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  1. As someone who does not mess with the stock market and who is tired my first instinct would be that the exchanges could have rules regarding this and other behaviors that a company must agree to before they could be listed on the exchange. This way consumers looking at the exchange could expect a certain quality in the stocks listed.
  2. Forget children for a moment because they are not adult entities. If women were not as capable as men then sure, for example if I were to take out a young woman who lived at home with her family and had no source of income I would be glad to pay for her to go out to eat. But if I were to date a young woman who had a job especially if it was equivalent to mine there is no way you would get me to pay for dinner for her. So if women are in a worse position than men sure women first. In today's society no freaking way. If anything women ought to be last because statistically women barely even have children anymore and that is what gives them value so the typical woman you meet will have no more than one child so compared to women of the past who had 8 she's not nearly as valuable
  3. I am about to be 32 and I am now dating a 17 year old (yes its legal where I live). It is honestly pretty awesome and here is why: 1. I feel lucky to have gotten her. I wasn't sure I could get someone young and attractive like her for something serious so yeah I do feel a little like I won a prize and I better keep my game up to keep her. On the flip side, she feels lucky to have gotten me, a mature, fit, successful man, she didn't think she could get someone like that either, as opposed to an immature guy her age or a creepy old acting man, so she also feels like she got a prize she needs to work for to keep. 2. I am getting into the prime of my earnings, she is in the prime of her fertility. Perfect match. 3. She doesn't butt heads with me, its obvious I am more experienced, wise, capable and so she offers her opinions on things, there is clear structure in terms of who is leading and who is following. 4. She has no aspirations for career or specific education. She likes to take care of a home and she loves animals (shes afraid to have kids but if she loves animals, that is a sign she just doesn't feel secure or comfortable with the idea yet and will love kids when she feels in a safe position to consider something like that) She is intelligent and we can talk about more intricate topics and maybe she doesn't know certain things, I can give a quick explanation and then move on, its really not this big deal everyone is always saying "What do you even talk about with her?" Literally there is nothing missing from this relationship, I don't feel like I am missing out on anything, she meets every single one of what i've been told are my "impossible" requirements, although they are mainly only impossible if you date older women. Unfortunately she was not a virgin however with very limited experience with young boys who also have very limited experience i dont think they have left much of an impression so I feel pretty ok about it. People who see us stare and judge us but we both think its awesome in pretty much every way and seems completely natural as we are 100% complimentary in what we bring to the table.
  4. smarterthanone

    What Women Actually Want in a Man

    And if they did know, they would tell you the wrong thing on purpose to shit test you.
  5. smarterthanone

    Vanity, and Approaching "The Wall"

    I am saying she works out at the gym and has a tight diet and is able to attract much younger men. And even at her age, if I was her husband and already had kids I wouldn't be looking at other women.
  6. smarterthanone

    Vanity, and Approaching "The Wall"

    Yeah I mean there is this I think shes 54 fit fit bikini body woman I see around sometimes and I definitely hit on her and she could definitely get me home for a good screw. No doubt. lol. Havent seen her in a long time since she got a different job.
  7. I skimmed. I thought this was obvious? Nothing shows confidence more than the confidence to break the law and kill people. Everyone knows girls like confidence.
  8. smarterthanone

    Feminist Regrets?

    What is to disagree with?
  9. smarterthanone

    Why are intelligent people so stupid?

    I look at it like a game. I try to manipulate people to feel what I want. That keeps my mind at work. Do I want to intimidate or scare them, make them aroused, make them sad... I steer the conversation and change my body movements in order to try to make them how I want them to be. This is how I can enjoy stupid boring conversational topics and fit in with people who like to talk about stupid boring things.
  10. smarterthanone

    What rich people think

    This. But feudalism is also capitalism. People make feudal settlements today. See many cults, see some super rich peoples compounds, etc. Don't forget, if you buy an island, you have employees who work it in return for food and shelter. The reason why kings would not tolerate disobedience is because you cant have your employees running around building up a coalition against you. You disobey you are beheaded or kicked off with your family into the cold and banished.
  11. smarterthanone

    What rich people think

    Well it makes sense. Wealthy people do not work for hourly basis, they make money by using systems. ie. why make chairs by hand when you could have a factory? Why work for a business when you could invest in a business? etc. Personally how I do this process is I do some activity and it makes money then I "step back" I figure out how to automate whatever it was I was doing before, with computers, employees, or other systems. So they are looking at a crisis and want systems in place that will allow them to continue to live and thus continue to create value. To someone like me, this seems obvious. Probably because I worry about the same things they do and have my own plans in action to achieve it. The writer is an obvious liberal cuck whining about why they don't make changes to better society. How about he just makes his own money and then instead of using it to protect himself he donates it to charities. What an idiot.
  12. smarterthanone

    Arguments against NAP.

    I will take that stat at your word. But even if we do, can you imagine any other situations which may cause a child to go missing... you know besides child traffickers? So none are taken by a non custodial parent or other non custodial relative? None that are capable of walking, run off and fall in ravines and things and aren't found immediately? Both of those happen all the time. So simply saying that 2000 a day has anything to do with child traffickers is nonsense. As I said above, most of the stats regarding this include voluntary adult prostitution. The 27 year old girl who is banging dudes in a hotel is not a child, nor trafficked and should not be included in statistics but most statistics released by the government include them.
  13. smarterthanone

    Arguments against NAP.

    There are so very few child traffickers you are talking nonsense. There is like 10. No seriously. Ok more than 10 but its really very very rare. All the statistics you see are lies. They include voluntary adult prostitution. So don't trust anything coming from such blatant fake sources. The biggest source of that kind of obscenity is actually the FBI, they keep file of every single known record in full color and HD and even make their own websites and stuff. What sickos. Drug dealers are not violating the NAP. Next.
  14. smarterthanone

    Arguments against NAP.

    Terrible example against NAP. Aiming a gun with 1/400000000000 chance to kill them is aiming it at them. Driving a car is not aiming the car at them. One is an accident and one that the person "opts into" the risk by driving or walking on the road at that and one is purposeful and they have no reason to expect a gun aimed at them (unless they are walking at the end of a gun range or something knowingly). They are not equivalent. Degrees of aggression is given to the victim. ie. If someone steals food from you, you decide whether its worth shooting them over or not. If you don't think someone would make a good judge of your theft, you should find someone else to steal from, its your problem not theirs. I don't see what the issue is.
  15. smarterthanone

    Blackmail in a free society

    Rehabilitating criminals cannot be good if it profits from immoral behavior. So you would also find rehabilitating criminals to not be good? There isn't a problem profiting from immoral behavior because its profiting for fixing/minimizing/punishing the immoral behavior, not condoning or helping spread immoral behavior. Big difference.

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