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  1. Already knew about that but I have not managed to filter just the threads. When I sort in date order it includes replies to old topics which I do not want to see. Is there a way around that?
  2. Why would one need to keep repeating things to himself if he has already determined that they are true or rational? Is not this a sign of insecurity?
  3. Since the forum's update, the "last threads" box that was on the front page disappeared. Is there a way I can enable that feature again?
  4. What are your thoughts on positive thinking and positive affirmations?
  5. wow, this group is evolving better than expected
  6. True statements can exist without proof. I do not have to prove that god doesn't exist, he just does not. Wow, I should ask for some tips on how to debate from these guys...saves you a lot of time.
  7. Is there a preview for it?
  8. We gotta play sometime then...
  9. Where did you get that stat from? 20 days of playing time?
  10. *Zerg Overmind Not saying there is not a lot of value to be extracted from her work, she has some videos on trauma which were approached really scientifically and in line with modern psychology views, but everytime I listen to someone other than Stefan for some period of time I am just expecting for some irrational approaches and beliefs to pop up at some point.
  11. Close except for diametrically opposed views on things such as epistemology. I am not sure how much chakras and auras are in "line with reality".
  13. What is wrong with this?
  14. Anger is not evil.