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  1. repeat offending might be part of it. Are blacks more likely than whites to repeat offend? Do you get a longer sentence if its your 2nd, 3rd, crime? I dont know but its one possibility
  2. neeeel

    Is human existence linear?

    It doesnt follow that, because we can observe near identical patterns in the family unit, the cultural realm, and society, that human existence is a mixture of linear time and "bogged down ness". You would have to logically show how you get from P) We observe near identical patterns in the family unit, the cultural realm, and society to therefore C) human existence is a mixture of linear time and "bogged down ness". You would also have to define "bogged down ness".
  3. neeeel

    Something rather than nothing at all.

    Im glad to hear it. I think they will be able to help you much better than a random person on the internet (me). Keep us up to date with what is happening.
  4. neeeel

    Searching for specific Call in shows

    https://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/4010/life-long-failure-call-in-show-february-21st-2018 If you click on Podcasts in the top bar, you can search on key words. I searched on sister asian abuse and found it
  5. neeeel

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Sure theres a big difference between sleep training when they are 6 months, and helping them to move to their own room when they are 10. Depends what you mean by care and attention. Im not sure you can ever remove those. Caring and being attentive doesnt necessarily come with any actions.
  6. neeeel

    Is human existence linear?

    Its not clear what this means What does this mean? I dont know what it means to "exist in non-linear time". Linear time, as in the webpage you linked to, is a measure of the time taken to complete a task. a computer program doesnt "exist in linear time", whatever that means. I think you are confusing two different concepts, "existing in time" and "the time taken to do a task". The fact that you think about things for a long ( or short) time, does not mean that you somehow exist "outside of time", or that time is wibbly wobbly for humans, rather than a progression from one moment to the next, or whatever it is you are trying to say. Of course, I may have totally misunderstood what you are trying to say, you havent made it very clear.
  7. neeeel

    Something rather than nothing at all.

    I didnt know you had been on meds previously. Is it possible that coming off meds has triggered all of this?
  8. neeeel

    Something rather than nothing at all.

    you said and Perhaps rather than battle it or destroy it or push it away, relax into it in order to find out what is going on. Easier said than done, I know. Meditation isnt about destroying feelings, its about being present with what is there, whatever the feelings. I used to often feel very anxious and depressed when I would see something that was in disorder or disrepair, something that was rusting away, or falling apart. I am wondering if its something similar for you? Is there anything that triggers these feelings? Any thoughts or situations you have noticed? Are you currently in therapy? Or would you consider going?
  9. neeeel

    Something rather than nothing at all.

    I dont think thats what I meant (im not sure what your answers address?) What are the feelings that come up when you think about nothingness? Do you know what they are about? What thoughts are linked with them? There is something deeper going on, it would be worth finding out what. Is it like an existential angst? Is it depression? Or what?
  10. neeeel

    Something rather than nothing at all.

    I dont think the science lessons in this thread are helpful to you, when its likely not about science and reason for you at all. You say your brain brings up disturbing feelings. Can you expand on that a bit more?
  11. neeeel

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    https://www.parentingscience.com/Ferber-method.html 4. The Ferber method does not teach children how to fall asleep As Richard Ferber himself acknowledges, graduated extinction doesn't teach children how to fall asleep on their own (Ferber 2006). Children are simply denied access to their parents, and left to work it out for themselves.
  12. neeeel

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/moral-landscapes/201407/parents-misled-cry-it-out-sleep-training-reports https://www.todaysparent.com/baby/baby-development/sleep-training/ https://aasm.org/resources/practiceparameters/review_nightwakingschildren.pdf https://aasm.org/resources/practiceparameters/review_nightwakingschildren.pdf from the first link: Points in Brief (read details below): 1. Research does not support what sleep training reports assume: That sleep training “is fine” for baby —it’s NOT, even when the baby stops protesting. That cry-it-out (extinction of crying) works at home—it does NOT. Age and development level of the child does not matter for sleep training. WRONG. Research shows no harm for babies—NOT: it doesn’t even examine harm to babies! Sleep training research is well done—NOT: poor designs, fidelity, analysis show it is UNRELIABLE 2. Sleep training reports gloss over the trauma and toxic stress that is done to babies during sleep training, when the brain and body are developing rapidly. Reports overlook how ignoring a baby at night is a form of NEGLECT. 3. Most parents are not comfortable with cry-it-out (extinction of crying) and they should not be. Babies are meant to be with caregivers all the time. Their wellbeing is undermined otherwise. There are also links supporting cry it out, or at least saying ( as above) that its not harmful. You would have to look deeper into them, and the research behind them. The idea that we need to teach children ( and especially babies) independence seems crazy to me. Children start off TOTALLY dependent. If their needs are met, they will have a base on which to move to greater independence, with support from their parents, of course. Forcing independence by removal of care and attention, is not teaching independence at all.
  13. neeeel

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    I can imagine how tough it was, and that in your situation, I would try anything, even something that, before getting into your situation, I would have sworn never to do ( ie, I dont have kids, and I would swear that I would never do cry it out or let them cry and not go to them, but I can see that if I was in that nightmare, I might do what I swore never to do) Did you always sleep in separate rooms?
  14. Sorry, I dont think I know what this means No, consciousness is part of the causal chain. There are no external causes ( what would they be external to?). Its not that consciousness is changed as a result of external causes, its that the changes in consciousness were an integral part of the chain already. Every part of the system working with, and on, every other part of the system, at every moment, unguided and seamless. Consciousness is not aware of every external cause. You could argue that , for example, our brain structure is a reflection of the chain up to the present moment, but there is no awareness of most of that. We are not aware why we do things, or why we feel things, a lot of the time.
  15. So what does this mean exactly? I am assuming "conscious experience" is the important thing here? there is conscious experience of lots of things, eg eating a banana. What is different about the conscious experience of deciding and initiating actions, that allows you give it some extra function, that allows you to give it status as an "actor" outside of the material world?

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