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  1. This month Paypal sent me an email (two actually) to tell me that they could not process my monthly automatic payment because "there was a problem with my credit card". Unfortunately for their explanation, there is no problem with my credit card. It works fine, it hasn't expired, it is completely paid off so can't be over limit, and I used it for gas just the other day. There is no indication on the Paypal website that these transactions were attempted, just the email, and there is no indication on my credit card account that the transactions were ever attempted. I wonder if this is a passive aggressive way to slow down payments. I will be calling my credit union as well as paypal as soon as I have a chance and will make sure you get the money eventually.
  2. heresolong

    Podcast URL?

    That gives me URLs for individual shows but that is a bit cumbersome. I was using Beyondpod on my Android and I had a subscription to Stefan's podcast that would just give me the list of the latest. Any idea what the URL is for that feed?
  3. heresolong

    Podcast URL?

    I recently had to go back to my old Blackberry Tour and can't find a decent podcast app. I am stuck using one that requires a typed in URL to subscribe to a podcast. Problem is I can't find the podcast URL anywhere. Seems like it should start with http://feed.fdrpodcasts.com/... Any input would be helpful until I can decide what phone to get which would have a decent podcast manager. Thanks.

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