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  1. If we deduct the "nation" from "nation-state". . .

    As in the Greek city-states versus the Persian empire? The Swiss cantons against Habsburgs (later Napoleon)? The Italian and German city-states when compared to their larger neighbors? The United Provinces of the Netherlands and their competition with the other great naval powers? (Some of those may be more tiny nation states than city-states based on your description...)
  2. Is r/K a binary (mutually exclusive) or a continuum (more than two languages grouped together by similar origins/branches)? Is there a point of no return during development that results in the expression of r/K (related to brain plasticity)?
  3. Understanding Germans

    I've heard comparisons of the present migrant crisis to historical invasions of Europe such as at the birth of Islam and/or the Roman policy of hiring barbarian mercenaries -- examples of history repeating via ignorance? What would then be a way forward? Reconquista? Civilization reboot? For Germans in particular, does mass emigration seem likely to happen again?
  4. @LuxAlex What are your thoughts on Etherium, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and/or the cryptocurrency equivalent of the IMF's special drawing rights (baskets of most stable currencies)? I recall the recent Segwit2x fork recently closed -- I don't completely understand the process -- is this an indication that Bitcoin, in particular, is having difficulty moving from a speculative form of investment into a more stable form useable on a day-to-day basis?
  5. Understanding Germans

    History rhymes. There is historical precedent for Germans moving to Russia (including some of their monarchs).
  6. Understanding Germans

    I've heard this case made before. In the case of Germany, what would you say that means? Restoring the House of Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Wittlesbach, and/or Wettin (etc.)? An elective monarchy/new dynasty? Restoring something like the HRE (many smaller nations)?
  7. Gruezi from Switzerland

    I can relate to that. (For me it's the beach.) What do you do in Switzerland? Other interests?
  8. Gruezi from Switzerland

    When you click on your own photo (The purple 'D' currently) and see it again in the upper left-hand corner of your profile page, you should also see a little symbol on your image for uploading/importing a new photo.
  9. Helpful videos for setting the historical context: [ ] [ ] [ ] I am optimistic -- perhaps naively -- about an upcoming reformation.
  10. Germany beginning to lose judicial system

    Huh... the person I was thinking of in particular is also from Bavaria. Now I know of two. I haven't followed much of Switzerland since they limited the construction of minarets (or something like that); are they still sane too? I wouldn't be surprised if we see many more regional movements similar to Catalonia.
  11. Germany beginning to lose judicial system

    Isn't Austria changing course from this kind of destruction? I mention this because it would become some kind of historical irony if Germany collapses only to be reunited again by a resurgent Austria, or perhaps reverting to regional nations. Also, I would not judge Germans the same as Germany's governments, historical or present. That is to say that the Germans I've met are part of the "freedom club", having much to be proud of and remember (like most nations). If Germany is lost as it is, do you join the resistance where you are or the liberation army in exile?
  12. Partitioning America to Prevent Bloodshed

    Ah, well there we go. If Catalonia, Scotland, Southern Tyrol, Venice, Corsica, etc. can secede (same thing as partition?) peacefully, then more power to them. Maybe smaller more unified nations can better resist attacks and become more accountable to their constituencies?
  13. Can information be Property?

    Would you say this also applies to remixes? (Meme evolution?)
  14. Partitioning America to Prevent Bloodshed

    Do we have any prior case studies of where partitioning a nation prevented bloodshed?
  15. Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    I've read a few good books on this topic -- most recently by Robert Kiyosaki -- do you have any recommendations of your own? (Maybe in a new thread?)

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