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  1. In Stef's new video with Styx there was a single sentence that really caught my attention. Right here we see Styx mention how music has a huge influence on culture. He does so in the context of talking about how groups attempt to influence voting patterns. I wanted to find a deeper discussion about this online, and I couldn't find anything. Specifically this reminded me of Punk Rock in the 80s and early 90s, while mostly left leaning, it was still incredibly anti-authoritarian; very anti-government. This has since been replaced with pop boy bands and rap. Does anyone have any interesting videos/research about this? Do you think this could be an good topic for a Stefan video?
  2. 0xAA55

    Buy Hardcover Copies

    Anyone know where I can buy hardcover copies of Stefan's books? I want them to last.
  3. 0xAA55

    FDR Dungeons and Dragons Group

    I'll set up a discord. Join if you don't have a party yet: https://discord.gg/yfRfbFT I have ctrl + f searchable pdf copies of all 5E books if you want them. I can send them to you if you ask. Some useful tools I found: 5E Inventory/Encumberence Calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vhVGAjGiuiSoeuxFDM3mo8odIThXQIaMym6S-Ag7VDQ/edit#gid=363130490 Incredibly useful. Has all 5E items, cost, and weights. Has a page to add custom items as well. You modify the quantity and it adds them to your inventory and calculates the encumbrance. 5E Character Sheet App: https://dicecloud.com/ Excellent UI if slightly unfinished. Webserver sometimes spins down if nobody is using it, can take a minute to spin back up on first load.
  4. Given how bad the Trump movement is thrashing globalists: George Soros, the Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, and many others; I was trying to think of what actions they could take to most damage the movement towards freedom. It's clear they still have a huge amount of economic influence on the US through their massive asset holdings and seem to have some significant control over the FED; in my mind the worst thing they could do is try to implode the US economy. All the economic landmines that Stefan detailed in his video "There will be no economic recovery" are still present. Many are worse than when he presciently made the video, and there are even some new landmines: The student debt bubble, the new housing bubble, the current overbought stock market. The attack will essentially be: burst an asset bubble or two, then use a media smear similar to the Glass-Steagall 2008 to blame Trump's deregulatory policies. Speculating on the timing, I don't they can detonate these landmines too early in his presidency or it can be pinned on the weak economy Obama left in the same way the left complained 2008 was Bush's fault. I think they have to wait some amount of time before launching this attack. I definitely think they'll want it to happen during his first term to try and prevent a second Trump term. This is essentially an incredibly high stakes race between Trump trying to deregulate the economy as fast as possible, giving the US some semblance of a real economy to fall back on, and the globalists timing their attack to be late enough Obama can't be blamed. I mean George soros is already starting to bet against the US market: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/17/george-soros-loaded-up-with-big-bets-against-the-stock-market.html Do you guys think this is plausible? Why or why not? If so: How do we get ahead of this narrative and prevent it from being blamed incorrectly on Trump and/or deregulation? How do we help lessen the blow to lower and middle class Americans, who would be disproportionately affected? How do we personally prepare for this? (I assume essentially the same way we've already prepared Bitcoin/Gold/Silver/Rations)

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