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  1. Jot

    Unprotected Sex

    Have you listened to the recent call-in show with the circumcised 20 old?
  2. This is great news. I still remember your thread like it was yesterday. Back then I thought to myself that I cannot think of an endeavor that would be more meaningful to you than "figuring the world out" through the power of philosophy. I am very similar. I think that your main challenge was your episodes of self-doubt which is acutely demoralizing to someone who wishes to become a philosopher since his strength relies on him being able to gain certainty through rational thought.
  3. Wait...isn't getting pregnant in your teens correlated to low IQ?
  4. Jot

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Welcome to the board I started getting into the show when I was 17 myself. I am curious what fiction works interest you the most and what area/areas of philosophy are the most exciting to you?
  5. Jot

    Doubts about FDR

    You must have stolen this from one of my journal entries. Or the reverse.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I think it is great you had the patience and curiosity to not be satisfied with your initial conclusion and wrestled with the idea until you were satisfied with the line of reasoning being used.
  7. Jot

    What am I failing to grasp?

    No. I thought it was clear that I do not try to cast "the blame" on anyone else. That is why I approached this issue as "what am I..." I am not sure I understood your point here, would you mind decrypting this? I did choose the current scenario. It never seemed "the best" but it was a way for me to avoid the anxiety and fear of that moment because they felt so overwhelming for me at that time. Neither. As I said, it was a way for me to avoid the whole stress of that time. No, because that would be fallacious reasoning. Did I imply that I would believe this? 1. What do you mean by being out of a bubble? 2. I think I am wasteful with time. And lost time is lost opportunities, this is why I am trying to take as much action as I can to solve this. 3. I have been thinking about them lately but when I am in a depressed state they all look meaningless to me, it seems that I have to "wait" for the right "tide" to come to find meaning and motivation to pursue them but it does not last very long. This is my main issue. 4. As far as feeling depressed could be considered self-sabotage (which is something I think it very likely is) yes. 5. Those who I envy I do not admire.
  8. Jot

    What am I failing to grasp?

    No, I have no friends at all. Lately, I have been making efforts to get into therapy but since therapy is so expensive relative to my cash flow it will be a real struggle to find a way to make therapy a sustainable path. I guess 1 month or so would still be better than nothing though but I need to make sure I don't miss the right therapist.
  9. Haven't experienced the problem again, thanks
  10. I am currently in university and I feel stuck in this never-ending cycle of feeling moderately positive and then falling into feeling depressed and apathetic. It was not a sincere desire of mine to attend university, I hated high school and was constantly waiting for it to finish so I can feel like I am being myself. The real reason I chose to go to uni as well was to avoid the dreaded confrontation with my family members and I also had very little money as I do now. What realizations do have I failed to make to get out of this mental slump?
  11. I will try it in the future to see if it works, it is imprevisible though, it doesnt happen in all my replies.
  12. Chrome win 10, this forum is the only one in which I have ever experienced this.
  13. Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Both in the private messenger and when I am replying to threads, I often lose chunks of text if I press Enter which normally should move my cursor to the next row instead of deleting the last written paragraph. This issue was brought by the last forum interface update.
  14. Those are really good observations. Not naming the show about oneself does seem to help create a more objective frame and aim for an abstract idea/virtue rather than being about the conclusions of the author. However, I don't know how much this really counts in the large economy of things...suppose that everything is the same with the singular difference of Stefan having named the show and domain about himself...would that really have made a difference in how he and his show is being perceived? Would he be more or less popular? etc questions...Honestly, I do not know; nor do I know of a method that would help me determine that.

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