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  1. I did not have to wait. Perhaps the email was lost. Have you contacted them again? Send another email and ask.
  2. Trey Gowdy and the paperboat that sails the pacific

    I thought he stated it quite well. He doesn't like politics. It's a nasty business. People fight for their point of view and run for re-election. Not much there for him as he is interested in a different career.
  3. Short dream of my ex girlfriend

    The dream is about you and your conscious state of awareness. The dream is describing your relationship with yourself. The ex-girlfriend is a representation of the inner you, the you that has the inspiration, the motivation, the drive toward one thing or another. Also the you that strives for excellence and self-improvement, to be a "better person" if you will. The cafe, a place of eating, generally seen as taking in nourishment or knowledge. Doorways lead to areas of exploration in your mind. You have created narrow and specific pathways to knowledge of yourself. Perhaps a little more complicated than necessary or perhaps just a preferred way of organizing how you learn. Water represents life experiences. Getting to know her (your inner self - your heart) is dependent on your life experiences. The action indications there is an on again-off again relationship with her (you). This reminds me of having a certain discipline to gain greater self-knowledge and union between inner (who you desire to be) and outer (how you see yourself). Yet there is a disconnect with understanding that the two go together (why don't we go together). The main impediment is uncontrolled and very strong thoughts. Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. Thinking so much it is hard to stand up. She is "above" thinking and not affected. Bring the two together. Don't let thoughts dominate. Feel the heart and bring that along, too. Bottom line: If you are practicing meditation only while you are sitting still, in the correct position, for the correct amount of time, you are missing the point. The connection made during meditation is a marker for bringing that sense of self into every day life and living. Hope this helps.
  4. What am I failing to grasp?

    1. Decide who you want to be. 2. Make it so.
  5. Should I get Vaccinated?

    If you know the manufacturer, the ingredients and warnings would still be valid. Diseases are not "treated" with vaccines. They are supposed to be prevented by vaccines. Perhaps you meant something else. Good luck. Merry Christmas
  6. Should I get Vaccinated?

    Here is a video on vaccine safety with stats from studies.
  7. Should I get Vaccinated?

    Full disclosure: I'm an ex-vaxxer. You didn't say what vaccine. That is important. Once you know, go to the CDC and FDA websites where you will find product inserts (FDA website) listing all of the associatied side effects and contraindications and the VIS (CDC website). You can ask your doctor but he or she is unlikely to have the product inserts. The nursing staff will not have them readily available either. However, I do recommend asking them if they have them. A secondary question might be to ask if they have ever read one. The VIS is different. They should have the VIS. That is the Vaccine Information Sheet. It contains a much briefer list of possible side effects and contraindications. On the back is the contact information for the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). the VIS is required by law to be handed to patients. I've included a sample VIS and product insert for TD below. Here is a sample VIS from CDC: TD (Tetanus and Diptheria) Here is the link to the generic vaccine manufacturer insert: Manufacturer insert (required) TD (generic) Another question you might ask the doctor and the nurse is what they learned in medical/nursing school about vaccines. If they are truthful, they will tell you they were handed the vaccine schedule and given instructions on how to handle the vials of vaccine and how to administer the shots. Get both of the above documents for the vaccine you are considering. Read them. Ask questions of your medical professionals. If they brush you off, my recommendation is to find another. If they tell you they will no longer see you as a patient if you refuse a vaccine, get another physician. You should always have choice without threat. Vaccines are like any other pharmaceutical product, some people have really, really bad reactions. And you never know until after the deed is done which you will be and there is no taking it back. It's much like Russian Roulette. Educate yourself and then make an INFORMED decision. Good luck.
  8. Damping down emotions. How?

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question but "damping down emotions" is akin to regulating your breathing. It is done by watching the emotion as it occurs and then altering it according to a choice. If you don't watch and just react, then you are bound to a past image you hold of who you are. Again, I may be misunderstanding the written word as most of communication is through nonverbal means, but you seem to be separating who you are from the world around you. The way that you state changing your values, it is as if you are not changing who you are and what you value but simply moving a piece on a chess board. The piece moves but you do not. The idea of changing what you value encompasses who you imagine yourself to be. What kind of person will you be? What will YOU value? What choices will YOU make? All require conscious awareness of how you currently identify yourself and are coupled with who you desire to be. It is firmly holding the idea of who you want to be that gives you the strength of character to make the hard choices that make a reality. I'm not making an argument. I'm simply responding to what I see in the words written on the page, comparing them to my experience of this crazy life and giving an alternate perspective.
  9. A review of the movie VAXXED.
  10. Vaccine Safety

    While I find the CDC information valuable, I am also aware of the intense vaccine push and the intense denial by doctors when a parent reports an issue. The lack of support for these parents and their children is criminal. I've worked in this community. It is rare for the doctor to believe the parent. And that in and of itself is the saddest, most cruel thing other than the permanently, life-long disabled child. You have the mother of a child that is clearly having issues and the doctor ignores the parent's plea for help, brushes the child's condition off as "normal" when they really mean "typical". They clearly expect the issues and feel no obligation to actually treat the patient. Unfortunately, this only perpetuates the parent distrusting the doctor and vaccines because usually the parent will cave and believe the doctor once again. . . . until the next vaccine and their child is permanently brain damaged or dies. Then it is too late and the anti-vax crowd gets another advocate. It's a slow process as the vaccine-injured push back and sadly many children are killed or maimed in the process. It's one thing to have a vaccine-injured child when you used that CDC information, asked your doctor questions and they actually gave you the time of day without making you feel like a complete idiot and you made a fully-informed and conscious choice to vaccinate your child. It's quite another to be completely uninformed of the risks, go along because "everyone vaccinates" and you are deemed ignorant if you don't know that and throw all of your trust in a doctor that has not even read the blackbox warnings and denies any issue when your child exhibits the side effects clearly written in the manufacturer and CDC's documentation. It's very easy to believe that the push-back on the vaccine schedule is just a bunch of uninformed idiots who believe psuedo-science. But when you look more closely what you will find is a growing number of parents with permanently damaged children requiring 24/7 care worried about who will care for their child when they are gone. You will find thousands upon thousands upon thousands of parents with personal experience that are being ignored because "science" cannot see them. "Science" refuses to see them. The evidence is there. WHY DO THEY REFUSE TO DO A STUDY COMPARING THE VACCINATED TO THE UNVACCINATED? WHY DO THEY REFUSE TO USE THE SCIENCE OF HAVING A CONTROL GROUP? THE GROUP IS ALREADY THERE ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS TALK TO PARENTS OF UNVACCINATED KIDS. Sorry, about the yelling but it is so hard to see the lives of these people ruined because they were unaware and uninformed of the risks. Those spearheading the anti-vax movement were previously the most vocal of the pro-vax crowd. They are like reformed smokers. The tide will eventually shift as more and more children are injured. It is inevitable. The personal experience will always overrule the intellectual speculation.
  11. Vaccine Safety

    Are you suggesting that we inject these things into our children?
  12. Vaccine Safety

    I also took it upon myself to do a little research on the guy who made that movie, Brian Deer. While there is a lot of praise for him and his work by the usual powers that be, here are a couple of things I found that are quite informative. Open Letter to sponsors of Brian Deer lecture Keeping Anderson Cooper Honest He openly advertises Flumist on his website. That might be considered a conflict of interest. What do you think?
  13. Vaccine Safety

    That is an incredibly interesting video. I urge you to watch it again and only listen to the parts that are NOT Andrew Wakefield interviews. Then go through it again only listening to the Andrew Wakefield interview clips. Then compare that to the word-for-word charges against Andrew Wakefield. It's fascinating.
  14. Vaccine Safety

    Drs opinion regarding Gardisil vaccine damage in teens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcHPBPv51PY
  15. Vaccine Safety

    Ok, I watched so many of those videos I had to do a podcast on the topic. Here it is. http://villagewisdompodcast.com/vaxxed/

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