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  1. I will try it in the future to see if it works, it is imprevisible though, it doesnt happen in all my replies.
  2. Chrome win 10, this forum is the only one in which I have ever experienced this.
  3. Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Both in the private messenger and when I am replying to threads, I often lose chunks of text if I press Enter which normally should move my cursor to the next row instead of deleting the last written paragraph. This issue was brought by the last forum interface update.
  4. Those are really good observations. Not naming the show about oneself does seem to help create a more objective frame and aim for an abstract idea/virtue rather than being about the conclusions of the author. However, I don't know how much this really counts in the large economy of things...suppose that everything is the same with the singular difference of Stefan having named the show and domain about himself...would that really have made a difference in how he and his show is being perceived? Would he be more or less popular? etc questions...Honestly, I do not know; nor do I know of a method that would help me determine that.
  5. I understood your reasoning for why you think freedomainradio is a good domain name but I will tell you why I disagree. I think that if you are a someone whose business is created around his personality/intellect people firstly associate any service or content you are creating with your name since your mind/personality/charisma is why people are interested in you, you literally are "the brand" in contrast with business whose products/services/content is not dependent on who the leader is; everyone knows about Coca-cola but how many know who the CEO is? A really small percentage and this is because it doesn't really matter to their customers who the CEO is. My theory seems to be supported by Alex's numbers:https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/freedomainradio.com#trafficstats Top Keywords from Search Engines Which search keywords send traffic to this site? Keyword Percent of Search Traffic 1. stefan molyneux 51.27% 2. freedomain radio 4.53% 3. free domain radio 1.39% 4. free domain 1.11% 5. stefan molyneaux I also think that what creates the need for original brand names is the competition in that field. If you have a chocolate bar I dont think it would be a good strategy to call your product "chocolate bar" since there are so many of those out there, instead I think it is wise to choose a name that sets you apart from your market shared competition and come up with names such as "Lion" or "Mars" or "Twix" etc.
  6. I think what you said was reasonable but the discussion is not about whether porn is detrimental to one's life or not...it is about whether it is immoral or not, fast food is bad for me but I am not being immoral by indulging in it.
  7. By natural extension, your argument becomes "consumption (of anything) is wrong due to the possibility of it doing harm to others"
  8. Yeah, I do and thank you for bringing this up, it is quite interesting to think about. It does seem to me that the most successful brands and websites have non-generic brand names/website names. The example of "videos.com" vs "youtube.com" comes to mind... I am wondering what accounts for that...on the flipside, I can think of counterexamples as well. "dictionary.com" appears to be the most successful online dictionary and has the most generic name possible, also apparently all the successful online dictionaries appear to have struggled to incorporate the word "dictionary" in their name.
  9. I am confused what you mean by "name". From the little that I know about domains I am under the impression that domain names cannot be anything else but unique. For example, it is impossible for someone to buy google.com or freedomainradio.com because someone else already owns them.
  10. That is really interesting, is your domain name a common noun?. Frankly, I am not an expert on domains but I think .com domains are almost always more expensive than .net, .info, .(anything) Apparently, arguments.com is not available, it is owned by someone but it is parked which usually means that the owner is disposed to sell it and if we are really interested in this we should ask for a quote from the guy but I am afraid he will ask for quite a big sum since it is such an incredibly common and relatively short word.
  11. Did you check the availability and price of the domain? .com stuff is usually crazy expensive
  12. Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to listening to this one. I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of call-in shows for the past few months being put out...I am curious why that is, at one point I thought it was due to him writing the art of the argument but apparently this trend continues...is Stefan working on even more books at the moment?
  13. Let's talk dating!

    Do you look younger than your age? For whatever reason, I remember always having this fear/judgment about age differences between the partners when it comes to any type of relationship or interaction that sooner or later involves sex too. I am not even 22 and I already feel like a creep around girls 17-19 and I am also subconsciously expecting to be judged by them and be shamed if I were to hit on them or seem to take any interest in them that has any sexual undertone. Whenever I hear about 18 old girls being attracted, 30+ guys I am really intrigued and some parts of me deny that that is even possible, even though I am aware of the infinity of cases in which this age disparity exists. Although, at the bottom of me feeling disturbed by it, feelings of envy linger secretly. I am curious about your mindset and how you view the issue and also how people you know or the friends of those who you were dating reacted at the news of dating you.
  14. Let's talk dating!

    Right on the edge...how old are you btw?

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