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  1. I didn’t see this in the podcast stream.
  2. A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    Anyone “benefitting” from taxation is not actually being taxed. If I steal $100 from Ted and give you $50 (in fiat or services), then “tax” you $5, I have really just given you $45. You’ve paid nothing. I’ve just created the illusion that you have by giving to you more than I ultimately intend. So anyone who “prefers” to be taxed is either so propagandized they don’t realize they are being fleeced to sustain a massive, parasitical bureaucracy, or they aren’t actually “paying” any taxes. Someone else is “paying” their taxes for them through the force of state. Irrespective, it doesn’t matter because the threat of force is behind the entire system which makes it theft.
  3. the problem with tax as theft

    The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner
  4. the problem with tax as theft

    So you are accosted by 3 men with guns in an alley. They demand the contents of your wallet or they will kill you. Unless you're Jason Bourne you will likely not survive an attempt at self defense. Any sane person will pay the muggers off and be grateful to be alive in the moments afterward. The point is that just because you decide that your chances for survival are greater if you pay them off does not mean that their actions are not immoral. It does not imply consent. It is quite clear that in the face of certain overwhelming force, what you are paying for is your life. You are not paying for civilization, you are paying off muggers so you may continue to live. If what they have to offer is worth any positive value to you than your life does not need to be added to tip the scales in their favor. How has the government been at defending our rights so far? They are fewer every election cycle. What could having rights possibly mean if you are not allowed to retain the product of your labor? Which group would you prefer defend your rights? Group A, who receives your money voluntarily based on the quality of the service they provide, or Group B, who can take your money regardless of the quality of the service they provide and will undoubtedly use that money to ensure your next payment?
  5. Sure, but that’s not what was said. The adjective superstitious was used to differentiate the two when both are contained in that category. I can only infer the purpose was to convey that religion is not superstitious, which is not true. Superstition is a category that contains the subcategory of religion within it. So not all superstition is religious, but all religion is superstitious. Differentiating the two delusions with the adjective “superstitious” is inaccurate and misleading. If the intent is to describe a specific characteristic that differentiates the two, viz. the inclusion of a system of behavioral and psychological pro/prescriptions, I would think someone so meticulously articulate would have just said that. As you have stated above, adding “merely” or “outright” would have been sufficient. However, as it stands, stating “The superstitious form of ghosts, not the religious." [21:45] clarifies that the relation implied by having to differentiate between the Holy Ghost and “woo woo” ghosts in the first place was not a superstitious one. Maybe Stef chose the wrong word in the moment, maybe I’m misinterpreting his meaning, maybe I’m making a nitpicking mountain out of a mole hill, but I’m trying to make sense of the thoughts and feelings that arise when I listen to Stef use language that in the past he condemned as tools for obfuscating the truth. Tell me if I’m crazy, but is it not completely obvious to anyone who listened before 2015 that Stef has significantly self censored his language so to avoid alienating the newly acquired Christian conservative listener? Is this creating more philosophers or more adversaries? So in the meantime we’ll just look the other way as they hit and mentally torture their children? I bet those children would appreciate it if you didn’t feed into their parents’ delusions. I know I would have. You have their ears now, send the message.
  6. All podcasts are available through the podcasts app (on different feeds), the FDR app, and at http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/.
  7. Shred this https://gadflyonthewallblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/15/top-10-reasons-public-schools-are-the-best-choice-for-children-parents-communities/
  8. I pretty much only listen because I donate. I want to see what content is being put forward and what it is that I’m supporting. I’m also hoping that eventually things will get back on track. I certainly would if your assumption were correct.
  9. A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    There are places where there are no taxes, but that does not mean you would be free from violence or coercion. There are some places that are unclaimed, but they are unclaimed for a reason, they cannot sustain human life in isolation. Freedom from coercion and violence. Freedom from the initiation of force and the threat thereof. Most freedom in what sense? Some countries are more economically free, some are more free socially, some have greater opportunity for quality of life despite being less free in either of the other two areas. How do I measure that? Wasting time doing that is time not spent trying to convince the world that freedom is how we survive as a species and coercion holds us back. Violence benefits the few at the cost of the many. It holds the entire human race back. I want to free the world, not just myself. I said “the property”, as in the property in question, was never justly acquired. Property is justly acquired through creation and voluntary trade. Otherwise I declare myself king of all the land in the world and since you’re on my land I conscript you to fight for me to take back what is justly mine. If you refuse I name you traitor and sentence you to death. No matter what I say, I’m just a murderer. Whether or not I fool a substantial number of other people to agree with me prior to killing you does not change that fact. I signed no contract. The social or civic contract is a fabrication designed to disguise the knavery of power seekers. I cannot draw up a contract that binds you without your consent, getting a billion people to agree that I can does not change that fact. You’re right, it’s not complicated. A contract is a voluntary agreement of terms between two parties. The social contract is anything but.
  10. I don’t know, maybe the point was to expose the hypocrisy of the left, but I would have preferred that the causes of the two were equated in the conversation instead of the outcomes compared. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know, but I have this idea in my head that the few hundred thousand new subscribers are mostly Christian conservatives. If that’s the case I understand the reticence to knock over those dominoes, so to speak, in the same manner as in previous podcasts. I can understand the value of treading lightly in order to string them along until enough breadcrumbs of truth sink in and they’re ready for the whole argument. What really frustrates me are the statements like in the mentioned call that reinforce those delusions. It runs counter to the narrative that I just described, and absent that narrative the thought that this is more about just gaining listeners and donators at the expense of disseminating the truth starts to creep in. That, I believe, is where the waning desire to donate originates. I want to be clear that these are just thoughts that arise while contemplating these feelings, not accusations or assumptions about reality. I would love counterpoints to dispel those ideas. I think you’re right, but doesn’t that make the reiteration of that material all the more important? I find that the appreciation of Christianity and the value it has brought to society was never denied throughout the history of the podcast. As I listen to older ones I’ll hear something that just frustrated me when I heard it in a new podcast but not now. I try and figure out what the difference is and I think the it’s the omission of the criticism. The absence of philosophical evaluation. I often think, what sets FDR apart now that the content is mostly a critique of the left? Indeed the left is worthy of it, but everybody’s doing it. We lost the Stef that could convince people of the possibility of a world without violence so he could add his voice to the slew of right wing conservatives making the same arguments against the left? To hear liberals switch to the other team and claim they’ve been red-pilled? Someone posted after the election “can we have our philosophy show back now?” and I can’t help but think that the answer was no. Again these are just my thoughts, please pick them apart.
  11. I’m not sure. I felt it in this call strongest during three moments: the mention of Stef’s kindness towards Christians, the part that mentions how other religions sell imaginary or fake cures (I forget the exact phrasing at the moment), and the part where Stef differentiates between superstitious ghosts and the Holy Ghost. When statements are made or not made with what appears to me to be the concern of the conservative Christian listener, instead of what is true, this is when I feel this frustration.
  12. I find myself becoming increasingly more frustrated by the interactions with callers like in call #1, to the point where I feel it eroding my desire to donate.
  13. Property rights do not require force, the violation of property rights does. Self defense is perfectly valid. The initiation of force is the issue, not force itself.

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