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  1. Could it still be useful as a base of operations to work from to spread freedom?
  2. If you have 20-30 minutes to spare, this is a great mini browser game that delves into the ideas of game theory, trust, and society (also references the Christmas truce of WWI): [] Enjoy!
  3. Thought you might find this interesting:
  4. So that monarch is above the common law within their realm but not elsewhere, while remaining beholden to consequences everywhere. Can a comparison be made to homeowners and their estates (either within free market conditions or otherwise)?
  5. @Mishi2 Aren't monarchs, even if they are above the law (absolute monarchs as opposed to constitutional monarchs for example), still not above consequence -- their powers checked by the Church and the aristocracy? Is ostracism applicable to an unpopular monarch?
  7. Slightly off-topic: I wonder if history is repeating itself, both in the way that Turkey once again threatens Europe and in the historical alliance between France and the Ottomans (and a would-be alliance between Elizabeth I and Morocco?).
  8. The link is in the alleged role reversal of men and women with regards to relationships (social and personal romantic connections) and whether this would be linked to hormonal changes -- if any -- as a cause or an effect of hypergamous behavior? (Or perhaps this is a non-issue contrary to human biology?) What do we need to offer each other; is it fundamentally different from what needed to be offered in the past?
  9. Less demand for relationships? You mentioned that the roles would be reversed if estrogen provided more libido than testosterone. Is there a shift to female proposals as opposed to traditional male proposals (or proposals at all...) for relationships? In Japan there are "herbivore men", in the West we have MGTOW, and in most of the world we have political correctness. If not indicative of demand in general, do these elements reflect a shift in which half demands more? (If this still doesn't make sense, I'll have to find a better way to ask the question... )
  10. Thank you. Some content creators have their contact info in the about tab on their page. In general, send them a message about your interest and how you can contribute and you might be surprised by how responsive people are. Worst case is they say no or don't get back with you. You can also start your own project if you are so inclined.
  11. With respect to this, does this mean that there is less demand in places like Japan and the West (or perhaps the balance is tipping toward women?) -- perhaps part biology, part epigenetics, part social attitudes (political correct culture included)?
  12. Thank you for the feedback. It's funny you mention that as one idea he had was to make shorter bite-sized videos on single aspects (that could also be viewed in tandem as a playlist if desired) which would allow him to slow down and focus on the details. I didn't catch that at first but you're right, it's prefacing each part with an opinion that could be better reserved for the end (similar to Stef's Truth About series ). I did ask him which aspect was the worst of the worst -- sovereignty was number one.
  13. I sent an e-mail expressing interest, received return interest in working together, and we made this; the internet is our Guttenburg Press. This is both me showing-off and an offer for anyone else whom would like to collaborate in combating political correctness and insanity from this contemporary culture war.
  14. 3. I've come across the argument that the Protestant Reformation was the beginning of the end for monarchy. Theologically, it represents the shift to subjective interpretation of the Bible -- where the Bible was arguably not meant to be used in that way -- and where the Church loses power, monarchies derived therefrom begin to lose legitimacy. We then have characters like Oliver Cromwell, Robespierre, and later Bolsheviks that have their own justifications for removing crowned heads. WWI lead, more immediately, to the end of many monarchies as well. Maybe this ties into the idea that malevolent rulers have found it easier to run tax farms within Democratic structures? 5. Well, aside from the inbreeding -- which is another big reason for the failure on monarchies at the turn of the last century -- that is a great example of how to expand non-violently. Are you referring to the act of marriage as the origin point for their legitimacy? Is it a matter of only marrying within nobility?