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  1. Up until today I was not 100% sure about a link between autism and vaccines. But now I am.
  2. Below are some personal testimonies to give a more personal feel to it. There is more on that channel. Btw, my brother had 2 daughters long ago, and tried to confer with his gf/their mother to not vaccinate, but the mother chose to have them both vaccinated, and they are currently in good health growing into adults, but the youngest have always been 'dim'/stupid since very young. And she would prefer to use a nibbler well into her 4-6 years of age, and would frequently pee in her bed if she did not have a diaper when sleeping at that age. (and probably more that I don't know about) And the 1 year older was diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin at a young age (and still use it). Not that I agree that ADHD is any real disease though. When I was around them when they were around toddler age and later, they, (or only the oldest), used to scream very very loud in a powerful high pitched shrieking manner. I guess most people would say that is normal, but I don't know what to think about that as of now.
  3. We should all stop showering, so that we stop adding more water vapour into the atmosphere. All involved climate scientists and climate politicians should stop showering, and recommend everyone else to do the same, to show how serious they are about this. All fountains, water parks, and perhaps even all fire departments should be closed as well, to prove how dedicated they are to this. Water rationing is a given, as excess water consumed can be converted into vapour and added to the atmosphere through breathing and sweating. The planet is at stake here!
  4. Normal climate change or man made climate change? I found the "draft" of the report. But dont have motivation to look for cliffnotes. Anyone have some?
  5. Ok, so what was your first post in this thread about? It was so triggering and nauseating I don't even want to quote it. You were appealing to authority 'scientists'. But now you have taken a kind of 180. I recognize the need to study or practice something to know about it, but some superficial graduation, or government/EU/UN paycheck scientist/official position does not automatically make you a real rational expert. Though there are plenty of good examples. And like already mentioned, social fear among them. I would feel pretty bad about myself if I made an appeal to superficial authority like you did. But you had no problem posting that? Is it your contention that man made global warming is a big and real problem? What do you think about lord Monckton?
  6. Ok. Here is you slightly out of context: Why do you follow the principles of a non academic person, who is without any official position, and who is 'sceptical' of a lot of things in society?
  7. Do you have a degree in philosophy, or specifically philosophical skepticism? If not, why should we take anything you say about these skeptics seriously?
  8. How many of you forum posters have a doctors degree in English? When it comes to this kind of issue (making straw men, non arguments, earth is a waffle) there are three kind of options: A) The doctors in English posting anything on internet are a bunch of idiots and amateurs, or a group of forum posters know better how to post things in English. B) There is a vast conspiracy that includes all doctors in English to make them continuously come up with misspelled text and what not. C) The doctors in English studied posting on internet for a long time and know more than you about it. Choose wisely.
  9. Thanks. I'm trying to understand. In the meantime. As a thought experiment. What if a photon was going at 101 percent of the speed of light. (even if its not possible in the theory), what would happen? And is there any chance that it is happening, but we are just not able to see/understand the effects of it?
  10. Thanks. I tried to read it but my brain always has an allergic reaction to complicated formulas and language. So that is an incompatibility on my part. Sorry. Yes, this is what I have accepted as well. Thanks for your reply, but you did not really answer the question I had. Would you be able to offer an explanation in simple terms? Because if time stands still for the light particle, then surely it would either not reach anywhere, or reach instantaneously, or I just don't get it yet. How would it be able to travel at light speed, and still be subject to having to wait for 65 million years to reach the aliens planet in your example?
  11. I was thinking about something today. Light particles/waves move at light speed right? And according to the relativity stuff, as described here, time will stand still for anything that moves at light speed. Does that mean that all the light that reach ie this planet, was put out at the exact time or just some milliseconds or whatever after reaching us? Would it also mean that light from other stars and galaxies are reaching us instantaneously or nearly instantaneously?
  12. What are you trying to imply here? Reverse badness is not a thing!
  13. Thanks Aviet. Now I / we understand better why IQ is low(er) in Islamic regions.
  14. I wouldn't call that holding back though. That kind of money in the right hands could perform miracles. How many years have they received this kind of money? What progress have they made?