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  1. leahcim1985

    My Church is Racist!!!!

    I go to church every Sunday more for community then anything else. They have been mentioning multiculturalism in the church and today the whole sermon was about multiculturalism. Actually that's a lie but that's what they want you to think. The focus of the sermon was how we as a people which quickly turned into white people need to help and stand up for people less fortunate which quickly turned into people of color, which quickly turned into black people or African Americans. Words like Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Native American or any other word associated with a race that was not black was not mentioned once in today's sermon. The sermon quickly turned into a lecture on how white people should give more to black people and how white people should never assume anything negative of black people. Of course they mentioned we need to stand up for injustices and the vague example they used was "when white cops kill black kids for not just reasons."The word "Caucasian" was not used at all while black people were referred to as Blacks, African Americans, and people of color. The pastor invited two black pastors from other churches to make suggestions on what white people should be doing differently to make black people feel more accepted in the community. I spoke to a church elder and asked why didn't we mention other races like Asians, Hispanics, or Indians, and the church elder said they "they participate in false religions and can not be saved." To me the whole thing came off as very racist in favor of the black community, not caring about other races and I feel liberalism is now really hitting the churches hard. I also felt like I was the only person who had a problem with this crap because no one else seemed to speak up. It seems like I am always being fed this bullshit about racism with the focus being on black people. If this movement is doing anything to me its making me dislike the black community as whole and give greater respect to other races that are not forcing me to respect them. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this or if it appears that I am venting. This is a huge frustration of mine as I don't have many friends that can see past liberal propaganda.
  2. Today while working with my retail job I had a Muslim coworker talk to me about books she read in class. One book she mentioned was 1984. This spun into a conversation about statism and a state not allowing you to think, question things, telling you what to do and when to do it etc., We both agreed an oppressive state was not the place we would want to live in. However, she has a God that tells her what she can eat, who she can marry, how many times she has to pray, that it is wrong to question him, if she abandons him she will be killed and send her to hell etc. etc. I feel like the real difference between 1984 and Islam is that in 1984 you can hunt down your tyrants where in Islam you have an imaginary tyrant that was stolen from the Christians. I didn’t feel the work place would be the right place for a religious debate. My question is how do you get religious people who claim they are against tyranny to wake up and realize they have an imaginary tyrant calling the shots for them?
  3. leahcim1985


    Yeah I agree, genisis has it backwards, man created god in his image and his likeness for social control.
  4. Hi nathan, I agree mistakes can happen or a slip of the tongue but when it happens during almost every shift its intent perhaps someone who is trying to manipulate the others to make it easier for her to make money. Its a commission based job. Stefan said something during one of his shows there is no such thing as biopoloarism, theres assholism. The bipolarism only exists in situation where the abuser knows they can get away with it. This thought keeps coming to mind when she acts up. Of course shes a Christian single mother which would make me feel bad her for children. Good idea, Patriarchal Union Steward or someone up there of high authority has got to be able to help I also don't want to leave the company because I have been there for several years and this person is new to the department. She failed in another and instead of terminating her for poor performance they relocated her recently. Uppermanagement is aware of other incidents with other associates. When I go to uppermanagement again I wonder if it would help to pose it as an adamantium. My numbers are much better then hers so economically it would be foolish to loose me vs her.
  5. I currently work in retail and for a majority of the time I have been with this store there has been a split mix of men and women. I noticed the men are held to a strict attendence policy while the women get to go home early, show up late, call out a lot more, wonder to other departments to gossip(and slander), get away with not doing any of the manual labor etc. Even a no call no show for more then four days wont get them fired. Other male associates are always being fired due to attendence issues. In fact I have been written up for being six minutes late. I dont understand why the attendence policy does not apply to the women in my store.Additionally I work with a woman who calls other staff associates names such as a jerk, asshole, etc, provokes associates by saying things like "your so greedy, I wish I did have to work wtih you"( after I earn a sale) steals sales and says "christians don't steal" if you bring it up, and even threatened me at one time over a misunderstanding which she appologized for a week later. I spoke with management about this on three different occasions and they wont do anything about it out. I even went to the highest person in the store. I feel if the genders were reveresed there would be a much different outcome. I don't understand how this continues and how to get it to stop with management aware of this. I had one other issues with one Male associate. We stepped outside, spoke for about 15 minutes found a mutual aggreement and became friends. We haven't had a problem or tensions between us since then which was about 8 months ago. The woman I am talking about above wont talk about it.

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