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  1. Mortgages are bullshit!

    Wow. Eye opener!
  2. Why?

    Yes, and yes. No. Repair holes or other smaller damage not caused by ie a dentist drill. See this thread. I did not touch on the efficacy of vaccinations in this thread, and if you are a person who likes to put words in peoples mouth, then I will be less inclined to converse with you. From my research it does not look like vaccines have any long term benefit for humanity. Maybe a tiny/small short term benefit for individuals against some particular diseases, but that is extremely outweighed when compared to all the other effects of injecting aluminum, anti freeze, mercury, and other toxins into children/people. Also vaccines can give the disease that they are supposed to protect against. Things that make intelligent parts of the world live longer: -Clean water. -Good food. (variety, quality) -Good environment. (hygiene, sewage) The 3 things above results in the body being very able to fight disease, as it is not compromised by other factors. AIDS is a condition where the immune system is compromised, leaving the body prone to attacks from bacteria or viruses. One way to get AIDS is to use certain allopathic medicine/drugs. Another way to get AIDS is to be somewhere with dirty water, bad food, and/or a bad environment. Standard testing for HIV counts white bloodcells, if it is low, then you magically have the HIV virus. There is a documentary called "House of numbers" that goes into detail on this.
  3. Why?

    My words are there.
  4. Why?

    I refer you to this thread.
  5. Why?

    That's quite a lot of work to dig up/remember. So perhaps just start with a few of the most controversial ones that you might not have swallowed. No humans have been on the moon. No Jews were gassed to death in german concentration camps. (illegal to talk about in many countries) A lot of red pills around health... Teeth can heal themselves with calcium and d vitamin. (ie cod liver oil) Allopathic medicine mainly makes your health worse, and kills a lot of people every year, due to ie mistakes, but also just 'normal' use. Most diseases are either preventable or curable with the right nutrition. There are many effective cures for cancer. vaccines kill and damage children. And are responsible for many of the more common illnesses that children have today. No link between HIV and AIDS. No evidence, only circumstantial. (I'm not 100% sure but its not healthy to go around doubting my research) I remember other ones when I need them.
  6. Why?

    The 35ish different red pills I've swallowed, best thing that happened for my life. And I will never go back. (and that is kinda impossible anyway) Depressing and frustrating in the beginning, but very good in the long term.
  7. Stef's wager (free will)

    I accept determinism for the moment, but my life is the complete opposite of 'going along to get along' or leaf floating around. As mentioned in op and countless other posts around, determinism does not mean people don't make choices based on their exp and knowledge and circumstances. The only difference in determinism is that those choices were predetermined. I am assuming free willers do not affiliate spiders with free will, so when a spider makes a web somewhere, did it choose to do so, or was it just pure robotic behaviour that happened by chance to result in that location?
  8. Stef's wager (free will)

    So what if I say the idea of physical law breaking free will, is the first step to thinking you have superpowers? You guys are smart people, but it seems you have enormous difficulty accepting that you are a part of what looks like a deterministic universe. I don't get it. Revoking responsibility/agency does not have to mean anything bad happening to society, because we have no problems revoking agency from wolves or other predators, but it does not mean we let them hunt down our children. We keep them away from society, just like we will with bad people. Imagine if all people accept that they have no agency, but that the number one priority is to have a peaceful society, maybe it would result in a completely new way of thinking on the part of immoral people. (I know that is a stretch...). Lets say Bob steals another guys phone. Then the other guy calls the pol... wait that example did not work. Lets say Adam hits a random guy on the street because he is so pissed off at how much sense Stefan Molyneux is making online. The equivalent of a police force track him down, and tell him: "We all know that you have no agency in what you did, but you are hurting and threatening the continued existence of our peaceful and prosperous free market society. You have the right to make amends and go to counseling, (since we all make mistakes sometimes), so that you can continue to work with and build our society. If we see that you will not do this, then you are not welcome in this society no more. and sufficient measures will be used to make sure you are not in our society." What will Adam think? And more importantly what will he think when evaluating if he should even do any immoral thing, since he has already learned how his society works. Either he make amends (some kind of work or restitution) and have to be counseled until his bad ways are exorcised, or he will be banished/killed. I know my idea can create a new set of problems. But its not like the current systems (like jails) are working very well.
  9. Should I get Vaccinated?

    'The truth about vaccines' is a nice documentary series with experts on vaccines, that will add a lot to your knowledge base before making a decision. For my own personal opinion at the moment, it goes something like, Vaccines = Toxic = Worse health = More disease = Weaker immune system
  10. Ostracism is not the way to go

    in these situations, how about trying to talk peacefully, and then if the 20% don't want to talk, but rather raise their voice, slander you, get violent, threaten, etc, point out what they are doing, and then just ignore them? (Just my amateur question) I'd imagine that others and the person involved would remember how he lost control in a peaceful discussion.
  11. Physics is 100% repeatable, by definition.

    Woah! I appreciate you taking the time to get out of your cryptosleep casket to reply. No I'm attacking you because you are not being decent to people here. And showing pretty clear signs of instigating resentment towards people like me who value truth / physics / logic but try to be decent and nice to people. Might you be so kind as to explain your silly username? I firmly believe that physics had the day off on 9 11. Or maybe physics called in sick to the universe. Which means that a lot of star systems in our galaxy might have gone a bit whack during that day. I would be one of those. Pretty sure you can just schedule some appointment with Stefan through the correct contacts on this website. And they will talk with you and put it on youtube. But please don't, because you will just help make the rest of us look like aholes. But I know that you will not call in, because you know that you will have to be a decent person with him, or he will just end the talk. Also Stefan has talked about some of his scepticism of 9 11 in a very old podcast. I don't know how much of that is left in him, but its something to keep in mind. What you achieve by being like this is pretty much nothing else than resentment and disgust from the people you give the impression you want to inform. And those decent people not accepting the first story that was pushed down peoples throats after 1 hour on that day, will have a less friendly environment to talk in. Those things and your silly name is a hallmark of instigators wanting to flame the discussion so that less and less people actually take it seriously. That can also explain why you came back after more than 1 year, just to refresh the attempt at instigation, hoping that I've gone away or something. I know that instigators have been successful around on internet regarding 9 11, that is why I am warning this forum about that.
  12. The problem is the government that was closest, was 0.002 percent off from the perfect formula. You just don't understand that yet.
  13. A slightly more detailed version of Mike Adam's acoustic analysis that reveals a second shooter:
  14. I watched this video yesterday, and it has garnered an additional 200000 views until today. Typical shock value thumbnail, but it actually has concise information. Though the meat of the matter starts at 5:00. Personally i would not be surprised if Stephen Paddock should be completely vindicated, which means that he could have been 'gotten rid of' before this.
  15. I just watched this, and was wondering what you guys think of it. Its a different take on many shocking events. I tried to share it at the point where it really starts, at 9:09. This presentation was uploaded on 22. september. I can not say that I agree with his final perspective, but the information and evidence he lays out is even surprisingly valuable for an avid researcher like myself.

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