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  1. Sorry for the confusion but I was just trying to be funny.
  2. Brazilda

    radical leftism fueled by the drug war??

    I don't mind admitting that I may be biased or just care more about this stuff because it's part of my life. I'm not pointing to the drug war as the root of all of society's ills. Even if there were no drug war there will always be murder, theft, rape, etc. I think the drug war might enhance specific ills. I think you may be confusing the words postulate and prove... Postulate - suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief. Prove - demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument. Portugal and Netherlands have deescalated the drug war in recent years. I'm looking at crime stats comparing USA to Netherlands right now at http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Netherlands/United-States/Crime Why does Netherlands have less crime and less drug users? The drug war is a genuinely harmful policy that is putting average people at odds with the police. It causes people to be paranoid, fearful, and resentful of law enforcement. I think its hard to say for sure how much impact drug war has on violent tendencies but you probably shouldn't assert that it has no effect at all. I want you to participate if you have an opinion on what I'm saying even if you disagree. But I don't need you to verify my thoughts for me lol. If I even understand what that means. I am honestly not trying to induce an intervention here. I just like to be upfront that I am biased about the drug war. Thank you though... I think your intentions are in the right place and I understand why you think that's what I'm doing.
  3. Brazilda

    radical leftism fueled by the drug war??

    How much reason do you think I need? I think intolerant leftism and the drug war are both tearing society apart. I still don't think its huge a stretch to postulate that one may be feeding off the other. Two decades because thats about the average age of the radical left? Why two decades? If everyone is saying communism is the cause and you are saying drug war is a form of communism isn't that helping my case? Would you say the specific type of angry intolerant leftism going around in America has also existed long before the drug issue?
  4. I'm just spit ballin so bear with me. The type of people who go to UC Berkeley to violently riot over a Milo speaking event seem to all have a deep seeded disrespect for rule of law in common (among other things). I think the drug war might have the single biggest negative impact on respect for rule of law. There are a lot of things the government does that are very hard to rationalize if you really think about them. I think the drug war may be the most obvious irrationality because the logic is basically 'you are paying us to protect you from yourself'. It's very insulting at its core to say the least. I look at all the people protesting Milo and I find it hard to believe they are all really protesting Milo. Instead I think Milo is just a scapegoat for them to behave unruly. What incentive do all those people have to be doing what they are doing? Something just isn't adding up. They are too brazen. The individuals attacking people and destroying property know the crowd isn't going to turn on them. Was the intolerant left even a thing in America before the drug war? Thoughts? Am I over valuing the effects of the drug war?
  5. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    I regret creating this post. It was petty and in poor taste. Especially after watching the slow motion train wreck that was the Berkeley riots tonight. Changing the way insane intolerant radical left thinks definitely takes priority to changing the way Jeff Sessions thinks. I wish it were possible to do both. I hate seeing people rioting over free speech. And where the hell are the police when these riots are happening? It might just be my bias distorting my perception of things but i swear it seems like there is never a shortage of police around when I am trying to commit my misdemeanors. Self knowledge es numero uno. I think every topic can be traced back to self knowledge one way or another.
  6. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    I know this isn't a good reason but I fear the call will become about my life and I'll become so emotional in the moment I won't even be able to think straight. It's not like my life is unique. There have been other callers that have been through what I've been through almost verbatim. So the lessons are already out there.
  7. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    I wasn't sure if anyone was even going to acknowledge I said that. I most likely would never kill a cop. I have sympathy for what cops are going through and that sorta counter balances the resentment I have. But at the end of the day they are the ones who initiate violence when they try to arrest you. If I strongly believe drug laws are immoral then I think resisting arrest is logical. Idk... I'm not exactly certain about what I'm saying. That's why I'm here attempting to refine my thinking. I'm sorry for the aloofness and entitlement I've displayed. If you are still willing to schedule my objection I will email you. The only problem is that I think I've already changed my mind so there might not be anything left to object to. When I made this post I was trying to make an ends justify the means sort of argument against the untruth about Jeff Sessions. The end being he shouldn't be a politician. The mean being he doesn't deserve the help of having his name cleared of the lies told by the media. Its like if you are working at a restaurant and you know one of the cooks spits in the food and someone lies about them and says they are talking shit about the boss. Do you defend them and say they never talked shit about the boss or do you hope the lie causes them to get fired because they spit in the food and don't deserve the job anyways? I'm just not sure the ends justify the means anymore. Sessions doesn't deserve to be lied about even though I want to see him ass blasted for perpetuating the war on drugs. I'm aware I'm reaalllly pushing my luck here but I would appreciate your wisdom on the matter thou kind philosopher king. If you still pass then no hard feelings. I understand I am not entitled to your expertise.
  8. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    I didn't really understand that he wouldn't explain his disapproval unless I call in when he asked. I care deeply about truth and critical thinking. Two things that are found in abundance at FDR but very rare almost everywhere else. I think what brings me here is probably no different from anyone else. I'm not certain I understand your question.
  9. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    I honestly don't even know whats going on here anymore. I don't want to be the villain of this community.
  10. the truth about Jeff Sessions
  11. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    How dare I ask you to elaborate even though you're already here anyways mocking me. I have other reasons I don't want to call in. I guess you already explained well enough when you said the video is just a current even used to highlight the mainstream media's dishonesty.
  12. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    end something that is already illegal kek
  13. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    Too much defense. We could be out there dribbling the ball in between people's legs instead. I want to see some pep in your step. Go long Jonny blue 42 blue 42 hut hut. Good hustle. Butt pats all around. What's the point of being Mike Tyson in the 90s if you just have thumb wars and play fighting simulators with your cousin?
  14. Brazilda

    My issue with the untruth about Jeff Sessions

    They aren't purposely not challenging guests to make a profit LOL wat. The Trump train made perfect sense to me because Hillary was so corrupt. Jeff Sessions is an angel compared to Hillary. For me the debates are naturally more interesting than the shows where more relatable guests come on. There is more for me to learn and grow from when I see conflicting ideas duking it out opposed to 2 people agreeing with each other for an hour. I think Stefan is not benefiting as much as his audience from the debates. I want to learn preferably without getting ass blasted by Stefan on youtube but I appreciate the offer. I get that you believe we have misconceptions. I'd be totally satisfied if you could help to clear them up. Preferably in a straight forward non cryptic manner. Since I am well aware that main stream media is dishonest what lesson about how to think am I going to gain from an hour long video about why Jeff Sessions is obviously not a racist? I think you think going after Jeff Sessions for being pro drug war is irrelevant or unimportant because you've already covered drug war in the past. Does that sound about right?

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