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  1. GOP Tax Bill Not so Great for Business Owners

    Besides issuing currency to replace destroyed currency, can you give an example?
  2. Vanity, and Approaching "The Wall"

    Ok, you ladies worry too much about little beauty things and not actual beauty. Youth is only important if a man wants to make babies. Presumably, your man made babies with you and so that is not something on his mind any more. Other than that, youth is overrated in terms of beauty, you don't need to look 25. I personally think women are their most attractive, just pure physically, in their 30's to early 40's. Guys don't care about a few wrinkles and stuff like that. Guys just don't want an obese woman or the "im old im cutting all my hair off" haircut. Also don't dress like you are old. These three things are what make women look old and unattractive. I mean other than that, if you were attractive before you still will be. I would suggest lifting heavy weights at the gym like a mens training program and NOT doing the typical "girl workout". Heavy weight lifting is the best way to keep away flab and such, and no you can't turn into the she hulk by accident lol. Men have much more testosterone and they have a very hard time doing it on purpose.
  3. How is it not? If the government says "don't step on this land if you came from this side and don't have a piece of paper" they also say "dont light this plant on fire" and "we will allow you to say anything you want, you have our permission it says so here"... what makes one different than the other? Do you accept the government as the all powerful god authority? If not, why one of these but not the others?
  4. Did you know all this on your 18th birthday? I am just saying you assume everyone knows this. If everyone knew this there would be way more libertarian, ancap, etc kind of people around. If you assume everyone knows this, I will have to say you are wrong, almost nobody knows this.
  5. Do you need consent of the government to smoke pot or to say whatever you want? Yes. When did you learn tax was theft? Or was it so obvious that in elementary school you little 4th grade butt was like "Mommy this is stealing don't send me to school!" Also don't forget most people are dumber than you.
  6. How are they trespassing? Whose property did they go on without permission?
  7. FDR Community and Personality Disorders

    When has Stefan ever been against truth? My question does not change the truth of whether people on here have personality disorders or not. Are you afraid of what the results might be or something? I am asking to the people who up voted the post saying this was an insult to the community. How would attempting to discover truth, in a self knowledge forum, run by a guy who is a believer of truth, be an insult?
  8. Not really. Most people don't pay taxes and you cannot take taxes paid vs benefits received and calculate what you may take because it is only partially fungible (federal vs state vs local vs other local etc) and often not measurable. If I pay $10,000 in taxes, how much can I buy from walmart before I get more than $10,000 in benefits back which would then become theft? You cannot measure that. Plus calculate in things like use of roads etc. But again, most people pay net negative into the system, they would all be stealing, whether they are a citizen or not.
  9. FDR Community and Personality Disorders

    Edited my first post for more sensitive readers.
  10. FDR Community and Personality Disorders

    Self knowledge is about knowing yourself, if you fall into these kinds of behaviors you OUGHT to consciously realize you do instead of being confused by life. But if you think self knowledge is only about recognizing the good things about yourself you may be a narcissist. Something to look into. If I voted first, people would know what my vote was. It is supposed to be anonymous. I intend to vote (if I haven't already). What does this have to do with the post? Are you simply just trying to poison the well? Said in a southern accent, "We don't take kindly to fallacious arguments around here, boy." I said "we" so whatever I said I felt it was ok to use to talk about myself and I don't often go around being disrespectful to myself. Maybe you just get offended easily by semantics. So self knowledge is an insult. Got it. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint.
  11. I don't know if you remember before you considered government but I am sure before you did you didn't understand the concept either. If I do agree with what you are saying I would also say just as much you would know walmart relies on government subsidies and shopping there is also theft.
  12. So you are saying everyone who regularly buys things at swap meets and flea markets and such are ALL thiefs. If one buys enough things from places like they they will eventually buy at least one stolen item. That would make them a thief. Even though they have no involvement in coercive activity and no knowledge of it. So if you ever shopped at walmart you are a thief too. They get tax money in subsidies, they use that money to lower the costs of their goods. You buy discounted goods, discounted using tax funds. Anyone who ever shopped at walmart is a thief. I am not buying your logic. I don't think someone who is only committing what is believed to be a legal and consensual and voluntary activity can be accountable for theft. For example if you own a car and its parked in your driveway with the key in it. You are inside taking a shower. I stop a guy named Joe on the street and offer to sell the car for $1000. He agrees. I hand him the key and he drives off. Joe did not steal the car, I stole it and sold it.
  13. Just curious if there is a greater, lesser or different spread of personality disordered individuals versus the standard population, who are of the mindset of this kind of community (libertarian, conservative, ancap, etc) My background is in philosophy, psychology and economics. So I do have a hypothesis of what the results might be and if the data says anything interesting I will be happy to share my thoughts.
  14. Taxation is theft. The IRS and government agencies collecting and enforcing collection are the thiefs, not Jose blow drinking a cerveza and busy planning a family get together for his daughters quincenera. If I robbed a bank and I said "Hey jpahmad, I did it for you!" Are you now a thief?
  15. I don't completely agree with Adam but I do on this point. People who move here and get welfare or other services are not stealing. They are dumb, they don't know where it comes from. The IRS and other people running the government entities are the ones stealing. If I am a known thief in town and you just move here and I say "Hey buddy, I am just a nice guy, I sell all new people to town a beautiful 75" TV for only $20. Do you want it?" and you buy it, you are not knowingly part of my criminal enterprise. Now if you purposely know, then sure. I don't think people who are low IQ AND uneducated have thought one second about how government even works.

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