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  1. The hotter the girl, the more emotional instability she has. Same with career women, the more success, the more instability. There is a reason girls are getting anxiety and depression through the roof, year after year the numbers go up.
  2. Dating today

    Most. The thing is, women used to get wifed up and preggo by age 16. So they never had to even think about entering the work force or caring for themselves financially. Then over time with feminism and other societal forces, 16 became 18, became 22, became 30. So if nobody is going to wife you up by age 18 or so, then you either stay home with your family or you go to college. Obviously they want to go to college instead of sit home under their parents roof. 99% of women at age 18 are ready to be locked down. They don't care about a career. Once they go to school for 4+ years and invest time and money into the career they damn sure want to see it through to some level of achievement thus age 30, we skipped the whole twenties basically instead of a slow progression. Date girls around age 18 who live at home or who go like part time to community college. I guarantee they would love a man who had his own place and a car and could afford to have a child, they will not expect you to shower them in money or clothes or jewels or make tons of money. Its not all fun and games, there are challenges but nothing is worth more than a virtuous woman, and the older they get the less virtuous they get, with the exception of when they get really old but I dont think you want to date women who have woken up from their delusion who are now 40, do you?
  3. Women Better Off as Property?

    I mean I didn't know this. Nobody ever taught me. In fact people would say almost the opposite. Then one day I went on the internet and boom read about it for like 5 minutes and tada. So to judge me pre reading a 5 minute article vs after reading a 5 minute article really shouldn't be the difference between wow and yuck. Logically it doesn't make sense. But women are not logical obviously. Like the hottest coolest successful guy you ever meet fails the test, you could walk away OR you could just tell him to google PUA shit tests and then go to the bathroom and come back and he will probably be now perfect. lol.
  4. Women Better Off as Property?

    Well guys look at it like its rude, we don't naturally go around purposely putting women on the spot to defend themselves at every decision or opinion they make. That being said, its very easy to defend against, so I don't think its that big of a deal. It's very understandable guys don't know this, we teach men to listen to women instead of just ignore their nonsense and stand up for yourself. Do you ever think if you were to meet a man who failed shit tests to just explain how hes coming off like a weak baby and then see if he can correct his behavior? If he is failing, it just means nobody ever taught him this before most likely. The guys who pass? Someone told them about it before. Doesn't seem like that important of an indicator when its as simple as if they learned a quick little thing yet or not.
  5. Women Better Off as Property?

    Women were and are property. Here are two kinds of men that as a general rule always make women property. See MC's (Motorcycle Clubs) almost all of them by tradition do not allow women to join as members, women may participate/join as property of a member. You can see them wearing their patches that say "Property of Big Dog Dave" or whatever the guys name is. And traditionally they behave or their man is expected to make them behave to whatever devices are necessary. No woman is allowed to cause drama that messes with club business. See gangsta men, pimping women out, they own the women as a means of production. When a woman works (at any job but especially an intimate job like sex work) and then hands that money over to the man, its her acknowledging herself as property. That is what pimping is about, not sex work specifically, its ownership, specifically relating to finances is the key point. The women crave ownership so badly they don't care the man is not really worth of being an owner. These are the men who understand the value of women as property, and think for a second, these are the kind of men who will steal a beta cucks wife in two seconds flat. Its the "civilized" men who want to treat women as something other than property AND IT DOES NOT WORK.
  6. Not Gay Enough to Work in Seattle!

    Good video. This is bullsht! When people talk to me about this stuff in real life I just call them racists and sexists.
  7. Dating today

    I think you are looking at career women to date. Am I wrong? Like would you date a lawyer or a doctor? A woman who is earning her phd? Those women care about money because they want a man that makes more than they do (or expect to).
  8. Dating today

    How old are the women you are talking to? What kind of physical shape are you in? Say 1-10, 1 being like obese and 10 being super ripped body builder 6pack.
  9. Women Better Off as Property?

    Women are very valuable as women. I would love to have someone to give me children and keep my home and care for me. Someone I take care of 99% of the time but that 1% when I fail she can loyally cover for me. That is what I need. That is invaluable. When a woman acts as a man, her value is exactly her net worth and women in general suck at building net worth. They are better at building debt and wasting money, even the ones who have good jobs have no drive to build net worth, they just spend that much more on vacations and shoes and expensive wine 9 times out of 10. Woman as property? Immeasurable value. Woman as a person? Not worth jack (Literally).
  10. I was thinking about writing in but curious about the wait. Anyone care to comment?
  11. Dating today

    Don't think money makes it any easier. I make bank and I have a hard time finding the right woman. If a woman just wants someone with money she is trash, kick her to the curb. You get the honest response from women, I get liars saying they don't care about my money. So you can think of that as one less headache to deal with.
  12. Mortgages are bullshit!

    Debt in general is awesome IF it provides a return. If it doesn't its BAD. Getting a mortgage for a house that the mortgage is cheaper than the rent is GOOD. Getting a mortgage on a house that is twice the rent you would normally pay is BAD.
  13. Most people waste money. Just stop wasting money buying stuff. I am pretty well off and I will make my kids wood blocks and buy some books and they can play outside with sticks. That would be like super rich status back in the day of the printing press, often a family dedicated to education would have a bible and maybe one other book. That's it. You don't need to buy tons of crap for kids like people do for whatever reason, just ruins them anyways.
  14. Women Better Off as Property?

    Yeah. If you don't own your woman, you are a cuck. You say jump, she better say how high. Women want this, not white knight betas.
  15. GOP Tax Bill Not so Great for Business Owners

    Besides issuing currency to replace destroyed currency, can you give an example?

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