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  1. Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Kiyosaki is a must read. I had a poor dad(middle class hard working dad but didn't know how to save for tmrw) and had a best friends dad who was my rich dad. He gave me the advise when I was younger to learn how to "not work for your money but make your money work for you". He'd say "when I'm sleeping at night, on vacation, playing golf etc, my money is out working for me". That stuck with me. I can remember where I was sitting at age 16 when he said all of this. I barely graduated high school. Bought first rental at 19, flipped a few(wish Id kept everything), and it's turned out well. that being said I got quite lucky to be in this time period of rapid real estate growth in a city thats exploding. My business functions similarly at this point as well. I delegate whatever I can so I can spend as much time with my fam as I can. School would have been the worst decision I could have possibly made. Every single adult was telling me to go.
  2. I reckons so. Great points.
  3. Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    Good stuff Dylan. Loved the idea of splitting the house up into a duplex/triplex situation. Ive done this with multiple homes. There's not a market for it where you're talking about but if you could enter the vacation rental(airbnb or vrbo) world you can really maximize your rents. Because Im in it for the long haul every time i see a property I think how can i get more doors/units on it. Garage apartment, splitting the top and bottom(close inside stairs make deck/stairs outiside entering the top unit. As we know the youngsters are having fewer kids, making less, saving less, and wanting to live near the action and willing to spend 35% of what they make in order to do so.
  4. Show Request: Interview Pat Condell

  5. Stef won this debate. I know he wasn't wanting to maybe but he won in my book. At what point is it murder? At what point do we call it a human life? If you say at conception you are my peoples. I like that world and I want to live in that world. Its obviously not self defense and aesthetically gross at the very least but if we saw a woman having an abortion Im trying to picture someone preventing it from happening by using force against the pregnant woman? Would it be justified? I guess so but not sure. One of those things we just hope wouldn't happen and shouldn't happen. In a future society maybe they'll be plenty of fiscal reasons to have a baby(sell it on the open market, give it up for adoption, better enviroments for kids) to where it wouldn't happen. Just take a shit on the idea and condemn it but it's a tough one for me to get to an absolute certainty on the issue.
  6. FDR fact source

    Adios America- Coulter Im 99% sure I read that in there and she'd have sources.
  7. If you think you are mr. tough and courageus this guy will bring you back down to reality. Geeezus what an animal. Scroll through the mans youtube hits. The way he composes himself during heated debates(while I'm about to punch through my computer screen) is amazing to see. Thanks for the interview. Little surprised as to why he's not more well known. Maybe he is and I've missed it. Buying his book now.
  8. Haha yes! I have had one female that has been awesome. She's a a painter and great at it. She is 1,000 and 10% a lesbian but nonetheless a female. We all ate together the other day...black mason, white carpenter, mexican drywallers/painters. Racism is so fucking dead. They all laugh and make fun of each other. Market brings them all together. The common goal is building this house.
  9. That was great you're right. Im a builder and it's almost impossible to find a competent plumber, electrician, framer etc. Zero young healthy 20 somethings in the trades. Making 100k would be easy. There's either cheap fast low quality mexicans or a little more expensive, better quality, slow(cigarette breaks every 10 minute) white or black guys. I found a 20 year old smart kid who can weld plus he has his act together and I look at him like he's an alien its' so rare.
  10. Homeschooling with religion..

    Look up Wild+Free Podcast or www.BeWildandFree.org Check these moms out. They have a good size following. Seminars, family camps, etc In listening to some of the podcasts it sounds like there's a christian inspiration behind it but they don't push it.
  11. Milo - Book Cancelled - Resigns from Breitbart

    1 & 4. I know very little about Milo and have only heard him on FDR a couple times and I think Tom Woods SHow once. He never said anything in those few shows that made me really perk up and care. Also, I'm not a gamer and don't give a shit about gamergate, and barely have any recollection of what it was about. I'm curious, what am I missing? Why do you love and admire him? 2. Dude, what? Anyone who is radically for free speech will inherently reveal themselves to endorse pederasty or other such vises? What the literal fuck are you talking about? Lots to admire---Speaking out against the lefts conspiracy theories(gender wage gap, cultural oppression, feminism, BLM, Islam, etc). Takes a lot of courage to do this publicly. It takes a lot of skill and passion to do it well and gain the kind of publicity he has. He's been an enormously effective figure in the culture wars. Radical free speecherscomedians/etc say what's on their mind and that gets them into trouble. I'm more worried about action. The fact that he's fought put pervs behind bars in his career makes me think he's not a fan of it. But yes he has a blind spot personally and he's speaking about it publicly which isn't a good move. The only part I had seen was him talking to Joe about it being possible to think a developed 15 year old could be hot and Joe pretending to think that was gross which of course it isn't. Acting on it of course would be. So I cut it of there and entered my bubble and didn't watch or listen to anything else. Character assasination is so common with these guys I figured the claims were baseless. I was wrong.
  12. Milo - Book Cancelled - Resigns from Breitbart

    Maybe it is indefensible? Maybe he's completely wrong? So what. I find myself giving very few fucks about what he did/said. I guess I'm a little blinded by admiration. This type shit is what you'll get from a radical free speecher. Do you think he's in support of child molesting? Do you think thats the haters real issue with him? Thanks to the cucks the left is now relieved and excited. Makes me want to vomit. War Milo!. Love him and will be fun to see him come back from this one.
  13. Homeschooling with religion..

    All great feedback. Much thanks.
  14. Homeschooling with religion..

    Neither me nor my wife are religious but we are homeschooling 2 little ones in an area where there's quite a few homeschoolers that all have a christian aspect to whatever it is they are doing. While I side with a lot of these folks love for less government the religion aspect is a square circle I'd like to avoid. Any of you guys experience this? I think we could handle it. Religion was awful for me as a child but my parents were believers not thinkers. Anyways, Im not even sure how intense the religious part of the get togethers would be which is important. I have zero interest in trying to change anyones mind so thats not an option. Finding a perfect tribe aint easy.
  15. There's a lot of sugar based negotiation that goes on in our house. Of course no hitting or threats. It's pretty awesome to see our 4 year old get good at "making deals." Even the 1 year old understands "no cookie if you don't eat your dinner". What's the difference again in this and bribing? Is there a better approach? I watched the first 15 minutes and will finish tmrw.

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