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  1. Partitioning America to Prevent Bloodshed

    Do we have any prior case studies of where partitioning a nation prevented bloodshed?
  2. Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    I've read a few good books on this topic -- most recently by Robert Kiyosaki -- do you have any recommendations of your own? (Maybe in a new thread?)
  3. Can information be Property?

    So then we have precedent. Would this also apply to designer-babies when DNA is edited prior to birth (or for curing someone's genetic disorder?)? Would attempts to own human DNA become void due to anti-slavery laws? (Or would there be some re-classification of "edited human simulations" concocted to deny rights to these individuals?) (Can ownership of epigenetics also be established?) On the other hand, maybe concerns of a slippery slope are unwarranted? (Pros/Cons?)
  4. Can information be Property?

    If I recall, the scientific definition of information is the arrangement of matter. However, we could be talking about three different cases for this: a particular arrangement of matter (i.e. a book), the repeated arrangement of matter (i.e. the story in the book), or the abstracted arrangement of matter (i.e. the concept of storytelling, or language in general). On that last one, can we say whom owns the English language? If not memes, what of genes? Can one own DNA and acquire a copyright for each division of a cell? Whether we say information can or can not be property, does this apply for one, some, all, or none of the scales of perspective?
  5. Is this a reference to the Overton Window theory? (Gradually pushing the range of socially acceptable ideas towards freedom?)
  6. Would this protect Switzerland today as well? Would the International Court of Justice/Peace Palace in the Netherlands provide a similar defense for that country's neutrality? Tying this back to the main thread topic, could an Ancapistan secure neutrality by housing international institutions and/or a central bank trading its currency worldwide?
  7. Why IQ?

    I don't doubt that higher IQ is preferable for advancing civilization; asked simply, is lower IQ all bad?
  8. Was that one of the reasons they weren't invaded during the war, because they housed the central bank of central banks?
  9. Thank you. How's this for a start: There are different kinds of capital. What are your thoughts?
  10. Can information be Property?

    Can the contemporary digital version of patronage provide a solution to copyright? If content spread and/or derivative/meme production can greatly benefit the original creator, if the audience likewise prefers the authenticity/provenance, and if patronage replaces royalties as a source of income beyond direct sale, then would the resulting shift from media to creator (as in a brand) make copyrights obsolete? Tying this back to the thread question, it may be more accurate to define information as a kind of capital, measured differently from physical property or other forms of capital. Related: [https://board.freedomainradio.com/topic/40952-capital-theory-20-work-in-progress/]
  11. Why IQ?

    Is there a tradeoff correlated between high and low IQ? For example, does higher IQ bring with it health risks or something that a low IQ would be resistant to? (A biological reason for the benefits of mean regression?) I recall hearing about how sickle cells provided carriers with some resistance to malaria (environmental adaptation?); maybe low IQ has a similar silver lining? Perhaps related, can r/K coexist (and low/high IQ coexist), filling niches and benefitting one another? If there is a certain IQ threshold that needs to be met for coexistence, do we know what that is?
  12. Gay pride

    Agreed. Ideally, there would be no need for prenuptials or family courts, the way they are currently set up.
  13. Gay pride

    Kinda like contract enforcement?
  14. A blessing in disguise -- after an initial economic downturn, things will improve via competition? Why haven't they done so already?
  15. Steff's face is on cloud money

    Lower denominations are used more frequently though, no? (Also, Washington is on the one dollar bill for the US -- arguably a place of honor or a joke, eh?) Maybe because the Russians have plenty of firsthand experience of this (in reference to their national history)?

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