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  1. I dont get this. I know that I am a bit of a pussy ( for want of a better word) when it comes to physical force and fighting etc, and so I may not have the best perspective, but how is force a good way to sort out differences? I understand that sometimes its necessary, but in general,especially for "petty issues" as you put it, how is a fight a good way to resolve differences? The stronger, or bigger, or more violent, or less fearful person will usually win, this doesnt mean that hes right, or that the loser is wrong, or that reason and evidence has prevailed, or even that the difference has been resolved.
  2. The Query of Morality

    If the graduating class was on private property, you could just eject the drug dealers.
  3. its wierd , one of the guys who was interrogating her, sounded exactly the same as the guy from JBP's college who had a debate on TV with JBP about transgender stuff. Same light voice, same phrases, same tonality.
  4. Willpower comes from...

    things that exist for real dont depend on whether we believe in it, yes. Things that dont exist , people can believe in them and they ( or the belief in them) can be motivating factors
  5. Willpower comes from...

    You are possibly correct, yes. Will power only exists if we believe in it. Is that circular?
  6. Willpower comes from...

    Willpower requires belief. Belief in willpower, belief that you can attain what you want. Belief that you can act
  7. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    I thought it was the general idea that god was infallible, infinitely good, always right, etc. In which case, that means he cant make mistakes Not sure what you mean by " no argument"? I suppose I could have been more specific about the above.
  8. Ribs occupy a specific place in your body. You can feel a specific place, and feel the pain when you touch that place. You can cut open your body and identify that a rib is broken, or get an xray When you examine "feeling awful" ( I am assuming you do this by introspection, or therapy, or something similar), you find that thoughts and beliefs are the things that are causing you pain. You do not identify that your "female" brain is stuck in a "male" body. That is another thought, another assumption, and again, there is no way for your body/brain to inform you of this , because a brain does not know that its in the wrong body. What is the awful feeling that you have? Or in what way do you feel awful, to put it another way? I realise that this might be hurtful, or insulting, and its not meant that way, but it is something I struggle to understand, so I want to bring it up to you. I am sure you have heard of the man who identifies as a 6 year old girl. Would you say that he has the brain of a 6yo girl stuck in a mans body? Or that he feels awful and finds that identifying as a 6yo girl makes him feel better ? Or, what is your explanation? I sometimes feel awful , and wish, or imagine, or want, to be something other than what I am. Im not sure that means that I am actually something other than what I am?
  9. Eugenic

    So libertarian means you can do anything you want to someone commiting a crime on your property?
  10. I think this brain thing is misleading. I mean, there is no way for a brain to know that it is supposed to be in a different body. I suppose its possible that a "female" brain in a more "male" body could cause miscommunication of signals and stuff, but theres still no way that you could link those miscommunications to "Oh, Im a girl/boy/whatever". There is no such thing as "feeling like a man", or at least, there is no way to isolate and identify a feeling as "feeling like a man" because you have nothing to compare against. Its likely that higher testosterone may cause different signals, emotions, and sensations than low testosterone, or high oestrogen, but again, you have no way of identifying what causes those signals, emotions etc.
  11. How are you defining girl/guy? You state that you are a girl. How do you know? You state you are not a guy. How do you know? What criteria are you using to come to those conclusions? Its interesting, having asked you these questions, I thought I should probably try and answer them too. Its not that easy. I would say I am male because I have male genitalia, male characteristics ( hair on face, deep voice,etc). I also assume I have XY chromosomes, but havent checked.
  12. How to prove God does not exist.

    Science says the universe was created? I dont think thats correct. Maybe its to do with what you mean by created? Created generally means a creator, no?
  13. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    God doesnt exist. If he does exist, Im not sure you can say he makes mistakes
  14. How to prove God does not exist.

    How do you know?
  15. What proof is there of the conscience?

    So, by your reasoning everyone dies death is the reward for evil conclusion : - everyone is evil. Unless you are going to argue that death is also a reward for doing good things?

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