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  1. Ninja

    Saving what we can

    If individuals voluntarily crowd fund the costs of resources taxation claims to be necessary for, people will gradually transition from dependence on subsidies by enjoying the higher quality and lower costs associated with working together in community rather than acting as subjects/slaves of the governments legislative tax apparatus. People respond to incentives and with the ability for communication modern technology provides, people are able to organize themselves to a higher degree than was ever possible in the history of humanity. Once people experience that they can better provide for themselves than the government does they will begin to refuse to invest in the government/pay tax. As the government is defunded its capacity to intervene in individuals lives will recede.
  2. Ninja

    Are women capable of agency?

    As Byron Katie would say 'flip it and look at the reverse' Refer to South Park season 20 for a visual representation
  3. Ninja

    What Women Actually Want in a Man

    As someone who did not develop a penis, I would sum up what a woman wants in relation to every aspect of a marriage/relationship in the word 'security'. Without security a woman's work is never done. Biologically, woman need a sanctuary where they can create more humans. If a woman feels the threat of needing to flee or abandonment she will be neurotic and distressed. You know what they say, 'happy wife, happy life', well, you keep her happy with consistency so that she can be free to nurture what she loves, namely, consistency.
  4. Ninja

    What Women Actually Want in a Man

    It isn't necessary that men want to exploit women/people. If a man/person has consistent moral integrity his standard for relationships will require the exchange to be mutually beneficial. A person who values society over their own immediate desires wouldn't take advantage of someone's ignorance by having them agree to something that would benefit one person by exploiting the other. Genitals do not determine whether a persons intellect is capable of grasping the concept of value. The reason there are so many women and men who prioritize immediate gratification over moral integrity, who do not have the capacity to grasp the superior value of respecting and upholding universal moral principals over hedonism, is the artificial growth of the demographic of people who are intellectually dependant on those above IQ100 through the redistribution of wealth via taxation/theft. The government steals money from productive people and gives it to people who only have the capacity to concern themselves with their own immediate satisfaction. It has escalated to the degree that there are more people who require subsidies than those who pay for them/earn enough to sustain their existence in USA. Our apathy toward the practice and results of taxation is certainly a part of the problem. R selected behaviour is not gender specific.
  5. Ninja

    Are women capable of agency?

    There is a clear distinction between having a vagina and submissive effeminacy. The latter is ideological and more susceptible to complete redefinition by a persons environment.
  6. Yes, it's likely that allot of the children were not nurtured or empathized with because of the lack of resources and incentives invested in the orphanages. The result of those disturbing circumstances on a child would be a dormant or disabled ability to empathize with others and difficulty distinguishing reality from falsehood.
  7. Ninja

    Living with a monster

    I resonate with some of the emotional experiences you described. What you went through is something that no one should be put through. I think the idea of distancing yourself is wise. There are psychological coping mechanisms that result from trauma and they can be very misleading. Often, we are mislead right back into danger. I'm hopeful that you will put your freedom to the best use for the rest of your life. There are a few good people left in the world and they will gladly share life with you.
  8. Father brutalized his son and complied with his wife's lethal abuse- GETS RELEASED. "A man who beat his four-year-old son and turned a blind eye to the abuse his partner was inflicting on the boy as well, until she killed the child, has been granted a statutory release on his 46-month sentence. Francis Bastien, 35, was granted the release because he will soon reach the two-thirds mark of the sentence he received in February 2015, after he pleaded guilty to criminal negligence, assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon. A charge of manslaughter through criminal negligence was withdrawn on the same day he pleaded guilty." Guys, Gals, ... these people brutalized their child to death. This is a greater crime against humanity than abortion or negligence. I personally feel that it's not fair to spare the lives of the murderers because they couldn't be bothered to spare the child's. Though, I get the whole murder is wrong thing so I'm not sure if this is a case for a few eyes to be taken for the eyes of the child. Regardless, this level of brutality should have greater consequences. This man is going to be free to 'move on' from taking that chance from an innocent child. The monster had the audacity to make his physical appearance presentable. How could a person lift themselves from gripping onto their own death to groom after committing a crime like this?
  9. I am absolutely opposed to child abuse including pedophilia. The whole two consenting adults with blood relation thing is complicated. I wouldn't feel justified in intervening but I would definitely ostracize people who upheld values that defiled the separation of sexuality from blood relations. I personally see the act of incest as unnecessary and hedonistic. I can't imagine why someone would choose to be sexual with a family member when there are billions of other humans on the planet.
  10. That's the interesting thing. If it's not incestual pedophilia then it's hard to see what part of the act requires the initiation of coercion/violation of property rights. I find incestual romance to be absolutely distasteful and I don't see any reason for a person to mingle sex with blood relatives, regardless, I don't see a justifiable reason to forcibly intervene in a relationship between two consenting adults. That's not to say I wouldn't attempt to thouroughly question a person who disclosed that they participated/are participating in incest to see if they truly had a reason to believe it was in their best interest. In the case of the daughter and mother in the article it seems like the parent was exploiting her child and that made me more curious about why incest is traditionally forbidden.
  11. Ninja

    Property rights: post mortem

    I agree. Though, I'm not clear on how a blood relation (in this case his mother) give someone a greater right to a dead mans property if blood relation is never a justification for the violation of property rights. If he had left no instruction for the allocation of his possessions we assume his closest blood relation is responsible regardless of their relationship. This moral dilemma leads me to wonder if a persons possesions should be disposed of if there was no instruction about what do do with it. Obviously that would be a shame. To dispose of a persons belongings post mortem simply because they had no formal wishes for their belongings.
  12. Ninja

    Property rights: post mortem

    I recently lost someone dear to me. He threw himself from a bridge. We dated for 7 years from the time I was 17-24. He wrote a song for me and his mother has chosen to keep it from me because I refuse to go along with her narrative of what happened leading up to his suicide. Essentially, I'm not giving her the attention she wants so she is withholding something from me to encourage me into self erasure. I know that if he was alive he would send me a copy of the song. Technically, he owned the rights to the song, so his mother inherited it as he left no will. But the song was for me, he intended for me to have it. You may wonder, well then, why didn't he send it directly to me? The answer is that he wanted her to send it to me. She did post it to Facebook in order to share it with me and her audience. She has now blocked me. I can't help but feel I've got some right to the song as it was made for me, the message in the song is directed at me. I suppose if you serve as inspiration for art you've got no right to the artists work. Something about this situation doesn't feel right to me, I think it's that she is withholding it to spite me and has disregarded the fact that he wouldn't agree with that descision because he isn't here to defend himself. As far as my mind can reason, because of her blood relation to him, she now owns the song he wrote for and dedicated to me. Do you think I have no right to the song? seems that way to me.
  13. Ninja

    Hello from North Carolina

    Would love to see some of those videos
  14. Ninja

    Poetry and Quotations Thread

    A poetic depiction of my father

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