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  1. Personal thoughts that might become useful some day.
  2. Excellent, just what I was looking for. Thank you, Siegfried.
  3. The Thirty Years War (1618-48) was a nasty and weakening affair for Europe. It couldn't have helped Europe in its ongoing contest with the Ottoman Empire. Thirty-five years after the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia based on the principle of "advantage of the other" which allowed that beleaguered Europe to rebuild and replenish itself, the Ottoman Empire besieged Vienna. They were repulsed by the Christian defenders, but I ask, would that repulsion have occurred had the peace of Westphalia not been secured? If Europe had remained convulsed with war for many more years, never having a chance to rally itself to the degree of unity needed to fight off the Turks, would it have fallen? Did the Treaty of Westphalia save Christendom?
  4. Believing we are made in the mental image of the Creator tells us the Universe is comprehensible to us in that we are able to think God's thoughts after him. It tells us we have a destiny beyond wallowing in the hedonistic mire. It tells us we have hope for our immortal effects in this Universe, and hope for an immortal happiness in the next world. Without God there is no reason for the Universe to be reasonable, and no reason for man to be Godly. If there are other intelligent creatures in the Universe, they too will be made in God's image, and there we will have a basis for mutual understanding.
  5. Jesus very clearly threatened us with Hell. "Pluck your eye out if it offends thee"? "Cut your hand off if it offends thee"? "Better to enter into the kingdom maimed than who with a whole body into hell."? Then there's the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, besides the other verses about the wailing and gnashing of teeth and the worm that dieth not." No, Jesus was very clear that Hell existed, unless we're going to postmodernise everything into a nothingness. What you're describing in diminishing free will is what I call "negotiation"--pressing people's neural buttons to change their thoughts and behaviours. But when applied to Heaven and Hell, these descriptions, recommendations, and allusions by Jesus do not negotiate fully with our brains. There remains room for doubt, for intuition, for choice, or else none would be worthy of being saved because none would be in God's image including possessing free will.
  6. Well, I've read that even the Norwegians think the Swedes are insane. The proper term for the push you describes is Cultural Vandalism.
  7. New Silk Road Goes Global, Including in the U.S.— This Is the Reason Trump Is Under Attack http://larouchepub.com/other/2017/4421nsr_global.html Lyndon LaRouche is the world's foremost economist and advocate for the same "win-win" infrastructure-based global economic revitalisation that is happening out of the locus of the recent Bejing talks between various world leaders including a representative of the Trump administration. This article further details the process of the Belt and Road Initiative, noting the various leaders from many continents who are participating. As the article says, "Do not believe the lie that Trump is on the defensive—that his actions have undermined his credibility, as peddled ad nauseam in the western media. The fact is, Trump is on the offensive, to end the British Imperial era of history. The British and their assets in the United States—the neocons in both parties and on Wall Street, and the corrupt elements in the intelligence community, especially the FBI—are absolutely hysterical now that the geopolitical division of the world into warring factions, is being replaced with a win-win policy based on the common aims of mankind. What is at stake for this imperial oligarchy is their ability to induce the U.S. population to passively accept austerity and war, which is being destroyed by Trump’s move to bring the United States into the New Silk Road, and to work with Russia to crush the terrorist scourge. His stated intention to restore Glass Steagall and the Hamiltonian American System of physical economy, simply drives the British assets further into panic mode. "As Helga Zepp-LaRouche reiterated in her many speeches and interviews in China this past weekend—she was a featured speaker at the Global Think Tank Summit at the Belt and Road Forum: if Donald Trump succeeds in bringing the United States into the new paradigm of the global Silk Road, he will be remembered as one of the great presidents of American history. The Belt and Road International Forum, she said, has set the world on a course to a final demise of Empire and the zero-sum game geopolitical mind-set that goes with it. This week there has been a dramatic phase shift in the history of humanity. "Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin: There is now a new world economic order, if we can keep it."
  8. Fascinating stuff. Could you reference a source for this information or did you compose it yourself?
  9. In what way does an illiterate peasant living in Greater Moravia in 913 AD lack the freedom of will to steal an apple or refrain from stealing it?
  10. I'm trying to isolate a principle here. Do you believe colonisation is wrong or not?
  11. Why shouldn't Stefan seek to preserve his society from being overwhelmed by colonisers? Aren't you against colonisation?
  12. Why are you here? This is not a left-wing board by any stretch of the imagination. You are not going to find sympathetic fellow-travellers.
  13. How left? Left liberal or left socialist?
  14. Emotional-weakness-based pacifiism is as shameful as a clubfoot. We do not punish people for having clubbed feet. But, a principled pacifist is actually scandalous and forfeits the right to be protected by those with the courage and conviction to actually oppose evil men.
  15. That's denying people free speech, not denying that they have free will.