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  1. People who are broken remain broken. (unless they directly act on resolving themselves). Even if you get them to adopt a new perspective and discard feminism I do not believe this would fundamentally transform anything about them. Their dysfunction still remains and will show up in other areas. Submitting to some beliefs is not the same as arriving at those beliefs through reason.
  2. I think it is great you are being proactive and took action by writing this post. My first curiosity is whether you discussed this with your therapist and assuming you did, what was his input? Did you disagree with him/her or were confused by the answer and wanted further input? To briefly answer your question, I do not see why you wanting to talk to your father and not with your mother would be hypocritical, unless I missed something, you already gave your mother enough opportunity to work things out with you and she was not committed to take the steps to improve things between you. You could try giving your father the same amount of opportunities and see if he is genuinely cares about your relationship, unlike your mother. Although, after being mistreated as a child I believe it is entirely up to the parents to try to build/rebuild the bond, not the other way around. IMO this could really be call-in-show worthy, Stefan has always been staggeringly illuminating on these issues.
  3. He probably got downvoted because of how blind he is to the situation. He urges us not to play into female hysteria while at the same time he also is an enabler of female hysteria. Why do you think women got to a point where they behave like that? It is because regardless of how crazy/childish/hysterical/etc...they were they still had guys lining up wanting to be their boyfriends. Given this, what incentive would they have to change their behavior? None. Therefore, the solution is not to "put them on the knee and spank them". The solution is to never get involved with someone like that in the first place.
  4. Thanks for the input, could you also address the first question as well? "What should he do instead?"
  5. From all the claims from all the forums I have read on the Internet with regards to one's IQ, I would average a value between 130-140...leaves you wondering how come the average IQ of the general population is just 100.
  6. What should he do instead? If you are confused about something and unable to come up with conclusions and answer for yourself, why is Internet people not a good place to go to?
  7. Will the donor only subforum be closed down as well?
  8. I, myself, have felt quite dissociated from the show for quite a while now. When I first joined the call in shows abounded in really personal internal struggles people were going through...things such as anxiety, depression, things related to self-esteem, isolation, bullying, childhood talks, lack of direction...etc, it was those that impacted me the most and were the most meaningful to me. I was not even sure if it was only me who got the impression that for the last 2 years or so Stefan does not delve so deep into people's histories and their primary relationships as he once did. He recommends therapy whenever the caller is in need for like he always did on the show but my impression is that he does not assume the position of a "healer" himself in the call ins anymore. That's what I have been missing.
  9. Thank you for the explanation. I had not had the time to analyze your response too deeply yet but it all sounds reasonable and makes good sense.
  10. Biologically speaking, a woman's highest value is her looks (am I wrong?), men care about looks and women about resources (that's what I always hear). My observation is that men are incredibly hard-wired to be drawn to female physical beauty (maybe even more powerfully than women are to resources), when selecting a mate, men try as hard as possible to land the most physically attractive woman that they can get. Also, there is this infamous behavior of men when they would sometimes leave their partner with whom they have been for a long time for a younger, hotter female. We have heard a bunch of cases when guys in their 30s and 40s left their wives for attractive women in their 20s. What is this if not hypergamy?
  11. Over the past couple of years, people started talking more and more about the hypergamous nature of women. This topic came up with regularity in Stefan's podcasts as well. The theory is that the female brain is wired to look for the best possible mate they can get and to trade up as much as one can. After this Stefan usually adds "and men as well". My question is...if it is the case that men are hypergamous as well, how come "female hypergamy" does not lose its relevance? (since regardless of the gender you are hypergamous)
  12. Already knew about that but I have not managed to filter just the threads. When I sort in date order it includes replies to old topics which I do not want to see. Is there a way around that?