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  1. When younger, I watched probably all of them, and the general feeling I had is that nature is awesome and cool and nice... and at the end of about half of the documentaries, humans are mentioned as the impending threat to it all. Always left me with a mild distaste for humans. So I initially agree with OP that there is some camouflaged "We need to take control of humans to save the planet" propaganda. I don't have time to try to find evidence, just sharing my opinion.
  2. Considering that gravity might have been much less when dinosaurs were alive (because of a possibly smaller planet), gravity is pretty weak with the size of our planet now, and even weaker when our planet might have been smaller at that time... so im still hoping there is some very simple explanation for gravity. General relativity is just too complicated imo, and ripe with problems.
  3. A4E

    9/11: Was It Really Al-Qaeda?

    Only thousands?... Childs play... I ignore billions of people every day who all have coherent stories.
  4. huh... didn't think of that. interesting. Many atoms have more than 1 electron... They push on each other, but not enough to push them away from the proton(s) perhaps?...
  5. I've just many a times wondered why and how this universe exist at all. DNA and other pretty clearly evolutionary traits are kinda boring for me compared. One theory I've had for roughly 20 years is that gravity is all protons pulling on all electrons. And/or the other way around. (I don't accept the general relativity theory.) But a theory as simple as that was probably proposed before, and perhaps ignored because its boring.
  6. A4E

    9/11: Was It Really Al-Qaeda?

    They already found out almost everything about it 1 hour after. Who did it and such. Why would you question efficient people like that?
  7. A4E


    Little bit. probably just me, but i dont understand the overall picture you are trying to paint. if you want to try again, can you start over, and tell me as if I was 10 years old?
  8. A4E


    I dont understand. Can you explain it in a different way? I dont know what you mean with this. Can you elaborate?
  9. A4E


    I agree. I just want to try to point out that free willers and determinists generally agree on many things, but we think that we disagree. mostly because of definitions though. ie Stefan (quickly) found a definition of free will early in the video that determinists would agree with. If free willers agree/believe that the universe is 100% consistent, then they should also agree that everything is predetermined, but i have not seen people opposite of me make this connection, only a strong rejection of determinism, like it is some evil end-game boss. I have no problem accepting that we have a choice, just that it is not supernatural, and so conditional to the laws of the universe.
  10. A4E


    I am curious if anyone would disagree with any of these 2 statements: -Generally lifeforms with a brain which have basic abilities, (like remember things), make choices. (ie its easy to see that a cat or lion is weighing when it is most advantageous to stalk a prey, and when to strike. And it does not matter to which extent the lifeform is thinking before making a choice imo. the fact that it is clearly making a choice is evidence enough of some thinking that we can not easily analyze the extent of anyway.) -As far as we can understand, the universe seems to have laws of physics that are consistent and can presumably never be manipulated, bent, or otherwise changed, except between the laws themselves working on each other. (if you accept more controversial quantum stuff, then you probably already disagree with this one, which is ok.)
  11. A4E

    Expanding Earth and Gravity

    Thanks for the mindblow. Never heard about it before. I've Heard about hollow earth, but not this.
  12. A4E

    Mortgages are bullshit!

    Wow. Eye opener!
  13. A4E


    Yes, and yes. No. Repair holes or other smaller damage not caused by ie a dentist drill. See this thread. I did not touch on the efficacy of vaccinations in this thread, and if you are a person who likes to put words in peoples mouth, then I will be less inclined to converse with you. From my research it does not look like vaccines have any long term benefit for humanity. Maybe a tiny/small short term benefit for individuals against some particular diseases, but that is extremely outweighed when compared to all the other effects of injecting aluminum, anti freeze, mercury, and other toxins into children/people. Also vaccines can give the disease that they are supposed to protect against. Things that make intelligent parts of the world live longer: -Clean water. -Good food. (variety, quality) -Good environment. (hygiene, sewage) The 3 things above results in the body being very able to fight disease, as it is not compromised by other factors. AIDS is a condition where the immune system is compromised, leaving the body prone to attacks from bacteria or viruses. One way to get AIDS is to use certain allopathic medicine/drugs. Another way to get AIDS is to be somewhere with dirty water, bad food, and/or a bad environment. Standard testing for HIV counts white bloodcells, if it is low, then you magically have the HIV virus. There is a documentary called "House of numbers" that goes into detail on this.
  14. A4E


    My words are there.
  15. A4E


    I refer you to this thread.

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