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    Many facets of life fascinate me, but if I had to choose my top priorities it would be: Self knowledge, connecting with others, Crypto platforms, psychology, economics, history, personal freedom, art, cosplay, literature, writing, nutrition, exercise, technology, philosophy, video games, cooking, and transhumanism - that summarizes my main interests.
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  1. The first gal in this, Taylor, was very responsive to pushback and really seemed to want to change. I hope she manages to find a good husband and have a nice happy family, she sounds like a good person who is willing to put in the effort to better herself in a way that will protect her children and her husband!
  2. The best explanation I've seen for this is the following. Resentment doesn't matter. Revolution doesn't matter. Nor does violence nor protest nor any such spectrum of actions. Because so long as people are not going to increase their knowledge to the point wherein they can Self Govern, then those people are merely slaves looking for masters. So what if they revolt? Protest, overthrow society. They may even kill you but likely not all of your heirs. And because they're unwise, untrained, ignorant, stupid, insane idiots, then they pose little threat to your power projected down generations. Because those who don't use their brains may as well not have one, and the unlearned man is but a beast looking in search of a collar.
  3. Crallask

    FDR Discord

    https://discord.gg/CqGqEEK A little over a year ago there was a group of regulars who met up on Skype and had many a successful and productive conversations. It was great fun overall and I felt a nice connection with other members who frequented there. So I've undertaken the process of setting up a discord server for FDR, a voice chat client originally made for gaming enthusiasts which has become a very respectable piece of software in its own right. What advantages would this setup have over a Skype/Google group? Multiple Text and Voice Channels: This lets us organize our thoughts into sub-categories so if we want to focus on issues such a interpersonal or daily occurrences, we can do so without flooding other conversations people might want to have such as parenting. (Which would be less frequent and require more thought) Easily Accessible: You don't even have to install a client to your computer if you don't want to, it can run through a browser same as the FDR chat (Though you will need your own account) A tiered permission system which allows for more troll-pruning (Typically not an issue but as FDR grows it might come to be so.) And personally I find it preferable to Skype due to a lack of ads as well as less memory bloat. The downsides I'd note are that it's unfamiliar to the majority of people as well as a slightly lower quality than something like Skype. The Channels I think of being useful for the start as are follows. General Chat - Where daily ordeals will be discussed Introductions, Timezone, age, main life ventures Philosophical Discussion: For those who want to dissect and disprove UPB! Peaceful Parenting: Parenting can be tough, so lets make it easier as a community Note that this doesn't seek to replace the FDR forums even if it borrows some inspiration from its setup. Instead I hope it can compliment the community by allowing us to connect through an easy to understand application which also has smartphone integration for those who are so inclined.
  4. Crallask

    What happened to the chatroom?!

    Huh, you can join in this discord chat I created then since i used to host the old Skype calls anyways. https://discord.gg/CqGqEEK
  5. I enjoyed the conversation. However I have to push back against the notion that we're destined for a great and dark recession. Indeed, I believe we're already in that downwards slope and merely teetering on the fence of advancement or annihilation. For in the past would it have not been inconceivable that a society might exists wherein food is plentiful all year round? With potentials for huge advances in medicine, trade, currency, and so forth. I see many signs that point to society being able to revitalize itself and take human civilization further beyond even the progress of the past century.
  6. Crallask

    forex trading

    Ever considered cryptos over forex?
  7. Wow, that second caller. Fantastic gal, has great potential. Hope she puts in the work and gets herself into a nice relationship. Her level of honesty and capacity to admit fault will surely benefit her a lot in the future. Also, >That bit where Stef stalwartly defends anime was a match made in heaven for me. It's about the last thing I ever expected to hear from him LOL I really enjoyed how unexpected it was (and was to the credit of the caller for enjoying mostly harmless hobbies) I love it when Stef can be that open, honest, fluid, and connected with a caller. It just feels so genuine and productive.
  8. Crallask


    I don't think it's completely absurd, but I could also easily believe these people to just have a weird sense of humor and maybe just be a secret gay club. They have some weird ties to material that might be suggestive of pedophilia, or it could all be some weird joke. Either way, I think we'd need people with deeper skills and resources to investigate it were anything to be amiss. As you've said, I've not seen any victims, and anything reported on after the fact is completely suspect.
  9. Crallask


    Apparently someone brandished a gun in Comet Pizza today to save the children. While this could be some sort of false flag, it's also the reason you don't want to jump to Witch Hunting without actual investigations and evidence.
  10. Crallask


    I could understand that, but he was also photographed wearing a shirt that had the exact phrase in French standing between two dudes. It's also in the name of the restaurant. "Je ame l'enfant"
  11. Crallask


    It's understandable that you wouldn't see it. My guess is that you're not a huge sexual deviant. But a failure to see it outright doesn't mean that it's not there for people who are better acquainted with these matters. For instance. Yellow Bracelets around the neck bonding the two together. Seems innocent enough, yes? But there's also a none too obscure known game known as sex bracelets wherein yellow is a reference different things. The first result on urban dictionary is analingus. But eh, that'd be hard to prove from this image... however the more common definition when scrolling through the collection of "What sex bracelets typically mean" just in urban dictionary alone shows that Yellow bracelets refer to hugging. Naturally, for me, this would raise concerns that someone is involving such a young child with anything denoted as "Sex Bracelets" especially since they refer to a game around erotic acts. But that's still not any hard evidence, you know. In fact, in the good health of remaining a skeptic and playing devils advocate. However the most concerning part of the image, to me, is the hashtag for it. "#chickenlovers" The reason this one bothered me so much is because I instantly had a gut reaction that the way chicken was used here was in reference to an older term I knew - chickenhawks. It means young homosexual prostitution. And yes, even THIS is not enough evidence for a conviction. But given all of this are you able to see why people would start feeling concern/outrage when you combine it with all these other factors? Do you understand why there'd be people suddenly wanting further investigation into these issues? Because generally the more info you have about this culture and their lingo the more the secondary signs become obvious. Yes, you can't see them initially, you're not supposed to, that's the whole point of it. The first half of this statement is misinformed. I'm not -assuming- there's a nefarious code. I'm the sort of person who has been going to 4chan for over 10 years where people would post CP for shits and giggles back in the day. I've spent time around sexually deviant communities wherein some members say they're attracted to children. (Some even roleplay it out) I know the communication patterns these people use. I'm not saying there's any proof beyond a reasonable doubt being depicted here. I'm just saying I understand WHY people see this and want there to be further investigation. Please, tell me. Without doing any google searching of your own. Do you know what pozzing is? How about ddlg?
  12. Crallask


    Eh, why don't we just post the images of clear pedophilia references here tho and leave those for discussions? While things like this are not sufficient evidence for prosecution or legal conclusions I'm sure a lot of the outrage comes from governmental employees involved with child's protective services owning some of these establishments and how this is mostly just ignored at large. People outside of the political sphere of influence get crucified over far less so when things seem obvious (because they're not fully encrypted) people are likely getting pissed that further investigations seem to be avoided. Though I'm sure someone over in the criminal departments of the gov are just itching to open this case and likely have access to better evidence one way or another. However I know I have a different view on this thing. For me personally I could easily understand the chicken lovers reference due to knowing older code that referred to similar things from prostitution rings.
  13. I find a sweet joy in their pain. Ooohhhh, these people who would brag about drinking male tears, the other side can be brutal.
  14. Crallask

    John Taylor Gatto

    He has mentioned him. He recently said they tried to get him on the show but Gatto suffered a stroke in 2012 I believe and no longer does interviews.
  15. Crallask

    Bitcoin Uncensored

    I think he's choosing to focus on other avenues for the time being.

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