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  1. Hello from North Carolina

    Would love to see some of those videos
  2. Poetry and Quotations Thread

    A poetic depiction of my father
  3. Hello FDR!, Today I came across a series of convoluted reports on a court case in Oklahoma, USA concerning a young woman's marriage to her biological mother. The mother, allegedly, had previously been married to her son. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.bet.com/news/national/2017/11/09/woman-pleads-guilty-to-incest-for-marrying-her-biological-mother.amp.html http://www.kswo.com/story/33054070/brother-claims-siblings-were-manipulated-by-mother Of course I'm thinking 'Isn't incest illegal because of the biological risks correlated with incestual reproduction?' Upon further reading I learned that there are two states in the USA that do not legally enforce ant-incest laws to impede people from participating in incest. In Canada, Incest is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. It's curious that we treat incest with such severe opposition because of the health risk involved in incestual breeding but we do not consider other forms of dangerous breeding to be as serious an offence. In many cases, dangerous breeding that may result in serious health problems or environmental deficiencies are facilitated by the incentives government subsidies provide through the use of force against citizens who generate economic growth. I'm opposed to the idea of incest between two consenting adults but I'm not sure it justifies caging the weirdos for a decade. If that choice does justify being caged for a decade, should we not hold other forms of dangerous breeding to an equal standard of legal judgement? *There is an important distinction made between incestual pedophilia or molestation and a voluntary incestual relationship between two consenting adults.
  4. Let's talk dating!

    ... it's allot more difficult to find someone worthy of a lifetime than it is to find someone who fits the criteria of being sexually attractive. When you do find a person worthy of a lifetime all you need to have is consistency in your own values. Essentially, in order to find your ideal mate you only need to be worthy of that persons love. If you doubt anything about yourself you will inherently expect whomever you date to ignore that insecurity as long as you do. It may be insecurity that is limiting the types of people you choose or who are willing to get to know you. Objectifying a potential mate by seeing them as an exploitable commodity rather than a human being whose needs must be fulfilled in order to thrive as your ideal mate will most definitely not result in you finding a reliable, honest and loving life partner. I think humilility is the key to the heart of this matter...
  5. Jealous Texting

    This sounds like the kind of situation that will require allot of sacrifice considering the level of commitment you have to your husband. Something that I see as important that isn't directly touched on in this post is that you may have a belief that you are inadequate in fundamental ways and that is why you would stay with someone who is systematically oppressive. Those same feelings of inadequacy may be why you haven't firmly rejected the abuse and formally created an ultimatum that requires him to reconsider his choice to behave dishonestly. Question yourself during the moments that you're tempted to surrender your values and integrity in order to compensate for his lack of self control and moral consistency. Identify the beliefs you have that prevent you from connecting with the emotional reality of the impact hypocrisy and dishonesty has on your relationship. Stand up for your values by refusing to make exceptions for any reason, even if the reason is that you love the person. Im sure that your mutual goals and responsibilities contain enough incentive for you both to find a way to live peacefully and productively in all the essential aspects of civilized life. Teal Swan has some great videos on the topic, you can find her on YouTube.
  6. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    There is an important distinction between what is intentionally good and what is unintentionally beneficial. An understanding of the moral conflict involved in violating the non agression principal is required for a persons actions to be considered immoral or evil because otherwise, the negative impact of the action is involuntarily inflicted. A dumb error v.s intentional infliction of pain etc An idiot isnt evil. That doesn't justify the damages caused by negligence but an act of stupidity holds a different degree of responsibility and consequence than an act of evil.
  7. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    For an action to have evil intent the initiator has to be aware that they are doing something wrong. There is a fundamental moral difference between a man who has a heart attack and accelerates his vehicle into a pedestrian and a man who intentionally does it to gain something/avoid something. An individual can understand moral principals very well and still chose to act against those principals. Timshel. I would agree that a person would have to be unaware of the incentives for avoiding evil in a civilized society but there are sadists and other types of people that do not share the same values as those who require a morally consistent environment. Unfortunately, there are some people that are truly evil. Their objective is solely to serve their own interests without regard for the affect their actions have on others outside of how accessible and reliable it is for them to achieve their objective. Not all evil people will pursue that part of themselves to the degree of committing murder but their relative principals remain in conflict with morality.
  8. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    'the immediate forms of gratification that result from* double standards of morality' the immediate gratification that arises from consciously acting with conflicting moral standards is the temptation of evil. Evil describes the actions of a person who has a practical understanding of moral principals but chooses to act with disregard for those moral requirements in order to gain something or avoid something. An example would be a parent who negotiates with adult peers but initiates coercion against their children as a method of conflict resolution. The parent is capable of respecting the moral etiquette required for a civilized interaction in their social life but consciously chooses to use unquestionable authority and force with their child. 'Kill' and 'Murder' are distinct terms. To murder something is to take it's life. To kill it does not hold the same moral implication. For example, someone was killed by a penny unknowingly dropped from the CN tower vs someone was murdered by a penny intentionally thrown from the top of the CN tower. I don't think Evil is confined to murder. I think it comes down to moral hypocrisy and a lack of empathy.
  9. Good vs Evil - Not a choice

    Within the fundamental design of our competitive species, every person has the capacity for evil. Its natural to prefer the immediate forms of gratification that result form double standards of morality. Knowledge of how our reactions to adversity affect our ability to successfully thrive as individuals and as a species is what allows us to evolve from the more sensual reptilian and brutal aspect of our primal nature into civilized humanity.
  10. Sci-freak

    Gattaca was a very accurate representation of the idea, I now own it and have watched it four times. It's SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! Thank you!!!
  11. Personality Test

    I've done this test in the past as part of an interview process for a yoga studio(smh) and it resulted in a different type than this time around, though, I think the two types would get along with each other :). the type I got last April was ESTJ-A: Extroverted 71% Observant 56% Thinking 58% Judging. 82% Assertive. 87% the type I got this morning was ENTP-A Extroverted. 63% Intuitive 64% Thinking 71% Prospecting 56% Assertive 51% I almost prefer the former but I'm aware that my answers at that time were influenced by who I choose to be in 'the workplace'. My answers this morning were based more on my current state of mind rather than where I would consciously place myself in a role where I am bound by responsibility.
  12. Poetry and Quotations Thread

    "The Preacher's Boy" by James Whitcomb Riley THE PREACHER'S BOY BY JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY I rickollect the little tad, back, years and years ago-- "The Preacher's Boy" that every one despised and hated so! A meek-faced little feller, with white eyes and foxy hair, And a look like he expected ser'ous trouble everywhere: A sort o' fixed expression of suspicion in his glance; His bare-feet always scratched with briers; and green stains on his pants; Molasses-marks along his sleeves; his cap-rim turned behind-- And so it is "The Preacher's Boy" is brought again to mind! My fancy even brings the sly marauder back so plain, I see him jump our garden-fence and slip off down the lane; And I seem to holler at him and git back the old reply: "Oh, no: your peaches is too green fer such a worm as I!" Fer he scorned his father's phrases--every holy one he had-- "As good a man," folks put it, "as that boy of his was bad!" And again from their old buggy-shed, I hear the "rod unspared"-- Of course that never "spoiled the child" for which nobody cared! If any neighber ever found his gate without a latch, Or rines around the edges of his watermelon-patch; His pasture-bars left open; or his pump-spout chocked with clay, He'd swear 'twas "that infernal Preacher's Boy," right away! When strings was stretched acrost the street at night, and some one got An everlastin' tumble, and his nose broke, like as not, And laid it on "The Preacher's Boy"--no powers, low ner high, Could ever quite substantiate that boy's alibi! And did nobody like the boy?--Well, all the pets in town Would eat out of his fingers; and canaries would come down And leave their swingin' perches and their fish-bone jist to pick The little warty knuckles that the dogs would leap to lick-- No little snarlin', snappin' fiste but what would leave his bone To foller, ef he whistled, in that tantalizin' tone That made the goods-box whittler blasphemeusly protest "He couldn't tell, 'twixt dog and boy, which one was ornriest!" 'Twas such a little cur as this, onc't, when the crowd was thick Along the streets, a drunken corner-loafer tried to kick, When a sudden foot behind him tripped him up, and falling so He "marked his man," and jerked his gun--drawed up and let 'er go! And the crowd swarmed round the victim--holding close against his breast The little dog unharmed, in arms that still, as they caressed, Grew rigid in their last embrace, as with a smile of joy He recognized the dog was saved. So died "The Preacher's Boy"! When it appeared, before the Squire, that fatal pistolball Was fired at "a dangerous beast," and not the boy at all, And the facts set forth established,--it was like-befittin' then To order out a possy of the "city councilmen" To kill the dog! But, strange to tell, they searched the country round, And never hide-ner-hair of that "said" dog was ever found! And, somehow, then I sorto' thought--and half-way think, to-day-- The spirit of "The Preacher's Boy" had whistled him away. https://www.accuracyproject.org/t-Riley,JamesWhitcomb-ThePreachersBoy.html
  13. Alt*Hero

    The artwork is pleasant to my 'eye'. Very nice colour palette.
  14. How can I be successful, despite my Low IQ?

    It may be enough to convey your experience of human life through a favoured artistic medium. Your hopes, struggles and achievements along the way may inspire many people who will want to support you in continuing to provide them value. Work with what you've got rather than comparing yourself to others. We are our own worst critics and fascinate others more than we do ourselves. I'm looking forward to the insights your intentional self expressions will uncover.

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