. the girl, just tell her how you feel. It will be really awkward or maybe destroy the friendship if she doesn't feel the same way. If it doesn't go well, view it as a creative destruction. When old friendships breakdown, use this as a drive to try and make new ones. I'm guessing that telling her is going require surmounting a huge fear hurdle though. If you don't quit porn and masturbating. There is nothing like an overload of testosterone to put you in primitive auto-pilot to overcome fear. As for your job, I'm a bit over than you and I know quite a few people who have made what they now say as serious wrong turns in terms of useless degrees and career choices. Some of these are intelligent people earning some very basic wages in jobs they dislike and you can see the depression and the helplessness piling on top of them. Earning a decent wage can give you some self-confidence and allow you better flexibility and options. You may not be i love with your job, it may be OK, you may dislike it. Many people dislike their jobs, but without hardship we would have nothing. Come to terms with whatever career path you decide on and stick it out. Your life is what you make it. You can be happy if you take control over the perceptions of your life.
  8. UK General Election 2017 - I called it!

    Our mate Clive Lewis is hawking this: If they were not on the left, I'd say this is very divisive. Mirage busting: Conservatives: Social Democrats Labour: Anti-Working Class Internationalists Liberal Democrats: Illiberal Autocrats Scottish National Party: Scottish Internationalists United Kingdom Independence Party: what it says on the tin
  9. UK General Election 2017 - I called it!

    I thought that SNP were polling down a good few points over 2015 and always saw McDonnel as Jerry's left-hand man.
  10. Good post. On the Ahmadi sect. Although they certainly deserve some credit. From what I've seen they are more about re-interpretation than reform. They still have a lot of anti-civilisation concepts like polygamy. I think the best concept about the sect though is that they promote the idea of choice in religion and do not condemn apostasy. So there is an easier way out of the Ahmadi sect. It also seems they think homosexuality should be illegal. I spent some time reading about apostasy in Britain and on the Council of Ex Muslims Forum. From what I've read if you decide you are no longer a Muslim, something like half of Muslims will never tell their family and friends. I even read about a ex-Muslim secular debater who is married to a Muslim and raising Muslim children, but is petrified to tell anyone. Then of those that do tell their family they are no longer a Muslim, chances are the family will abandon the child. There is also a considerable chance that the child will be threatened with violence by their parents to stay in the religion. I read about one case where the child was told that they could remain in the family as long as they pretend to be a Muslim. This goes to show that in many cases the actual religion may be a complete sham and its only a very abusive and violent form of social policing. In another case a daughter of an imam has had to move 43 times, because her father keeps bringing mobs to threaten her life. If your not going to be thretened with violence by your family, there is a good chance that someone else in the community will. Most apostates have to leave their place of origin and never go back. Obviously this is a difficult decision and its why many people decide to say nothing. It will mean starting a new life. If you take the case of secular reformer and one of the few actual liberals about, Maajid Nawaz, after becoming a reformer, his life left him, he has nothign to do with his family and he is saturated for death threats. All for saying things like stoning people for their perceived sin and so on is backward. There also seems to be a fairly common path to apostasy, which typically involves going to university (maybe the first time they have really been immersed in non-Muslim culture) combined with the levels of violence committed in the name of Islam. But with the average IQ of British Pakistani and Bangladeshi school children being 90, not many are going to go to university. Maajid Nawaz knows that reforming Islam is a monolithic task and that many think it is useless, but I have seen him put it in the frame of other reform movements. If you go back to the 50s and 60s when gays were being electroshocked, it may have been quite difficult to envisage a President running on a platform of acceptance of homosexuality, which is generally mirrored in society. I hope he is right, though I think it is going to be a much bigger task; and I wish the battle ground of the reform was in Asia, rather than in Europe.
  11. Syria Strike - Genius or Lunacy.

    The only good thing that has come out of this is, I think, the last nail in the coffin of mainstream media credibility in the minds of empiricists of any political persuasion. Looking on the left I see as much criticism as on the right as to the MSM's coverage of this affair. Since a young age I have been highly skeptical of the media and under the impression there were agendas they both masked and advocated for at the same time. But I hadn't completely written them off. That ended with the 2016 election cycle. The mask had slipped and they were revealed as paid shills and sycophants who would rather destroy themselves than allow their agendas to be derailed. I moved from distrusting them to utterly despising them. Yet they were able to go lower still. The mainstream media has to go. It doesn't matter how. No one could act in such a ridiculous manner without a few dodgy photos hanging over their head. As the cesspool of the USSR and China has only begun to trickle out after their respective fall and reform, what horrors lie at the heart of the decaying west?
  12. Trump Attacks Syria

    The movement will move on without Trump. Imagine if Obama's supporters were this consistent with their espoused values:
  13. Understanding Islam? Help

    This is a good site as it give you direct references from Islamic texts, categorised by topic. A few to get you started: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur%27an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Racism https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Homosexuality Other topics available from the menu on the right.
  14. Hi, Good to see that at 39 you are actually looking for answers and betterment. I know people about ten years younger that think it is too late to do anything but. These problems are complex and people will find different paths out, but from being in some similar circumstances one comment I would make is that I have made a post something like this before. And part of the problem was that I was looking to others far to much to solve my problems. You can get a lot of useful information from other people, but ultimately you have to do all the leg-work yourself. Above you've got a list of problems you have identified with your life. Put them in a spread sheet and then spend some time figuring out what you are going to do about each of them. Also add your negative traits and do the same, e.g. addicted to Youtube => block Youtube in firewall Once you have that, you will need to drive yourself on to reducing and eliminating your negative traits and reaching your goals. View the reduction/eradication of your negative traits as a goal also, as they should be easier to tackle and use that momentum and muster whatever determination you can to start chipping away at your goals; which will likely be harder to achieve as they are gains, as opposed to shedding negatives.

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