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  1. I see the train coming north up the track. I see the other train coming south down the track. Full speed ahead. It's coming. I can't help but watch.
  2. smarterthanone

    Women Can Be Just As Terrible As Men

    Honestly, its his fault. Why didn't he just leave her? Damn what a cuck.
  3. Yes it is cruel. But when you come home from work and she says "You didn't mow the lawn yet. You are useless." etc. or when she otherwise nags you, belittles you or shit tests you... absolutely you ghost her and put her in her place ASAP and hard. Its a response. When a woman does that she is just pushing your buttons and wants argumentative attention paid to her. Not acceptable. If you argue, you will reward her. I am going by what he said. He said he is older and more experienced at travel. So I am assuming he knows what hes talking about. There is a difference between insulting and being truthful. If I play basketball my whole life and you ask me how to shoot the ball and I show you and you say, nah I think its best to potty shot it... you are stupid. No two ways about it. Women aren't inherently wonderful. If my guy friend insisted on potty shooting it when we played games at the park, I would say "Dude you cant be on my team, you shoot like a retard". And I am not wrong. He is young. If he wants kids a younger woman is necessary. So immediately we can X out anyone 30+. Bye bye from consideration. But lets say he doesn't want kids. I would still X out 99% of anyone 30+ because as women age they get emotionally hardened. This is what happens little by little as they go through a roller coaster of ups and downs that come with relationship after relationship. Women over 30 may or may not have something to offer. If he is successful like he plans, a womans career or income is irrelevant. I am also well off, so I really don't care if a girl works at starbucks or if she is a doctor. Either way if she isn't willing to give it up, shes not a good fit for me. I am already wealthy and "retired". So an older woman is more interesting? Maybe maybe not. If she spent the last decade learning piano, ballet, exercising, reading, being on the woman's pistol shooting team, etc. Sure. She very well may be quite interesting. But most women do not do this. Most women sit at home or go to the bar a lot. So usually they aren't drastically more interesting. Personally I don't see why I would ever date someone past about 24 max. Ever. Under any circumstance. Unless I was single again at like 70 but that's not what we are talking about. And even then there is a case to only date much much younger. Also the longer a woman goes without getting married and having a family the more likely there is something seriously wrong with her. ie too slutty for marriage, feminist, mental disorder, etc. something is wrong wrong wrong.
  4. smarterthanone

    Physicalism (Materialism) Verifies Free Will

    My biggest problem with your whole thing are your definitions. If we simply tweak definitions we can prove anything. This is a strawman definition for determinism. I think it is also a purposely vague way of focusing on free will. But lets continue. Regarding your definition of free will... A person could have chosen Action B instead of Action A but they wanted Action A. If the situation was repeated in the exact same scenario, they will still want Action A and thus they will not pick Action B... ever. How often do you get offered a promotion that you want, that is only good, no downsides... and then turn it down? Never. You can repeat the circumstance 10 million times and you will always take it. Regarding neural networks being independent of external influence... Your neural network cannot be free from external influence simply because you were born and your neural network was determined by genetics. So that is where we are starting off before you even have to make a 'choice'.
  5. All women are basically children. Have you ever met an older woman who was as rational as men are? None are. Some more than others. But the amount of rationality they gain from age is worthless because any woman who is actually somewhat rational is in her 30's. Is there 0.0001% of women who are rational and younger, sure ok. But that is the unicorn, you can't assume you will find that girl. And even if you did, she could have 20 other things wrong with her. You shouldn't seek from women the qualities you would judge a man on. Women are emotional. Get over it, accept it, and learn to use it to your advantage. Wrong wrong wrong. You are using one example. Statistics show, and ones Stef has used and aggrees with, that virgins are less likely to divorce. I have never met a virgin woman over the age of 22. As women get older they have more sexual partners. Its kind of a statistically obvious thing. So yeah, youth is best for marriage. Part of the problem is men are not taught this NOR taught how to handle marriage either. I was in a serious relationship with an 18 year old for 8 years. I MADE MISTAKES, that ultimately led to us breaking up. Because older people I looked up to told me we were too young and she isn't that great you should date other girls and things like that. (Forget they were still married and had been together since they were 19 I think themselves SMH) I let our relationship fall apart. I also didn't start having kids, we should have been having kids starting at like 23 or so. I was the reason we didn't work out but we absolutely could have. So maybe your 21 year old brother wasn't mature and man enough to keep his girl in check. Or maybe he did actually pick a bad seed. Or both. What a girl "Wants" is almost irrelevant. Studies show women who respect and follow the leadership of a man will change their desires and thinking to that of the mans. Man is a conservative and marries a liberal... she is like 70% likely to significantly become more conservative. Plus 99% of all women biologically want kids, so its not like shes going to get a little older and hate that she has kids, providing you make it an enjoyable process. What mother doesn't love her kids? Women have rape babies for christs sake and love them. So whether she has recognized she wants kids or not yet is irrelevant really. Id personally stay away from a young girl that says she HATES kids but anything else is probably fine.
  6. If you are right, you are right. So insist it. When she gets stubborn I would just be like "Only a stupid teenage girl would ever think that" and then walk off. When she does do the right thing, be like "Wow I am so impressed with how smart and capable you are" and then give her kisses and a hug or something. Over time the reward and punishment will sink in and she should start to behave more. I don't agree. I personally would never date anyone who wasn't a teen or only slightly older. Women get worse as they age, not better. If you are looking for a stable relationship and to have kids and such a younger woman is FAR better. I would rather accidentally knock up any random 19 year old over any random 32 year old any day hands down. That being said. Be more careful in general, you don't want to accidentally knock up anyone.
  7. You need to take charge more with her. Most of the negatives you listed are YOUR failings, not hers. You will never find a fully self aware, on top of their life girl who is 19 years old. Not possible. You need to lead her. It's ok if she isn't perfect but you are in for a world of hurt if you can't get her to accept your leadership. "she often ignores my experience in certain topics, when I clearly have much more than she does (example: travel) and does what she wants, to later find out I did actually know what I was talking about" This is a big problem. You need to fix it asap. It will also resolve the other problems such as her being argumentative and yes even her being a feminist. You need to give incentives. Being the head of a household is no different than being a CEO of a corporation. If your employees disobey and do things wrong, they get disciplined (docked pay, write ups, passed over for promotion, demoted, even fired). If your employees do things well, they get rewards (recognition, promotion, pay raises, profit sharing, stock options). What kind of man are you that you allow your girl to argue with you and do the wrong thing? I promise the longer it goes on she will begin to develop feelings that you are an inadequate man for allowing her to treat you this way. Look at it this way, if you walked down the street every day and you pass this man sitting on a bench every day and you talk to him and you think hes a pleasant man to talk to. Now say you spit in his face every day because maybe its the law and you would get killed idk you have no choice for whatever reason. Psychologically after a year or so of this behavior you won't be able to think of him as anything but a poor victim who is unable to control his circumstances.... because thats what he is. Your girl knows she can disobey you and nothing happens. So imagine 5 years from now she has some urge to cheat or spend all the money in your bank account or something stupid... she will be so used to disobeying you and maybe wants the attention of an argument, so she has no negative to doing this behavior and some incentive to do it. What do you think will happen? You can change things around its not too late, but you do it by changing you. - Do not argue. Girls love to argue. They are inherently attention seeking and will do whatever it takes to get attention. Bad attention is better than no attention. Only give attention for good behavior, period. When she misbehaves you got to ghost her aka walk out for an hour and come back. Or just sit in silence. Or refuse sexual advances.... whatever it takes. Only when she apologizes or does right then you can pay attention to her. - When you say Ive been to country A, you need to do this to be prepared for it. When she says no, you better give her shit. Pretend shes a man "Joe, i just told you you need two forms of ID to enter country A. What are you stupid?" Except change the example from Joe to whatever your girls name is. And instead of saying stupid, call it what it is. Shes doing this because its feminine behavior. So say something like "stupid little girl". I mean don't be mean, but be REAL, and dont cut her slack for being a woman, talk to her like a man. Its not mean to call someone who literally is hitting their head on a brick wall stupid, nor is it mean to do this either. Its real. Your girl with either start to follow your lead or she wont. If she doesn't there are ways to take this further or you can just write her off as too much trouble. I guarantee if a girl doesn't take your lead she will be nothing but headaches at some point, if not today, tomorrow.
  8. smarterthanone


    Morality is simply a concept regarding how we manage interactions with others. I don't see how it applies to determinism or free will... if that is still what we are talking about. Your morality is determined by your moral instincts which come from biology and is a prior cause to your actions and you learn morality from events you are exposed to in your life whichchange your morality to some degree prior to your new behaviors. Nothing in this process seems even close to free will.
  9. smarterthanone

    Which do you prefer... wait or not to have sex

    They are used to some liberal lawyer who wants to marry a liberal doctor. The whole childless professional marriage sort of thing.
  10. smarterthanone

    First Time At Church (Roman Catholic)

    No. I mean I tell them I don't believe in god. I just don't say it every 5 seconds and challenge them any time they say god. Half the girls ive met that are regular church goers dont actually believe either. It really hasn't ever caused me any kind of problem at all. That being said I am not currently going to church but I do intend to sooner than later.
  11. smarterthanone


    Determinism is true so you have no choice but to believe in morals and good and evil because there is a biological basis in the human brain to decide actions in this way, plus external forces found in prior actions of people past and people around you further enhancing and refining and exposing you to the concept of morals.
  12. smarterthanone


    I've lived there before but I don't any more. Hide when the CIAA tournament goes on.
  13. smarterthanone

    Let's talk dating!

    I've found intelligent attractive virgins looking for relationships not hookups that were very polite and respectful when I talked to them. I don't think you can just state Tinder as an entire category is bad. Unlike bars, if you go to a bar you drink and you engage in at a minimum friendships with loose women and drug addicts and such. So simply being in a bar or club means you aren't good quality. Secondly, as a professional man in his 30s, I never even meet these kinds of girls in real life. I meet business women in my day to day life, I do not want a woman with a career, no way. Nor do I want an older woman, no way. So even if Tinder isn't the best place to find decent girls, I have not found another way to meet them and I do get some success with Tinder, more so then randomly picking girls up from places like fast food restaurants. LOL. Although I did see a cute girl at a subway the other day and will go back to talk to her.
  14. smarterthanone

    Let's talk dating!

    I used to prefer atheists but now I prefer common sense Christians. Like not a woman who is screaming about hell and preaching the bible every 5 minutes and says the earth is 5000 years old. I did recently talk to a Muslim girl and I was actually very impressed. I might look into dating a Muslim. Although they are not common where I live. I do really like extra attention placed on the gender roles that many Christians move further and further away from (feminist churches? wtf). *eats popcorn waiting for the show to start*
  15. smarterthanone

    Let's talk dating!

    @TheRedPanda I completely agree. You cant be both young and wise. You can be young OR wise, or a bit of both or none. Not really any other options. Might there be an exception, sure but good luck even finding it let alone then seeing if they meet other important criteria. This is why I like a young woman who will follow my leadership so I can bring the wisdom to the relationship on her behalf. Now that requirement is out the window and its by far the most limiting one.

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