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  1. man, the spanking call was great. When I read the question I was all kind of angry and hating on the things he said in the question and the way he phrased things. I suppose I was expecting stef to be kind of confrontational too, sometimes he is with spankers, but he was very calm and empathetic and open. ( I did wonder, when he recommended to the caller that he be empathetic to his kid about not wanting to brush his teeth, if he was using the same "tactic" on the caller), and he really had a great conversation and directed the caller to think about things in a lot of different ways. Absolutely amazing, stef.

    Im not sure what this means, or how you would know it was true


    Ugh. I dont think you know what a strawman is. I dont think you understood my point either Its pretty simple. If I make a statement about X, and then try to use that statement to prove the existence of X, I am engaged in circular reasoning, or begging the question So If I say "I saw a unicorn", and then say "Look! my statement mentions unicorns, so they must exist" , that is not proof that unicorns exist If you are asking, is "I can choose what to spend my money on" an example of the concept of free will, then sure. Again, perhaps I misunderstood, but I thought you were using the statement "I choose what to spend my money on" as proof that free will exists.

    All your statements assume free will exists, in order to show that free will exists. If I say "I saw a unicorn, therefore unicorns exist" and then point to my statement and say "look, my statement talks about unicorns, therefore unicorns must exist", you wouldnt be convinced would you. Maybe first we need to define what is meant by free will?

    Why are you accusing me of all sorts of negative things? Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you are saying. Are you in fact saying that the statement proves free will?

    saying "I can change my mind" doesnt prove free will either

    the fact that minds can change does not prove free will.
  9. My 2 pence

    Why? What if they didnt love me? Do I still need to consider it an honour?
  10. Help With Tantrums

    I dont think that Jsbrads advice is that great, to be honest. I dont think that petersens idea , which is basically a time out in different guise, is very peaceful. . Not sure thats true, given what you have told about the first year or so of his life. What you describe in the OP ( when he has the meltdown) doesnt sound like a conflict, unless you left something out? This also sounds like your issue, rather than your sons, so the sooner you can get therapy, the better it will be, I think. If we have grown up being squashed at any conflict, or not being taught how to negotiate conflicts peacefully, then its going to be very difficult for us to do it when we are parents. If I had to guess, your oldest was jealous of the youngest climbing on you, and thats why the meltdown occurred. Im not sure the aim should be to stop the tantrums, but to rather support him through them, and explore with him what was going on, afterwards. Is he able to articulate his thoughts and feelings afterwards? Edit to add: also check, was he tired, or hungry? I would guess 4:30 is right in the zone where a tiring day can hit you?
  11. The Universe is the creator

    They are just Deepities
  12. The Universe is the creator

    You still havent explained what these "facts" actually mean
  13. The Universe is the creator

    All I have done is ask questions about your statements. I dont understand why you dont want to answer them. You havent provided any insight. Insight is the conclusion or meaning that you glean from your observations.
  14. The Universe is the creator

    I wasnt talking about converting.

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