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Marshall B

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  1. Marshall B

    Freedom of speech

    Preach on brotha!
  2. Cause it's terrifyingly interesting and relevant? I dunno. I bit. Thx Rudi.
  3. Marshall B

    Mortgages are bullshit!

    You sure do if you can get a lower rate. Go buy another property with that money or build you a little rental in the backyard and slap it on airbnb. Get out of the rat race as Kiyosaki would say. Passive income streams. I used to hate debt but it's growing on me. It's the only way to play the game as it's currently set up. Borrow your balls off and don't buy toys buy assets! Great video.
  4. Same here. It was painful to listen to. I remember Milo saying "Atheism is so boring". Anarchism/libertarianism is every bit as boring to me at the moment.
  5. Marshall B

    Cernovich vs Paul Nehlen

    I just didn't see any arguments. So it's house cleaning because that book is too edgy? Why the need to house clean and not just avoid it? Are we not his audience? Who exactly is his audience. Trolling who? Im glad it's not being talked about.
  6. Marshall B

    Cernovich vs Paul Nehlen

    Did anyone read Mike's blog post on Medium about Nehlen. It struck me as a kind of retarded in many ways but the guy is smarter than me so I'm trying to find out where I could be wrong. I like Mike and have never really disagreed with him on anything. He does a little too much talking about himself/self promoting but that doesn't bother me. It works and he's a god damn work horse. Enough explaining sorry. If you're a believer in the "never punch right" method this isn't good for you. I liked Nehlan's argument on endorsements being overrated and should be a thing of the past. I also get not endorsing someone but to do this public disavowal shit seems unnecessary and almost feels like you're pandering to the leftists. Or is Nehlan that toxic? If so I guess I understand the play. If he's 3 steps ahead of the general public in "wokeness" and deemed to edgy for the moment I get that but I didn't think so.
  7. Marshall B

    The Bubble.

    What would a nuclear war do to bitcoin? There's gotta be some sick bastards in Vegas taking action on that. Also curious...
  8. Marshall B

    Shit my "friends" post on Facebook, and my rant

    There was actually an *update* disclaimer saying it was not real and no women were harmed. Fake news. Especially if that wasn't mentioned from the get-go. Good response. Probably fell on deaf ears but hopefully it gave some like minded folks some good ammo and something to think about.
  9. Dude I am rolling. That was too good. Thanks
  10. Well put man. I enjoyed that. Ive thought about what a loser you'd I'd look like at certain points in history advocating the purity of no-state when others are actually getting sh-- done. Someone needs to make some good memes of an anarchist nagging Thomas Paine 250 years ago about his sins against the NAP.
  11. Marshall B

    Marriage or MGTOW?

    Find someone attractive and whom you share values with. Marry her and make babies god damnit. You're a good looking dude. Go...now.
  12. Marshall B

    Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Kiyosaki is a must read. I had a poor dad(middle class hard working dad but didn't know how to save for tmrw) and had a best friends dad who was my rich dad. He gave me the advise when I was younger to learn how to "not work for your money but make your money work for you". He'd say "when I'm sleeping at night, on vacation, playing golf etc, my money is out working for me". That stuck with me. I can remember where I was sitting at age 16 when he said all of this. I barely graduated high school. Bought first rental at 19, flipped a few(wish Id kept everything), and it's turned out well. that being said I got quite lucky to be in this time period of rapid real estate growth in a city thats exploding. My business functions similarly at this point as well. I delegate whatever I can so I can spend as much time with my fam as I can. School would have been the worst decision I could have possibly made. Every single adult was telling me to go.
  13. I reckons so. Great points.
  14. Marshall B

    Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    Good stuff Dylan. Loved the idea of splitting the house up into a duplex/triplex situation. Ive done this with multiple homes. There's not a market for it where you're talking about but if you could enter the vacation rental(airbnb or vrbo) world you can really maximize your rents. Because Im in it for the long haul every time i see a property I think how can i get more doors/units on it. Garage apartment, splitting the top and bottom(close inside stairs make deck/stairs outiside entering the top unit. As we know the youngsters are having fewer kids, making less, saving less, and wanting to live near the action and willing to spend 35% of what they make in order to do so.
  15. Marshall B

    Show Request: Interview Pat Condell


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