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    guitar, vidya, welding, psychology, traveling, stuff.
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    International Welder
  1. apes2gogo

    Starting band in Sweden

    Hey. I play guitar and sing. From Sweden, Tranås. My shit is good Email: satchlhicks@gmail.com
  2. apes2gogo

    Starting a band

    Looking to start a band. Probably a good place to find like minded band mates. I've tried convincing drug addled musicians to be better, but they prefer their drugs. Maybe I'll find something better here. I play guitar and sing. My shit is good. I'm in Sweden, Tranås. Email: satchlhicks@gmail.com
  3. apes2gogo


    Looking to start a band. From Tranås. I play guitar and sing. Email: satchlhicks@gmail.com I realize this post might be in the wrong category, but I really couldn't care less.
  4. apes2gogo

    Hi from Sweden

    Tjena, och välkommen!
  5. apes2gogo

    Hello from Stockholm!

    Välkommen till fdr
  6. You're either a national socialist, socialist, communist, or a pussy. Swedish politics are great.
  7. apes2gogo

    Obviously we are not all Godless here

    Don't think you'll find a lot of religious or agnostic people here. Everyone seems convinced that there is no god. This, of course, doesn't mean that you can't be welcomed to the community! Welcome!
  8. apes2gogo

    Hello from Sweden

    Välkommen till gänget!

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