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  1. Is it true, what they are saying? That Sargon is a literal cuck?
  2. Let's talk dating!

    I would start by listening to the relevant podcasts Stefan has done on the topic. He has a couple of interesting ideas. The most popular on this topic I believe is "How to find a nice girl" you can type that into youtube. I generally believe that you are more likely to find virtuous women at social events or gatherings that focus on things which are value based rather than online or bars and clubs.
  3. Let's talk dating!

    Not sure how many failed attempts on average it takes for you to do that. Women changing because of and for men with the purpose of elevating themselves morally and intellectually is something I have not even seen in even in movies. I am sure it does happen, but I am sure it is really rare.
  4. Robert from Montana

    First off welcome to the forum and I am sorry for your childhood. It is not rare that I hear childhood horror stories from people who joined the military. I am really curious about those 48k worth of therapy. I am not exaggerating when I am telling you that you can buy a really nice house in my country with this money. What did the therapy consist of? And how many years have you been going through it? I am guessing it had to be tons of sessions. Thank you for creating this thread.
  5. Care to explain what you mean?
  6. No thanks. I would rather be a philosopher.
  7. Unable to feel love?

    I see no problem with Stefan's definition. "Unconditional love" can be easily transposed with affection. I believe the appropriate emotional state towards someone who is not a moral agent yet is the feeling of affection, which affectively speaking is really similar to the feeling of love but differs exactly because of that reason.
  8. Online Therapy

    I am ready to hear the argument.
  9. I assume you only read the title? In my OP I explained that since they lack tags you have to manually look for them.
  10. Saying bye to Veganism

    They don't...and I never said otherwise. Also, I do not see how is this relevant to what I said. Presumably, you are an atheist because through reason and evidence you came to the conclusion that believing in God is irrational and unsubstantiated. The fact that you are an atheist is a true and honest fact about yourself (even if I grant for the moment the fact that God actually exists) and if you would rather hide truths about yourself due to the fact that there are prejudiced people who would immediately jump to unfounded conclusions about you, then you are either surrendering your reason or at least your honesty to other's prejudices, irrationality and lack of curiosity. Either way, it serves their interests while being detrimental to you. I can't imagine how you can think this is a good idea.
  11. Alright, if you want to proceed with this you need to write an email to Mike and if he thinks the intentions are honest and not misguided he will forward your mail to her address. She has the option of replying if she thinks it is worth or not in which case you will not be able to get in touch with her.
  12. I am really curious, how old are you?

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