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  1. I first heard about Hashgraph through the video posted by Mike Maloney as well. Do you suppose that Blockchain and Hashgraph can coexist, each finding a niche it is better suited towards? Or is Hashgraph -- hands down -- the next step in the evolution of distributed ledger technology?
  2. Thank you for the link; it's going to take me a few more re-reads to wrap my head around some of the passages, though I think I get the gist of it. I think I'm developing a model that shows the various archetypes of capital and their relationships to one another. In the link, it was mentioned that every science could be reduced to physics; in this current endeavor, does that mean that I'm reducing all possible transfers to this model of capital archetypes? The self-evident component is similar to the periodic table of elements, circle of fifths, or the color wheel (which depicts wavelengths perceived as color and how they relate to one another). Does that clear things up?
  3. Ah, this could really help in the ordering of the model as well!
  4. Thank you for your insight. I don't see why "legal capital" could not be included as well, perhaps equated with "credible capital" in the model. In a more recent version of the model, "material capital" is revised to "industrial capital"; you make a good point that both material and natural capital can sustain life. The emphasis of "natural" is probably better described as raw -- or as you pointed out "potential" -- resources, whereas "industrial capital" is the throughput for the "natural capital" input (the output could be "financial capital" for example).
  5. A hot topic of late: Crypto-Currencies/Distributed Ledger Technologies appear to straddle various capital archetypes.
  6. The Bubble.

    I'd never heard of Tandem before. Are they able to back Bitcoins with US Dollars through some kind of options arrangement? Is the hard cap to the production of Bitcoins subverted by the ability to infinitely divide a ("the" singular?) Bitcoin (is that how it works?)? Is there a risk of data corruption with each additional decimation? (Since Bitcoins eventually track physical goods, is that the ultimate limiting factor... along with the physical limits of current computing technology?) Is the division of Bitcoin a feature to match an expanding economy? Is there a feature to match a contracting economy -- perhaps in industry or market-specific realms (or in an extreme case where each person issues their own alt-coin/credit)? Is it true that major corporations such as Amazon and/or some governments will begin to accept Bitcoin by 2018?
  7. Will there be certain signs to indicate that Bitcoin will be adopted as a national currency? (Any relevant historical precedents for other currencies as well?)
  8. If we deduct the "nation" from "nation-state". . .

    As in the Greek city-states versus the Persian empire? The Swiss cantons against Habsburgs (later Napoleon)? The Italian and German city-states when compared to their larger neighbors? The United Provinces of the Netherlands and their competition with the other great naval powers? (Some of those may be more tiny nation states than city-states based on your description...)
  9. Is r/K a binary (mutually exclusive) or a continuum (more than two languages grouped together by similar origins/branches)? Is there a point of no return during development that results in the expression of r/K (related to brain plasticity)?
  10. Understanding Germans

    I've heard comparisons of the present migrant crisis to historical invasions of Europe such as at the birth of Islam and/or the Roman policy of hiring barbarian mercenaries -- examples of history repeating via ignorance? What would then be a way forward? Reconquista? Civilization reboot? For Germans in particular, does mass emigration seem likely to happen again?
  11. @LuxAlex What are your thoughts on Etherium, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and/or the cryptocurrency equivalent of the IMF's special drawing rights (baskets of most stable currencies)? I recall the recent Segwit2x fork recently closed -- I don't completely understand the process -- is this an indication that Bitcoin, in particular, is having difficulty moving from a speculative form of investment into a more stable form useable on a day-to-day basis?
  12. Understanding Germans

    History rhymes. There is historical precedent for Germans moving to Russia (including some of their monarchs).
  13. Understanding Germans

    I've heard this case made before. In the case of Germany, what would you say that means? Restoring the House of Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Wittlesbach, and/or Wettin (etc.)? An elective monarchy/new dynasty? Restoring something like the HRE (many smaller nations)?
  14. Gruezi from Switzerland

    I can relate to that. (For me it's the beach.) What do you do in Switzerland? Other interests?
  15. Gruezi from Switzerland

    When you click on your own photo (The purple 'D' currently) and see it again in the upper left-hand corner of your profile page, you should also see a little symbol on your image for uploading/importing a new photo.

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