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    Besides being a libertarian and Stef's philosophy, I also enjoy: traveling, healthy living, raw food, running, kayaking, outdoor stuff, hiking, photography, electronic music + indie/alternative rock, gaming, software development
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    Freelance IT Consultant

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  1. Kristoffer Trolle

    Conquering meta-politics using cultural marxist strategy

    Funny that when someone comes up with a way to fight back, not many people seem to care...
  2. Kristoffer Trolle

    Gay pride

    Probably right
  3. Kristoffer Trolle

    Conquering meta-politics using cultural marxist strategy

    Anybody knows some sources (books etc.) about how to create a political counter culture? Us on the right seem to only care about the problems, not so much on how to get the power back.
  4. I have been reading about the identitarian groups in europe and their fight. Briefly on how they see things: * The socialists took power by first winning what they call meta-politics (everything in society besides politics), by activism, pushing their views in the face of people, slowly taking control of the culture, later the media and government. * The old right have (as Stefan also points out) used the same failed method: "the best argument will always win". Problem is that most problem can't think critical, the best arguments don't win. * And the old right have been trying to please the left. When the left went crazy, the right backed out and gave up. The left keep repeating this until they win. These old right-wingers are also known as cuckservatives. * The last 10-15 years the right wing battle in europe has been fought by the lower class (often people impacted by the problems of middle eastern immigration in europe), but these people have poor argumentation skills, are "uncool" and can't start a counter culture. * The new rights strategy, use the cultural marxist strategy (activism, make fun of their opinions in public, shaming, expelling them, build our own medias and communities, produce our own culture etc.) except for their bad strategies (violence and lying). And don't compromise with the left when they start whining, ignore them. What do you guys think about it, can the right-wing win meta-politics? I think it's very interesting to see the Identitarians work. Check out Martin Sellner's videos. Hint hint: Stefan should do an interview with him.
  5. Kristoffer Trolle

    Gay pride

    I live in Copenhagen and the government spends so much time and resources to promote tolerance towards homosexuals. But I have never meet any native person here in Denmark that has anything against homosexuals. So why do the government and left wing parties spend so much time on it? The only group that is intolerant against gays are the middel eastern and african group, but government won't have the gay prides anywhere near those areas, only in white pro gay areas. Laura Southern had a good point in a recent video: if you want to promote a group as equal, why present them in gimp outfits, everything being about sex. Like she said, if you wanted to promote womans equal rights, would you show girls in slutty cloth? What are the socialists motives?
  6. Kristoffer Trolle

    How did socialism change countries in the past (genes and culture)

    Thanks for the answers, espcially Mishi2: that list pretty much sums up how socialists destroy cultures. Didn't know about those crazy population transfer programs in ussr Just to get back to russia, I think there might be something to the theory of socialism destroying that countries culture and genes: The industrial revolution was also starting to happen in russia around the same time it happend in the north european countries. Means that some parts of russia before communism wasn't that undeveloped. Even under communism there where many achievements that makes you think that there where some high iq people in that country (those people was probably made into a minority pretty quick). Would europa had been more productive under communism than russia was? The economy was crap yes, but you see some signs that show that there where some smart people still there, inventions, technologi. Look at their space program or (as a camera nerd like me) I buy a lot of old ussr camera lenses on ebay, some of them are still pretty good and unique (no camera lenses ever came out of other low iq places, not a solid argument but you get my point). Had russia been more like another european country today if the revolution hadn't happen? Or is russia something completely different? If somebody finds some stories of what happened please share. Russia is moving in the right direction but the culture seems destroyed. Check out these "Stop a duchebag"-videos, it almost seems hopeless.
  7. Kristoffer Trolle

    How did socialism change countries in the past (genes and culture)

    Jsbrads> Hmmm not sure what you base that on regarding russia? I'm pretty sure the communists in russia went for the conservative (probably religious) values just like everywhere else, and I'm pretty sure it had the same consequences as everywhere else. Problem is the people that lived before communism are dead a long time ago and during communism you had no free speech to talk about it. And what about Argentina: high iq europeans + low iq native people + democracy (from 1983), sounds a lot like a classic recipe for disaster? We all know about the hyper inflation madness that has been going on again and again, but would be cool with some more detailed insight, anybody has some sources?
  8. We all know how socialism is changing the west today (the welfare state reversing natural selection, the importation of low iq high crime voters, the destruction of western culture and values etc.), but I know very little of how it has affected socialist/communist/collectivist countries of the past. Some of the ones I know about: Communist China: if you visit China you see how the polite buddhist culture (you normally see in high iq asian countries like Japan) is gone, people are very rude. I have been told by several chinese it changed under communism, anybody can confirm? They wanted to get rid of the old "evil" religion and also got rid of all the good traditional values in society. Another thing: the population exploded under communism from less than 560~ mio to 1265 mio in only 50 years. I have been told the communists heavily rewarded people who got lots of kids, and since there was mass starvation a lot of people got many kids. I bet it wasn't the most high quality people that followed the government's incentives, so that probably affected the genes in a negative way? Yugoslavia: seems like a lot of the same stuff goes on in europe today also happened in Yugoslavia back then. The high iq christian serbish group was the producers, the low iq high crime muslim bosnien group was the receivers. During the communist regime population changed, muslims got lots of kids and outbreeded the serbs. Serbs got pissed and went on a killing spree. Check some of the last replys in this forum post. Soviet Russia: don’t know much, but I bet the same stuff happened here. Just look at the chaotic impolite high crime culture of russia today, was it really always like that? Looking at Russian culture before the communists it seems very different. And shouldn’t the tough winters have created a different gene set, i.e. only the smartest and toughest can survive there, you would had to work together to survive, etc.? Any other places people can think of where collectivism fucked up culture and genes and how it happened?
  9. thebeardslastcall: What I liked about Japan was this feeling of a high trust, low crime sociality, people was REALLY friendly, men was very beta-male-ish (focusing on beta stuff like taking care of your family) and girls just seemed nice (yes I know, crazy right?!?). Reminded me of the old european values before the welfare state. Mishi2 and Anuojat: The japanese culture that you blame has created this rich, highly intelligent, highly productive, large population etc. sociality. So why has it suddenly changed? Might be true though that the high suicide rate is related to the high presure from family to do well, I guess japan have always had a thing with suicide, kamikaze and seppuku Nima: like I said, I know the japanese economy is in deep shit, their business cycle is a few years ahead of the west. But still, their government wasting a lof of money on a crony banking system and crony companies dosen't explain these issues. Looking up the taxes in japan they actually seem pretty low and the feeling I got from visiting was that it seemed like a very free market. Boss: Probably some truth to that, atheists don't have many kids. Mishi2: Stef has mentioned in his videos some pretty hard argumets for why IQ does matters, try to search for it. And thanks for the anwsers but I still don't think it explains it all, especially why do japanese guys and girls not create families, what has changed?
  10. Kristoffer Trolle

    Best Country in the World

    It's difficult: a lot of the high iq countries was the first places to become rich, because of that they are also the first places to get big government. Of course some countries was able to resist big government more than other, but in general that seems to be the case. Those old northen western countries are on a socialist suicide course, but I still like to live in them, I like the high trust and low crime rate. Some places now have better economic conditions but I dislike parts of the culture. Therefore pick one of the sinking ships: uk, scandinavia, places in usa, also love japan (but probably wouldn't fit in there). Switzerland is also great, but just can't get over the uncool leather pants alp culture :-)
  11. From the outside Japan dosen't seem so bad. Sure, we know that the economy is fucked by keynesianism and they probably have lots of crony capitalism like in the west. But the japanese socialist hasn't created the welfare state yet (as far as I know), they haven't destroyed the family structure replacing it with single mother culture and feminism, stuff like ostracism still seems to work, the socialist hasn't started importing low iq voters yet, and crime is still as low as it gets. But when you look at the problems in Japan one would think that the country had big government and full blown socialism: Low birthrates Men and women not intrerested in each other High suicide rates This culture called hikikomori, young people withdraw from social life, stay at home all day What I'm I missing? I'm sure the usual suspects (government and socialism) is behind this somehow? Would love to hear some explanations from people with insight on Japan. And btw. visited Japan last year, absolutely loved it. Can recommend it to anybody that hasn't been there
  12. Kristoffer Trolle

    Balkan Wars: Muslims good, christians evil, really???

    Just a side note: I think the tensions started even before the yugoslavia experiment: the Ottoman Empire was very cruel towards the none muslims in the balkan area, from 1500 all the way to ww1. There is even a mentioning of a genocide of the serbs just before ww1.
  13. Kristoffer Trolle

    Balkan Wars: Muslims good, christians evil, really???

    Thanks Etwa, think you are pretty spot on
  14. I was always tought by the media that the balkan wars in the 90s was fought between the evil christians and the innocent muslims. Living in europe today and having had my experience with "the religion of peace" aka. islam, I find that narrative hard to believe. Does anybody have some alternative insight on these events? Thanks!
  15. Sorry I didn't specify it, but I was thinking about places like South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, shouldn't they be wealthier than US and Europe, they still seem to still be below. I'm thinking of the huge amounts of misallocations in the west and still "we" have the highest living standarts, why?

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