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  1. The Universe is the creator

  2. Is God competent or incompetent?

    However, as much as what you say makes sense, you must agree that if God's mercy outweighed his justice he would simply destroy the world rather than leave it to suffer, much less throwing people into Hell.
  3. Universally Preferable Behavior in a Role Playing Game

    You might also have psychology and lore skills giving the players insight into the nature of the monsters they encounter, so that they will know if it is merely defending its territory, or is incorrigibly malevolent, or follows a strange religious code.
  4. Perhaps they do. Many women have breast augmentation surgery, and many more have breast reduction surgery. Could many of these women have phantom (larger) breasts or phantom (smaller) breasts than what they already have?
  5. The concept of phantom limbs existing in the medical literature, isn't it fair to say that transsexuals have phantom genitals and general body type? A MTF transsexual would have phantom breasts and thus very strongly feel that they have breasts, or should have breasts but very frustratingly see that their external body lacks them? This idea might go a long way towards helping orthosexuals understand what it's like to be transsexual, and why transsexuals are often so desperate to take drugs and undergo surgery to make themselves look on the outside how they deeply feel on the inside.
  6. My Hello Post! Philosophy in a D&D Game?

    Hi David, Fellow TRPG GM here, and my specialty was post-holocaust games. Question: are you basing your book on a campaign you ran, or is it being cut out of whole cloth?
  7. How to prove God does not exist.

    If you don't care then debate is over.
  8. How to prove God does not exist.

    The argument I've used for a while now is that nothing that changes can be aeternal, by definition. Things that change, change. Things that are aeternal, do not. Since the universe changes, it cannot be aeternal and therefore cannot have existed forever, and therefore must flow from a true aeternal creator. No one has wiggled out of this other than by saying "nah-ah!" but I'll do you all a favour and wiggle out of it myself: suppose change is really just a matter of perspective, that our consciousness allows us to see contrasts in succeeding units of spacetime, when in reality, at the highest reality, there is no change. Everything that has been, is, or ever will be already exists all at once, and so is part of this aeternal aspect of the universe. No supernatural aeternal creator necessary. There, I've shot myself in the theological foot. Happy? Or have I made a logical error?
  9. race mixing is actually making us smarter

    I guess if you banish the stupidest person in your family from the household its average IQ rises.
  10. This sort of thinking crops up when we treat Christianity as a mythology rather than simply looking to the Catechism to see what the Church actually believes. In the latter is where we will find out the answer to the nature of the devil as a fallen angel. This is also where we understand that the devil is merely an angel, who freely rebelled against God and who works against God by trying to undermine humanity. Analysing Christianity outside of this understanding, or kindred understandings in Protestantism and Orthodoxy, is simply lying about what the Church actually believes and trying to use rhetorical legerdemain to imply there is a different metaphysical reality that the Church "really" believes and is just lying about to itself and to its congregations.
  11. Lucifer had an alternative, which was himself. God didn't need to create Super-Lucifer in order to give Lucifer a choice.
  12. Saving what we can

    If you've reclaimed your Roman Catholic roots you should be cognizant that original sin will prevent any anarchy from succeeding. What's Russia got that we ain't got?
  13. Why should we respect the love of God? To respect something means to have fear and pride regarding it. We respect the bear because it can harm us, but we also respect it because it is a joy of creation, whether we want to call that creative force Nature or God. The bear is a work of art, it is an expression and a beauty. So, we take a reflected pride in that, pride being joy in accomplishment. So, if we're dealing with the creative force taken as a whole and applied to our own lives, we find it worthy of fear--because it can harm us--and also pride--because, as Shakespeare said, What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, howinfinite in faculties, in form and moving how express andadmirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how likea god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—. . . Apply this to the love of God, the creative force taking an active interest in human affairs, down to the last man, woman, and child. Then what accomplishment is there to take pride in? Men weep for Christ, for the "babe the son of Mary", not out of fear but, I think, out of an acknowledgement of Christ's worthiness. The accomplishment of God, in what way is it proud? Are not matters of pride also matters of effort? If someone could fart out the Mona Lisa would we take pride in their pride, their joy of accomplishment? The idea of an omnipotent being thereby taking legitimate pride in something seems silly. Let's say however that God decided to do something hard, namely the Incarnation and its sequels, for the sake of mankind. Then that would be a point of pride for him, and for us as well. And if Creation couldn't exist without the Incarnation as part of it, both being created as a whole simultaneously, then all of Creation participates in the pride of Christ's presence, sacrifice and overcoming. This gives us something to take pride in, in a secondary sense like how we might take pride in race or country. We weep not because we are afraid, but because our hopes are touched by the immensity of meaning--love by God--which the "newborn king" symbolises and embodies. It is the "hopes and fears of all the years" compressed into a single helpless and tiny form laid in a feeding trough amidst a stinking barn. The true spirit of Christmas therefore exists as a sense of respect for the beauty of being loved by the creative force at the heart of it all, the sense that despite all the wretchedness, "all will be well."

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