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  1. Jonas Hedegaard

    Bomb in the Brain - broken link - any help with references?

    Hi Barnsley (@barn) Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for! The link that did not work for me, and still does not, is: "http://www.fdrurl.com/tn_abuse1". I found the link under the YouTube video "The Bomb in the Brain Part 1 - The True Roots of Human Violence". May you have a good one as well, Jonas
  2. Hello fellow FDR forum member. My name is Jonas and I have just noticed, that the link for the "Bomb in the Brain" series' references came up with a "The page you requested does not exist" (Error code: 1S160/2). Would anybody happen to know how I could get the references, or perhaps how to get the link working again? As I am involved with yet another facebook "discussion", I would really appreciate any help with this, so I can do my bit to get the good word out there. I thank you in advance and apologize should I have posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Gratefully, Jonas

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