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  1. freedomfish

    Length of time to recover from a breakup

    Thank you everyone for your help! Thanks Robert and I agree that it should not be approached so mathematically. My therapist said I should start dating again when I feel ready. My hesitation with following my feelings is I have a pattern of starting to date pretty fast after the end of a relationship and don't want to repeat that so I was looking for some external rules. Joel, thanks for the video and info about grieving. It is very relevant to my situation. I am allowing myself to feel all my feelings so hopefully the grief does not get blocked. Patrick, thanks so much for validating that Stef actually said this. I can't find the podcast he said it in either. It would be a monumental task to go back and try and find it. But I would still like some clarification on where he got this idea.
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could verify what I have heard Stef say a few times, I think he said either "it takes half the length of a relationship to recover from it", or "you should wait half the length of your previous relationship before starting a new one." Could anyone confirm what exactly he said and I would really appreciate any links to the studies or facts he is referring to. I ask because I mentioned this to my therapist and he said as far as he knows, someone just made up this guideline arbitrarily, so I would appreciate some facts to back up the claim.

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