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  1. [disparaging remark] The reason the debt can't maintain was illustrated for decades by a guy who came out with "the mathematically perfected economy". It's based on the obvious nature of paying debt back with more debt (fed system) leads to an ever increasing interest portion, which eventually stifles out business activities. This, however, is naive - not taking into consideration negative interest rates or QEs or etc. The notion debt unsustainability is equivalent to human unsustainability is similarly principally wrong. It would require that production capacity were optimal, that unknowable and/or long term factors were priced in (land degradation from farming), and that debt backed payments were rationally priced. If the IMF creates a giant debt by manipulating the government in Jamaica into debt terms, does that giant debt reflect unsustainability of humans? PS: These damned public schools do such horrible jobs with economic, and to top it off we keep importing idiots - it's almost as if a widening high/low class disparity were intended.
  2. 2. people tend to fail to recognize one of the principle themes of The Wealth of Nations, and that is the natural formation of monopolies and cartels, and the prevention of abhorrent ones being one of the key reasons for government. Anarcho Capitalism is naive to this pattern. 3. Haha. I missed the opportunity - that's delightfully humorous. Go read Tragedy and Hope or listen to Alan Watt.
  3. Education is under attack please HELP

    "Follow" is hardly worth anything. Donate or spread (I do both). And, if you don't have any money, perhaps go work at McDonalds (their working environment is probably cramped enough for you). The depth of corruption in the education system is not that important. For the people that care, the fruit it bears is evidence enough for there being an issue. And, if your intent is to spread info to alert others, there is plenty of information on the surface without the need to determine the in depth connections. If the issue is a matter of identifying corrupt politicians, well, that is done easily enough by just looking at how the vote. So, I assume the interest here is a personal itch that serves little public interest.
  4. Education is under attack please HELP

    Unless the skirmish comes to you, the tentacles aren't worth fighting - rather attack the head. To my knowledge, the best avenue for this has been Judicial Watch, of which, I stay amazed at how little coverage they get by so called liberty movement heads. Separately, the way to go about defeating the education cartel would be through decentralized education, perhaps started as homeschooler resources. If you are interested in particular entanglements, see https://littlesis.org/
  5. Depends on how many layers of separation that you need to consider helping a murderer moral. You could consider paying tax as contributory to the dollar value which enables the military through funding. And, then, apart from the layers of separation consideration, there's the greater good consideration. Perhaps you should consider that, with all the hot air the liberty movements produces, it was the military that saved us from a dark era signaled by Hilary.
  6. Nightmares. How do I make them stop?

    Indeed, in my seeking humor your post did go over head. Perhaps if I had read your response to the OP I'd had known that you were playing the psychologist and had a vested interest. And, perhaps there is a deeper reason for the nightmare, but it is some times the case that chemical imbalances owing to diet in combination with stress are sufficient to cause issues. But, I suppose I have found my comedy after all with "Secondly, would you be inclined to stick with the dentist that recommends such an approach?" - all yours.
  7. Nightmares. How do I make them stop?

    Pain killers (NSAIDS in general) have multiple potential negative effects, especially depending upon your genes. Have you tried electroshock therapy? Personally, I find sucking on ghost pepper powder sufficient for removing attention from minor pain annoyances - you'll have the added benefit of increased blood flow to the gums. Most dentists are horrible. For more than a decade studies have been around that show baking soda based toothpaste works better than fluoride, and yet, I haven't encountered a single normal dentists who knew this. Fortunately, market demand has led to a new set of dentists called biological dentists. Unfortunately, they are rather pricey.
  8. Nightmares. How do I make them stop?

    Take a TENS device and apply it to your frontal lobes. Or, try pruriens (general neural chemical plant based supplemental), 5-htp (serotonin), theanine (anxiety), melatonin (sleep) [but only after trying the lobot... electro therapy]
  9. No. ASVAB correlation would put it somewhere above 140, but I know someone else who supposedly also was in the 99 percentile, and I estimated her IQ around 125-135. Also, I've encountered plenty of brain damage since then accumulating in a general decrease of 30% in multiple metrics (typing, n-back, etc).
  10. Stick with alex jones, he's been the most constant. Lack of energy is usual a consequence of low mitochondrial output (small mitochondria), you should exercise regularly. Maybe sign up for antifa and get in some cardio - probably could find plenty of traumatized people there to talk with.
  11. <pre> {_} | /*\ | /_*_\ |120 Your IQ must be above this high to go on this ride {('o')} |--- C{{([^*^])}}D | [ * ] | / Y \ | _\__|__/_ | (___/ \___) | </pre>
  12. The reality is, peoples' fantasies about freedom generally are far removed from reality. There are a lot of places you can go, away from civilization, where mostly no one will bother you. Some chose to go into the jungle in places like Belize, and they find, eventually, despite being in the middle of no where, the government can eventually ruin your life. Plenty of cases in China where infrastructure projects ruined "goat herders" lives. Some chose islands (henderson island, pitcairn, robinson crusoe island), but these peoples' access to civilization is at the pleasure of a larger government (the queen, chile, etc), which could change its mind at a whim. And, if you go completely away from civilization, you'll probably find life made miserable by otherwise treatable ailments. "global power is on a decentralising trend" The smaller and less powerful the sovereign entity is (country), the easier it is to control, and that there are a lot of them doesn't indicate decentralization. "The EU was basically all of their chips," Nonsense, and I'm afraid you know very little about the cartels of power if you think this. "They can't even defend their own borders." Quite an uninformed, dare I say ignorant, opinion. To choose not to is different than to not have the ability to.
  13. Amusingly, after helping write the FISA memo, Gowdy announces he will no longer contend for congress, and says the Russia investigation should continue ( ) What would you guess this is a response to: 1. threats of assassination 2. threats of revealing of illicit history 3. preemptory tactic to avoid the above whilst already having let loose the material of importance 4. a new form of the star trek ear based mind control bug (or some similar technique or technology effecting the same) 5. a fabrication of person (synthesized imagery and audio, or perhaps that was Racheal Maddow in more makeup than usual) 6. there is actually more material to the Russia investigation (none of the items he mentions seemed worthy to cause an investigation) than my peripheral attention has alerted me to
  14. The issue with public education being a matter of it's origin and pattern being that of to spread statist propaganda and generate cogs. There is plenty of potential in publicly available education programs - especially of the automated sort, but I haven't seen a natural rate of progress in this area - in fact, I've seen a regression in this area, which leads me to think there's an effort against the progress of public education (and, I expect asian countries are not as subject to this counter production, but are generally less potentially speedy in development of this area). Further, as a matter of rating a country's freedom index, you might consider the high degree of leftism in college professors or those otherwise submerged in intellectual pursuits, and perhaps a better gauge is average IQ in combination with level of free enterprise (reduces number of laws on books and reduces ad hoc administration) In regards to the various items garrett mentioned, what is on the books is often much different that the implementation. China has some great property laws/taxes until you find the actual implementation is what you'd expect from a communist country (it's yours until we say otherwise). And places like panama have great gun laws, unless you are an immigrant (partly because of the US history in panama). Then you might consider something like the moral tendencies of the people and find the results of the ultimatum game, and find paraguay is the best in that regard, but then you might also find how much some rather nasty elites have invested in paraguay, and how nasty the government there is in regards to collusion. Not only that the on book rules are different, and that the caveats can compromise the deal, from my previous programmatic analysis 10 years ago of places to live based on a variety of factors, places (specifically states in the US) change significantly. Louisiana, for instance, passed a law outlawing cash resale. Globalism (global serfdom) is a funded global campaign, and no population is naturally immune to it. Further, no organized collection of beta males (ex, free state project of new hampshire (or, just libertarians in general)) can reverse its progress. Your best chance is in the US, and is as a billionaire with connections to the military industrial complex. Or, perhaps, like me, you'll just resign to the secondary desires of making tons of money and strangling hobos.
  15. It is quite an interesting subject. First, we might consider who does Trump serve. - military industrial complex (MIC) (primary) - Israel (primarily as a result of it being connected to MIC) (aka little MIC aka LMIC) - conservative base - left leaning family - fed establishment - existing congress - existing bank cartel - the press (love hate relationship) Something I have observed is that with Trump, it is less about what he is putting out and more about how the people he serves react to what he is putting out. You can analyze this by watching how he'll put something out, and it only becomes definite (a hard position) upon audience support. The wall is one of these items. IE, his positions, although grounded in fundamentals, are largely dictated by audience support. And, this becomes an issue when he is surrounded by family, established fed, MIC, and the press, and I imagine this is why he still holds rallies - not to gain more support, but to remind himself of the support of his conservative base. This analysis of served parties is fairly complex as it requires the analysis of the desires of the served parties. Although MIC is the primary served (it is what allowed Trump to be elected), MIC has far less political and societal goals than LMIC, and thus, LMIC tends to sway MIC. With LMIC, you might observe the societal systems surrounding and promoted by LMIC communities. It tends to be an internally rightest, exclusive group that promotes leftism externally as a method of control. And so, LMIC wants greater low quality immigration. Getting to the conclusions. LMIC supports DACA, left leaning family supports DACA, press supports DACA, existing congress supports DACA, MIC doesn't care (there will be high end weapons development either way, and plenty of recruits either way), and the conservative base does not support DACA. You have to consider, it is not the conservative base that is preventing Trump from being impeached or assassinated, it is MIC and fed establishment. And, in simply repealing DACA, this moves a bunch of the served against Trump. Whereas, in making it the decision of congress, it becomes an issue of the closer election (congressional) which moves the focus on to congress and provides a higher likelihood of replacement (of DACA supporting congressmen) and only upsets the conservative base (which is only beneficial at this point in time (in that the upset will move the conservative base to vote out DACA support congressmen)).

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