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  1. Gavitor

    Before God and the universe

    LOL people here still feed the trolls I see.
  2. Gavitor

    NAP and UPB in extreme cases

    Fact is your failure to plan ahead does not make it ok to steal from me. It's Immoral to steal from me regardless of circumstance. Morality does not stop people from taking a particular action. By the way, if you have to make up a particular scenario to try and dispute something you're already doing it wrong.
  3. Thank you for reaffirming what he already said... Also there's no such thing as karma. I just treat people how they treat me. It lets them set the standard for how they will be treated.
  4. Gavitor

    Is God competent or incompetent?

    How can something that doesn't exist be competent?
  5. Gavitor

    Let's talk dating!

    Women generally date older men. When i was in my early 20s it wasn't uncommon for 18-21 year olds to be looking for guys 25-35.
  6. Gavitor

    Can information be Property?

    Storing information is putting it in the world, be it writing it down or typing it on a computer. Information can be erased yes. it can also be copied. So if your computer catches fire and your information is lost I can simply give it back to you since I was able to copy it. Oh look, being able to copy it was actually a benefit to you. except that I cannot use it unless you gave it to me. What's wrong with that? How is it rightly considered theft? Duplicating something means the original is still in place. Stealing means removing the original thing without the owners consent. Since copying something does not remove the original thing and doesn't deprive the owner their property copying is not stealing.
  7. Gavitor

    Can information be Property?

    2.to bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability Did you? Having an idea in and of itself does not bring something into existence... When you attain information you can not be deprived of said information. So is it relevant or useful to call information property? Your work was not taken. You still have whatever it is you produced and you still have the ability to trade/sell it. I'll ask again If something can be duplicated endlessly does it matter if it's property or not? Also why?
  8. Gavitor

    Can information be Property?

    http://www.dictionary.com/browse/produce To produce something is to take an idea and actually do something with it. IE create something outside of your mind like the plane you mentioned. There is only 2 ways to get an idea. 1. is to come up with it yourself 2. is to be given that idea by someone else. You can not "take" an idea from someone else without them willingly giving it to you because you cannot read minds (if you can by all means explain how) It's impossible to steal an idea. Also if I buy your idea you still have it. Ideas don't just vanish from your mind once transferred to someone else. they duplicate each time. If something can be duplicated endlessly does it matter if it's property or not? Also why?
  9. Gavitor

    Can information be Property?

    So you're saying they own what they create outside of their mind correct? So how are they losing ownership of the thing they created if I use my own energy and resources to create the same thing for myself?
  10. Gavitor

    Can information be Property?

    what if 2 people come up with the same idea at the same time? Who owns the idea?
  11. Gavitor

    Can information be Property?

    That's why I'm investing my fiat into things that can't be duplicated as easily or at all.
  12. Gavitor

    Can information be Property?

    if food, water, fuel, and raw materials in general could be duplicated would you forbid others from doing so when it doesn't remove those things from you? Would a star trek style replicator be outlawed?
  13. Rights dont exist as tangible things in the world. They are something we made up to facilitate human interaction. you can defend the idea of property rights even if they dont actually exist.
  14. What does any of this bullshit have to do with a lack of rulers and voluntary associations/interactions? Lets start simple. Do you own yourself?

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