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  1. Wait, did you just do the same with the facebook friend as you did with your other friend that you left a voice message for? Don’t pretend you didn’t see the unfriend coming
  2. Wow, the third caller is a MESS! Amazing! I can tell he is German and it’s sad, but the people who are only a little bit less of a complete loser than he is make up our whole higher education system... <- Okay, that’s a bit unfair. I have known many academics who are decent people.
  3. Congrats on stepping out of the matrix and discovering the beauty and wonder of rational philosophy! I can comfort you in the fact that philosophy is actually not part of science How did you come across FDR?
  4. Maybe the books suck so they leave you unsatisfied? Also, reading is very demanding on the brain, and speech is much less so. Have you tried listening to the books in audio?
  5. Thank you for sharing! It’s a fascinating story and I loved reading it. I think we can all agree that she is not acting with integrity in this instance. For example, she is not honest about her feelings around this issue – "I feel irritation and anger when we talk about philosophy" – but instead jumps to conclusions and creates mythologies, like saying you follow a cult (which is a terrible insult). It is also apparent that you are passionate about philosophical thinking and philosophical conversations and that this will always be a part of your life. I don’t doubt that she is a good person who you love to hang out with! The basic question as I see it really is whether she truly wants to change her ways or not. She is acting out her False Self – the dishonest, irrational, unloving self – and thus it becomes the matter of interest whether she chooses to let go of her False Self given enough consciousness about the truth of the conflict. It could be, for example, that she is unconsciously protecting her internalized mother because philosophy would expose uncomfortable truths about her. It could be that she has made decisions based on false beliefs that she would be too terrified to admit to herself, and thus unconsciously acts out in order to protect her (false) sense of self-worth. The only way to find that out is, in my view, to dedicate both of yourself to the curious exploration of the underlying web of emotions that comes up when you talk about these topics. This sounds very simple – and it is – but, talking from experience, takes quite a lot of training and courage. I am, of course, talking about "RTRing" as it is described in Real-Time Relationships. Have you read that book? RTRing – being honest about your feelings in the moment without the "because" (conclusion) – is the only way to get to the truth of any relationship.
  6. I have the same problem and I am almost certain that I at one point clicked on the opt-out link in an email. Too bad for me
  7. Excuse me? Can you please provide evidence for this extraordinary claim? I couldn’t find any story on an assassination.
  8. Welcome, Matty!
  9. Great work and website! What a fantastic idea!
  10. I think what it's really about is to focus on the methodology instead of the conclusions as Stef always emphasizes. It's not really about whether someone is pro-Trump or an atheist that makes someone worthy of your respect and admiration. It's integrity towards someone's deepest personal values, and thus it's much more effective and meaningful to find out about with what kind of fundamental beliefs a person experiences his or her life. What makes you think this or that is good? Why do you consider yourself a this or that? I'm curious, why do you do this exactly this way? A person worthy of your respect will be delighted to answer! On another note, as a twenty-four-year-young complete virgin with lots of self knowledge and a wonderful life as a solitary man, I want to emphasize how important it is for people who are - in these ways - very precious, to be very aware of how few people will ever be worthy of a relationship with you. For precious people, it is easy to forget how few people have, say, had great parents (god bless!), or, spend hundreds of hours introspecting, or, have done the work necessary to connect plain rationality with vulnerability and curiosity, because we ourselves live in only this world. It is not normal! It is exceptionally rare. That's why honesty and curiosity is so vital for self protection. The more precious you are, the more reserved you have to be, and I can only second other people's remarks on how rapidly you developed feelings for this lair, which I fully, fully sympathize with! It's so easy to fall into, I have been guilty of it myself (though of course without feeling ashamed of it ). It's so easy to slip into desperation - unconsciously of course -, thinking if it's not 'that' person "I'll never find a suiting one"... Well, here is a guaranteed way of getting to know this person: Become it yourself Then, paths will cross with the like-minded. You are to be applauded for your honesty and integrity yourself, for sure. You are doing great!
  11. YESSS! It was great. The false hope. The wishful thinking. The panic. The fear. The hostility and rage. TYT was, in my opinion, the best stream available. They were actually really focussed on the results and got 'it' the earliest. I’m very happy. Thanks to all who had influenced this election! Stefan and Mike, your efforts will be honored in the future more than now.
  12. Regarding the food reserves I want to emphasize the point Algernon has been making. As someone who has a decent food storage since about two years, I can only attest that our grocery business around the world is absolutely not equipped to handle disruptions. Consider that as soon as there is serious economic trouble people will rush out to buy food supplies, within hours. They’ll not go out and buy for another three days, but for weeks. The few hundred kilos of staple foods that supermarkets keep on the shelves will be gone within a few hours at most I would estimate. If economic disruption continues, the markets will be on constant short supply and eventually serious shortages can develop where certain food items are hard to get or are simply not available for weeks. My food supply consists of pasta, rice and sugar. All these items have a virtually indefinite shelf life and are extremely cheap. I’m talking about less than a dollar per day to meet caloric needs!
  13. Wow, I am seriously impressed by this dream. It entails a lot, I find, and is great that you have written it down. I find your interpretation quite convincing. Though, I think you made a slight interesting error. You wrote that there was a hole in the wall which showed a beautiful tranquil world. But then you equated 'the arena' for the world. The world is not an arena of you don't want it to be one. The world can be the beautiful tranquil place you glanced at in the end. I personally don't find myself in an arena at all. I rarely engage in comment sections and if I do, I do it with awareness of the limits and dangers. I also don't shoot as a hobby, but did enjoy watching some airsoft videos. I play First Person Shooters, though I don't find that counts towards an 'arena feel' because it's so unreal and playful. I don't have bad people in my life and I don't interact with irrational people more than necessary. I definitely think this dream is trying to show you where you stand in your journey, like you have said. According to the dream, there are many bad people in your life (fellow players shooting at you), there is much uncertainty and insecurity (picking up magazines), there is trauma to be resolved (the dead child), and the beautiful life is in sight but you're not there. It's a binary choice. You can choose the arena, or the beautiful life.
  14. It's originally by Futurama: Thanks for sharing
  15. Why is he not a member of the boards?