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  1. Frederik

    How to find a good therapist?

    I've collected 7 resources on the article on my website, two of which are podcasts by Stef and one is the book by the fellow FDR community member Kathryn Beal. Hope it helps!
  2. Frederik

    Greetings from South Africa!

    Thanks a lot for sharing! That sounds like a genuine nightmare. I still remember a couple of years back I talked to a young woman who was born in South Africa and lived there with her family. I said "It's quite dangerous there, isn't it" and she said "Everybody says that, but really it's not bad. For as long as you stay inside when it's dark you're fine." I would imagine not all parts of the country are dangerous. Do you guys live in a dangerous area? Why is criminality so high and who what groups are criminal?
  3. The burden is on you to make a coherent argument, my friend, not on me to ask you questions.
  4. We all know how rare it is to come across healthy individuals, let alone healthy families. I find it very fascinating to see healthy people interacting, especially when that joy of living is shared across the generations. I want to create this kind of positive familial environment, too, and given how hard this is to achieve when coming from a dysfunctional background, it is good to see it existing in another place. Imagine growing up as one of those children! The video below is by the successful YouTuber Wranglerstar, which is a homesteading channel.
  5. I can only concur with how powerful Rich Dad Poor Dad can be. It certainly was for me when I was introduced to it by a friend back in 2014. Through Kiyosaki's book I also discovered Mike Maloney, who's wisdom and education through The Hidden Secrets of Money series has helped to create my financial literacy. To me, the most essential message of the book is to understand that Poor Dads work for money, while Rich Dads let money work for them. Everybody has only 24 hours in the day, thus there is practically no chance of getting rich while working for money on an hourly basis. Investments and businesses, on the other hand, make money while you sleep... So you post a criticism saying the book contains no concrete advice, then warn to be careful with his advice. This doesn't make any sense.
  6. Frederik

    Ferris Philosophy - Your Pursuit of Wisdom

    Hey Ethan, I like your website a lot. The design is nice and simple and looks good. I have read a little bit and am wondering, since you state in your "About" page: The article "Experiencing a Myth" concludes with: I don't quite get how these two fit together, like the "Help you think like you" but then "Let me give you advice on how to think and live life." How do these go together? Or am I just misunderstanding something?
  7. Frederik

    Doubts about FDR

    It sounds like your interest in FDR is not so negative after all. I got a different impression from your opening post. I think fundamentally happiness comes down to taking action in some way that manifests one's own values. In that, observation itself does not make happy, but it is the change in behavior is what induces happy feelings. To do that which is good for you long-term, much like Drew has outlined. You might feel resistance towards doing whatever that would change something, in which case it would be wise to work that out.
  8. Frederik

    Doubts about FDR

    I am very sorry to hear about your distress. I really am! And I believe it would not be entirely unjustified to blame some of that on those who failed their responsibility to help you in the past! I am wondering... if FDR has you just as confused and depressed as years back, what do you believe is the actual purpose of FDR in your personal life? I am sure you recognize this question, as in *Stef's voice* What are the secondary gains of your interest in FDR if it only makes you more miserable?
  9. I personally don't believe Blockchain will survive in the long term because it is very inefficient, slow and not Byzantine proof. I kinda see Blockchain as the kickstarter of distributed ledger technology. In the same way that the first commercial motor vehicle wasn't all too efficient, I believe that the market will gravitate towards the more efficient solution. And that might not be Hashgraph! But it will certainly be something very similar to it, because Hashgraph is so close to 100 % efficiency in terms of traffic needed to form consensus. At the end of the day, with Blockchain you cannot have real currency since it is not practical to wait an hour or more for payment confirmation – Bitcoin is used more as an asset class than anything else. With Blockchain you cannot have games, because it is way too slow for that. I am not sure about auctions, because of the lack of fairness in Blockchain. Plus, the resource usage denies the possibility for Blockchain to become the basis for the Internet of Things, but that and so much more is what we will need in the future.
  10. Frederik

    Breastfeeding and child nutrition (8 month old)

    I haven't had any kids yet, but I can offer some of the reasoning that I would go through. Maybe that is of help to you. I believe that your son, offered the options, will choose – feel – what is best for him and his body. I would make sure he is given the options – the breast first and foremost, secondarily easily digestable foods like fruits and vegetables – and not worry about the details. If he does not want to eat I am sure that this is best for him, just as I may lose appetite when I am sick. My body is the authority on when, what and how much to eat, not me. My baby is the authority on when, what and how much to eat, not me... In the end the weight is just a number. Whether your son is happy and satiated is what matters most, I believe. The rest naturally follows.
  11. Of course the work done in blockchain serves a purpose. That is, it serves a purpose in the consensus algorithm that is proof of work. That does not mean there is no possible other, better way to achieve the same level of security with other consensus algorithms. The 51 % number is a myth, as I have pointed out above – it is 33 %. I see you were quick to post a reply From my understanding, one reason for why it would be so hard to be malicious in Hashgraph is its immediate nature, in that data gets distributed immediately and therefore it would be very hard if not impossible to orchestrate a 33 % percent attack. That, and of course the nature of the Hashgraph, where every data block ("events") is cryptographically linked to all other events that is impossible to change later on just as it is impossible to change a block in Blockchain. One big downside of proof of work is the problem of consolidation, in that nodes will move towards areas where it's cheaper to run a node (cost of electricity), and each will become bigger (economies of scale). When it's very inexpensive to run a full node however, one can expect that nodes will be running everywhere – from every ordinary PC to smartphones. That ensures that the system is backed up by enough trusted entities, plus makes it that much more fair.
  12. Frederik

    Socrates Jones: PRO-PHILOSOPHER

    I see you have multiple criticisms of UPB, which is fine, of course. I am just wondering since that is the case, how come you are not reading UPB?
  13. Frederik

    Socrates Jones: PRO-PHILOSOPHER

    Yeah, once one tries to make great arguments oneself I believe it's pretty easy to experience an increase in the amount of admiration for what Stefpai does Mmmh, I may be missing something here, but I am not sure how UPB relies on humans? That would be like saying we cannot ever be sure that two and two apples makes four because we are fallible, but two and two apples in nature will always be four apples, regardless of humans. In the same way, "Theft is moral" is an impossible moral guideline because once theft is seen as moral, one cannot morally "not want to be stolen from" anymore and thus theft ceases to exist. Where is it that you would say man's falliability would make this fact subjective to change and manipulation, if you think that? I'm not trying to be critical here, it's just that UPB is very important to me and if your argument were true, that would pretty much destroy the U in the UPB
  14. Frederik

    Socrates Jones: PRO-PHILOSOPHER

    Hey, many thanks for posting this! I knew I have played that game as soon as you described the choices one is given. The funny thing is that the first time I played it must have been years ago before I knew about FDR and now that I have played it again it gives me some perspective. In short, playing the game feels a bit like moving on rails because there is only one predefined way in which to attack an argument. When discussing God you cannot question its existence, when talking about the Social Contract you are not able to bring up that children cannot enter contracts, when debating the Sovereign/the State you cannot question its moral nature. I, for once, don't have quite the IQ to quickly discover the sometimes very nuanced hints in which one can attack the argument – which the character does for oneself, in ways that may not even be anticipated (it's a whole dialogue that gets kicked off). So sometimes it came down to guesswork and ending up Game Over a few times. That was frustrating! I remember that from the first time playing. I share your doubts about whether this game has sparked critical thinking among the general populace. It has not been my personal experience. Nothing ever came close to Stef's rational approach and sheer consistency, which of course is absent in almost all other philosophers. Naturally, UPB is not included in the game and if it were, it would be a completely different game. (Spoiler below) It is fascinating to me how philosophy that comes so close to the solution can be so useless after all. My life did not change at all when I played that game for a couple hours, but I knew my life would change completely after watching The Story of Your Enslavement with its 13 minutes in length. Isn't that amazing? It gives me some insight into the almost magical ineffectiveness of academic philosophy. It exists only in order to give people a false sense of purpose and understanding – to turn the smart minds of our time into mere useful idiots at the cost of discrediting the one discipline that has given us the freedom to philosophize in the first place! I would be curious to hear your thoughts, Siegfried!

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