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    Hello! Any new ladies on this site? Sorry I haven't logged in a while and sorry for not having timely returned some messages. I am now getting notified by email if any new messages appear. David
  2. To the caller on Question Number 4: “I'm a 29-year-old woman, single, no kids, and a homeowner. I have done 10 years of therapy and have not been successful at attracting mentally healthy friends or men, which has lead me to live a relatively isolated life. When I listen to your work and the work of other conservative thinkers, I am afraid that I will be miserable living a life alone. I am also keenly aware of my age in terms of attracting a mate. Do you think a woman can live a fulfilling life without a family? And, if so, what advice would you have to create that life?" I really enjoyed hearing your story and find many similarities/frustrations as you've experienced. In your quest to find and attract a better quality mate, please private message me. Perhaps we find a connection with each other. Sincerely, David
  3. Women's March

    Haha of course, their point of view is all around us and been hearing it my entire life. I take their points one at a time and discuss the logical fallacy within. I also explain to them that I think its amazing to have passion about something and I kind of admire them for this and so forth.
  4. Women's March

    Looks like the Women's March turnout is huge!! 10's of thousands per city. Actually seems pretty well organized with a consistent and united message. Just reminds us how many of leftists/statists are out there. Last night, I debated with several friends who said they were attending today. It's seriously like talking to a brick fucking wall. They cannot even connect two bits of logic together coming in at softball underhand pitch speed. I am highly concerned that we will have a hard, long fight battle that will go through and beyond a Trump presidency. I put in so much effort educating myself and presenting a solid argument(and damn good at it too)! It's just not working. This is getting sooo old now. Why are they so fucking dumb?!!!!!
  5. Great Show Mike!! Really enjoyed your input and justification for trump on caller 3!
  6. I'm jumping off the FDR TRUMP TRAIN!! PEACE OUT YALL!!!

    He doesn't understand fundamental principles of liberty. Perhaps it would be acceptable if he thoughtfully and strategically placed elements of tyranny in order to "bridge the gap". However, to me it's quite clear he is an ideological mixed bag which leads me to believe he is more motivated by status rather than principles. I'm not worried that he will detonate a nuclear, however, I'm more afraid that he is tarnishing the image of conservative values; thus further complicating the relationship the uniformed "conservative" base has with libertarians and further entrenching the leftists. Stef used to have a point a view that it might be better not to mix a conservative/libertarian (such as Ron Paul) leader during a time when economy is on the brink of collapse bc it could destroy the message of liberty for a long time(generations?). I'm sticking with that school of thought for now even though I know there is a case that much may be at stake regarding immigrants/voter base in this election. My reasons are personal to me and I'm not exactly asking others to jump off the trump train with me. I just place principles of liberty and non-aggression above all else. Not really willing to compromise my point of view for sake of Trumps election at this point.
  7. Hey Guys and Gals.... Honestly, it's been a tough day for me. So much anticipation prior to the debate last night. I guess you could say I fell hook, line and sinker for the hype. It was very disappointing the way Donald Trump performed. I was hoping that his message would have evolved further by this point compared to the past year. I was hoping all of his mud sling, shit talk and emotional reactions, in the past year were an intentional, calculated act; and like many americans probably wondered the same. I guess that was the best way to frame it all along. IN MY OPINION, I think we saw the TRUE Trump. I was not impressed whatsoever. I've been listening religiously to FDR for over 4 years now and have grown by leaps in bounds. I have grown alongside Stef too. I believe it is soon time for Stef to come out and talk about the poor performance, attitude and incompetencies of Trump. Perhaps Stef would like to wait until after the election? That's fine. But I'm jumping off the FDR TRUMP TRAIN. I'm going back to my quiet study of how to be a moral anarchist until all of this election cycle blows over. I guess Im saying... I have had enough. I'll catch yall on the flip side of this muther fucking election season!!!

    Thank you to every woman who has responded. I am flattered that a few men have responded to me too. Just for the record... I am looking for a virtuous woman. Not a flirtatious man. As stef once said: "You(Men) can make love at me, but you cannot make love to me." I am looking forward even more WOMEN emailing me

    Oh I forgot to mention I also like long walks on the beach
  10. Female Support Group

    Hello... Any Single Ladies in on here searching for a husband?

    Hello, My name is David. I am seeking a single woman who is resonant with the types of relationships espoused by freedomain radio(Non-agression principle, virtuosity, real-time relationships,peaceful parenting, etc.). Someone who wants to get married and have children. About me... My biggest inspirational figure is Stefan Molyneux. I have listened to almost every single podcast and presentation (Over 3000). I am a "junkie" that eagerly awaits the release of FDR content every week. I am a 35 year old self-made entrepreneur and currently live in Charleston, SC. I have two college degrees and retired from the "rat-race" lifestyle 3 years ago. Stef inspired me to quit my job and start a business. This allows me a lot of flexibility for activities important to me, including time devoted to self-knowledge and spreading the TRUTH. Living a lifestyle that I choose is very important to me. I have been described as being easy going, confident, fun, smart, funny. My ACE score is zero. Both my parents are still married and I was never spanked(But I sure got into a lot of trouble as a child haha). I have never been married or engaged. One of my hobbies is playing music. I was a full time musician in my earlier years and played over 800 shows with live bands. I am in shape by practicing yoga atleast 3 times per week and eating healthy. I love to travel and be adventurous therefore I'm always looking for a friend so I can visit a far off place. I love equal times of laughter/fun conversation and thoughtful debate. I have a lot of good stories to share. I hope you have some too Please email me with any question, philosophies resonate with you and/or something you would like for me to know about you. Would love to hear from you

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