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  1. How to prove God does not exist.

    Science says the universe was created? I dont think thats correct. Maybe its to do with what you mean by created? Created generally means a creator, no?
  2. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    God doesnt exist. If he does exist, Im not sure you can say he makes mistakes
  3. How to prove God does not exist.

    How do you know?
  4. What proof is there of the conscience?

    So, by your reasoning everyone dies death is the reward for evil conclusion : - everyone is evil. Unless you are going to argue that death is also a reward for doing good things?
  5. Users do not get to hold posts in abeyance. Only admins can do that. Donators do not become admins. I would be interested in seeing what you have to show
  6. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    I dont think you learned anything. You seem to think you are making rational points. You arent
  7. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    I dont even know how to respond to this. Its just a mess of post hoc rationalisations and wierd justifications. You cannot seriously be trying to use this as an argument?
  8. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    how convenient that you killing people isnt murder, and isnt evil, but other people doing it is. How convenient that killing innocent people with a nuclear bomb isnt evil, because you say so. You cannot intend to kill people in war? Are you listening to yourself?
  9. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    you defined evil as murder/rape. and then as the ability to murder/rape, and then as having the intention to murder/rape. If you are angry and feel murderous to someone, ie you have the ability or intention to murder them, does that make you evil even if you do nothing about it? Im going to leave the rest until I have some understanding of what you are saying
  10. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    circular reasoning. Not an argument. Doesnt support your statement that "people are born evil". You need to define good without using the word "good"( defining it as "not evil" isnt an option either) in order for us to get anywhere Not an argument, it doesnt follow from being a man or woman is not a choice, that neither is being good or evil a choice. Its not a logical conclusion and doesnt support your statement that people are born evil You saying so, doesnt make it so. And you are using circular reasoning again. Good people can only be good, therefore only good people are good, therefore good people are always good, because good people are only ever good. This tells me absolutely nothing. You didnt really answer any of my questions.
  11. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    You are strawmanning me. I never said everything was a choice. I feel like we are all over the place, with a million different lines of discussion, words to define, etc. Lets start again. How is evil not a choice? And just to say , you saying "good people cant be evil" does not prove that evil is not a choice. You would have to show that good people cant be evil. You would have to define what you mean by good and evil. Also, defining good people as "people who always do good" is circular reasoning and doesnt support your statement. also, talking about the "capacity for murder", what does that mean? how do you know someone has the capacity for murder( this relates, I think, to your definition of evil)?
  12. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    I never said good and evil are to do with determinism. You did. By arguing that its not a choice. "Determinism argues against the idea that you could choose to be evil". Isnt that what you are doing? You are arguing that evil isnt a choice. no, saying everything is a choice doesnt negate the very existence of choice. Ah ok, so you are evil then, since you advocate for cold blooded killing. What? I have never argued or said that there is no objective evil. Even if I had said that, how does that give me no basis to argue against anything you say? so justified killing of innocents isnt murder? Also, I dont think you get to just throw the word "innocents" in there, as if that helps you. That just takes us on another discussion.
  13. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    Are you saying that the fact that your gender is determined for you by factors outside your control is not determinism? If you have no choice but to be evil, then that is determinism. You are saying, people are born evil, they dont choose it, but are evil by birth, and have no way to not be evil, once born evil. This is the very definition of determinism. You have still to show any evidence for your position that people are born evil. evil = murder? That means you are evil, because you want to murder evil people. Unless, of course, you redefine murder so that you killing someone isnt murder. Also, I have no idea what you are saying with your second sentence. I know speaking the same language helps, thats why I am asking what you mean by evil. You are using a very unusual definition of evil, it seems to me You failed to do that. Your arguments about hunting boil down to "well, I am justified in killing animals because X,Y and Z". None of your justifications are objective, that is, they are all subjective values. Im sure murderers also have justifications for their actions.
  14. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    because you are saying that evil people are born that way, ie determined to be that way. There is no choice or agency involved. Therefore determinism. Are you limiting "evil" to rape and murder? Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you are saying. Im going on what you are saying. You say good people cant be/do evil. Therfore, you are saying that good people must be perfectly good, all the time. I guess, as above, it depends on what your definition of evil is. I understand that people hunt for different reasons, including conservation/population control. None of that is justification for your position.
  15. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    So you are a determinist then? You wont find much support for that position here. People are born evil? Really? How do you know? Good people cannot choose to do evil things? So all good people are perfectly good? Animals will not overpopulate the earth if left to their own devices, they generally come to an equilibrium due to predators, or natural forces and constraints. Saying that its to prevent their suffering, is laughable. There are a lot of suffering human beings, should we kill them too, "unfortunately"? Why is someone who snorts coke not a bad person? You are kind of watering down or negating your own message here.

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