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  1. I see no problem with Stefan's definition. "Unconditional love" can be easily transposed with affection. I believe the appropriate emotional state towards someone who is not a moral agent yet is the feeling of affection, which affectively speaking is really similar to the feeling of love but differs exactly because of that reason.
  2. I am ready to hear the argument.
  3. I assume you only read the title? In my OP I explained that since they lack tags you have to manually look for them.
  4. They don't...and I never said otherwise. Also, I do not see how is this relevant to what I said. Presumably, you are an atheist because through reason and evidence you came to the conclusion that believing in God is irrational and unsubstantiated. The fact that you are an atheist is a true and honest fact about yourself (even if I grant for the moment the fact that God actually exists) and if you would rather hide truths about yourself due to the fact that there are prejudiced people who would immediately jump to unfounded conclusions about you, then you are either surrendering your reason or at least your honesty to other's prejudices, irrationality and lack of curiosity. Either way, it serves their interests while being detrimental to you. I can't imagine how you can think this is a good idea.
  5. Alright, if you want to proceed with this you need to write an email to Mike and if he thinks the intentions are honest and not misguided he will forward your mail to her address. She has the option of replying if she thinks it is worth or not in which case you will not be able to get in touch with her.
  6. I am really curious, how old are you?
  7. From mid-2013 till early to mid-2014 More precisely they exist but they are really hard to find since they contain no tags so this means they won't show up when you use the search function. The only way you can reach them is scrolling manually but you have to know what you look for otherwise you are really likely to miss them. I am willing to bet that most new listeners have never come across them and I think some of those calls could easily make the FDR hall of fame.
  8. Both I believe. Maybe his IQ is not 150 like Peterson claims his is but Stefan definitely does the most of his. Also, pre-therapy Stefan was a programmer and a successful entrepreneur who sold his company for millions if I remember accurately, this is no accomplishment of your average Joe.
  9. This is a great theory I believe. Although my first thought when I attempted to come up with an answer to this thread's question was that the fear stems from the fact that bringing up meaningful topics automatically puts you into a position of vulnerability in front of the other person so it exposes you to the threat of being affected by a negative judgement by the other person.
  10. So you care more about how people perceive or think of you rather than what is true and rational? The essence of the social metaphysician...
  11. How did you determine that?
  12. When I first started reading this forum (2013) the activity on here was much more intense. There were a lot more high-post and high-reputation members who were involved into the threads. Nowadays, to me it feels like you could count on your fingers the number of regular posters. Also, with a handful of exceptions all of the early listeners and/or reputable folks have vanished from the boards. Lately, I found myself often contemplating how is this possible given that the show has grown probably tenfold in listenership from back then and instead of increasing the forum involvement has decreased. What are your theories on this? Has the FDR conversation moved somewhere I am not aware of?
  13. People who are broken remain broken. (unless they directly act on resolving themselves). Even if you get them to adopt a new perspective and discard feminism I do not believe this would fundamentally transform anything about them. Their dysfunction still remains and will show up in other areas. Submitting to some beliefs is not the same as arriving at those beliefs through reason.
  14. I think it is great you are being proactive and took action by writing this post. My first curiosity is whether you discussed this with your therapist and assuming you did, what was his input? Did you disagree with him/her or were confused by the answer and wanted further input? To briefly answer your question, I do not see why you wanting to talk to your father and not with your mother would be hypocritical, unless I missed something, you already gave your mother enough opportunity to work things out with you and she was not committed to take the steps to improve things between you. You could try giving your father the same amount of opportunities and see if he is genuinely cares about your relationship, unlike your mother. Although, after being mistreated as a child I believe it is entirely up to the parents to try to build/rebuild the bond, not the other way around. IMO this could really be call-in-show worthy, Stefan has always been staggeringly illuminating on these issues.