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  1. Ostracism is not the way to go

    in these situations, how about trying to talk peacefully, and then if the 20% don't want to talk, but rather raise their voice, slander you, get violent, threaten, etc, point out what they are doing, and then just ignore them? (Just my amateur question) I'd imagine that others and the person involved would remember how he lost control in a peaceful discussion.
  2. Physics is 100% repeatable, by definition.

    Woah! I appreciate you taking the time to get out of your cryptosleep casket to reply. No I'm attacking you because you are not being decent to people here. And showing pretty clear signs of instigating resentment towards people like me who value truth / physics / logic but try to be decent and nice to people. Might you be so kind as to explain your silly username? I firmly believe that physics had the day off on 9 11. Or maybe physics called in sick to the universe. Which means that a lot of star systems in our galaxy might have gone a bit whack during that day. I would be one of those. Pretty sure you can just schedule some appointment with Stefan through the correct contacts on this website. And they will talk with you and put it on youtube. But please don't, because you will just help make the rest of us look like aholes. But I know that you will not call in, because you know that you will have to be a decent person with him, or he will just end the talk. Also Stefan has talked about some of his scepticism of 9 11 in a very old podcast. I don't know how much of that is left in him, but its something to keep in mind. What you achieve by being like this is pretty much nothing else than resentment and disgust from the people you give the impression you want to inform. And those decent people not accepting the first story that was pushed down peoples throats after 1 hour on that day, will have a less friendly environment to talk in. Those things and your silly name is a hallmark of instigators wanting to flame the discussion so that less and less people actually take it seriously. That can also explain why you came back after more than 1 year, just to refresh the attempt at instigation, hoping that I've gone away or something. I know that instigators have been successful around on internet regarding 9 11, that is why I am warning this forum about that.
  3. The problem is the government that was closest, was 0.002 percent off from the perfect formula. You just don't understand that yet.
  4. A slightly more detailed version of Mike Adam's acoustic analysis that reveals a second shooter:
  5. I watched this video yesterday, and it has garnered an additional 200000 views until today. Typical shock value thumbnail, but it actually has concise information. Though the meat of the matter starts at 5:00. Personally i would not be surprised if Stephen Paddock should be completely vindicated, which means that he could have been 'gotten rid of' before this.
  6. I just watched this, and was wondering what you guys think of it. Its a different take on many shocking events. I tried to share it at the point where it really starts, at 9:09. This presentation was uploaded on 22. september. I can not say that I agree with his final perspective, but the information and evidence he lays out is even surprisingly valuable for an avid researcher like myself.
  7. Some comments from accounts on youtube: Happy Healthy Human: "they better have lots of video of this joker carrying bag after bag after bag after bag after bag thru the casino yesterday bc there is a 0% chance you're having all that hardware in a hotel room there for more than 24 hours bc housekeeping is coming in and they are going through all your shit. seems pretty far-fetched. I read there is a homeland security conference beginning in Vegas tomorrow. " sagrammyfour: "My friend is ex military, and the first thing he said was he heard 3 separate weapons firing at once. " Michael Moran: "Those windows have sensors on them and are shatterproof ballistic glass, this is to prevent suicides and are in every Las Vegas high rise. As soon as those windows even have a certain amount of pressure applied, security will be up to that room within a few minutes pounding on the door and loudly asking if everything is OK and if they get no answer they open the door and come in to make sure that you are not trying to commit suicide and therefore have a multi million dollar lawsuit from the family members. You have to remember that these casinos have more money than any bank and go very far to protect that money, there has to be multiple shooters or a shooter in a different position. " K G: "How is it possible that people from the nearby rooms didn't hear assault rifles firing to call 911. This smells funny! " DISTURBING THE PEACE: "...why would the stage crew light up the kill box(zone) "
  8. Vaccine Safety

    If they base this on reports, then they should take into account that: -x number of injuries/deaths/SIDS might be ignored by parents/victims as having been caused by recent vaccine(s). Because most parents believe vaccines are safe. -x number of parents tell their doctor that they are pretty sure it is because of the vaccines, but doctor firmly denies any relation, or 'accepts' relation but only decides to report y amount of cases to the CDC because reporting is tedious work.
  9. Vaccine Safety

    Please explain how the above two quotes of yours do not contradict each other. In the short run, that is how it works yes. In the long run, it is the perfect genes for the environment that persists. Which results in what I said at first: You can search on internet just as easily as I can. Look up indoctrination and see that your 'begging the question' accusation is nullified. As you already know: "Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike."
  10. Vaccine Safety

    Yes. Good to have you on board. Now I trust you will stick to your word and do that in any form you'd like. Watch out for changes in the definition of polio, that I just learned about by following your advice. Looks like my evolution argument was not understood. If there was a better way for humans (or animals) to protect themselves against tiny organisms, they would have evolved differently to make the best defense possible. I know that the tiny organisms will do the same, which is also why the current way of trying to immunize people using the tiny organisms, is akin to opening pandoras box, because of things like vaccine shedding. I do. Its just that my questions and examples might have been a bit too intricate, skipping several steps. Sorry about that. Now we have come to the root of your replies in this thread. Thanks for revealing that. The majority of people critical to vaccines now were also pro-vaccines, or vaccine-accepting. And that is not because we were shown slides and statistics and actual history when we were young. Its just another indoctrination. True or false, good or bad, science, not science, I think you can admit that it is indoctrination, Right? No one here would probably be able to convince you to be open minded to our side and look at personal cases, and some documentaries or lectures or anything critical to vaccines, until something happens with yourself, your children, or someone else very close in your family. What is most important to you? That children are healthy, or that anyone in governments, media, and doctors talking about statistics before and after vaccines can be trusted and should be listened to? Please pick one.
  11. Vaccine Safety

    I have kinda heard of it. It just seemed a bit desperate of you to include it, which also looks like a cowardly deflection. Either injections is an ok/good way to try to teach the body something, or its not/a horrible way. And actually evolution would make sure that it would be used, (in one way or another), if it was safe and effective. And for sure there are systems through the digestive tract and lungs to do it that way. I and others use the short word for that, which is 'natural'. To me it looks like my question did present an opportunity for you to appeal to nature, by pointing to anything of a living organism. Not sure how you did not see that. So compared to what? If the natural state of a human being is to walk and talk, and many of the victims of toxic shots can not do that, and you can throw out the appeal to nature where humans walk and talk. Then what are we left with? Are we going to compare it to whatever is most normal? So if the majority of children can not walk or talk, then it is the children who can walk and talk that are not healthy? Or what?
  12. Vaccine Safety

    Woah... are you serious right now? Thanks for the laugh though. I have not really laughed that long for some time. What kind of food do you think humans should eat? Be careful not to mention anything of living organisms. You might be appealing to nature. What kind of standards do you propose we can use to compare a healthy life to, if we can not compare it up against nature?
  13. Vaccine Safety

    Documentary bringing quite a lot to light:
  14. Vaccine Safety

    Good example, and even though humans mostly eat those pharmacy drugs, they still get sick and die in droves from them. I had a friend from Texas Houston who ate all kinds of those drugs. Through the 15 years I knew him, he got more and more sick from them. His last 8 years was pretty much a part of his life where he could not do anything of the things he wanted to do. He kept trusting/hoping that there is a "perfect formula" to drugs, continued to experiment, and then he just died. And that is just one example I have personal experience with. My mothers life was destroyed by SSRI's as well. Imagine if doctors started injecting all those drugs into people's muscles, blood veins, and such. Or injecting Toothpaste, Soap, Coffee, Aspirin, Cooked food into people. Do you think people would accept the effects of doing that?
  15. Vaccine Safety

    Wow. Thanks! Listening to it now. The man who had both his sons damaged in the video linked to on your webpage, has a good point that it is crippling society as well. Which mostly means western society. (and now Israel it seems from what he told)

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