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  1. What do rocks think?
  2. How did you come to this conclusion
  3. How is that the only rational conclusion?
  4. So you admit that they were not restricted before the magna carta. thanks. A politician is not a monarch and in a lot of cases not a ruler. I've yet to hear you explain why one person or group of people should be allowed to do what is considered wrong/immoral/unlawful for everyone else. example tax (steal)
  5. That's because it wasn't an argument. Monarchs have mostly been above the law. Only recently now that they are basically just figure heads and other rulers have replaced them are they no longer above the law. Though some still believe the queen is. Rulers always make themselves exempt from the law... This has always been the case. That changes when their power is usurped or there is revolt.
  6. Monarchs are allowed to murder steal etc... Rulers are exempt from the rules. Why do you think this is acceptable or should be the case?
  7. The amount of energy in the universe.
  8. Yes Retarded people are human also. You can justify killing anyone by simply removing their humanity.
  9. Are you saying the woman is not enough reason for me to stay around? Why would I leave a great woman? I can easily ask the same whats stopping her from leaving? Marriage certainly doesn't stop her. A smart woman is not necessarily a scrupulous one. If 2 scrupulous people agree to stay together for life, chances are they will. Do you think the government piece of paper is necessary or is a marriage only involving family and friends enough? To be clear the fact that she CAN leave and chooses not to means shes staying in the relationship of her own free will and not because I have a gun to her head. I want the woman I choose to be with to be with me because she WANTS to not because of some contract.
  10. Awesome, I look forward to seeing more of these.
  11. The whole issue with abortion is that people want to escape responsibility for their actions and are denying the child their humanity to justify their choice.
  12. Still nothing telling me why 1 person or group of people should have the ok to do what is considered wrong/immoral/unlawful for everyone else...
  13. The shorter version looks longer than the longer version... try being more concise because you bring up multiple points. Worried about divorce? Don't get married or pick a woman you know will never leave you. If you want to date younger than date younger, you don't need his permission. Women generally like to date older men anyways. Regardless men make shitty choices too. I watch it happen regularly. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. The question is whether or not you learn from those mistakes. As for how to vet women, Stef shows you in real time with the very caller you mention. Ask them what you want to know. They will tell you, the question is are you paying attention. If you go out with enough women you'll know right away if they are being honest or if they're just bullshitting. Often I've found that women are actually surprisingly honest with important details that if you're not paying attention to will cost you dearly in the long run. Red flags are usually obvious if you're actually paying attention, the problem is a lot of men and women do NOT pay attention nor do they ask the right questions to get the information they're looking for. Judging by actions is another easy way to vet someone. Like I said before removing the laws would be the best course of action and is far more doable than removing the state in its entirety. If you don't want to wait then make sure you know exactly what you're looking for in a woman and don't settle for anyone you know would abuse those laws. Alternatively you can move to a country where these laws are not an issue. Why are you bringing up what most men do? I don't know about you but personally I'm not most men and could care less what most men do. I've already pointed out that the laws are biased towards women so I'm not sure on what you disagree with. So you want a young career woman who is wealthy and doesn't want a free meal? First of all I don't know many young adults of either gender who are both in a career and wealthy, I also don't get what that has to do with virtue as you can have both of those things and not be virtuous. Also if your intention is to start a family why would you want her to have a career? the 2 really don't go well together because she only has time to do one. You say you've met a few so that's pretty good, at least you are meeting some. You've done everything possible in your power to meet a good woman? well if you fail you'll be single regardless unless you want to pick a not so good woman. Anything in life worth doing is going to be difficult. That's what separates great men from mediocre men.