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  1. I'm pretty sure hitting a small child back in "self-defense" doesnt actually count as self-defense. I'd agree with the others that restraining him/preventing him from hitting you is both moral and sensical. Just make sure it's only that. Don't be too aggressive with your defense, as I child can very easily read that as an attack. I would argue a child could read even a simple holding the hands or arms as a form of "aggression" on your part. If it's just as easy to take a few steps away or remove yourself from close proximity I would say that's the best way to handle it. I'm able to sometimes spin my 2 year olds behavior around with a hug, or with a silly face or light tickle. Of course, this doesnt always work. I generally put my hands up in defense, express my disapproval and back off. But just continue to have the conversation. Have the conversation about hitting after it occurs, and have the conversation about hitting when you're both in great moods far away from the hitting. I think it's really helpful to role play with toys/stuffed animals, etc... One toy accidentally hits the other and he gets sad, and cries or whatever. Of course, dont get in the habit of violent role playing, but just use it as a way to deflect his aggression, and for him to see it in a different light/perspective. and yeah, as others have said, try and see if there's a pattern. if you can narrow down the hitting to specific times of day, in regards to specific activities etc.... and just stay collected. you can express disapproval clearly. You dont need to overreact, or under react by laughing...but just by expressing your disapproval. I know it's easy to want to let out all the day's frustrations...but always try to respond only to the action happening. Him hitting you is annoying, bad behavior, and i imagine sometimes a bit painful, but it's not really the end of the world either. phases. kids go through phases. so just hang in there and do your best! It'll pass. good luck.
  2. How to Teach Your Children to Lie

    Lying can work. And it's difficult for kids in a lot of situations to see the lie as having any direct negative consequence.
  3. Cited Sources on Peaceful Parenting

    Hey there, I wrote an article about peaceful parenting that I've passed around to some friends, and yes, had the same issue. I couldn't find this research either. But to be more specific, i'm pretty sure Stefan claimed the research said that a mere 20 hours of daycare could result in SOME kids experiencing the same symptoms as childhood abandonment (or something along those lines, dont quote me). I didnt do exhaustive research, far from it, but a few google searches. I also tried some of the sources cited on Stefan's youtube videos about parenting but with no luck yet... here's the closest I got: http://www.parentingscience.com/preschool-stress.html
  4. 90% of household spending by women

    Wish I knew which shows. I've heard it on several shows, but i'll pay attention and ear mark it next time it comes up. Yeah, it's definitely push back against the patriarchy narrative, which I agree with and understand. But wish I had more clarification on the figure. thanks, boss!
  5. hey thinkers, i'm confused regarding this. please help me out. Stefan mentions quite often that 80 to 90 percent of household spending is done by women. He uses this stat to point towards female power/authority. Or at least, as a counter-argument to the patriarchy. i've seen this, but am still confused as to what exactly it means. If my wife buys me pants this counts in that figure, no? Like...if women buy the laundry machine, and the groceries...this counts towards the figure. So i'm not exactly sure what this says about women "controlling" the purse. Doesn't this stat just prove that women do more shopping for the household? Or am i missing something. thanks
  6. Hello From Pennsylvania.

    Hey Hey. A Pittsburgher over here as well. I'm down to do a meet up if anyone is interested. I've been listening for 4 or 5 years now I guess. Thankfully before I had my daughter. I was sold on peaceful parenting but Stefan's videos and interviews pushed my dedication to a new level. I laugh when I hear callers on this show and others saying they never see any Hillary signs or bumper stickers, etc. Man, it's the opposite in Pittsburgh. I feel like I'd get murdered wearing a "make america great again" hat and imagine my house would be Egged if i had a Trump sign out front, and my tires slashed if i had the bumper sticker. Not a huge fan of the guy, but definitely support him over Hillary. Think i'm finally convinced to vote for him over Gary Johnson, but still feeling it out. Always down for checking out music, getting tea, or taking walks in Frick Park.
  7. Wow, incredible video, Stefan! Really powerful facts and points. I have some Qs if anyone out there can help though, or if Stefan could help, that’d be great! I was waiting for Stefan to tie this into Hillary and Trump. Obviously Trump is closed borders compared to Hillary. But what exactly brings this election to a head with it and not others? I know Hillary has a plan to create a path for citizenship in 100 days, but what exactly does that mean? Has she stated anywhere what that would entail? I mean, is it certain that we'd have a huge surge in citizenship? Has she stated what this path would entail in any detail? And, does it even matter? On another note, what did Kennedy do to change immigration? I understand that family members get priority, and a lot more are coming from Mexico. But is the US really giving priority to Mexicans seeking nationalization over others from Europe? And if so, how? What policies are favoring immigrating from Latin America over Europe? How is it prioritized Or are there more Mexicans becoming U.S. citizens merely because of desire (and not because of a Liberal plot). Unfortunately the wiki article on the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 is vague at best, it states for the first time it limited immigration from the western hemisphere but doesnt offer any numbers or figures. And whether or not anything happens with illegal immigrants’ status there are still 11 (to 30 million) illegals possibly having kids. And their kids are already legal citizens, and those born will continue to be U.S. citizens. That is to say, unless we believe that Trump will somehow deport over 11 million people, and that he’ll somehow convince congress to repeal birthright citizenship. I see absolutely no likelihood of either of these things happening without destroying the entire democratic party, which given the facts of these videos, is already impossible! Am i supposed to believe Trump will declare an executive order to end these things, because there’s no way Congress would have it. How many republicans would even concede to deport illegal immigrants and end birth right citizenship? Can anyone help clarify. I'm not disagreeing with the general thesis. But I know there are too many holes in my knowledge to debate any Liberal friends on these issues. Thanks! Would appreciate the dialogue.
  8. i've got to admit i'm still torn on freewill. I've listened to a lot of Stefan's thoughts on it, and also read Harris' book. If we accept physics and science, i'm not sure how we make the leap from everything being cause and effect, and than making an exception for humans having choice. Like...a rock falls. I agree. No choice. a single celled organism does what it does. It moves and procreates based on primal urges, still no choice. But what about a mussel? Or a rat? Does a rat have choice but not a snail? Or a dog? What about a monkey? etc... I think Stefan's argument (if i'm getting it correct) is that there is something about the human brain in particular, something about consciousness that manifests in people free will and choice. That if you get enough matter into a brain, in a certain order, in a certain way...then poof. You have consciousness and choice. But what is that poof? I feel like Stefan always calls people out on this "miracle". But isn't this explanation of free will also a miracle? How can we be so sure that chioce isn't just an illusion of consciousness? Like...we don't have a choice in what we dream, do we? And though we are certainly aware of our thoughts and actions, is it possible to even pinpoint where they come from? When I type "dog" there's not a single person that conjured up an image of a Snickers bar. So how can we be sure that our conscious mind isn't just responding to, and making sense out of what our unconscious mind is deciding and doing? And if the unconscious is the real actor, can we say that anyone is actually choosing their own ideas, thoughts and actions? Certainly the individual being is making the choice. A choice that another individual will not make. I get that. But that doesnt disprove that it's just cause and effect, does it? I can't make my heart beat. Who or what is making that choice? Who is moving my bowels, making me sweat, etc? I have no control over that. To me it seems completely possible that my consciousness is merely awareness of myself. I mean...it appears and seems obvious that everything is done mechanically both in all of the universe, and even in all of the human bodily functions, yet we somehow are supposed to make this one exception. And the one exception is "consciousness". I just can't swallow it. Of course people are responsible moral agents. Someone can argue for free will without believing in it. That is not a self-detonating argument. I'm arguing the case because cause and effect have led me here to argue the case. Cause and effect may also make someone else change their mind. So i believe in autonomy, and moral agency. But in the grander picture of the universe, cosmos, the big bang, etc....aren't we all just atoms and dominoes in a long chain? It certainly feels like I have a choice. But it also feels like the universe must have some sort of 'creator'. I can't be sure that either of these things are true. So I suppose I'm a free will agnostic. I don't think the case is closed. Could someone illuminate? Thanks.

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